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Week of 12.15.14

James Franco and Seth Rogen were in studio to plug The Interview. They talk about the controversy, and Howard said despite that, it’s very funny.   On the WUS, Gary said he saw it and it was really funny.  One of their next joint projects will be to make a documentary about the making of the movie The Room, which has become the new Rocky Horror Picture Show because it’s so bad.  James Franco said he’ll play the  role.  Seth Rogen said he tried to talk James Franco out of taking the James Dean role, and once he started winning tons of awards for doing it, decided he should never advise anyone else on their career.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Richard Christy:  Tuesday Im hosting my film Majestic Loincloth & Sabbath/BOC in Black & Blue @nitehawkcinema nitehawkcinema.com/movie/black-an… pic.twitter.com/UWizaj256M

From Steve Brandano:  Watching Karate Kid Part 3. People are way too hard on the Jayden Smith version

From Jon Hein:  After 3 years of waiting, I finally got to see the first 2 eps of Black Mirror (streamed it on Netflix). Well worth the wait. Awesome TV

From Ralph:  Congrats to THE GREAT @MichaelKeaton and #BIRDMAN for the MANY WELL DESERVED GLOBE NOMS!   A MUST SEE unique movie…   usatoday.com/story/life/mov…  and…  I’ve amended #myTOP5 BEST SEQUELS  …OK, 8!  -EMPIRE   -HALLOWEEN 2   -BATMAN RETURNS   -SUPERMAN 2   -ROAD WARRIOR   -T2   -KAHN   -BACK TT FUTURE 2

From JD:  “Homeland” this season is A+

From Shuli:  Just want to go on record that the first 8 min of episode1 of Black Mirror on Netflix is something I will never forget. #I‘mIn

Week of 12.8.14

Howard said he was sick over the weekend in bed and watched 6 episodes of The Affair with Beth.  Said it has great writing and is really good.  Chris Rock was in studio to plug his new Top Five Movie.  Howard said lots of the staff saw the movie and loved it.  Kevin Nealon was in studio.  Howard was talking about him being in all of Adam Sandler’s movies always being in humiliating roles.  He said he was in Little Nicky as Titface, with a prosthetic breast coming from his nose.  He said the makeup took 20 minutes; when he had 2 breasts it took over an hour because they had to match.  Howard said the part was very funny.  Robin said the Netflix series Nymphomaniac Vol I & Vol II are out and it’s really good.  Howard wonders how he’s never heard of it.  Robin says there is lots of penis, but lots of female nudity as well.  There was a tribute to Bruce Springsteen and Howard said he learned that country singers cover his songs the best.  Everyone who sings point at Springsteen, who points back.

Week of 12.1.14

Ralph says Howard needs to see Birdman.  He loved it. Steve Brandano said it’s great, too.  Says it’s the best fucking movie.  Robin said she wasn’t a fan of Birdman.  Howard saw Guardians of the Galaxy and said it was really good.  He even liked the talking racoon.  He said there was a good movie with Kevin Costner (must have been 3 Days to Kill).  He’s in the CIA and his family doesn’t know and he tries to make amends with his daughter.  Robin said it got bad reviews.  Robin said The Equalizer with Denzel Washington is really good and also liked the new Liam Neeson A Walk Among the Tombstones.  Ralph said it was great; like Taken on a plane; Robin said that Ralph’s talking about Non-Stop, and it’s really good.  Howard and Robin both don’t like The Blacklist anymore.  They really like the actor, but the character is becoming really unbelievable.  Howard says the new XMen that just came out on video is really good.  Ralph didn’t like Peter Dinklage in XMen-Days of Future Past.  The villain needed to be more Liam Neeson. Dinklage wasn’t mean enough-he was just a little person.  Howard said Interstellar was intelligent-if you’re a retard.  It’s full of whacked out bullshit science.

He and Robin both didn’t like the new Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, though they really liked the first one.  Howard loved Expendables 3-says it’s a real bad movie, but he loved it.  Robin said she won’t watch it.  Howard didn’t like Interstellar at all, but Robin liked it.  Howard said that Robin’s wrong.  Then he made an announcement that the best movie of the year so far was Whiplash.  Robin agrees with that.  They talked about the new Star Wars trailer.  Ralph is really excited about it.  It was filmed where they film the James Bond movies and he’s really loving the new Millenium Falcon-it’s not just CGI like George Lucas did with the prequel Star Wars movies.  Howard said he couldn’t give a fuck about those things-just make a good movie.  Ralph says the Star Wars Rebels cartoons are really good.

Foo Fighters were in studio talking about his HBO show Foo Fighters Sonic Highway.

Random Staff Tweets

Richard Christy tweeted: I’m deciding the Hall of Fame Selection at theinternationalfestivaloffilm.com What the Hell do I do if its Planes Trains & Automobiles VS Halloween?

Ralph Tweeted:  QUICK @chrisrock #topfivemovie REVIEW…   I FUCKIN LOVED IT!!!!…and then     “…and C.  I’ll probably just continue to #BINGEOUT on @BansheeTvShow, pretty damn good so far.
And GREAT seeing BEN CROSS in something COOL!”     … and then:  SEQUELS good as or BETTER then ORIGINAL.  #MYtopFIVE   5> IRONMAN 3   -BATMAN RETURNS   -SUPERMAN 2   -INDY and LAST CRUSADE   1> EMPIRE STRIKES BACK     and:  NOPE, I like 1st MUCH MORE, one of #MYtopFIVE @Marvel MOVIES #STAYTUNED  @tomdennison1138: what about #CaptainAmerica The Winter Soldier”

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Week of 11.24.14 Thanksgiving Week (Best of)

Monday’s show was a replay of Howard and Robin talking about how great the Star Trek movie is.  Robin said she was sitting next to Ralph and they loved it so much and were having so much fun during the movie they were poking each other during entire thing.  Robin said it’s the greatest sci fi movie ever.  There’s a great villain; the younger Captain Kirk is amazing.  The Vulcan was great, and George Takei would love the young Sulu.  Gary hated the old stars being the in the movies-all decrepit and Robin said they were literally dying.  Gary had never liked the show, but he knew enough about the show.  It was like the high school reunion you wish you had and he loved it.  Howard said that JJ Abrams did what George Lucas tried to do with the Star Wars re-boot and failed.  Artie said the broad is really hot.  She was great in Drumline that his friend Orlando Jones was in.  Bobo called in and they were goofing on his hair piece.  He said that his students would put a mayo-pac on the back of his hair while he was a driver instructor.  Howard said he would have passed 0.0 of those students (from Animal House) for doing that.  Artie said he would have been like the guy in  Lean On Me, the Joe Clark story, yelling at them “You’re all out!”

Live WUS: Jon Hein said last night’s Walking Dead wasn’t very good.

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Image by https://twitter.com/Lincolns_Finger

Image by https://twitter.com/Lincolns_Finger

 Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  HOLIDAY SEASON OFFICIALLY kicked off 2day with DIE HARD screening @nitehawkcinema w/@SBrandano  COOL 2C on BIG SCREEN AGAIN!  #PERFECTMOVIE   and:  I’m THANKFUL 2B layin in bed with a BIG BOWL of @HaagenDazs_US vanilla watchin DEVILS ADVOCATE on my iPAD air with @Cinemax APP #justsayin  and answering a fan’s question“@SantaMariaBBQ1: RU watching Star Wars Rebels?” :  FUCK YEAH!  My favorite show these days…  Hope they work the characters into the movies.   and Responding to “@TheRealNimoy: Star Trek IV The Voyage Home landed in SF 28 years ago today. Loved making that movie. LLAP”  One of the BEST(Plus 2+4 )LLAP!

From Richard Christy:  Everybody should watch Planes Trains and Automobiles at least 6 times in the next two days #bestthanksgivingmovieever pic.twitter.com/8qtKT87D4F

From Jon Hein:  If you’re not watching @SHO_Homeland, you bailed too soon. Great season thus far getting back to the espionage that made the show work well

Week of 11.17.14

Richard Christy on Walking Dead

Richard Christy on Walking Dead

Howard talked again how great he thinks Foxcatcher is.  Robin says she still hasn’t seen it yet, but wants to.  Howard says Whiplash is also great.  Says JK Simmons is great in it-he was in OZ and Spiderman.  Howard says his character reminds him of Full Metal Jacket, only with music.  He had told Steve Carrel that he should win the Oscar for Foxcatcher, but this JK might be better.  Gary said that he might be nominated for only Best Supporting, even though he’s the biggest thing in the movie.  Howard said that’s good, because Steve needs to win, as he said he’s going to thank Howard if he wins.   Joy Beyhar was in studio talking about her former job on The View.

Jon Stewart was in studio to plug his new movie, Rosewater.  His last appearance was at Howard’s Philadelphia gay dance party.  He filmed Rosewater in Jordan, which he says is safe.  It’s where they filmed Zero Dark Thirty.  His movie is about a British reporter that was locked up in an Iranian prison for about half a year for nothing more than trying to tell the story of what was going on there.  Jon wanted this story told, so he went ahead and directed it, although he’s not been a director before.  He asked other directors for advice, but wouldn’t ask any others to direct because it was going to be such a small movie.

Johnny Depp at an award show sounding very drunk. Howard and Robin said he’s still stuck in his Captain Jack Sparrow (Keith Richards) character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  They need to do an intervention.  It’s like the actors that played Tarzan, Dracula and Lone Ranger that got so into their character they were buried in their costumes.

Random Staff Tweets:

From JD:  Saw “Interstellar” in 70MM IMAX and boy are my eyes tired. I loved it.   And then…”#RIP Mike Nichols, who directed one of my favorite films ever “The Graduate” youtu.be/0x5fJzmqza8

Richard Christy posted:  So psyched that I made the cut in tonight’s @TheWalkingDead @wwwbigbaldhead its a horror fans dream come true pic.twitter.com/eGFkeZSvFB  …and  “Watching Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for the 749th time so far this November #favoritethanksgivingmovieever pic.twitter.com/LtTZDzX9bw

Ralph Tweeted:  OH GREAT!  ANOTHER HOBBIT movie…can’t wait to not see it  #3andOUT   … and then:  Lookin for a REALLY GOOD MOVIE to stream tonight?   Check out @McGsWonderland‘s underrated    3 DAYS TO KILL w/ KEVIN COSTNER  on @amazon       Not that anyone asked but my 3 NEW FAVORITE SHOWS are…-THE FLASH (WB)-STAR WARS REBELS (DISNEY XD)-CELEBRITY NAME GAME (syndicated)     just saw PILOT, it didn’t grab me, not a big fan of OCCULT STUFF.       “@kristyn_q:  thoughts on Constantine?   ….taking too long to get going.”       “@onlysarahshahi: “@sweetpug14: check out the #poi S4 promotional poster > pic.twitter.com/vYptmi3OnT”POI TUESDAY”   OK, that was a GREAT @CW_TheFlash ending tonight.  NEXT UP @AgentsofSHIELD, @Kyle_MacLachlan has been an EXCELLENT ADDITION!  #LOVETUESDAYS

Week of 11.10.14

In honor of Veterans’ Day, the Tapes Team played the appearance of the guy Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. It is animated here.

Skrillex was in studio and he said he just saw Whiplash, which was great, and he’s into jazz now.  Interstellar was 2nd in the box office last weekend to a Disney movie.  Howard said Walking Dead was great this week.  He said last week’s was a clunker, but they’re allowed one a season because the show is so good.  He’s glad Brody’s gone in Homeland,  Robin said they had pretty much written him into a corner.  Right before the show went on air on Wednesday, the engineers sprayed something to unstick the dump button, so Howard started the show smelling these strong chemicals.  Fred played the smell sound from Little Rascals.

Steve Carell was in studio talking about Foxcatcher.  Since this was his first dramatic role, he ended up taking not much more than scale, although he makes a ton of dough doing comedies.  Howard loved this movie.  Says it’s such a sad story, and it could have been an awful movie.  Steve said they couldn’t tell while it was being made if it was going to be good or not, though the script was great.  The guy who did it also did Capote and Moneyball, so he had a history of great movies.  He was in Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey.  When Jim didn’t want to do the sequel, they offered Steve Evan Almightly.  Worked with Will Ferrell in Anchorman, and was nonstop laughs.  Howard said that’s such a funny movie.  Howard asked him who the funnies person he ever worked with, and he said it was Alan Arkin.  Howard asked the guy in Heart is a Lonely Hunter–that guy is funny?  He worked with him in Little Miss Sunshine and he never said anything in the back of the van.  Then he started moaning and said he had to pee after two hours.  Howard said that was a great movie as well.

Random Staff  Tweets: 

Jon Hein tweeted:  Whiplash is one heck of a flick.  JK Simmons and Miles Teller are tremendous.  Music is great too.  Jazz band has never been so intense.

Week of 11.3.14

Both Howard and Ralph didn’t like Prince’s performance on SNL.  Ralph said the only interesting thing about it was he still looks the same 20 years later.  Howard said it was boring, and his all-girl band has gotten to be too cliche.  Howard said again that he’s a huge Prince fan; loved his Batdance in the 1989 Batman movie-was just listening to it last weekend.  Howard said he’s lost touch, as he refuses to do any of his old hits.  Ralph said “It’s not 1984 anymore, dude.”  He said it sounded like the Partridge Family.  Everybody’s buying into Prince doing something different, and it was just awful.  Robin asked, “Shouldn’t an artist be able to do whatever they want?”  Howard said no-do at least a few hits.  He said Prince should know that the audience isn’t buying his latest music – do some hits!  Robin said on Tuesday that she liked Prince’s performance.  Howard said he doesn’t listen to her because she liked Last Action Hero.  She said at least she didn’t like the 1980′s Gil Gerard TV movie with Victoria Principal (was that Not Just Another Affair ?).  She was talking to Howard once and he was engrossed in watching that awful movie.  Howard said he and Ralph were talking about Robin not liking this season’s Boardwalk Empire.  She said she didn’t like how they ended the series. Howard thought the ending was great.  It went back and forth in time like Godfather 2.  Robin said she’d heard from Richard Roeper because she said she liked Before I Go To Sleep and he thought it was awful.  Later, Jeff the Bore was in studio, and Fred said in the Jeff voice that he’s going to be in “BOREwalk Empire”.

Monday, Ralph asked Robin to see the new movie Interstellar with him tonight, but Robin said it’s 2 hrs 49 minutes long, so she’s not going.  She says she doesn’t have that kind of time.  Howard loved Chris Rock’s SNL monologue.  Ralph said they should have given him an entire hour.  He had a killer set that he could have saved for a special, but he brought it to SNL.   Howard reading a live commercial and again says Foxcatcher is one of the best movies he’s ever seen.  Howard said there are going to be 3 super hero movies a year.  He’s afraid they’ll run out of story lines.  He played a new trailer for Hulk where he’s building and then destroying houses for Habitat for Humanity.  Yucko the Clown was on the phone plugging his cartoon on Comedy Central Bricklberry.  He does a husky woman’s voice that Howard thought was really funny.  Benjy, Sal, Richard all have done voices for the show.  Eric the Actor did a voice, but it never aired-it was a disaster.   Yucko was at Komic Kazi interviewing fans.  He saw Howie Mandel who was there for his Bobby’s World show they’re bringing back.  Howard hates to stop what he’s doing to take a shit.  He had to get it done to watch The Walking Dead.

A caller asked about going to high school reunions.  Howard said that Benjy was probably like the guy in Pretty In Pink taking over the school’s loud speaker.  In 2014, they were asking JD about working in Hollywood “punching up” scripts once Howard’s off the air, something he’s said he’d like to do in the next phase of his career.  Robin asked him if there was a movie he liked that he thinks he could have made better.  JD said Django Unchained.  He would have made the movie shorter and cut out the Australian guy.  JD also said that Pulp Fiction is one of his favorite movies.  Howard liked the Dave Grohl series.  Robin hasn’t seen any of them yet.  Bradley Cooper is doing Elephant Man on Broadway.

Martin Short was in studio.  He was on 2nd City (SCTV) and SNL.  He played Kevin Bacon’s agent in The Big Picture.  His character was so great, Howard even remembers his drink.  He was in 3 Amigos-said he was like the 19th choice for the part.  It was his first movie and came just after he left SNL.  He was with George Harrison smoking a joint with him at a party watching The Hunt For Red October .  George said that Sean Connery was too famous to be in movies anymore-he was like a Beatle.  He put on the Traveling Wilburry’s 2nd album and was singing along.  He was really proud of it.  He said SAG was on strike when Mork and Mindy was on and he was in I’m a Big Girl Now.  Robin Williams asked what he was going to do with his off time, and he said he was going back to 2nd City in Toronto.  Robin asked him if he could come alone.  Martin said the audience went wild when they saw him.  It was before Popeye, but Robin Williams was really hot already.  Martin got his start on Broadway in Godspell and met his wife there.

On the WUS:  Jon liked Martin Short’s movie Captain Ron.  Ralph agreed.  Jon says it’s moronic in a good way.  Ralph says Interstellar is amazing.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  One more thing…  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing #INTERSTELLAR with friends and some hang time with them after…  You WILL want to discuss!   Not surprised to see Richard Roeper NAILS this INTERSTELLAR review/A+ rating. Although I recommend reading AFTER seeing movie JUSTseeIT!   NOLAN BROTHERS do it AGAIN! A UNIQUE, IMMERSIVE, TRANSPORTIVE EXPERIENCE. THIS is why I go to the movies…EPICLY GREAT!  INTERSTELLAR A+   …and I HIGHLY SUGGEST seeing it in IMAX.   GREAT CAST in INTERSTELLAR but the BIGGEST SURPRISE was ANNE HATHAWAY.  She’ll be one of the MANY OSCAR nods to this movie.

From JD:  Got to see full “It’s Always Sunny…” episode that has my scene in it…It’s beautiful.  Thank you again Richard Keen & R McElhenney

Week of 10.27.14

Jack Bruce died over the weekend, and neither Howard or Robin has seen the documentary on Beware of Mr. (Ginger) Baker.  Howard says it’s too weird to see this guy talking.  Howard told a story of Beth dropping her phone and a guy swooped it up like a vulture and stole it.  When they told the police, a guy acted like Commissioner Gordon from Batman and watched all the surveillance videos and found the guy.  Gary the Retard taped a bit on Special Needs Dracula, which is in 2-1/2 D – because it’s retarded.  Talking about the doctor in NYC with Ebola who was all around the city, Howard said they made a joke on SNL on how this guy had more energy than most of us.  Robin said they interviewed health care workers on 60 Minutes about caring for Ebola patients, and how selfless these people were.

Howard said the finale of Boardwalk Empire was the best TV ever.  Robin said she was disturbed by every episode and watching it was very difficult.  Howard said Foxcatcher is a great movie.  It’s the story of John du Pont who was an heir to a fortune who decided to use his money to train Olympic wrestlers.  He was a patriot who thought it was unfair that Russia and other countries finance their Olympic athletes and decided to finance American wrestlers.  The guy who plays him and the wrestler are fantastic.  Robin said the wrestler was Channing Tatum.  Howard said he’d only seen him in comedies, but he’s great in this.  Robin said he’s been in lots of dramatic movies, like The Notebook.  Steve Carrell played John du Pont and Howard said he should get an award.  Howard said he had no idea it was him with all that makeup.

Howard said he saw the first Mike Tyson Mysteries, which premieres tonight on Adult Swim.  He said he really liked it.  He watched the whole thing, which is unusual for him.  It’s only 15 minutes long and Howard said it was really funny.  Amy Pohler was in studio from Parks and Recreation and SNL.  Howard loved the Debbie Downer bits on SNL-the only time Amy said she lost control laughing during the skit.  She was in Mean Girls with Lindsey Lohan, and said she was great, a real pro.  When Amy was talking about her drug history, she said she saw the movie Traffic after taking Ecstasy, and there was a huge serotonin let down and she bawled through the whole thing.  Howard played a clip from a senator that said gays shouldn’t be in the military because they’ll give each other massages and be too relaxed for battle, and said he knew his history, because of what happened in Greece.  Howard said he sounded like the guy from The Godfather “I’m Smart!- I know my history!” When in reality, he’s an idiot.

Jim Carrey was in studio plugging Dumb and Dumber To.  Howard was only able to see the first 40 minutes, but said it was hysterical, that he almost pissed himself watching.  Jim said there was a documentary about the making of Man in the Moon that he says was never released, but it really great.  Jim said that there’s always a piece of his father in each movie, but the movie with the most resemblance to his father is Truman Show.  He got his first break with The Duck Factory  and then he was the lone white guy on In Living Color and The Mask.  Howard asked Jim about not getting along with Tommy Lee Jones on the set of Batman Forever, and he said when he met him, Tommy hugged him while telling him he hated him, saying “I can’t sanction your buffoonery.”  He wonders if it was because Ace Ventura came out the same time as The Ty Cobb Story and made a ton more money.  Maybe Tommy resented him for that.  They talked about him hosting SNL the past weekend, and making fun of the Lincoln car commercials.  Jim says he totally understands Daniel Day Lewis being in character while filming Lincoln, because he does that, especially while playing Andy Kaufman in Man in the Moon.  Howard asked him why he didn’t want to do the remake of the 3 Stooges.  He was up for the role of Curly.  He said he just didn’t feel it, but especially the thought of being punched and slapped by Benicio Del Toro and Sean Penn, who are both really intense actors, didn’t sound like fun.  He thought the guys who ended up in the movie did a great job.

Fred uses the Little Rascals sound drop during talk of wiping ass.  Mike Tyson was in studio to plug Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult Swim.

On the WUS:  Scandel is really good.  Ronnie watches The Good Wife and likes it.  They all liked Captain Ron-even Ralph liked it.

On Sternthology – Elephant Boy’s first call was played.  Robin thought he sounded like a guy from Goonies.  Rodney Dangerfield interview where he discussed Natural Born Killers-the grabbing of Julia Louie-Dreyfus’ ass.  He didn’t know her at all, but the director kept yelling at him to grab it, so he did.  He played a creepy step dad.  Howard talked about how great Back to School was and how it was working with Sam Kinison.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  Hey @geoffjohns @GBerlanti, must say @CW_TheFlash has quickly become (pun intended) my FAV SHOW  GREAT tone, story, production and cast!   and   There was a clue on @Jeopardy earlier that mentioned JOHN CARPENTERS HALLOWEEN…now I can’t get it outta my head #MUSTWATCH    The LATE GREAT DONALD PLEASANCE is one of the KEY COMPONENTS that makes this movie GREAT, another is @TheHorrorMaster’s SCORE! #HALLOWEEN  Oh, it’s ON!  The traditional OCT 30th viewing of @TheHorrorMaster’s MASTERPIECE HALLOWEEN.  My fav HORROR MOVIE EVER! pic.twitter.com/I1QOerck8B        – Another thing that made @TheHorrorMaster’s #HALLOWEEN GREAT is the BRILLIANT CINEMATOGRAPHER DEAN CUNDY.  He lit that movie like a PAINTING

From JD:  I almost skipped “Private Violence”. This @vulture article made me watch it. Hope it will push others to see it too: vulture.com/m/2014/10/tv-r…Everyone needs to see HBO doc “Private Violence”.   Also, “Mike Tyson Mysteries” is on Cartoon Network tonight at 10:30 and it is hilarious     Finally got to see “Neighbors”….loved it. Nicholas Stoller is one of the most underrated directors out there. Nice job @ikebarinholtz   And, finally from JD on Friday, Oct 31:  Happy Halloween! youtu.be/PUhuPn8_d0Q

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Images by Tom Adeslbach

Images by Tom Adeslbach


Image by @MattJacobsArt

Image by @MattJacobsArt

Images by Tom Adelsbach and @MattJacobsArt

Images by Tom Adelsbach

10630679_10205170097794825_2416758045914115181_o 1016829_271846892938995_8253493869712780699_n

Week of 10.20.14

Opening of the show were the Beetlejuice Star Wars bit, and the Ben Stern Old Man River from Porgy and Bess.  Howard opened Monday’s show saying he saw St. Vincent with Bill Murray, and it’s really good.  Robin saw it too and agreed and then asked him if he saw the the end credits-he was even good in that.  Howard said he did.  It was great because he was just sitting on a bench watering plants, but he’s great, and he’s great in everything he’s in.  Robin said it’s a great time for movies:  The Judge, Gone Girl, and she finally admits that Brad Pitt is a movie star, because Fury is also great.  She said Brad Pitt wowed her in that movie.  He is the whole movie.  She said you get mad watching that movie at Nazis all over again.

Howard played tapes from Wolfie at a pre-Phish concert tailgate party.  Howard said there’s a guy running around with this heavy Nitrous Oxide tank selling hits for $1 each, and the cops are chasing him.  Robin said it’s like a Keystone Kops movie, and then says they should make a Cheech and Chong movie with Nitrous Oxide instead of pot.  Talk of David Letterman’s cue card guy attacking a writing and getting fired.  Howard played the Insane Clown Posse’s song about a murderer named Howard Stern.  Howard said they look like they’re out of the show Dexter.  Hannible, the guy on The Eric Andre’s Show was in studio.  He says people hear his name and assume he’s the serial killer from Silence of the Lambs.  William Shatner was in studio.  He has a small part in George Takei’s To Be Takei documentary.  Howard asked him why he was in it.  He said he had wanted to use some of the footage from the George Takei roast, so as a quid pro quo, he was in George’s film.  Shatner said he had talked to JJ Abrams about being in the new Star Trek and still doesn’t know if he’ll be in the next one.  When Howard said that Leonard Nimoy was in the first one, Shatner said that he’d told Leonard, “You know you’re old when they take you back in time and you’re still old!”  Shatner has a show on the DIY Network.

Howard said Boardwalk Empire is beyond great.  Robin doesn’t like where it’s going.  Howard’s still loving Walking Dead and Homeland (Robin’s not sure about Homeland this season)  Howard said he’d had a big discussion with Jon Hein before the show about Homeland.  They both really like it.  They’ve announced that Sharknado 3 will also be on the east coast.  Howard said the effects are so bad, but Robin said that’s why people watch.


2001 – Kevin Smith came in to the studio to plug the movie Jay and Silent Bob and played Win Fred’s Money.  He lost, which he said he would.  Kevin Smith brought Afro Man with him, whose song “When I Got High” is on the movie soundtrack.  Howard loves the song, and wrote his own verses for it, one as Ted Kennedy, and one as Jackie.  Howard hasn’t seen the movie yet, but Robin loved it and likes all of his movies, Clerks and Mallrats especially.  Howard said he’s not seen many of Kevin’s movies, but he likes Kevin and loves comic books.

Movie Posters from SternFacebookSuperfans:

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Week of 10.13.14

Howard says the new X-Men: Days of Future Past movie on DVD is fantastic.  No more origins-they’re right into moving the story forward.  Neil Young was in studio.  Howard asked him about not performing at Woodstock and not being kept out of the movie because he was angry with the cameraman.  Neil said the cameramen were right on the stage in his face, wearing black thinking they couldn’t be seen.  He said, “Hello, it’s a camera! Use your zoom, Dickhead!”  When Howard mentioned that Leslie West and Mountain didn’t get in the movie because their manager thought the movie wouldn’t be good for their career, and Leslie has always regretted that.  Neil said he’s not sorry he’s not in the movie.  He said he never thought of Woodstock as a career move.  Russell Brand was in studio.  He’s been in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek, Paradise (which he said no one saw).

After Howard talked to Benjy and Elisa about their relationship:

Random Staff Tweets:

Jon Hein:  Great cast, directing & sadness in The Affair. Homeland intensity holds steady for another week. Well done, #ShowtimeSundayNig and Yes. Really dug the first season. RT @Karloff73 hey now! would you recommend the show The Strain?   and  Lost me last season, but I liked the s4 pilot. Hope it stays the course. RT @sa2007ml what did you think of Homeland so far s 4   and   Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead & Good Wife were top notch this past Sunday. Still have Homeland & The Affair on tap. God bless Sunday TV.
From Ralph:  RALPH,…are you REALLY rushing home to catch the premiere of @CW_Arrow? YES! Now stop BOTHERING ME! #VOICESinMYHEADHow good is @CW_TheFlash?  Seen it already and excited to watch AGAIN!  *Wasn’t a big fan of costume originally but TOTALLY works #STAYTUNED
Jason:  2 hours of awesome RT @tv_levy: If you missed last night’s premiere of #TheFlash you can catch it again tonight after the premiere of #Arrow

Week of 10.6.14

Talking about the death of Pig Virus over the weekend, Howard says he was the Joker to his Batman.  Howard says he was kind to him in his movie, even though people thought it was exaggerated for comedic value.  He says Pig Vomit was really much worse to him.  Howard was talking about only getting his quotes from TV-says he’s like Chauncy Gardner from Being There.  The dead Casey Casem was calling in with updates as to where his body is.  Robin said it is truly turning into Weekend at Bernie’s.  Robin said Sarah Silverman was great on SNL this past weekend.  They did a tribute to Joan Rivers.  Howard only saw the monologue, which was great.  Aziz Ansari was in studio from Parks and Recreation.  He was in Funny People and played a bad comic which Judd Apetow asked him if he wanted to expand that character into a full length movie, but he thought that might wear a bit thin.

Howard and Beth went to see Gone Girl at the theaters for their 6th wedding anniversary.  They loved it.  Robin said it’s a “must see!”  Howard said Rosamund Pike is really hot.  He was sketching his wife, and it ended up looking like her for some reason.  Ben Affleck was on Bill Maher’s show promoting the movie and they got into an argument about Islam, which Howard loved.  Ralph called in and said Flash is great and so is The Strain.

Bill Hader was in studio talking about his years on SNL.  He got his idea for the Italian-talking guy from standing in line to see A.I. Artificial Intelligence and listening to this older guy ahead of him trying to pick up a young girl.  He’s pushing Skeleton Twins, opening this weekend, where he plays Kristin Wig’s gay twin brother who has to move in with her after trying to commit suicide.  He’s also hosting SNL Saturday.  He had worked as a PA in Playboy’s Night Calls telling porn stars to act out callers’ fantasy.  Howard said it was like Cocoa in Fame where he’s so ashamed up he’ll end up curled up in a corner.  When he was making Knocked Up  he was in Seth Rogen’s trailer and they were watching the show, which was still on, but now had a live band.  He was also a PA on the James Franco version of James Dean , Surreal Life and in Collateral Damage  where he had to work directly with Arnold Schwartzenegger.  He said there would be a huge shoot with a helicopter on fire, and Arnold would be playing chess with his acting coach and would refuse to stop the game.  Bill would hand the coach a note that would say “Lose” so the game would be over.  He said Arnold had the best line to a lady midget friend of his, “Let’s go back to my hotel and I can see how my penis looks in your tiny hand.”  Ben Stiller saw one of his student films when he was 17.  Ben was dating a friend of Bill’s and they’d bonded talking about movies, so he then took him to see Casino.  Once he got SNL, Ben remembered him and took him out to dinner again.

Robert Downey, Jr. is in studio plugging his new film, The Judge, which Howard and Robin loved.  Robert said during Due Date and Iron Man he said he was “allergic to paper” and went off script most times.  Howard said he should have won when he was nominated for Best Actor for Chaplin, but Al Pacino won for Scent of a Woman, who Robert said was very good.  Robert said that people win for their body of work, and he suspects that someday he’ll win when someone else deserves it.  He said at that point he didn’t care; he was 26 and out of his mind.  Talked of his films that Howard and Robin loved:  Tropic Thunder, Weird Science, Back to School, Zodiac, Sherlock Holmes.

Bill Murray was in studio.  Howard loves his movies.  He’s in to plug his new film, St. Vincent.  They talked of Nothing Lasts Forever, Caddy Shack, Stripes, Groundhogs Day, What About Bob? (it wasn’t true that he tried to annoy Richard Dreyfus constantly on the set).

On the WUS, Ryan Phillipe was in studio talking about him stripping for Robin at the Birthday Bash.  Ryan said he had a great time, and loved that he even surprised and shocked Howard, but then he woke up Monday morning and heard Robin say it was disgusting.  Gary said he thinks Robin liked it.  He said her expression is best described as Woody Allen’s when he’s stumbling out of the Orgasmitron in Sleeper.  His hair, clothes and glasses were all messed up with that glazed look.  Jon said he loved that movie.  Ryan is out pushing his new movie Catch Hell which he wrote, directed and starred in, his first venture like that.

Random Staff Tweets:

Jon Hein:  I’m enjoying Margaret on @BoardwalkEmpire immensely this season. Complete U-turn for me. And the final season has been exceptional thus far.  and  Really enjoyed #GoneGirl – good story, Fincher, and solid acting all around. Quality time w/@debbiehein, plus I missed an ugly @steelers W.

Ralph:  NICE!  WELL DESERVED!!“@carnojoe: @NBCBlacklist Grows 54% in Live + 3 Ratings Among Adults 18-49 tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/10/04/nbc… STILL PIMPIN’,  and More importantly don’t forget, s1 finale of @TheStrainFX at 10…been LOVING it, just hope we get to see MUCH MORE of HOODIE MONSTER SQUAD!   and LOVED IT!ended too soon…also LOVED “SERENITY”, also on @netflix @NathanFillion #MUSTstreamTV   “@danchapin: thoughts on #Firefly ?” and  How good is @CW_TheFlash?  Seen it already and excited to watch AGAIN!”   and  “RALPH,…are you REALLY rushing home to catch the premiere of @CW_Arrow?”   YES!   Now stop BOTHERING ME! #VOICESinMYHEAD”  Wasn’t a big fan of costume originally but TOTALLY works #STAYTUNED”

Jason:  2 hours of awesome RT @tv_levy: If you missed last night’s premiere of #TheFlash you can catch it again tonight after the premiere of #Arrow”  and  “It’s almost comical how much I love the (1/2 hour) @TMZ tv show

JD: ”Inherent Vice”: liked it. I need a second viewing though to get it all. Definitely funny. PTA can do no wrong in my eyes

Jason:  Tonight @Gotham at 8. Tomorrow @CW_TheFlash at 8. Wednesday @CW_Arrow at 8. TV is awesome,  and  2 episodes in and @Gotham is pretty damn good! Dark, dangerous and a lot of fun. Can’t wait for tonight

Week of 9.29.14

Image by Tom Adelsbach from SternFacebookSuperfans

Image by Tom Adelsbach from SternFacebookSuperfans

JD said he saw the movie Whiplash and it was excellent.  He saw it with a porn star because his girlfriend couldn’t go.  He said his girlfriend was ok with that.  Howard and Robin saw the new Robert Downey, Jr. movie The Judge and really liked it as well.  The staff was telling Howard about stealing cars as teenagers, and Howard and Fred made fun of Scott the Engineer’s teenage years calling them the “Un”-Happy Days.   Howard loved the 1968 movie Wild in the Streets about 14-year-olds fighting for the right to vote. The slogan was “14 or fight!”  No one else in studio remembered that movie. Howard says he remembers it because he’s a dinosaur.  Robin saw the George Takei documentary (To Be Takei.) and said they are the cutest couple ever.  George is always complaining about Brad’s weight, but Robin says there’s a scene where they’re driving around and George is feeding Brad potato chips.

Howard was talking about people telling us we need to be prepared.  He says after watching the Walking Dead and The Strain, he sees people preparing and then someone comes along and steals all your shit anyway.  If a big catastrophe comes, Howard said we’re better to just go peacefully in the first wave.  If you need to be prepared, it’s not worth it. The ones that have stayed alive wish they were dead. Robin says there’s got to be law and order but also comfort, as the vampires even took off the internet and TV.  They are no fun.  He sees what these people are going through and being prepared is just a waste of time. He says The Strain in the best show on television now, but then says there’s also Boardwalk Empire and Ray Donovan – there are so many good shows on TV now.   Howard also likes The Bachelorette and the first 2 Gotham shows.  Smokey Robinson was in studio, and Robin brought up the 1998 TV movie about the Temptations.  Melissa Etheridge’s girlfriend wrote Nurse Jackie.  Lena Dunham from Girls was in studio.

On the WUS, Talking about Shuli’s paternity leave, Gary says the only thing he thinks of when he hears about post-partum depression is that bad 1988 movie with Molly Ringwald, For Keeps?, where she’s so depressed she brings the TV into her room.

Week of 9.22.14

Image by Stern Facebook Superfans Lee @pokersternfan

Image by Stern Facebook Superfans Lee @pokersternfan


image by Stern Facebook Superfans Benjamin Hershleder

Talk of Eric the Actor passing. Sound effects from Mars Attacks!, comparing him to Austin Powers‘ Mini Me and his guest starring role on In Plain Sight..  Howard and Robin again saying how great Ray Donovan is.  Robin said she’s watching Guilty Pleasure with Juan Pablo and Jenna Jamison.

Tuesday’s show opened with a phony phone call using clips from Terminator “Who is you daddy and what does he do?”  Howard said he saw the first half of Gotham and it was really good.  He didn’t think a Batman story without Batman wouldn’t be any good, but the Commissioner Gordon back story was really good.  He will watch the rest of it.  Fred played Eric the Actor’s sound byte saying “Nanu Nanu” from Mork and Mindy that he recorded after Robin Williams died.  Fred said he would get excited whenever he’d heard Howard announced that Eric was on the phone.  He would cue up the music from Mars Attacks!

Jennifer Hudson was in studio.  Howard asked her role in Dream Girls that she had to audition for repeatedly.  She was actually up against the first place American Idol winner, Fantasia, and Jennifer had only come in 7th.  She worked on Disney cruise ships singing songs from Lion King and Hercules, but being on the ship was like being in Groundhog’s Day, where every day was exactly the same, and she would actually get excited when the day’s excursion was to go to the local Wal Mart.

Lenny Kravitz was in studio and Howard asked him about his recording American Woman for Austin Powers.  He wouldn’t have recorded it, but the producers of the film requested he do a version of it.  It ended up buying new houses for the writers, The Guess Who, who Howard said must be thrilled.  Lenny said they were happy with it and the money they made as writers.  The song from Robin Hood by Bryan Adams kept his song that he produced for Madonna, Justify My Love, out of the #1 spot.  He said that the movie people put so much money into that song, his couldn’t compete.  Lenny was in Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel.  Howard asked him about being in the sequel, but Robin said his character was killed off.  Howard said he didn’t know; he didn’t see any of those.  Lenny said he got the job after the producer saw him in Precious.  Howard asked him if he had to audition for Precious.  Lenny said he’s never had to audition.  He turned down the role of Marvin Gaye in a biopic, which has never been made.  He said biopics don’t always work, but Ray was great.

Random Staff Tweets:

Jason Kaplan tweeted:  Did anyone really like True Detective as a show? Acting, awesome. Dialogue, amazing. Show…meh

From Ralph:  TONIGHT #MUSTSEETV…9 @ModernFam sure to be funny, as always. 9:30 BLACK-ISH, looks funny, solid cast…should be good. 10 @NBCChicagoPD

From JD: 9/26/14, 5:36 PM  The SNL documentary “Saturday Night” by @JamesFrancoTV is up on HULU Plus. I HIGHLY recommend


The guy who played Jaws in the James Bond movies died.  AGT talk.  The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling was in studio.  She was in This is the End and 40 Yr. Old Virgin with Seth Rogen.  She was in The Office, did some writing for SNL and is a good friend of Lena Dunham from Girls.  Slash was in studio with Myles Kennedy, and he talked about being in the movie Rockstar.

The Tapes

Howard said that watching Fred eat is like watching the Fortress of Solitude from Superman.  Fred surrounds himself with carts and walls so that no one can watch him eat.  Marc Maron’s interview was played.  He was in Short Attention Span Theater, though he’s not credited on IMDb.  Talk of the Ramones and Rock N Roll High School.  On the WUS, Gary said he used to watch that movie every weekend.  Jackie the Jokeman bit was played when he was going to make a million with a start-up  “.com”.  Howard said he sounded like Ralph Cramden from the Honeymooners.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  If U missed s1 @NBCBlacklist it’s NOW on @netflix….GREAT SHOW!  Especially ep9 “ANSLO GARRICK”  written/directed by THE GREAT @carnojoe    And later:  FUN FLICK…Check it out!  “@greggrunberg: BIG ASS SPIDER! – Opening Scene [HD] – On DVD & On Demand Everywhere NOW youtu.be/7T69VjRNyTk

From JD: The entire stoning scene in “The Leftovers” is one of the best moments of TV this year

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 9.8.14 – They’re Back Live!

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan


Image by @preemiememe of Stern Fan Facebook Superfans

image by SternFacebookFan Lloyd Xmas-Ostrout

image by SternFacebookFan Lloyd Xmas-Ostrout

Howard opened the show remembering Joan Rivers. He said she would be happy that her documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work shot up to #2 on the Amazon list.  Ed Sheeran was in studio and said he’d always wanted to write a James Bond theme song.  Lots of AGT talk.  Gavin Rossdale was in studio and they talked about Sound City and how he should have been on that movie.  Kerri Kasem was in studio.  Howard said he wanted to send Liam Neeson’s Taken over to bring Casey’s body back.  Howard says Ray Donovan is better than ever.  Robin’s watching The Bachelor in Paradise, but Howard’s not; he just watches The Bachelor.

Week of 9.1.14  The Tapes Special

Gary said that the first movie he watched sitting on his crappy stool in his man-cave was Slumdog Millionaire.  Richard Simmons cried because Howard wouldn’t go see Prince of Tides with him.  The James Caan interview was replayed.  He talked about The Godfather and turning down the role in Superman. He said he’d gotten a call from Marlon asking him to do the movie because he was going to be in it, and he knew they’d have fun together.  James said he told Marlon that he was only going to be in the movie for a few minutes, but that James would be required to sign for two movies, plus he had to wear the costume.  He said Marlon laughed and hung up the phone.  He also turned down Kramer vs. Kramer because he thought it would be middle class bullshit picture, but turned into a great movie.  He said it’s like Love Story.  You watch it now and it’s awful – awful story, bad acting, everything, but it made a ton of money and won lots of awards, so you never know.  When Incubus was in studio, Fred played music from The Exorcist.  Lots of “Scott!” from Austin Powers when he didn’t get the correct button pushed for the Incubus performance.Gilbert Gottfried was in studio talking about being in Ford Fairlane playing a DJ.  He had called Howard to make sure it was ok with him that he took that role.  Howard had turned it down because he thought it was dumb, so he was fine with Gilbert for taking the job.  Gilbert was trying to impress Beetlejuice by telling him he’d been the voice in Aladdin and Return to Jafar, which he actually got to sing in that one.

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Image by Tom Adelsbach






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Week of 8.25.14 Mammory Lane

Replay of the “Gary’s not reliable” day before the storm. Fred plays music from the Titanic. Norm McDonald in the studio; talk of Dirty Work. High Pitch Mike talking about his trip to Disneyworld, and Artie ends up doing an entire monologue with High Pitch Mike as the Don from The Godfather. Gilbert Gottfried was in studio with Beetlejuice, who didn’t like him, even though they told him he had been the voice of the parrot in Alladin, worked with Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop and been in Problem Childs 1, 2 & 3 Howard and Robin had Gilbert do his impressions from Frankenstein, Dracula, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the original) and sung Jerry Lewis’ song from Who’s Minding the Story or The Nutty Professor.  Beetle still didn’t like him.  They played the last time Henry Hill was in studio.  He who wrote the book that Goodfellas was based on.  They played tapes of JD sounding like Napoleon Dynamite.

On the Live Wrap Up Show:

Benjy said he liked Jersey Shore Massacre.  Said it will become a cult classic and that Sal and Richard were great. Later Benjy asked if the last scene in Revenge of the Nerds was rape and she thinks she’s having sex with someone else.  JD said that they ended up being a couple in the end, and she didn’t press charges, so she obviously was ok with it.  JD says it’s a great movie.  He called it art.  Jon Hein says John Goodman plays the best football coach ever on film.  JD had wanted to direct a film about Queen someday, and said he wanted it in the same vein as the Doors film.  He would have been ok directing gay sex, even though he thinks most sex in movies is gratuitous.  Benjy says his death in Sharknado 2 is not ambiguous- it’s biguous.  He says he’ll be in Sharknado 3 and they’ll bring his character back.  JD says they could make him the twin of the guy who died.

Random Staff Tweets:

Artie tweeted:  Watching my old friend George with his husband Brad on their documentary (To Be Takei.)It’s great. Watch it. Miss & love u George,

Jon Hein tweeted:  I think @TheLeftoversHBO has had ups & downs in its 1st season, but when it’s good like this past Sunday’s ep, it’s really exceptional TV.

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Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach with the caption “We’re gonna need a bigger toothbrush!’

Image by @pokersternfan

Image by @pokersternfan

Week of 8.18.14

George Takei in studio.  He’s talking about his new documentary, To Be Takei.  There’s a scene where they drive by a billboard with a picture of William Shatner over his mouth and George says thats where it should be. Richard saw it and said it was awesome.  Said you get lots of insight into Brad and all the work that he does.  Richard said the best thing about the movie is learning more about Brad.   George says Howard opens the movie and has a wonderful comment, but that Brad steals the show.  After talking about their sex life and George taking the leftover soaps from hotels, Howard said that they left all the good stuff out of the documentary. Howard’s agent, Don Buchwald saw it and loved it.  George said his first  role was the overdubbing of the Japanese in the movie Rodan.  Howard said he loved that movie.  Then George was in Ice Palace with Richard Burton and Robert Ryan and then went on to Playhouse 90 Made in Japan. George is still angry with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and refuses to see any of the Expendibles movies.  Howard was talking about a power party he went to that had lots of heavy hitters.  He talked to Jamie Foxx and Robin said she still hates Django Unchained, and Howard said it’s still one of his favorites.  George said Boyhood is a great movie.

Howard was asking Eric the Actor about not being willing to play a gay guy.  Howard and George both mentioned great actors who’ve taken gay roles like in The Dallas Buyers’ Club and Brokeback Mountain.  Eric said he’s not homophobic because he watched the movie Philadelphia.  Robin said that even Will Smith, who played gay in Six Degrees of Separation wouldn’t deliver a gay kiss, so there is still that reluctance from big Hollywood stars to play gays.  Eric again plugged his appearance on Yucco’s Brickleberry.  Big Foot was in studio plugging his new movie The Jersey Shore Massacre.  He talked about putting his fingers up a postman’s ass for $50, but he wouldn’t kiss him.  Robin said that was the same rule Julia Roberts had in Pretty Woman-she wouldn’t kiss her clients, either.  Fred played a bit from the new film Cock (Shark)-Nado.  Wolfie was talking to convention goers, and asked fans which star was the meanest.  One fan said the girl from Tank Girl.  Howard didn’t know who that was, and Robin said she was also in A League of Their Own and Wolfie said she was in Break Point with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, which Howard said he didn’t remembered.  The fan had given her $30, and she told him it was $60 for a autograph and a picture, and got up in his face screaming at him.  They wondered how she would get that much money.  George said he only gets $40 for an autograph at the conventions.  Wolfie said William Shatner gets $100.  George said he’d have to talk to Brad about changing his price.  George said he was in Larry Crowne with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

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Image by @mariomario1974

Image by @mariomario1974

Week of 8.11.14 They’re Back Live

Howard said he saw David Bowie’s documentary, Said it was really good, but needed more concert footage.  From Mark’s Friggin.com:  Robin said in this movie Tony Visconte doesn’t have an English accent anymore. Howard asked if that was bullshit. Robin said he was from Brooklyn. Howard said that’s a mystery they’ll have to solve.

Howard was talking about Israel, and he says Jon Voigt wrote a pro-Israel article shaming other Hollywood stars from talking against Israel protecting himself.  Howard said Jon Voight is in Ray Donovan – and he loves that guy and loves the show. Howard says it shows that if Jon Voight understands what’s going on over there, it shows that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out:  if you were getting your house burnt down, you’d beat that person up, wouldn’t you? Of course you would.

From MarksFriggin.com: Howard said he saw a movie called ”The Last Days Here” and asked if Richard saw it. Richard said he did and it was great. Howard said this band called Pentagram was around in the 70s. He said the lead singer was such a nightmare that the band fell apart. Howard said that they couldn’t perform because of the lead singer’s problems. Richard said they went to Gene Simmons house to be signed and they weren’t even able to do that right. Howard said the movie was so great. He said the ending is great. Howard said it’s so compelling. Richard said their music was so way ahead of their time.

Howard was talking about seeing Sharknado 2 Robin said it’s really compelling. Gary said he watched it with 12 people and no one wanted to turn it off.  Howard said “I was ready to see Benjy die a horrible death and they robbed me of that moment” because they went to black instead of showing him being eaten.  Howard says his belly falls out of his shirt.  Benjy said it does, but it’s his character’s belly.  Howard was talking to Richard about his alcoholism, and said he saw Roger Ebert’s Life Itself, and Roger was an alcoholic and just decided he needed to quit and he did.  Howard likes a new vampire show, The Strain, says it’s realistic. These guys actually eat people, they don’t fall in love.  Ralph called in to try to explain about a plane that there are old vampires and young ones.  AGT talk.

They’re excited Jeff Bridges will be in studio today.  The Big Lebowski is Richard’s favorite movie.  Asked him about working with Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Robin saw Hoffman’s most recent A Most Wanted Man and said it’s really good. Robin said Starman was also great.  Jeff said in Star Man he was imitating a bird; Howard had always thought it was a child.  Robin reads off a huge list of his great movies: Tucker, Against all Odds, Crazy Heart., Fabulous Baker Boys,  Robin said after White Squall she wanted to learn how to sail.  They both loved Last Picture Show – Jeff really liked Cybill Shepherd, but she was with Bogdonavich at the time.  Had a 20 yrs reunion and made Texasville, and was as much fun making it as the first, seeing everyone 20 years later.   Howard says he loves that movie.  Howard asked him if his dad was embarrassed to be in Airplane, a movie that made a parody of his old roles.  He said his dad loved doing that and Howard said his dad was great in that.  He talked about Iron Man and doing lots of improv with the scenes, then compared it to working with Barbra Streisand in Mirror Has Two Faces, where she’s attentive to every detail.  Jeff said he loved working with her, it was a great experience.  He’s in to plug The Giver.  He’d wanted to do that one for years. Found a children’s book and tried to get it made.   He turned down Tom Hank’s role in  BIG-just didn’t feel right,.  He doesn’t remember if he turned it down or if he didn’t get the role, but Hanks was so good.  He saw the movie and enjoyed it so much.  Robin said she didn’t get Heaven’s Gate, but got Door In The Floor. Howard asked him about doing TV because it’s so good now, with shows like Breaking Bad.  Jeff said what really blew him away was True Detective.  Talked about Thunderbolt and Lightfoot that Clint Eastwood produced and he was up for an award. Howard said he’d heard that Clint was upset that Jeff was up for an award and he wasn’t.  Jeff said he’d never heard that.  Talking about King Kong and Jeff said the props department made a mistake and made 2 gigantic right hands.  Jessica Lange almost got crushed in the hands during the making of the film. Jeff said he saw a great movie on the plane, Chef.  Robin said she saw it and liked it, too.

Into commercial, they played the mashup with Scarface and Maria Menounous’ laugh.  For Hanzi, they played the Warner Brothers cartoon That’s All Folks, and then a Baba Booey parody to the Game of Thrones.

On Tuesday, Howard talked about the death of Robin Williams.  Talked about all his movies.  Howard said his performance in The Birdcage, the remake of La Cage aux Folles, was brilliant.  He could have screwed it up and played it over the top gay, but he was great in that.  He was in Good Morning Vietnam, and Mork and Mindy, World According to Garp, Moscow on the Hudson, Jumanji, Dead Poet’s Society, Awakenings, One Hour Photo, Jack.  Howard said this guy’s a genius, an amazing talent.  Eric the Actor called in, and Howard said he sounds like Robin Williams in Popeye.  Eric said his favorite Robin Williams film was Patch Adams, which wasn’t critically acclaimed, but Robin stood by it because he said the audience loved it.  Eric also loved Robin in the Night at the Museum movies.  Robin thought it was odd that Eric liked Robin Williams’ movies for kids.  Howard said that lots of people enjoyed that franchise, but then Robin said they were all 5!

Robin worries that Ben Affleck won’t be a good Batman.  She said he’s only good in things that he writes, like Goodwill Hunting and Argo.  The director of Bridesmaides and Heat , Paul Feig, is afraid to hire Eric the Actor, as he’s superstitious about Eric killing a project, and all the difficulties working with Eric presents.  Eric just recorded lines for Yucco’s show Brickelberry, and everyone hopes that stays on the air.  Also, the hope is that he stays off Walking Dead for the same reason.

On Sternthology, Gary Busey was on.  Talked about the Buddy Holly Story, and his son, Jake, who looks just like him and was in Starship Troopers.  Played Gilbert Gottfried in studio talking about being on the set of Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy.  He’d worked with Eddie for a season on SNL, but when Eddie walked on the set, he looked at Gilbert and said, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”  Bernie Mac’s interview was replayed when he was plugging Mr. 3000 and talked about his breakthrough with Kings of Comedy.

On the Greg Fitzsimmons Show, the news was broken about the death of Robin Williams.  Talked about his great movies Mrs. Doubtfire, Goodwill Hunting, Fisher King.

Random Staff Tweets:

Ralph tweeted his favorite Robin Williams’ films:

Jon Hein tweeted:  I hope that somewhere out there Mork & Mearth are having a good laugh. One of the all-time greats.

JD tweeted a scene from Dead Poets’ Society #RIPRobinWilliams

Tweeted from @sternshow

Tweeted from @sternshow

Week of 8.4.14  Vacation

Replay of Darryl Hanna, Quentin Tarrantino interview when they were promoting Kill Bill 2.  Howard loved the original and sequel, Robin wasn’t a fan of the first one, but said she was looking forward to the 2nd.  Warren Beatty’s interview was replayed when he was promoting Bulworth.  Robin said it was really funny, a great movie.  Howard said he can’t trust her opinion, because she liked the Last Action Hero, but that he’s going to see it because Halle Barrie looks like she’s got her hands all over Warren.  Said he chose well for his leading lady, and he’s going to go see it just to see her.  Howard said Bonnie and Clyde was one of the best movies ever, and then Robin reminded him of Heaven Can Wait, which they also both loved.  He told Warren that even if he didn’t bang all those broads, there’d still be stuff to talk about because he made all these good movies.  He asked him about Ishtar, wondered if Dustin was a pain in the ass? and then said he’s never seen it.    Warren said that Dustin wasn’t a pain in the ass and that Howard should do him a favor and watch that movie.  Opened show with scene from King of Comedy.  Eric the Actor’s call was played when he calls Johnny Fratto for a hit on a phone caller.  Artie & Howard say it’s like the Godfather.

Random Staff Tweets:

Sal tweeted:  Supported my turtles tonight and saw #TMNTMovie with my human kids. Loved it!

Jon Hein tweeted:  Finally got to watch #TheFlash pilot. Easily the best fall TV pilot I’ve seen so far, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

Jason tweeted:  put on godfather and was almost late to Janis’ concert. Had to force myself to turn it off. Never go against the family

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Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

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Week of 7.28.14

Maggie Gyllenhaal was in studio.  Her mother was a screenwriter and wrote Running on Empty.  She’s in to plug her new TV movie/mini series airing this week The Honourable Woman.  Howard said that her career really took off after the film with James Spader, The Secretary.  He said Mr. Skin said that that film had the #1 scene men used for jerking off.  When Howard wondered if there was any sexual tension between the two during that movie, she said that one time he made a point of ordering really expensive chocolates that he ended up asking her into his side of the trailer to share with her.  Then he would come up to her in between scenes and touch behind her legs below her skirt, so yes, she was hot for him, but it was all prep for the movie, building up that tension so it would be real on screen.  Before that movie, James Spader was more known as a pretty boy from Sex, Lies and Videotape.  Howard asked her if any actor had been inappropriate with her during filming, and she said not any of the serious, great actors.  They’re too focused on their performance.  She was first in Donnie Darko with her younger brother Jake.  He got into acting before she did, and he got her the job.  She said when she met Jeff Bridges the day they started shooting Crazy Heart, he came up to her and said “Here’s my heart,” and she said she told him that she gave her heart back to him.  Said he was truly great to work with.  She was nominated for an Oscar for that movie, but Monique won for Precious.  She knew she wasn’t going to win, but said there was still that one moment when she thought she just might. When Howard asked her about being typecast after The Secretary, she said she was offered lots of those parts later, same way she was offered lots of girls out of jail pictures after Sherrybaby.

Maggie talked about her role in World Trade Center.  She felt she’d made an acting mistake in a scene when she was waiting for word on her husband.  She felt she should have played it more hopeful that there would have called to say he was fine instead of playing the scene with dread that it would be bad news.  She said they missed an opportunity for the dramatic fall.  She loved working with Oliver Stone on that movie.  She said he would have told her to play it differently if he would have felt that way, too.  He would tell her “You were so good this morning and now you’re awful!”  That could have destroyed her, but she knew that he liked her, so instead of just being hurt, she asked him “Can you help me?”  She said he took her hands in his and said, “Yes! I give you the power of Zeus!”  She said she didn’t work much with Heath Ledger in Batman, but had met him when he worked with her brother in Brokeback Mountain. She went on vacation with them and got close to him then.  Said they were brave those playing gay roles.  She said her husband, Peter Sarsgaard, also gets lots of gay roles.

Howard was talking to Richard Christy about playing drums with Metallica, and he asked him what they talked about.  Richard said they found they all loved the John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.  so they talked about that and other horror movies.  The AGT cast was in studio.  Joan Rivers was in studio, and they talked about A Piece of Work, her documentary.  They also talked about Jerry Lewis.  Howard said his older movies are great, but Joan said he’s a bitter, unhappy man.  Lots of talk about Benjy’s Sharknado 2.

On the WUS, Jason and Jon Hein said the Lego Movie was awesome.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Richard Christy:  Sorry, Bachelorette Finale, Evil Dead II is on.

From Jason Kaplan:  Holy shit, #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy was AWESOME! Best Marvel movie since Iron Man. I want to see it twice more!   Then, when Jason was asked if he would use his Man-Boob rating for the movie, he answered:  “ha! It’s a double d!”  When asked if  double d was a higher rating than the “2 man boobs up” he gave for Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox? he answered, “Yes!”  And, later, “If you missed my Guardians of the Galaxy review yesterday, I gave it three thumbs up (the third thumb being the little one in my pants)”

Richard Christy tweeted: Guardians of the Galaxy RULES! Fun and hilarious too & Rocket looks like our guinea pig Taco! So proud of @JamesGunn pic.twitter.com/gVoYttyf20

Ralph Tweeted:  Rare documentary about legendary makeup artist Dick Smith j.mp/1kpdEu2 pic.twitter.com/WO7EetURs5”  & then :  NOW #sleepyhollow @SleepyHollowFOX first episode  #GREATPILOT

JD tweeted: Love the documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune“  and then  later JD tweeted “looks good @RyanPhillippe - trailer for “Catch Hell“  & then Totally recommend “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. Fun, funny, entertaining. Everything a summer movie should be. Great job @JamesGunn

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Image by Tom Adelsbach

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Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 7.21.14

Two premieres of staff cameos in movies this week:  Ronnie’s My Man Is A Loser, and Benjy’s Sharknado 2.  Zach Braff was in studio.  He’s in the Broadway play of Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway. Howard said he saw Woody Allen on Broadway in Play It Again, Sam with his parents when he was just a kid.  He thought Woody Allen was great in that.  Zach is in to plug his movie that he funded by Kick-Starter: Wish I Was Here.  He got Mandy Patinkin from Homeland for just one day to film his part.  They talked about Casey Casem’s body like a scene from Weekend at Bernies.  Howard wishes they would release all the footage that was left out of the movie Woodstock.  Says there were so many great performances that didn’t make the released movie.  James Garner died, and Howard talked about him known for being in Maverick and The Rockford Files.

Dan Bilzurian was in studio to plug his new movie The Equailizer, which opens in September.  He has been in Olympus Has Fallen and had to shave his beard.  He was in Lone Survivor and was one of the financiers, giving $1 million in exchange for a small part.  When he was cut out, he tried to sue, but dropped suit when he realized that he would get 1.5 million back from his investment.  The new Untitled James Brown Documentary was produced by Mick Jagger, as well as the movie Get on Up, that is also about James Brown.  A caller who saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes complained that Gary needs to ok his side projects with Howard first.  Howard asked JD what movies he’s watched with his new girlfriend, and he said Three O’Clock High and Scarlett Johansson’s new movie, Lucy.  Howard asked him if that was any good, and JD couldn’t tell him.  Said it might be too artsy-fartsy for Howard, but Scarlett does get naked in a few scenes.  He said he’d do better to look those up on Mr. Skin than watch the whole movie.  Then Robin asked JD if she would like it, and he thought she would.

Eric the Actor called in and they played a new theme song using the Ack Ack from Mars Attacks!  Eric again denied he sounds like that, but then Fred played Eric saying “I don’t say Ack Ack!”, and said that’s where that sound byte comes from.  Robin said the The Rock, Dwayne Johnson was in the new Hercules movie.   He said he never would have guessed that The Rock would someday be making major motion pictures.  Howard said that those old Hercules movies were great with Victor Mature (was he thinking about Sampson and Delila? Steve Reeves was in 1958′s Hercules).  Robin said “Victor Mature didn’t go on to Streetcar Named Desire, Howard.”

On the WUS, they were talking to JD about going to romantic movies with your girlfriend.  He had said last week that he had watched Kentucky Fried Movie with her.  Ronnie said The Notebook didn’t make him cry, but he did tear up.  Gary said his son and some friends went to see The Fault In Our Stars and said they were laughing because it was so funny to hear the people behind them crying so hard they were choking, unable to breathe.  JD said he watched Just One of the Guys with his girlfriend as well as True Romance.  Then they talked about a Zach Efron movie where he’s a soldier and loses memory and he takes over the identity of a dead soldier and goes to visit his girlfriend, another Nicholas Sparks book (he also wrote The Notebook), this one called The Lucky One from 2012.  Ronnie said “…that was a pretty sad-ass movie.”  No one could remember the name of the movie, but they all saw it.  JD then calls Ronnie the Nicholas Sparks expert.  Michael Rapaport sat in on the WUS saying he called Gary to ask to come in to plug his documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest and Gary never called him back.

The WUS goes to San Diego for ComicCon, and they talk about the flight.  Richard said he wanted Christmas in July, so he had Christmas Vacation loaded on his computer and he will watch it on the flight while quoting all the lines with Sal.  Jon said he felt sorry for whoever gets the 3rd seat.  Then they talked about when Richard and Sal go shopping together every Christmas and call it their Pretty Woman moment.  They try on jeans and check each others’ butts to make sure they fit right, and always end up buying the same brand and cut of jeans.  Talked about the Munsters TV show, and then the TV movie based on the series, Mockingbird Lane.

GEEKTIME! is back LIVE from ComicCon and Ralph talked tons of movies:  Inception, Spider Man, Evil Dead, Green Lantern, Batman, Thor, Batman vs. Superman, Drag Me To Hell, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Arrow, Avengers…

Random Staff Tweets:

Ralph tweeted:  JUST saw #TheFLASH…LOVED IT!  GREAT cast, writing, drama…and it moved QUICK, no pun intended!

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Image by Tom Adelsbach from All is Lost

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Image by Doc IvanEric the Actor as Scarface

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Image by Tom Adelsbach


Week of 7.14.14 They’re Back Live!

There’s a new song for Eric the Actor by Eli Braden using “Ack Ack” from Mars Attacks!  JD has a new girlfriend, and he watched Kentucky Fried Movie with her.  Howard thought that was a mistake.  He needs to watch romantic stuff with her like The Bachelor.  Jenny McCarthy was in studio talking The View.  She is getting married within the next few months to Donnie Wahlberg who is in Blue Bloods and the reality show The Wahlbergers.  She is starting a new radio show on Sirius called “Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy.”  Howard said the Asian woman for The View should be Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid.

Fred played a bumper from The House of Cards (Tards) with Wendy and Gary the Retard.  Nicole Bass was in for a Dating Game show, and Fred used his Fred Munster laugh.  Howard said that True Blood now truly blows.  He’s liking The Strain, at least the first episode.  Howard said he wants to see Life Itself, the movie about Roger Ebert.  He said he’s heard from Chas, Roger’s widow, and she’s real excited about the movie.  Robin said it’s getting great reviews, but Howard says it will make him too sad.  He said we’re all going out some way, but he wants to keep his dignity.  He says Roger was such a great talker and he lost his ability to talk.  He was a talker, but he never lost his spirit.  Howard wants to see the new Justin Theroux series The Leftovers.

John Oliver was in studio talking about his new show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and being on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show.  He said he got into a good college only because he went to a rough high school like the Hogwarts of schools.    He had known of Sasha Baron Coen, but he and his fellow students were surprised when they saw him doing Ali G, that it was brilliant.  They had had no idea how talented he was.   John said when he came to America, his agent told him not to sign any leases longer than 3 weeks, as America is known for firing its stars.  He said when he came to America, he was like Fievel Goes to America.  During the news, Robin talked about Sandra Bullock and her intruder.  Howard said she should take her Gravity money and spend it on more security!  Talking about JD and his new girlfriend.  Fred was doing them having a conversation, and Robin said the girl sounds like the woman from Throw Mama From the Train.

On The Tapes, Howard was talking about the movie The Secretary with James Spader.  Howard loved it, but Robin said she had to stop watching it it was so bad.  Howard said he loved the S & M – doesn’t like it in real life, but loves to watch it in the movies.  James Spader is a real creepy boss, and has his secretary bent over the desk for a day and a half.  And then he calls her in when she makes a mistake and it starts all over. The  James the Smelly Intern bit was played when they had him read his comedy play on the air that had no laughs.  Howard said it reminded him of Rupert Pupkim in the King of Comedy.

On the WUS, Ronnie has a cameo in the new movie My Man Is a Loser that’s opening this weekend with John Stamos.  Gary said that Stuttering John had a line and a half cameo in Osmosis Jones.

Random Staff Tweets:

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  7/17/14, 2:48 PM  Proud of my friend @timheidecker – first episode of “Decker” delivers on all levels. youtu.be/zA-EqQhF_9o

Week of 7.7.14 Vacation Week
Uma Thurman interview was replayed when she was in to plug Kill Bill, which Howard said he loved.  The played Artie reciting scenes from Animal House after it was announced that the guy who played Dean Wormer had died.  Replayed Howard’s weekend at Jackie’s Jetty Party, and Howard said it was like Weekend at Bernie’s.  Geoffrey Rush’s call into the show was replayed. Howard talked to him about Quills, Shine and The King’s Speech.

On the WUS, JD said the Raid was awesome, and he just saw Raid 2, which is good. Richard Christy said the best ending to a movie ever is from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  He says Donald Sutherland’s scream was great and it’s the best invasion movie from the 70′s.

Random Staff Tweets:

JD Harmeyer  7/13/14, 12:36 PM  Ok. I’m in. RT @BuzzFeedEnt: Christopher Walken cast as Captain Hook in NBC’s “Peter Pan Live!” Musical Event

Ralph Tweeted:  TWO WORD REVIEW FOR @FargoFX FUCKING BRILLIANT!  Just give whoever is nominated THEIR EMMY AWARD NOW! #PERFECT SHOW;  and then responded to“@kemilio: so what’s better? Fargo or True Detective?” :  Not even CLOSE! TD was a bit of a BORE for me + WEAK FINALE #OVERHYPED #YACKYACKYACK.  …and then in response to“@cwr2: @FargoFX agreed, though I’m a little bummed it’s only one season :  AH, thats part of the GREATNESS…it was a 10 HOUR MOVIE.

Then Ralph tweeted:  LIAM NEESON in @NonStopTheFilm  Plot’s a little DOPEY but FUN FLICK pic.twitter.com/jtuhl2m5EL

Week of 6.30.14  Vacation Week
Replay of JD losing his virginity, with lots of clips from Napoleon Dynamite.  Fred played The Look of Love from Austin Powers when JD was trying to tell the story.  Ground Hog Brothers were replayed, and Howard said they reminded him of Deliverance.  They replayed the Gay Dance Party from Philadelphia.  Talking about when the guys on the staff last cried, Fred said that the movie The Orphans made him cry.  He said it wasn’t all that good of a movie, but the way it ended made him cry.  He said that he’d also cried at Cinema Paradiso

Week of 6.23.14

Melissa McCarthy was in studio.  She had been in Gilmore Girls.  Then she was in Bridesmades and Jason Bateman saw that and said he wanted her for the part in Identity Thief, even though that part had originally been written for a man.  Howard said he really liked that one. She’s in to plug her new movie Tammy.  Adam Levine was in studio to plug a new movie he’s in Begin Again that he made with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.

Random Staff Tweets:

Jason Kaplan tweeted: Robocop (reboot) was really close to being a good movie. Close. Special effects were great.

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Image by Doc Ivan

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Image by Tom Adeslbach

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Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

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Image by Tom Adelsbach

Week of 6.16.14

Jason Biggs was in studio.  He’s now in Orange is the New Black.  He said he was first in studio with Freddie Prinze, Jr. when he was plugging Boys and Girls, Howard thought he was in to plug American Pie, but he said when he was in studio last he was on Broadway in The Graduate with Kathleen Turner and Howard and Artie kept making fun of Kat-a-leen and he couldn’t talk because he had to see her that night.  He was in with his wife who he met on the set of My Best Friend’s Girl.  She was in the show Angel.  He was in Anything Else directed by Woody Allen, who hired him because he looks so Jewish.  During the making of the movie, Woody asked him what he was doing for the next holiday and he had to tell him he wasn’t Jewish, and his jaw dropped.

Howard said he’s panicking, thinking he’s way behind on watching all the new superhero movies.  He said he did see the 2nd Thor, which was shit.  Howard saw the last Game of Thrones and says that the entire rundown of the show is on the front page of the news.  It’s not a review, it’s a recap.  Robin wants to know “How is that news?”  Fred is playing the Machete laugh juxtaposed to Beetlejuice’s, and the Twilight Zone theme during an aspiring director’s call (Rinnell Reed?), and Mars Attacks! music for Eric’s call.  Sia was in studio and she wrote the song for the ending of Six Feet Under, which a caller said was the perfect song for the ending of that show.

Random Staff Tweets:

Ralph Tweeted:  The AWESOME 2nd season of Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards will be available on DVD Thursday/19th.   and then another  “I PRAY DAWNofAPES is as good as the trailer! YES, SADLY this is the kind of thing I pray for…”  and ” Speaking of POTA…RODDY McDOWALL is highly UNDERRATED…his body langue (sp), eyes/facial espressions REALLY brought character to life #HOLDSUP

MUTT tweeted:  Really enjoyed this weeks Robot chicken, thanks Seth Green on Adult Swim

AN IMDB-A TRACTION (CORRECTION):  It had been originally written here that Ralph said he was annoyed whenever Loki came on the screen in Thor 2 and the girls swooned.  IMDB-A now is printing a traction:  In June or 2014, Ralph Tweeted a rebuttal:  DUNNO what u guys are talkin about but whoever quoted me is a DOPE! Said NOTHING CLOSE to that..LOKI was BEST PART!What girls? Still have NO IDEA WTF ur talking about, saw a private screening…don’t think there were even any girls there!

Random Fan Movie Posters:

Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 6.9.14

Al Roker was in studio talking about making Sharknado 2 with Benjy.  Howard asked him if a Sharknado was ever actually possible, and Al said that the chances of this happening, the sharks surviving the tornado vortex, then surviving on land and then eating people are very low. Train was in studio and performed their new song. Howard said it had a cowboy sound, and Pat said it sounded like from a Tarantino movie like Django Unchained.  Robin said it was good that Howard interviewed Train’s backup singers.  She said ever since she’s seen the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom she is very sensitive to all that the girls add to the song.  In Robin’s news, she reported that a computer in Russia has now beaten some test that proves they are thinking, which she says is really scary.  Howard said that’s like The Terminator.

Sal watched Gettysberg or some 4 hour documentary on the Civil War and now knows all about the war, that it was fought over slavery.  He’d never known that before.  He’s going to watch a movie on WWII next.  Before he saw the movie, he thought the Confederate flag was something the Dukes of Hazard flew out of their car.  Mutt and then later a caller said told Howard that Sal needs to watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter to learn the history before the Civil War.  Howard said that was right, because the vampires were into the politics of what caused the war.  Howard watched the 2nd season of House of Cards over the weekend and said it’s really great.  Robin loves it, too.  The guy from Boardwalk Empire is going to be in the new Daredevil movie on Netflix.  Howard said Netflix hit a home run with House of Cards.  Robin said Netflix also has Orange is the New Black, which is also great.  Hugh Jackman, Wolverine, was the MC of the Tony’s last night.  Howard says Hugh is not gay, but it makes you wonder when you see him jumping around on stage like he did.  Howard said this week’s Game of Thrones was a horrible episode, but 2 cool things happened.  He won’t say because lots of people haven’t seen it yet.

Willie Nelson was in studio. He said he wrote On The Road Again for the movie Honeysuckle Rose.  He met his wife when she was doing makeup for a movie.  When Bobo called in to ask Howard what he thought about Arsenio being cancelled, Howard said that he had been booked on the show, and Howard was really looking forward to talking to him for lots of reasons, but one is that he’s in his favorite movie, Coming to America.  Halle Berry has to pay her ex-boyfriend. Howard said she hasn’t done anything since X-Men banging Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball, but Robin said she’s been in lots of stuff since then.  Sandra Bullock’s house was broken into, and Howard wondered how that could happen.  She was already a millionaire and then got tons of money from Gravity from starring in and also had the back end-why doesn’t she have better security?  Some AGT talk.

Fan Art:

@pokersternfan from @JasonKapFanClub

image by @pokersternfan from @JasonKapFanClub

for Jason Kaplan, who says Ghostbusters is his favorite movie.


First time Wendy called in.  They asked her if she’d seen I am Sam, Forrest Gump, and Forrest Gump II, the one with Tom Hanks and the volleyball Wilson.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  If you’d like to unwind on a MONDAY night with a good laugh, I’d highly suggest watching @nbclastcomic  REALLY GOOD group tonight

From JD:   Trailer for “Birdman”…new film from director of “Amores Perros”…looks awesome youtu.be/xIxMMv_LD5Q

From Jason:  Justice League Movie to Hit May 2017, Wonder Woman & Green Lantern/Flash/Crossover same year:  http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/justice-league-movie-to-hit-may-2017-wonder-woman-green-lantern-flash-crossover-coming-same-year-20140612#.U5sQE2rQ6ME.twitter

From Richard:  It’s Fathers Day, and I Got My Cake! #creepshow youtu.be/lL9rWtgUWL8

From Ralph:  Just watched @hitRECordJoe‘s DON JON (@netflix) VERY GOOD WRITING/DIRECTING/ACTING/CAST
Even small parts well cast/performed e.g. @TonyDanza

From Ralph:  Goin to bed and puttin on one of my favorite POTA SEQUELS….CONQUEST of the PLANET of the APES…streaming on @amazon PRIME #DOIT!

From the Stern Show:  Congrats guys on the 10th anniversary of #NapoleonDyanmite pic.twitter.com/1demvQHfYC 

Tweeted From the Stern Show

Tweeted From the Stern Show

Week of 6.2.14 JD’s back from directing It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Howard again said that Danny DeVito is a huge guy; was in Twins, War of the Roses. Gary took JD to a big Hollywood Party afterward and he met the director of huge movies like Silver Linings Playbook, David O Russel. Robin said he actually directed that one, too. The maid from The Brady Bunch died, as well as Maya Angelou who wrote I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Then some AGT talk. Howard got an advanced copy of 22 Jump Street and really liked it. Robin said A Million Ways to Die in the West is really funny. She said Sarah Silverman was great in it. Goldfinger song parody played for Benjy’s weight loss challenge.Katie Couric was in studio plugging her documentary about food, Fed Up. She also talked about how good the Joan Rivers’ documentary, A Piece of Work is. Howard and Robin loved that one, too.

Jonah Hill was in studio plugging 22 Jump Street. Said he never wanted to do sequels, but this one is really good. He wrote it, but didn’t want to direct. Howard said Ice Cube is really good in the movie. He wanted to know if he’d had him audition for the part. Jonah said no, that he wrote the part for him. He wanted the guy who wrote “Fuck the Police” all those years ago to play the head of the police. Jonah said he had Ice Cube in mind when he started writing it as a kid in his parents’ home. He asked Ice Cube if he’d do the part, and he agreed. Jonah said he’d seen him in 3 Kings and Friday and knew he was good. Robin said those were good movies, too, but Howard said he hadn’t heard of them. Howard said he was great in this movie, but didn’t get him in the first one. Howard said the girl who played his daughter and Jonah’s girlfriend was really hot. Jonah said he deliberately didn’t give Channing any scenes with girls and made him the nerd because he gets the girls in all his other movies. Jonah said he wrote it, so he’ll get the hot girl. They talked again about Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball, and him taking his mother to the Oscars. Because of Jonah’s role in Moneyball, Jonah ended up buying Eric the Actor his Oakland A stadium from his wish list. Fred played the Mars Attacks! music during Eric’s call.

Sterntholody played the first time Jon Hein called in, and the discussion of TV shows Jumping the Shark: The Munsters and The Adams’ Family (which Howard said never did-was always good) Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore, Andy Griffith Show, Mayberry RFD, Fantasy Island, MASH , Cheers, Mr. Ed, Gilligan’s Island, Sanford and Son,..

Week of 5.25.14 Vacation Week JD’s in California directing It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They re-played a phone interview with Emilio Estevez. Robin said how much she loved The Breakfast Club. A caller asked if he was going to make another Mighty Duck movie, and he said he was done with any movie with a # after it. An old Samuel L. Jackson interview was played, discussing Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and Shaft. Howard asked him about the Star Wars prequel movies and how bad they were. Samuel said he had told George Lucas he wanted to be in it even if he was just a storm trooper. He didn’t read the script-just the few pages that he was in. Howard asked him if at any time Liam Neeson was awake during the filming. Tom Sizemore interview, so talk of Black Hawk Down.

Random Staff Tweets:

DIE HARD bluray collection $32…After the first #4 is my fav, 5 was a HUGE LETDOWN! but this is still worth it amazon.com/gp/product/ref
Steve Brandano (@SBrandano)
No mafia, meth, zombies, smoke monsters, kings or queens… just mad men
JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
I fully support this. With or without @jakefogelnest RT @Variety Netflix in talks for ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ TV series

Week of 5.19.14 Started Monday with AGT talk. Richard revealed that Sal’s ringtone for his wife now is the theme from Godzilla.

Image by Chico Perro

Image by Chico Perro of Stern Facebook Superfans

And then Fred played the theme during Robin’s news when talking about if Howard were to announce he was coming back to terrestial radio, and when other radio shows wouldn’t even get enough ratings to get a number, just an asterisk in the book. for A caller said Godzilla wasn’t good-the monster’s hardly in it. JD said in IMax 3D and said it was awesome. He saw it with Richard who got really drunk. The theater bathroom was full, so Richard peed into the bathroom sink. Richard said the movie was great, too. He agreed there should have been more of the monster, but the other creatures were great. It was like the old Mothra and Rodan monster movies. When Godzilla first screams and breathes fire-Richard was so excited he spilled the wine that they snuck into the theater. Both Richard and JD said the story was pretty weak, but Howard said the story was always weak. Howard didn’t get a chance to see Godzilla yet, but says the previews look really cool. The box office was over 90 million, way better than expected. Then they talked about Richard’s love of the Halloween movies. An Eric the Actor discussion of the cancellation of Legit (with the accompanying Mars Attacks! music played by Fred). Howard said the Twitter followers were harassing Eric, saying to keep him off Game of Thrones, as they don’t want that cancelled, but to put him on The View to get that off the air. Howard saw and really liked (said he actually bought) the Riddick,(JD says the first movie of the series is Pitch Black) movie with Vin Diesel. Howard said it was really good. Didn’t explain his special powers-he’ll have to go back and watch the original.

Robin saw The Counselor with Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt and really liked it. JD said it was terrible-you never know what’s going on. Robin said that JD was too stupid to follow the story. Ralph and Jason saw Captain America at the IMax. Jason dropped his sneaked beer bottle into the theater and it made a loud noise as it rolled down the entire theater. Howard hasn’t seen any of these films- hasn’t seen Spider-Man, either because he’s too busy. There are college courses about TV shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seinfeld, Twilight Zone, The Brady Bunch, The Apprentice and more. More talk of Eric’s curse of the cancelled shows: In Plain Sight, Fringe. Talking about the new Star Wars movie and JJ Abrams bringing back the original cast. Howard wonders how he’s going to write them being old into the story. He said he was at Jimmy Kimmel’s house and JJ was there and they were talking Star Wars, but Howard zoned out. Howard talked about the book the director Guillermo del Toro who did Hellboy and Pan’s Labryinth wrote with all the artwork and his journal that is Howard’s inspiration for his dabbling into the arts now. Howard was talking about JD’s upcoming director gig with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. JD said he’s read the script and called in a few suggestions. Howard wonders how JD will introduce himself to the crew-especially big stars like Danny DeVito? Howard said someone wrote in to say that JD sounded like Pete’s Dragon. He stayed up Tuesday night to get caught up on The Blacklist. He hasn’t seen the Bachelorette yet, but has it on tape. The woman they picked was on The Bachelor, and Howard didn’t think she was that great to begin with. Howard says he’s just about had it with the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones deciding that she’s not going to get naked anymore. She had the perfect scene for her to get naked and have sex. Howard said it was ridiculous for her to not take her clothes off for that scene. Robin said he should blame the writers for that. The guy got naked and then the camera cut away. He said if he was a writer on that show, he’d have something happen to her so that she no longer looked like herself and then get another actress to play her part. A called said they should have one of the dragons burn her face. She’s also a brunette and has these big dark eyebrows and this bright blonde wig. Shouldn’t the makeup and hair guys figure that out? Howard loves the big girl and the midget. Robin says they should get together. Howard thinks the kids would be awfully weird if that happened. Howard thinks the girls that get naked are porn stars. Doug Stanhope and girlfriend Bingo were in studio. From Marksfriggin.com: He told Howard his mom was kind of a Beavis and Butt-Head kind of mom. Howard said that it must have been the greatest thing ever when the paramedics went to drag out Bingo, walking right past he hospital bed, thinking she was the dead one. Howard said that’s like an episode of The Munsters. He said they’d try to drag Herman out and they’d have to say that he’s still alive. Doug said he did Louis CK’s show once and he didn’t have to stretch to play the part. He said Louis told him to try out and see what happens. Doug said he’s really not a good actor but he did it anyway. He said he was spending days walking around in the yard doing his lines to the dogs. He said he knew the whole script. Doug said he doesn’t have a hard time remembering. Then Louis doesn’t call back. He said he told him he sucked and he could have just said he was right and let him off the hook. He said he realized he was doing the Stern Show and he was going to do the lines during the interview. He said he was going to make it look like he stole the entire script from the show. He said then Louis called and said he had the part and ruined his plan.

This from http://superfanworld.com/superfans after Howard’s rant about Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sayjak tweeting dumb stuff:

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

On The WUS, talking about Doug Stanhope being with his mother when she ended her life, Richard Christy mentions Amazon Women on the Moon having a funeral that he says was really funny. Staff Tweets: From Jon Hein: Saw Godzilla. Fun summer flick (not exactly Citizen Kane). History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men. #BOC AND… Just caught up on Sunday’s Mad Men. That last ep is the way great TV is made, folks. Fantastic all around. From Ralph: Love @Jeopardy…never know what to expect, some nights it makes me feel SMART, other times like a COMPLETE IDIOT…kinda like a GIRLFRIEND! AND…Often asked…What’s a good show to #BINGEWATCH? HIGHLY RECOMMEND @ShawnRyanTV’s THE SHIELD with @MichaelChiklis GREAT SHOW/GREAT FINALE!

Week of 5.12.14 Ike Barinholtz was in studio from Neighbors, which made 52 million this first last weekend. He said he didn’t get any of the back end of the movie money, but did get free Kraft service with all he could eat. He said he improvised his role, which they can’t show in the trailers, because he’s screaming the N word. Both Jimmy Kimmel, who was also in studio, and Robin said it was good. Howard again complained that the studios won’t send him a copy. Ike said he smoked pot on the first day of shooting with Seth Rogen. He was told he wouldn’t be shooting until late in the day, and then all of a sudden they were ready for him and he was still stoned. He said being in Seth’s trailer is like being with a stoned mogul. He sits there smoking pot cutting a movie, reading a script and yelling “It’s looking great!” to someone on the phone all at the same time. He says Ronnie the Limo Driver looks like the guy from Rocky 4. He gave the staff a trivia challenge, with a question about what is Richard’s movie he lives to watch on his birthday? Fred knew it was Halloween the original and Halloween 3. Ike started on Mad TV and SNL and is now on the Mindy Project.

Fred played the trailer of Maria Menounous’ laugh as Scarface‘s gun, and then Psyche’s Robin song parody from The Jeffersons. Adam Carolla was in studio and said that he was watching the 3 Stooges and realized that Curly wouldn’t be considered fat anymore. He said most women in America are bigger than that-he said just look at Disneyland employees. He said that douche bag guys at the stripper joint drinking Red Bull and vodka take the douche factor, starting maybe at a 6 and take it up to 11 (from Spinal Tap) Adam Carolla’s Catch a Contractor was renewed for a 2nd season. It was announced that Legit has been cancelled after Eric the Actor’s guest appearance, Sharon Osbourne was in studio talking The Talk and AGT. Howard said since the network live version of The Sound of Music was so successful last year, they announced that they’re doing The Music Man this summer. Howard said it’s going to have to be either Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris or Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) saying those are the guys, right? Howard said they’d had to go to Hugh Jackman if they want big ratings. Then Howard said Fox will be doing a live Grease. Robin asked when they’re going to pull out Bye Bye Birdie. Howard said he was doing that-he’ll be the Elvis character.

Robert Duvall was in studio. He says his best role was Lonesome Dove. He loved the production assistant and wrote love letters to her, which gave him the romantic feeling for the role. He was never able to close the deal with her. He’s in two new movies, The Judge and A Night in Old Mexico, which he says is a yarn, and he sings to his grandson. Howard said Duvall is in 6 of the top 100 movies of all time: Network, Godfather ‘s I & II, Apocalypse Now, MASH and To Kill a Mockingbird. Duval says Angie Dickenson was his hottest co-star. Said she had great legs, and told the cinematographer what lighting to use for her legs to look the best. He was with her in Captain Newman, MD. He said she was prettier than Ursula Andress, who he was in Nightmare In the Sun, which he says is the worst movie ever – says it was a nightmare. He said he did hook up with Faye Dunaway for one-time oral sex in Network, but then he denied it. Howard asked him about Ellen Barkin in Tender Mercies. He said she could “outrun me”. Howard said he always plays the aging cowboy, but he said he played a Cuban barber with Richard Harris in Wrestling Ernest Hemingway. He was in The Chase. Duvall says Marlon Brando was the greatest, and any actor that says they weren’t influenced by him is lying. When Howard asked him about today’s actors, he said that Brando would have taken off his hat 3 times for Matthew McConaughey for his part in the Dallas Buyers’ Club, and that he thought River Phoenix was great in The Master, and Brad Pitt was great in Snatch. But he says just because they’ve done some great acting, doesn’t mean they are consistently great actors. He says Bill Murray and James Caan are the funniest men he’s ever met. Howard said Bill Murray said Duval was so serious he scared everyone on the set when he was making Get Low. Duval said that wasn’t true. When Howard asked him about rumors he fought with John Wayne during the filming of True Grit, he said that wasn’t true, that he was fighting with the director. When he would say action, he would tell the actors to tense up, which he thought was crazy. When all 3 actors, Duval, De Niro and Pacino were up for best supporting actor for The Godfather, Howard says it was crazy that Joel Grey won for Cabaret. Gary said the 11 minutes of Apocalypse Now with Duval is the best 11 minutes of the movie, and that year Melvin Douglas won for Being There, which Robin said was a great movie, but Gary said everyone still talks about the scene with Duval going down the river, and no one talks about Being There anymore. He mentioned other good performances: Eric Branna in something and Unbroken. Howard said Apostle was great, and Duval1 said that Harvey Weinstein tried to sabotage that movie; he says he’s not a good guy.

Neil Patrick Harris was in the studio. He’s in Hedwig and How I met your Mother, Doogie Howzer was his first break, and then he was in a movie with Whoopie Goldberg, Clara’s Heart. He’s now In new movie about the West, kind of like a Blazing Saddles that’s with Charlize Theron and Seth McFarland, A Million Ways to Die in the West and Gone Girl He’s gotten to be good friends with Richard Christy after making Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. He says that movie made him cool again, and revived his career. He shares his love of haunted houses. He’s now living in NYC doing his play Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so is excited to talk to Richard and find out all the great ones to see on the East Coast. In Robin’s news, the guy who directed Searching for Sugar Man was found dead.

On the WUS, Sal says he loved Robert Duvall best in Colors. Gary said he thinks the best role was The Great Santini. JD said to go see Godzilla in 3D.

Sternthology: Replay of 1998′s interview with Lou Diamond Phillips . Howard said La Bamba was a great movie and he was great as Ritchie Valens in it. When he was in studio in 1998 to plug The Big Hit, all Howard could talk to him about was his ex-wife who left him for Melissa Etheridge. Howard thought that was the worst thing that could ever happen to a man was his wife leaving him for a woman. He wanted to know if he’d had a clue his wife was gay before she left him. Lou said that he didn’t, but that he’d realized he must be naive. Each time Howard thought of another question to ask him, Fred started playing Melissa Etheridge’s “Come To My Window” and he’s ask Lou if Melissa is singing about his wife, and if she actually did come to his window. He wanted to know if he was a good lover, “Were you able to deliver the goods?” and again he said he thought he was, but that he was naive about a lot of things. He wanted to know how his wife had met Melissa , how she told him she was gay. Lou said that she told him 20 minutes before he was supposed to go out and do a scene. Howard was furious that his ex-wife was entitled to half of Lou’s earnings since she had left him, especially for a woman. As Howard starts each question, Fred starts with the “Come To My Window.” This has been awhile ago, and Lou had brought in his new wife of 4 years who was beautiful and she confirmed that Lou was a good lover.

Random Staff Tweets: Jason Kaplan Tweeted: Everyone I’ve talked to that has see the pilot tells me it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever seen. I. Cannot. Wait. When Jason Kaplan was asked on Twitter later what his favorite comedy movie was, he replied: I did not and I’m not sure I have one. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie, and it’s a comedy so go w/ that. Steve Brandano later Tweeted that it was either Life Aquatic or Swingers. Ralph Tweeted: NERD ALERT! Just watched last 4 eps Arrow REALLY GREAT! esp 21 “CITY of BLOOD”, GREAT WORK by @amellywood, should get an EMMY NOM! JD Tweeted: I declare the “Winner or Sinner” bit on Comedy Bang! Bang! the best thing on TV this week. Ronnie Mund Tweeted: responded to @CreepBJ: How many “Dudes” do you give it? Just went to see Seth Rogan’s New Movie Neighbors!! Funny Stuff!! GIVEit4Duudes Jason Kaplan tweeted after the cancelling of Community after 5 seasons that “At least it went out strong” Ralph tweeted: One of the best parts of @24fox is the return of WILLIAM DEVANE…wish he worked more…GREAT ACTOR! And then William Devane responded: I’d be HONORED! “@WillDevane: I work exactly as much as I want to…You could always take me out to dinner if you wanted to see me more! FINALE WEEK for some of my fav shows… TONIGHT: @NBCBlacklist @Castle_ABC TUESDAY: @AgentsofSHIELD WED: @CW_Arrow THURS: MOD FAM MOST DEF! REALLY looking forward to the FINALE…looks like it’ll be GREAT, “@larose717: @CW_Arrow has been insane! They turned it up to 11” Ralph: Don’t forget…Arrow FINALE TONIGHT! Been an EXCELLENT 2nd season and much like Agents of Shield FINALE I’m expecting it to be GREAT!, and then, CONGRATS to EVERYONE involved on a GREAT season2 (OF ARROW), including tonight’s JAMPACKED FINALE! Sal Tweeted: Godzilla! Wow! Great movie. Random Movie Posters from http://superfanworld.com/superfans:

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Image by Terry Wolfinger

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Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

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Image by Doc Ivan

And, in honor of the artist who did the Alien who passed away this week:

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

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Image by Tom Adelsbagh
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Image by Tom Adeslbach

WEEK OF 5.5.14 Howard was talking about Eric the Midget’s performance on Legit, and says they use the same shaky camera like in Blair Witch Project, which he says he’s still mad at the movie and no one remembers it anyway. He feels “Keep the camera still and do some fucking acting!” Louis C.K. was in studio, and they talked about him in Blue Jasmine, and his emotional reaction to meeting Woody Allen and his show Louis. One of the stories in the show have his character hoping to take over for David Letterman, and Louis had big stars giving him advice, like Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. He talked about getting the part without auditioning for Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. Seth Rogen was in studio plugging his new film Neighbors. There is a great scene where the neighbors are fighting by putting bottle rockets up their butts and shooting them at each other. Seth said they took that scene out because of time issues. Howard said they should always make room for that. Seth said it will make the DVD extra, though. Seth said that he met Louis CK when he was doing stand up for the movie Funny People. Louis came on stage and the crowd went wild after Seth not doing so well. He said when Louis knew what Seth was there doing, he told him, “Good luck with that!” because most actors playing stand up comedians don’t do well. Seth said they did play stand up pretty well. Seth said he loves Louis CK’s movie Pootie Tang. Seth said that making the films Guilt Trip and Green Hornet when he did was perfect timing to learn about what doesn’t work in movies. He was led to do those movies when he was trying to be conservative. He says he learned that’s why R rated comedies work, and PG-13 don’t. He has to hold back with a PG 13; they would do something really funny off script and then realize it couldn’t go in the movie. He said he really liked his Neighbor co-star Zach Effron, even though he didn’t want to like him because he’s so good-looking. He said he saw Zach’s penis base during the filming of a scene where they’re pretending to pee together, and said that it has a girthy root. Which Howard said wasn’t fair-this guy’s got everything. Seth said Zach looks like a committee of gay men designed him. They talked about the prosthetic dick they used in the movie This is the End. Seth is working on an R-rated Pixar-like animation movie Sausage Party that will be released in 2015. Howard says comedies need to be R-rated to be good, and Seth says the Anchorman movies are PG, and they’re funny.

During the news, Howard thinks Oscar Pestorius’ “M’Lady” sounds like Dr. Smith in Lost in Space. Howard thinks the fact that Bobo makes notes and writes everything down in a notebook for his calls is straight out of King of Comedy. He wonders if he’s like Robert De Niro and gets up and early and rehearses in a mirror. Gary said Howard needs to see the movie Big Fan, and that’s Bobo. Gary was telling the story of trying to get into the after party after the White House Press Dinner and Howard said it was like he was out of a John Hughes’ movie 16 Candles and Gary was the Molly Ringwold character. Larry King was in studio talking about Barbra Streisand and other famous people he’s interviewed. He said she has amazing attention to every detail. Howard said her movie Yentl is genius. Larry is going to see Bullets Over Broadway, and Howard said that movie is genius. Larry said even Woody’s bad movies are great failures.

When Captain Janks came out and Howard asked if anyone was surprised. Gary said that nothing surprises him anymore, and Janks wasn’t like Robin Williams in the Birdcage wearing a tied shirt to show his belly. A caller told Howard that Mel Brooks had said Blazing Saddles was the funniest movie ever and wanted to know if Howard agreed. Gary tweeted later that he agreed. Howard said that’s a great movie, but he thinks Brooks’ Young Frankenstein was an even funnier movie. Robin said she likes those, and even thinks Spaceballs is funny, but Howard said that Mel Brooks lost it on that one. Howard said any 3 Stooges movies are funnier than anything. He says Back to School was better than Blazing Saddles, or even Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack. He loves Bill Murray, but didn’t like the gopher stuff. Then Howard said Coming to America is funnier than all of those. When Jason Kaplan was asked on Twitter later what his favorite comedy movie was, he replied: I did not and I’m not sure I have one. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie, and it’s a comedy so go w/ that. Steve Brandano later Tweeted that it was either Life Aquatic or Swingers. Mike Judge of Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill was in studio. On the WUS, Gary says Marianne and Bobo talking is straight out of King of Comedy. Gary says Guilt Trip isn’t the best movie, but that Seth Rogen was really good in it. Gary said that when JD meets fans taking the studio tour, it’s like the Cone of Silence from Get Smart comes down around him, unless it’s a celebrity hot chick, and then he turns his chair completely around. Jason said he was introduced to a famous baseball player, and all he could remember about him was that he was in the best episode of the Simpsons, where professional baseball players join Homer’s league, so that’s what he asked him about.

Random Staff Tweets: Ralph Tweeted a lot:

MOST DEF! GREAT ROLE for him #AWESOMECASTING@ZintheFro: @MYGEEKTIME @AgentsofSHIELD What an addition Bill F’n Paxton has been!. And then, Speaking of @AgentsofSHIELD whoever came up with the plot twist revealed in CAP 2 was BRILLIANT! How good is @AgentsofSHIELD ep.17? About to watch for 3rd time! PERFECT from opening note/scene Greatest thing about not seeing CAP2 til the other day was binging 4 @AgentsofSHIELD eps! ALL GREAT esp. 17 can’t wait to see tonights ep! I ALMOST feel bad for anyone not watching.And PERFECT MOVIE, my fav HITCH FLICK @OnePerfectShot: Perfect shot from NORTH by NORTHWEST pic.twitter.com/ubhJ6kFjGp
When Jon Hein said Airplane was his favorite comedy, Mutt Tweeted: @jonhein I’m sorry but @jdharm would disagree. He’s an Airplane 2 fan. And then, @jdharm chooses Kentucky Fried Movie as the all time best comedy. (tight pussy loose shoes & a warm place to shit)

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Beavis & Beetlejuice?! Image by Doc Ivan

Beavis & Beetlejuice?! Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

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Image by Doc Ivan

WEEK OF 4.28.14 Talking about Craig Ferguson leaving his talk show, and Robin said the movie he did about a pot grower teaming up with an older woman, Saving Grace, was really funny. Howard says the movie 30 days of Night makes so much sense. All vampires should move to Alaska-they’re dumb to not do that. Eric the Actor was on the phone to plug his appearance on Legit. Thanks again to Marksfriggin.com: James Franco in studio to plug Palo Alto which opens on May 9th. James is on Broadway in Of Mice And Men until July. He said he has a book of poetry called Directing Herbert White: Poems. His co star in Palo Alto , Emma Roberts, was in American Horror Story, which James said she was great in. James also wrote the movie and said that he didn’t want to adapt the movie himself; he wanted someone else to take it and do something with it. He said he met Gia Coppola who is Francis’ grand daughter. Howard asked if he had anything against her because of who her grandfather was. James said no. He said she wasn’t even a director at the time. He said she was a photographer. He said that her photographs were in the same vein as his book. He said it was focusing on youth but not making it for a youth audience. Howard said she got his vibe. James said he took the leap and got Gia to do it. Howard gave James a plug for his movie and asked if Emma Roberts is hot. James said she’s tiny but she is hot. Howard asked if he bangs his co-stars. James said he’s getting to the point where many of his co-stars are married or engaged. He said Emma is engaged. Howard said a lot of people get engaged and don’t end up getting married. James said he’s had friends get married young and they should wait. He said if the relationship is working then just stay in it. He said he really respects marriage. He said his parents were together their whole lives.Some thought the recent scandal where he was said to be with a much younger girl was just a publicity stunt, because in the movie he’s a coach after younger girls. He hadn’t wanted to play that part. He said nothing happened with that girl. They just took a photograph together after the play and she posted it on Instagram. He had no way of knowing how old she was.

David Spade was in studio to plug the new Grownups movie. He said there was no hassle about money. He knows Adam Sandler is fair, and he has fun with these guys making the movie. He says they all go out and do their own stuff, and then come back to get together and do these movies and have fun. Rerun of the Metallica interview when they were in to plug their movie Through the Never in 3D movie that Howard said was really good. Howard asked him how they auditioned that guy for the role of a guy getting beat up at a concert? When Howard was talking to James Hetfield about his fucked up childhood, and asked him how he could be a good father now. He said he was in the documentary Absent which was about growing up without a father. Also the Lord of the Anal Ring Toss with Artie as the winner. On the WUS, Jason said the League and Wilfred are brilliant, so he’s going to give Legit with Eric the Actor a chance.

Random Staff Tweets Jon Hein Tweeted: Loved every ep thus far. RT @DanTown22 Thoughts on Game of Thrones so far this season? Ralph tweeted: FINALLY saw CAP 2 REALLY enjoyed it…A LOT of GREAT moments including the storyline but it never really clicked for me and got GREAT.

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Image by Doc Ivan

850962547 Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 4.21.14 Reruns while Howard’s in LA for AGT auditions Daryl Hall’s interview when he was plugging Live at Daryl’s House, One of Henry Hill, writer of Goodfellas, calls into the show. Howard said he loves his laugh, and Ray Liotta did it through the entire movie and it was great. Doug’s taking his daughter’s picture in Howard’s chair, Howard wondered who was allowed to take pictures in William Shatner’s Star Trek chair? They played Juliette Lewis’ call in to the show, and they talked about Natural Born Killers. Howard says she’s great when she’s dancing around the diner-says she has those great psycho eyes, and she’s always been sexy in all of her movies. He says Tommy Lee Jones should sue Oliver Stone because of the role he had him play. Robin said that role was a caricature. Howard asked her what it was like to have Rodney Dangerfield squeeze her ass, and she said she didn’t like it.

Ike Turner was on the phone, and Howard referenced What’s Love Got To Do With It? by asking Ike if he hits his new wife with a shoe. They played a mash-up with Ed Wood‘s Bela Lugosi (“Fuck You! Karloff doesn’t deserve to smell my shit!”) as a guest on Inside the Actors’ Studio. Also played was the Martin Landau “Home” speech from the same movie to open the show. Replay of Howard’s stay at Dominic’s house, and he described the scrubbers in the kitchen and the basement pool room being like something out of Tales from the Crypt. Chariots of Fire music was played behind farts and Robin’s gasps. The Ashton Kutcher interview was replayed. Howard really liked his movie Spread. Ashton said it was tough after shooting that movie. He felt like a porn star, after filming sex scenes for 6 days in a row, he was burned out. He was plugging his new movie Killers that he made with Kathryn Heigl, and talked about taking over for Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men and getting his start on That 70′s Show. Howard asked if she was a pain in the ass, and he said no, that was just a “thing” she had with the makers of Knocked-Up. Howard and Robin make fun of Scott the Engineer for taking his son out of school to see the premier of Star Wars. They played Dice Clay’s interview that he recited with Artie scenes from the Godfather and Donny Brasco. Artie said he doesn’t know Donny Brasco as well. Howard said he loves that movie. WUS: Jon Favreau sat in and gave JD advice on how to guest direct an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He talked about starting out writing Swingers which opened the door for Elf, which then went on to the opportunity to do the Iron Man movies, and his new one Chef. JD says later that the scene in Swingers where he’s on the phone with a girl is one of the best in the movie. Someone from the Hangover also sat in. On the Jay Thomas Show, he talked about the movie C.H.U.D. This movie is considered so bad that it has its own yearly celebration in Los Angeles, and it’s coming up this weekend. Jay Thomas is always asked to appear after the showing of the movie. He says during the entire screening, people are screaming at the screen, heckling everybody in the movie, all the special effects and the horrible script.

Random Staff Tweets: From JD: Watch or DVR “Dinner w/Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends” tonight at midnight on Adult Swim. It’s hilarious. Random Fan Movie Posters from http://superfanworld.com/superfans:

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Image by Tom Adelsbach

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Image by Jasen Santiago

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Image by Jasen Santiago

Week of 4.14.14

Bam was in studio plugging his new Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show, where Howard says people are going to die.  They talked of his history in the Jackass movies and the other movies the guys have done, like Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa.  Howard said he can’t understand people liking the Fast and the Furious movies.  He said the first one was ok, but the next six were crazy. They need to remove half your brain for you to sit through them.  Talking about the Movie awards show and the cast of the Hunger Games remembering Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Howard said he uses the same guitar that they used in the book the Heroine Diaries by Nikki Sixx.

Howard was upset about the New York Post’s spoiler about Game of Thrones.  He’s not going to get into it, as not every one has seen it yet, but it ruined a great moment for him by knowing what was going to happen.  Robin said she saw the article and knew it was going to be a spoiler, so she quickly turned the page.  Robin will watch it tonight before she hears what the spoiler is.  The next day she said she saw it and liked it.  Then Howard wondered where they are taking that boy in the woods that can’t walk?  He says he favorite character is that little guy “Teriyaki Sauce”  Robin’s hoping that girl will fall in love with him.  Howard’s done with the Kaleesi and she’s announced that she’s a serious actress and is not going to get naked anymore.  He says she needs to get Caesar Milano to train those dragons, because they’re getting out of control.  Howard said he was having trouble keeping up with this show last season, but this season has been really good so far.

Howard talked about Coming to America being James Earl Jones’ best role ever, even though he’s won Tony awards for his work on Broadway.  Howard says it’s such a great movie.  In it, he plays President Geoffrey Joffrey, the best role ever.  He said there are lots of actors who became really big, like all the stars of Private Parts.  A caller asked him if it was better than Harlem Nights, and Howard said it was much better.  Valerie Harper was in studio from Rhoda, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and is plugging her show Signed Sealed Delivered that will be on this weekend.

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Week of 4.7.14

Howard talking the beginning of AGT tapping.  He says Howie Mandel takes over the Snapple Room with his antics, and he looks like the dad from Leave it to Beaver with her head in a newspaper while everything’s going on.  He says it’s like Howie’s (Pee-wee’s) Playhouse.  Carol Leifer was in studio. She used to be the writer for Seinfeld and SNL.  Talking to Benjy about Sharknado 2. Robin’s News, Mickey Rooney died.  Howard said he was busy watching the Frankenstein Shooter movies on Saturdays rather than Rooney’s Andy Hardy movies.  Talking about Goonies. Howard said wasn’t that a shitty movie? and Robin said it was a cute movie and she loved it.  She said Howard’s thinking of Gremlins.  She said they haven’t decided if they were making a sequel and have some of the old cast in cameos, or pick up the story with these characters now older.  Captain America: Winter Soldier opened last weekend and was top grossing-est movie ever.  Set the record.  Robin saw and says it’s really good.


Image from doctorivan.com

Image from doctorivan.com

A caller asked Howard if he’s heard about the prequel to Walking Dead they’re making.  Howard said the prequel would be Walking Alive-he’d rather see what happened before the virus hit in flashbacks that are in the show.  Howard said he feels the same way about the prequel to Breaking Bad, Go Ask Saul.  He’s not that interested to see Saul’s story, but he knows he’ll watch it, because he liked that character.  Robin read a story that Ben Affleck was quitting Batman and they were hiring a black actor to play Batman-turns out it was an old April Fool’s joke on the internet that Robin fell for. Howard said he didn’t care which color Batman or Superman was, but he wondered if they would change the story somehow-would he be adopted?  Covering Oscar Pestorius’ testimony during his trial Howard thought he sounded like Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies.  Eric the Actor says he’s going to be in Legit on SFX (and Fred plays the Mars Attacks! music). Howard says the Kaleesi on Game of Thrones doesn’t want to get naked anymore.  Howard says, “Honey, that’s all you’ve got going for you.  You’re not that great of an actress.  She’s good in the role, but she’s not that great of an actress.  I hate it when a actress who’s hired for a role decides they won’t do what they’d agreed to do.”


Danny Trejo from Machete was in studio.  Howard loves saying the title of the movie and says it’s got to be a great movie with a title like that.  It’s like a Mexican James Bond, where he’s killing everyone and has all the hottest girls.  He’s now plugging Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses with Danny Glover on DVD.  He talked about being on the set of Runaway Train to help keep a friend of his, who was a PA on the film, sober because there was blow everywhere.  As he was there, one of the guys asked him if he wanted to be an extra and he asked “Extra what?” When he went to change his shirt for the scene, one of the guys recognized his tattoo and knew who he was and tapped him to teach Eric Roberts how to box. Then he ended up boxing with him in the movie.  His friend, Eddie Bunker wrote the robbery scene from Straight Time with Dustin Hoffman, and you can make good money writing robbery scenes.   Jon Favreau is now making a movie Chef.about a guy who lost his restaurant job and now is working out of a food truck.

Rob Lowe was in studio.  He’s been in West Wing. He had grown up with Charlie Sheen as a friend, so Martin Sheen was always the crazy dad. Says he walked around on Halloween with a baseball bat. Rob said he was probably in some kind of  Apocalypse Now  flashback. After Liza Minelli had won the Oscar and was touring in Cabaret , Rob was only 12 and he got backstage and hung with her and the Wizard of Oz‘s Tim Man’s son. It was in Columbus and he was in Cincinatti at the time, and just figured he wanted to meet her.  It never occurred to him that was weird, and she let him right in.  When Rob went to the Playboy mansion, he said there was an area that was out of  Indiana Jones and the Grotto.  It was so smokey he couldn’t see and each girl was more beautiful than the last.  He auditioned for  The Outsiders with all these great actors that were so young at the time.  He is still great friends with all the guys in that film. He said Tom Cruise knows who he is, and didn’t take a part when he couldn’t feel it.  When Howard asked him if he feels bad for Ralph Macchio as he never made it big like the other guys from the film, and Rob says he’s probably the happiest of all of them with a good balance of work and family.  Howard asked him about Diane Lane, and Robe said she wouldn’t look at any of the guys in the movie.  Matt Dillon was the guy who could always close the deal, and he couldn’t get Diane Lane. Rob said he ended up taking 3 other movies with her just to try and get her.  He auditioned for Footloose, and killed his knees during the dance.  He says he is not a dancer.  Robin and Howard said he was so great in the Liberace movie as the plastic surgeon. Rob said he based that on every guy he used to see at the Laker’s games.  A caller asked if Howard had seen Rob Lowe’s movie The Specials about older superheros. Says it’s really good.  Neither Robin or Howard had ever heard of that one.

Robin said that documentary about the Dave Clark 5 is amazing and has some great old footage from the 60′s.  It has them working with Freddie Mercury and lots of other stars that is amazing to watch.  A caller asked Howard if he’d seen Cryptid the Swamp Beast on the History Channel.  Said he’s in it and it’s really good.  Howard said he’d look for it.  Robin said she finished watching Being Human and didn’t realize she was watching the season finale until it was over.  Talking about Chasing Maria Menounos and Robin said they’re lying in bed talking about listening to Howard in the morning.

Random Fan Movie Posters from http://superfanworld.com/superfans:


Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach


Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach


    Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan – Howard as Kramer? Switched at birth?


Week 3.31.14


Talking to Sal and Richard about their yearly XMas shopping together, Richard said it’s like Pretty Woman.  Richard used the quote from Full Metal Jacket “Me love you long time” in discussing their relationship.  On the Wrap Up Show, Gary said it reminded him of that scene in Brokeback Mountain, and a caller thought it was odd that Gary knew that scene so well.  On Robin’s news, she said Noah was the number # at the Box Office, and said they need to use Maria Menousous’s sound byte “Noooo-ah” for that movie.  2nd at the Box Office was Divergent, and Muppets Most Wanted was #3.  Howard said he loved last night’s season finale of Walking Dead. Robin said she hasn’t seen it yet, so they didn’t talk about it.


Pitbull was in studio and says the only TV he watches is House of Cards and that Kevin Spacey is great in that, and Bloomberg News.  Howard said the Dice Clay made him audition for a part in the movie Ford Fairlane and it was the most degrading experience.  Howard didn’t tell his agent, who later couldn’t understand why he’d put himself through that for a movie that was obviously going to be bad, but Howard said he wanted to experience everything.  He said the director, Renny Harlin was a real dick to him.  Wouldn’t even look up or at him at all while he was reading.  He had gone into a hotel room to meet with him.  Said it was awful.


Amy Schumer was in studio. She has been in Girls, and loves Lena Dunham-says she’s a genius. Howard says he loves the way she walks around naked.  Her show Inside Amy Schumer has its 2nd season premier tonight.  It was the top rated show on Comedy Central last season, but she says she still doesn’t make any money at it.  She says Comedy Central says they can’t know if the show is really a hit, you must wait til the 2nd show, then when the 2nd is good, they say you must wait til the 3rd show, and now they’re saying til the 2nd season.


Howard played a clip of Michael Jackson doing the vocal tracks for all the musical and vocal parts of Beat It, showing what a musical genius he was, even though he couldn’t read music or play any instrument.  Robin said they show that really well in the movie of his practices for the concert that never happened in This is It.  It shows him doing all harmonies, even all the strings and horns.  Howie Mandel was in studio and mentioned a movie he did with Ted Danson called A Fine Mess.


Talking TV on Wrap Up, Ronnie saying he watched Once Upon a Time because of his girlfriend Stephanie. wives,  but he really enjoyed Cinderella on Broadway.  Gary can’t see going to the musical Rocky, though.


He says the show Arrow is starting to annoy him,  but it’s alright.  They still can’t call him the Green Arrow-and he’s the Green Arrow!  Robin said she’s realized that Justified has spend the entire season on trying to get one shipment of heroine.  Howard says it’s like Sons of Anarchy, where they’re the Bad News Gang and can’t do anything right.  Howard says Walking Dead is brilliant.  Howard hated the old Batman TV series that was a campy version of Batman.  He wanted it to be taken seriously.  Robin said she watched it because of the great actors they got to play villains. Jon Hein interviewed Adam West one time and he got pissed when asked about the campiness of the show, as he considers that great acting.  He said he still loves the old Superman TV series, and he still watches it.  It was great in the 2nd season when Superman had a gut.


After all the Sal & Richard talk,  a tweet for SternFan These guys are the greatest. Drawing of Sal and Richard in Brokeback Mountain



Howard was talking about the passing of David Brenner and  being on his old talk show, Nightlife.  He had wanted to see David’s girlfriend in a bikini and reenact the famous scene From Here To Eternity as Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr lying on the beach in a hot embrace.  Here’s the clip   She said she would, only if Howard got in a suit, too.  She and Howard change into their suits and lie on the beach in a parody of From Here To Eternity.  He said David sat on the edge of the scene spraying water on them, and pretending to be the water and the sun.  Howard was in a bathing suit with a full-on boner on national TV.  Howard originally says On the Waterfront, but David corrects him to From Here to Eternity.  Howard said Paul Riser who was in that show Mad About You wrote a great article about how David Brenner got him into stand up comedy.


Joan Rivers was in studio.  She says Blue Jasmine is a total rip off of Streetcar Named Desire.  But Robin and Howard said it was still a great movie and she agreed, just said he should have given Tennessee Williams writing credit.  She’s upset with Lena Dunn for showing her body in Girls.  She says it’s telling people it’s ok to be fat and get diabetes.  Fred Armison from Portlandia was in studio. He’s the bandleader now on Seth Meyers Show, which was Lorne Michaels of SNL‘s idea.  Howard said this week’s Walking Dead is Great, and Robin said every time she watches, her heart is in her throat the entire time.  Howard is talking about Ronnie’s new tattoo of his dog Dudley put on his arm randomly among a ton of animals that it’s starting to look like a zoo. Fred says it’s like out of Sons of Anarchy.  Howard wants to remake Weekend at Bernie’s with the God Hates Fags Fred Phelps’ body, and take him to a gay bar.


From Monday’s MarksFriggin.com:  (Thanks to Mark) Robin read a story about the number 1 movie at the box office being Divergent. Robin said it did $56 million which topped The Muppets Most Wanted. Robin said she can’t believe that they made a Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie. Howard didn’t even know there was one.


On Tuesday, Howard says he respects Benjy now since he was cast in Sharknado 2.  Howard plays a clip of what it would sound like with Gilbert Gottfreid playing the Joker in the next Batman.  He says Hollywood should really take this seriously because he’s perfectly crazy.   Maria Menounos was in studio to plug Chasing Maria Menounos, her new reality show.  There’s a rumor she’ll be fired from Extra.  She says it’s not true, but can’t comment on what’s going on.


Auditioning for Howard’s band, one of the staff asked Howard if he knew the song from that Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do!  Howard said he never saw that.  George Lopez is in studio talking about losing his Lopez Tonight late night TV show to Conan Obrien. He was talking about his horrible upbringing, constantly being berated, and said that when he hears his voice in the cartoon movies he does, all he can hear is that he sounds fat.  He’s been the voice in  Rio 2 ,    The Smurfs  Escape from Planet Earth  Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!  The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol The Smurfs  Rio  Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2  & Marmaduke  Talking about his sobriety, he said he’s a good friend of Danny Trejo from Machete.  Howard said he loves that guy and that movie.  Gary said he’s coming in in a few weeks and George says he’s got some great stories.  He’s in to plug his new show, Saint George.


Random Staff Tweets:


JD Harmeyer @jdharm


If the movie “Gravity” were a suit jacket…. pic.twitter.com/71WrttaIeM

A Twitter conversation between Steve Brandano in March, 2014 with some fans about Almost Famous



Steve Brandano@SBrandanoLove girls quoting AlmostFamous in profiles, “never take things seriously…” Do they not remember Penny trying to kill herself 2 hours in?

@schvsterbaverWhat’s the *best* quote from that movie (Penny or otherwise)?


Steve- I didn’t invent the rainy day, I’ve just got the biggest umbrella” then he says something like, “ella, ella, hey hey!”


Wrong. The correct answer is “One day you’ll be cool.” But thanks for playing!


Steve- whatever you say, catch you on your long journey to the middle


Well played.

@_LloydDobler_Hate it when girls have in their profile, “If u can’t handle me at my worst u don’t deserve me at my best.”


Week of 3.17.14  On Vacation


Played a segment when Howard and Robin were talking about The Royal Tenebaums. Howard was really surprised that Owen Wilson wrote this one.  Robin really liked it.  Howard did, too, but he got there an hour before the movie started because otherwise you can’t get a seat even if you buy a ticket.  The black janitors made him wait anyway-they wouldn’t let him sit down just because he came early.  Robin says that’s why she goes to London to see a movie-they assign seats there.  Howard said he brought magazines to read while waiting.  He said the first 10 minutes of the movie are kind of slow, and he and Beth thought about leaving.  But then Gene Hackman showed up, and he’s amazing so they stayed and really liked it.  Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t smile during the entire movie-Howard said anyone could have played her role.  Howard still can’t believe she won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love–he says it wasn’t that good of a movie, and she adds nothing to these movies.  He talked about his senior year in high school when his mom went back to work, it was like Risky Business at his house.

Segment where Artie details his failed attempted bank robbery, he describes a scene from Take the Money and Run. He had handed a cute teller a note saying he had a gun, and then had signed his name, so he was sure she would know it was a joke.  But he was arrested.  His girlfriend had the charges dropped against her, but because she was over 18, her name got printed in the paper as being involved.  Talking about Space Cowboys being released.  Howard wants to know who wants to see all those old guys?  Then Robin did a story about Charleston Heston coming out of alcohol rehab, and Howard and Fred did a drunk rendition of him yelling, “Those damn dirty apes!” from Planet of the Apes and talking about him being a drunken gun guy, and he tries to part his swimming pool like Moses in the Ten Commandments.  They were talking having the “sex talk” with your kids, and Gary was talking about watching Wanted with his sons, and there’s a scene with Angelina Jolie bent forward over a desk and she’s getting banged, and it was just really awkward in the room.  Said the same thing when watching The Godfather when she takes her shirt off.  They were talking about Cecil B. DeMented, and Howard said “You know your career’s going south if you’re in a John Water’s movie.”  They played the hip-hop contest between Jon Leiberman and Sal that was like the one in 8-Mile, except Howard said the guys in the movie had talent.

Talking about a party at Jackie’s house, and Howard said they had to wait for hours for food.  It was like the old Rodan movie, with people knocking themselves over to find some food.  Robin’s news was about making Spider-Man into a musical, and Fred play the music from Phantom of the Opera for Howard to make up lyrics for this new musical.  They played the segment when Judd Apetow was in studio.  Artie said Liar, Liar was a piece of Hollywood bullshit.  He and Howard both thought the Cable Guy was much better.  He and Howard say it’s a great black comedy about a stalker.  He was in to plug 40-Year Old Virgin, which Artie and Robin say has the best movie poster ever with Steve Carrell looking up with this glazed look on his face.  Artie says you can’t see that poster and not want to know more about this guy.  In Robin’s news, actress Audrey Meadows died from The Honeymooners, Howard and Artie talked about this series.  Artie does his Jackie Gleason yelling, “To the moon, Alice!”  Howard said that Jackie and Art were the whole show.  They brought it back as a sketch on the Jackie Gleason show and hired new actresses to play the wives, and no one noticed.  The show was Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton always coming up with crazy ideas to make a lot of money, and Artie could recite the shows.

On the Wrap Up Show on St. Patrick’s Day, Richard Christy said the T Shirt in Halloween Season of the Witch was made by an Irish company.


Random Staff Tweets:


JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)
The only scene that made any sense to me in “The Counselorwas Cameron Diaz humping a windshield. #ThumbsDown
Jason Kaplan (@Siriusjay)
#Wolf of Wall Street Review – entertaining w/ solid acting but ultimately shallow and derivative. Grade B. What do you think?
Jon Hein (@jonhein)
Caught up on last night’s #Walking Dead  – woah. Best ep since it came back from the break. Great acting. Well done.
Jon Hein (@jonhein)
I like it. Keri Russell in particular. RT @NoIdeaTavern what do you think of the show The Americans?
Actually DUMMIE I didn’t…HATED the first…REALLY LIKED the 2nd “@m0tar: remember this is a man who enjoyed the Fantastic Four film


Week 3.10.14


Howard was talking about his father calling him Miss American and “Schoofer” or “Shuter” from an old German monster movie Frankenstein rip off that he’d watch with Howard.  Howard said the monster was horrible, all hunched over, and his father would call him Shuter to make fun on him. Turns out it was a 1958 movie with Boris Karloff, but  plays the German butler Shuter and Boris Karloff yells his name at him when he wants something.  Other times, when Howard would walk in a room his father would say, “There he is, Miss America” which he says were both humiliating and emasculating- wondering who could ever say those things to your son?  

Shuter in the middle wearing the scarf. Photoshop from Jim Young of Superfanworld.com


Jim Young's photo.


Jim Young's photo.


Howard said that was the only thing he did with his father was to watch movies like that and  Tarzan movies and 3 Stooges with Howard.    Howard wants to produce Hanzi starring in The Bachelor.  Howard won’t be watching 12 Years a Slave.  JD was offered a chance to direct an episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and he’s going to take the opportunity, but is worried that it will be a public forum if he fails.  Everyone is encouraging him to take this chance since this is his dream.  On the Wrap Up Show, Jason says he loves True Detective.  He says there’s a line between Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaugheysaying something like “there comes a point where it’s weird when a man doesn’t have a family.” and he wonders that about JD and he’s sad for him.  Jason said he watched This Is The End again over the weekend, and he said that during the apocalypse, people do what they always do. The actors make a sequel to Pineapple Express just because that’s what actors do.  Howard said Jon Hein watches TV like the study he read about African Americans, so Fred played music from The Lion King when Jon Hein walked in.  Howard says he’s annoyed at himself for watching so much of Beverly Hills Housewives.  Howard said he’s watching Justified and Banshee.  Howard hasn’t watched House of Cards yet.  Gary is going to watch Shameless Monday night.  Talked of the Son of the Beach when an actress refused to kiss Tim Stack.


Jason Bateman was in studio.  He also has OCD – said it was like The Aviator where he uses his using your nails to scrub his skin with the soap.  Howard said he should be in The Bubble Boy instead.  Howard asked him about making that movie with Jennifer Anniston and grinding on her – was he attracted to her?  It was The Switch, the sperm swapping movie.  Howard asked Jason if he had said that she was the perfect woman, and Jason said she was marriage-destroying material if he was in an awful marriage, she would be the best marriage destroyer.  Jason started out acting as a kid in Little House of the Prairie, Silver Spoons and It’s Your Move.  Then from ages 15-21 he was on The Hogan Family which had started out as The Valerie Harper Show.  Sandy Duncan then replaced Valerie Harper, and the show had 4 titles in the 5 years it was on.  Then he had 10 years where he just went wild not working.  He spent lots of his money and slept with tons of woman.  He wasn’t worried, because since he had always made money, he knew he would be able to go back to work and make money again.  His first job back into adulthood was on Arrested Development,that he had to audition for.  Howard said he heard that Jason was the best auditioner ever.  Jason had thought he might never work again after 10 years of burning through all of his money, but he’d made money since he was 10, and he knew he could regenerate more money.  Howard said the movie he made with Melissa McCarthy, Identity Thief, made a ton of money, and Gary tells Howard he must see Horrible Bosses-that it’s really good.  Jason said they’re making the sequel to that now.  A caller asked him about seeing Jennifer Aniston’s bush during We’re The Millers, but Jason said that he had the wrong Jason; he wasn’t in that one.


Jason was in to plug his new movie, Bad Words.  Howard said it has one of the best trailers ever. Jason is also the director.  It’s about an adult entering children’s spelling bees. but it’s not a kids’ movie.  It’s rated R.  Jason is a prick who screams and curses out children.  He calls an Indian kid slumdog and then tells his to shut his curry hole and sit down and shut the fuck up or he’ll tell the pilot he hears his luggage ticking.  Howard says it’s really funny and wonders if he will ever be allowed go back to India or ever call customer service?  Howard said they’re not making an good R Rated comedies anymore, and Jason said that they were, like Hangover and Ted, so Howard said, I guess they are making those movies.


Sylvester Stallone called Howard and offered him ticket to the Broadway musical opening of Rocky.  Howard can’t go; he tried to give tickets to robin who can’t go either.  Fred plays music from Mars Attacks! during Eric the Actor’s birthday call.  The German secretary from Hogan’s Hero’s died.  And Agent 99 in Get Smart is now 81 years old.  Gary reminded Howard that JD played Maxwell Smart in a high school play.  In Robin’s news, she said that the one-eyed dog in Walking Dead was a hero.  He’d lost his eye when he was saving his owner from a carjacker.  Gary’s birthday is Friday, and as part of his Birthday Bash, Jon Hein sang a parody from Dirty Dancing Time of Your Life.  Ralph and Robin say that Bates Motel is really good.  After playing a phony phone call with Gilbert, Howard says that Gilbert Gottfried should be the joker in Batman.  He said people think Heath Ledger was the best, but Gilbert would be amazing.  Benjy filmed his part as an extra in Sharknado 2.  Benjy said he plays a homeless man prophetizing the end of the world.  So his take on the shark attack is to be in rapture rather than be terrified.  Benjy is used to sneaking into other movie trailers and stealing the food, so it was weird he was offered the free food.  The rest of the week, Fred played Benjy’s scream, and Howard would talk about Benjy being too famous now for the show.


Image by  Doc Ivan
Image by Doc Ivan



Week of 3.3.10


Oscars talk from Sunday night.  Howard said Jonathan Winters didn’t make the “In Memorandum.”  Robin said he was in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and Gary agreed that this was one of the great movies ever.   The Gilligan’s Island professor was left out, too.  Howard said it was Heath Ledger from Batman who screwed that up.  Now if a big star dies after the cutoff, they do them that night, not wait until the next year.   Howard said that Gravity was robbed by not winning Best Picture.  He said it should have won more awards.  Robin said when are they ever going to make a film like that with basically just one woman carrying the entire film.  Adam Carolla called in to plug his new show ”To Catch a Contractor.”  Bryan Cranston was in studio.  He mentioned directing an episode of Malcolm in the Middle and working on Breaking Bad.  He talked about his parents being married various times, and that his mom was like Blanche from Streetcar Named Desire; trusting the kindness of strangers.  Howard said he’d done all this great stuff, was in Argo and now he’s doing a Broadway play-shouldn’t he be a huge blockbuster?  Bryan says he’s also doing Godzilla.


Howard is now journaling, and wishes he could do a journal like Guillermo Del Toro, director of Pans Labrynth and Hellboy, also sketches in his journal.  Guillermo published his journal book , A Cabinet of Curiosities.  Howard says it’s a beautiful coffee table  book.


Benjy announces he will be in Sharknado 2, and a caller calls “Bullshit” on Howard for not getting all the info from Heidi Klum about those pictures of her on a boat.  Fred plays the clip “Bullshit” clip from Ed Wood.  Callers tell Howard how much they like Howard’s episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


On the Wrap Up Show, Gary asked JD about 4 DVD’s he bought.  He said he bought Leaving Las Vegas, Eating Raoul and 2 others in Blue Ray.


Random Movie Posters by Fans:


Image by Tom Adelsbach   from SternFacebookSuperfans
Image by Tom Adelsbach fromSuperfanworld.com


Week of 2.24.14


David Arquette is in studio to plug his Happy Faced Killer.  During Robin’s news, Robin was reading a story that a guy said in 15 years robots will be smarter than us.  Howard asked Robin if she had seen Her which is about a robot girlfriend.  He and Robin really liked it.  The star of Avatar is in the news.  Sam Worthington was charged with assault against a photographer.  Howard wonders how it is that he could be in the most successful movie ever and no one knows his name or who he is?  Howard said he’s signed up for 3 Avatar sequels.  Now Howard says he hated the make believe village and those blue people.  Robin said it was too long.  Robin said what’s really good and not getting any press is RoboCop.  Howard thought it tanked, but knew that Ralph said it was good.  Robin said it was a very good update of that film.   #1 at the box office is the Lego Movie.  Also in Robin’s news, the oldest living Holocaust survivor died.  She was the subject of the documentary The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life.  Howard said he really liked the First 48  and Jon said it was great, too.  David Arquette said he wishes for a day when there won’t be a need for a show like First 48  in this world.


Blossom star Mayim Bialik was in studio. She got her start in Beaches playing Bette Midler’s daughter.  Her singing voice was dubbed, as Bette wanted the girl to have a professional sounding trained voice, as she was playing a mini-Bette.  She’s in the Big Bang Theory now. She was hired to play the female version of the male lead.  She said she doesn’t watch TV with her kids, though she did sit down and watch Disney’s Robin Hood with her kids and ex-husband.  Fred uses Mars Attacks! music during Eric the Actor’s phone call.


Sam Simon was on the phone telling Howard to watch The Cove an award-winning documentary about the Japanese slaughter of dolphins and their mistreatment in captivity.  He also recommended for Howard and his fans to watch Glass Walls.


MrSkin.com was in studio for his 15th annual Anatomy Awards.  Check his website or HowardStern.com for nominees and pictures.


Between MarksFriggin.com  and my notes of conversation:  (Thanks to MarksFriggin.com)


Mr. Skin Visits. 02/25/14. 8:35am
After the break Howard came right back. Howard said that Mr. Skin is coming in with his 15th Annual Awards. Howard said that they have pictures up on HowardStern.com if you want to follow along. Howard said there’s a great nip slip from Tina Fey. Mr. Skin said that was at the Emmy Awards in High Definition. Howard said they highlight the pictures so well. Mr. Skin said it’s a skill. Skin said that he wishes that she’d do a nude scene. He said she had fun with it too when she hosted SNL a short time after that. Howard said that she must see that her nip is slipping out. Mr. Skin said that some people do that but he doesn’t think Tina Fey did that. Howard said she acts like she’s not hot but she is hot. Howard said maybe she would do that.


Howard said Mr. Skin is promoting his 15th Annual Anatomy Awards now. He said that they have 40 categories this year. Mr. Skin said that there are so many places to get celebrity nudity. He said they have nude hosts in movies on so many networks now. He said they have Netflix and a bunch of movie networks showing that kind of stuff. He said even Amazon is doing original programming with celebrity nudity. He said the landscape is much bigger now than it was in the past.


Howard said his Skinpire is doing better than ever. Mr. Skin said that 2013 was their best ever. He said even better than when they were mentioned in the movie ”Knocked Up.” Howard asked why they’re so successful when porn is free online. Mr. Skin said they have a fun web site and it’s very detailed. He said it’s a one stop shop too. He said they do all the work so you have screen shots and all of that. He said they get 10 million unique visitors per month there. He said they’re better than ever at convincing people to come there.


Howard asked about this gay web site that they started. Mr. Skin said that his guys came to him and asked him why they don’t do naked guys. He said he resisted that but then they convinced him it was time. Mr. Skin said that he started the site based on his expertise. Howard said Gary asked Mr. Skin about Julia Roberts and Mr. Skin knew where she showed breast in Pretty Woman. He said it’s at 1:35 in the movie.


Mr. Skin said that they started MrMan.com and his guys are going through every show and movie anyway so they might as well pick out the men. He said that the first 3 months of MrMan.com are blowing away the first 3 months of MrSkin.com He said the traffic is about 50/50 but the people who pay is higher. He said he has guys going through the material trying to find ”back sack” which is when guys bend over and you see the back of their ball sack. Howard asked who some of them are. Mr. Skin said Jason Mews bends over in Knocked Up and you see his ball sack. He said that in Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston was wearing the tighty whiteys and you see a ball fumble where his balls come out. He said that if a private part comes out they have to do their job and tell people about that.


Howard said they must need gay guys to pick that stuff out. Mr. Skin said that the guys doing it aren’t gay but they go through it and find the scenes. He said that they might need to get paid a little more to do it though.


Mr. Skin said that he doesn’t go on MrMan.com and did some research for Howard. He said if you want to see some of the playlists they have ”Dongs and Thongs” playlists and ”Wet Willys” playlists. He said that they have shots of Leo DiCaprio and people like that in there. He said that they have a password for Robin if she wants to see. Mr. Skin said that Robin Williams has done full frontal so they have stuff like that. They talked about some of the other nude men that they have on the site like Richard Gere. Howard said a lot of people were disappointed with the size of that one. Mr. Skin said he wasn’t. Robin said she was.


Howard said that he heard that Mr. Skin has a sponsor for his Anatomy Awards. Mr. Skin said that this guy invented a topical spray for men who are premature ejaculators. He said they’re geniuses.


Howard asked who has a big cock on MrMan.com. Mr. Skin said that Michael Fassbender and Collin Farrell have big ones. He said that Liam Neeson has a big one too. He said he’s not sure what movie he was in because he’s not that familiar with that stuff. He said you can find out on MrMan.com.


Howard said that they have to get down to the Anatomy Awards. He said that Tina Fey won for best Nip Slip. Newdcomer of the Year is Margot Robby. Howard said that they gave an award to the woman in the Blurred Lines video. Her name is Emily Ratajkowski. Mr. Skin said that she was topless in the video and she’s been in the top 10 on Mr.Skin for the most visited. He said she has done a lot of topless modeling and those breasts are real.


Howard asked about Best Lesbian Scene. Mr. Skin said there’s a movie called Blue is the Warmest Color. He said this movie is great. He said it’s so good it’s rated NC-17. He said they have a scene that goes on for 12 minutes where they’re eating ass and going down on each other. He said this is the greatest lesbian scene in the history of film. He said it’s as close as you can get to porn in a regular movie. He said it’s everything Howard would love.


Howard asked about Best Full Frontal. Mr. Skin said Rosario Dawson is the woman who won. He said that she was in this movie and she was fully shaved and she walks right toward the camera. He said she’s gorgeous in this movie.


Howard said Best TV Show Nude was Masters of Sex. Lizzie Kaplan had a bunch of nude scenes in that show; she used to be on True Blood. Mr. Skin said Michael Sheen is in the show and he’s dating Sarah Silverman now. Mr. Skin said there’s a ton of other girls on that show.


Howard asked about Best Back Burger which is when you see a girl from behind and you see vagine though her legs. Mr. Skin said that the winner was Sarah Butler. He said that she’s in The Stranger Within and other movies; she was in the remake of I Spit On Your Grave. He said that there’s a lot of Back Burgerage in that movie; you can see it because she’s so thin. Mr. Skin said that this is probably the best Back Burger of all time. Howard said that she’s so thin that you can see it very clearly. Mr. Skin said this is all in High Def so it’s very clear.


Howard took a call from a guy who said that Howard’s butt was hanging out at the VMA awards. He said that must be on MrMan.com. Mr. Skin said he thinks it is.  Da Vinchi’s Demons actress has the best long nipples, or “niplastic.”  Crystal Fairy won best Monster Muff.  She was the little girl in Field of DreamsSpartacus  actress won best buttocks. She used to be the Michigan Long Jump Champion.


Howard asked about Best Pearl Necklace. Howard asked how they do that in a movie. Mr. Skin said that they did it on Girls. He said that the guy pulls out and he does it on the girl’s chest. He said the girl turns around and you see the goo on her breasts. He said you never see that on a TV show. Howard said Lena Dunham is good for Mr. Skin because she brings a lot of nudity to the show. Mr. Skin said they’ve never had that scene in an R-rated movie or anything.


Howard asked about the Best Niptastic Nips. Mr. Skin said that her name is Laura Haddica. Howard asked who won Monster Muff this year. Mr. Skin said that was Gabby Hoffman. Howard said they have the pictures up on his web site now.


Howard asked about Best Albino Nudity. Mr. Skin said that Top of the Lake was the mini series and this woman Lauren Dows did the scene.  An actress from Mad Men was also in that.


Howard asked if they have a Best Fart Lighting Scene. Mr. Skin said that Toni Collette pulls down her pants and lights a fart in a movie.  A lip slip that can be seen only in the trailer from Frozen Ground  star was also in High School Musical.


Howard said that Best Lip Slip was up next. Mr. Skin said that it was Vanessa Hudgens and she had a bit of a lip slip in this movie trailer. He said it wasn’t in the movie so it was only in the trailer. Howard said no one can see this without freeze framing the shot. Howard said that’s why MrSkin.com is so important.


Howard said Best Hand Bra is another one. Mr. Skin said Sarah Silverman won this one for Susan 313. He said she did a TV show and they released this show on YouTube. He said that she’s holding her boobs and they loved it.


Howard said that Breast Picture of the Year was won by Wolf of Wall Street. Mr. Skin said that had a lot of sex scenes going on in it. He said it was just fantastic.  The girl who plays Leonardo’s 2nd wife has a great nude scene.


Howard said the next category is the lifetime Skinchievment Award. Howard said she has to be hot and A-list. This year it was Charlize Theron. Mr. Skin said that she’s been doing nudity for a long time, since 2 Days in the Valley. He said she’s been naked about 10 times. Howard said they have a complete retrospective of the movies she’s been in nude.


Mr. Skin said that they released the movie ”The Grand Hotel” on Blu-Ray and Gretta Garbo showed breasts. He said that she’s one of the most famous actresses ever. Howard said he guesses he’d want to see that.


Howard said there’s this woman on True Detective and she may win for the Best Nude Scene for 2014. Mr. Skin said it happened this year so they can’t include her. He said her name is Alexandra Dedario.


Howard took a call from Speech Impediment Man who asked who the guy is with the biggest cock in Hollywood. Mr. Skin said that it’s probably Liam Neeson.


Howard took another call from a guy who brought up the Amish girl in Banshee. Howard said that show is one of the best shows. He said he loves it. Mr. Skin said they do have a lot of hot naked babes. They have a hot girl on the show and Mr. Skin said he thinks she’s the hottest Amish girl ever.


Howard took a call from Hanzi who had something playing behind him. Howard gave up on him when he didn’t answer. Howard gave Mr. Skin some plugs for his 15th Annual Anatomy Awards. He said he can’t believe it was 15 years ago that they started it. Mr. Skin said it’s a crazy thing. Howard said he remembers when he came in 15 years ago and wondered when he’d be in prison. He said he’s still not in prison. He said that’s the amazing thing.


Howard said that Mr. Skin has MrMan.com now and he must be secretly gay. Howard said they do say that his ass is on MrMan.com too. Mr. Skin said they are very comprehensive. Howard said they have many more categories over at MrSkin.com. Robin asked when she gets the password for the site. Mr. Skin said he’ll take care of that. They went to break a short time later.  On the Wrap Up Show, Mr. Skin and Gary talked about Shameless also having great nude scenes.


And Again: Thanks to MarksFriggin.com for Howard’s thoughts on Harold Ramis’ Death. 02/25/14. 6:35am: 


“Howard said Harold Ramis is like the Beatles to him. He said he was a great innovator. He said that he was 69 years old. Howard said he had him on the show one time and he was one of those guys who wrote a movie and didn’t have to be in it. He said he was the straight man and didn’t need to be the guy getting the big laughs. He said he was a great writer/director. He said he wrote Groundhogs Day and directed it too. He said that would make him one of the greats. He said he’s not sure why he wasn’t more celebrated when he was alive. Howard said he wasn’t celebrated like so many others were.


Howard said the amazing thing is that when you look at some of his films you realize how great some of them were. He mentioned Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Animal House and many others. Howard said Harold Ramis and Bill Murray had a falling out after Groundhogs Day and they never did get an explanation on that. Howard said they were great collaborators. He said that it must have been uncomfortable for Bill after Harold died. Howard said that something went down with them and they weren’t friends anymore.


Howard said Stripes was a kick ass movie too. Jon Hein came in and told Howard that he had more on the feud. He said Ramis said that Bill Murray was going through a divorce during the filming of Groundhogs Day and he basically told him not to act like a child during the filming and after that they stopped being friends. Howard said that he upset the king. Howard said Bill must have his side of the story too. Maybe he was upset that Harold wasn’t more sensitive while he was going through tough times.


Howard said that Harold Ramis was a journalist and he went to interview people at Second City. He talked to them and thought that he could do comedy. He said that’s when his comedy career began. Jon said that he wrote stuff back to back and it was all great stuff. He ran down the list of things that he wrote and directed and they were legendary. He said that he thinks that he let other people shine instead of taking it himself. He said he never got the credit he deserved.


Howard said he was blown out when he met the great Harold Ramis. Howard said he flew under the radar though. Howard said that they have guys like Judd Apatow that are heralded. He said that the writer/director is more celebrated these days. Howard said that today they have Ben Stiller and people like that who are celebrated. Robin said back in the day the comedy guys didn’t get that recognition.”


Sternthology played an interview with Harold Ramis in studio.  Howard asked him if he’s ever directed a dud, and Harold said Club Paradise.  He thought that was a bomb.  Howard asked him about Bill Murray being a pain in the ass during Groundhog’s Day, and he said he was.  He also asked him if Andie was a pain as well, saying no one was looking for her.  The last thing she’d been in was Tarzan, and they wouldn’t let her speak in that movie.  Howard asked Harold about the other actresses who auditioned for that part, and he said Sharon Stone had also auditioned.  Howard said she’s had nothing going on since her crotch shot in Basic Instinct.  He said she couldn’t have gotten the role, because they would confuse her crotch with the groundhog.


Tweets from the staff on Harold Ramis:  


Jon Hein (@jonhein)  2/24/14, 7:18 PMA deity. Co-wrote Animal House, Meatballs, Caddyshack, Stripes, Ghostbusters, Back to School in a row @J1LL71 thoughts on Harold Ramis death


JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  2/24/14, 12:27 PM  Stripes, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Armed and Dangerous, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Stuart Saves His Family, Multiplicity #HaroldRamis


Jason Kaplan (@Siriusjay) 2/24/14, 12:27 PM   If he only wrote Ghostbusters, it would have been sufficient. If he only directed Groundhogs day, it would have been sufficient… #RIPRamis


On the news, JD said that Armed and Dangerous was his favorite Harold Ramis movie (he co-wrote that one)


Random Staff tweets:


RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME)  2/21/14, 2:09 PM  NERD ALERT!   NEW Guardians of the Galaxy TRAILER…looks GREAT!   PERFECT CASTING with @prattprattpratt youtu.be/pTZ2Tp9yXyM, and then 2/25/14, 8:26 PM   …on a positive note @NBCAboutaBoy is on tonight…one of my favorite pilots…hope it continues to entertain….GREAT CAST/WRITING


JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  2/21/14, 1:34 PM   Steve Brule on an airplane….Feb. 27 cannot come soon enough youtu.be/275ufGZweZc


Richard Christy (@cwotd)  3/2/14, 7:17 PM  Happy 30th Anniversary to the greatest Heavy Metal Comedy Ever – This Is Spinal Tap!    youtu.be/4xgx4k83zzc


On Sternthology: The anniversary of Wendy’s first call.  Howard wondered if her life is like the movie My Other Sister?


Random Movie Posters from Fans:





from Stern Facebook Superfans Jim Young & superfanworld.com


Week of 2.17.14


Due to President’s Day, Monday is a repeat of the Birthday Bash: Bryan Cranston’s Walter White from Breaking Bad, Lena Dunham in Girls, Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man and Sherlock, Dave Groh’s directorial debut in Sound City, and Rosie O’Donnell’s song parody from Grease.  Howard 101 reruns has Billy West as Mr. Smith from Lost in Space talking to grown up Will Robinson, Bill Mumy on the phone.


Howard talks about Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and then goes off on the Bachelor. Why all these girls are going nuts for this guy whose job it is to interview athletes and then it comes out that he’s been a deadbeat dad, not even able to pay his court ordered $200/month child support.  Lots of talk about the late night wars with Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Conan Obrien, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.  Howard and Robin thought Joe Walsh was the best thing in the Beatles special.


Howard’s watching Walking Dead, but hasn’t seen this week’s episode yet, and Robin says it’s excellent.  Robin says she’s watching House of Cards and True Detective and they’re really good.  Talking about Woody Allen’s child molestation charges after he’s been nominated for Blue Jasmine and Bullets Over Broadway is being turned into a Broadway show.  Zach Braff is taking the John Cusak role.  They’re making a sequel to SharknadoHarry Potter’s author is writing books under a different moniker.  Seth Meyers was in studio and talked about during his SNL audition, he did Russell Crowe from the Gladiator, in a skit doing a talk show, but all he would say is “Are you guys entertained? but Lauren Michaels said Seth’s head wasn’t big enough.


Jon Hein Tweeted:  (@jonhein) 2/17/14, 7:01 PM  Really enjoying s2 of #HouseOfCards @KevinSpacey owns the screen – putting on a clinic as is @McConaughey in #TrueDetective.


RALPH CIRELLA Tweeted:   (@MYGEEKTIME) 2/19/14, 12:07 AM    YES! DEF my fav HITCH FLICK “@MrSpaceG1: One of #RalphsFavoriteThings is on @tcm tonight at midnight! #NorthByNorthwest #DVRSet”


RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME)2/20/14, 7:28 PM  I liked it A LOT, VERY GOOD superhero movie and VERY UNDERRATED “@MrTSantiago: what did u think of the FAN 4/Silver surfer movie?”


Jason Kaplan (@Siriusjay) Tweeted: 2/18/14, 1:23 PM  Quick reviews of movies I watched over the break: “The Dictator“: B+, “The Heat” B (too looooong), Drop Zone A++++++++ #Swoop


Then the Jason Kaplan Fan Club Tweeted:  Feb 19  If finds that he needs to parachute out of a plane, he’ll be all set since he recently watched Drop Zone!


Jason Tweeted:  Current reality shows I love:  Gold Rush on Discovery, 90 Day Fiance, Dance Moms and Breaking Pointe.


Sal (@salgovernale) 2/20/14 11:30PM  answered @Annoyancy – when does your episode of Law & Order air?  Twitter, saying “Feb 26 on NBC”



Week of 2.10.14


Monday starts the week off with Mammory Lane.  Howard talks about his favorite birthday gift was a poster from The Thing With 2 Heads  which Howard thought was called The Man With 2 Heads.  Fred plays Mars Attacks! music for Eric the Actor.  Here’s the image by Doc Ivan of Howard’s desire to remake this movie.image by Doc Ivan


Tom Chiasano said Tim Allen stole Toy Story 2.  Robin said she should start seeing cartoons with Tom, since he goes to see so many.  M. Night Shyamalan wrote Stuart Little and wrote and directed the Sixth SenseShe’s All That he was a ghost writer.  Howard said he loved it, and Robin said he should keep that quiet.  Robin said even Freddie Prinze Jr. hated it, and so does M Knight.  Howard loved Sixth Sense.  M Knight is now working with Bruce making Unbreakable.  “yeah, Baby” Sound effects from Austin Powers while Howard is talking to him about the perks of having 3 hit movies.  Talking to Lawrence Taylor who was getting ready for a wrestling match, Fred played sound effects from the 3 Stooges while LT’s opponent talked about knocking himself out by landing on the mat.  Near Dark was a movie that Natalie Maine’s husband was in.  Richard said he’s a big fan.    Kyra Sedgwick was in studio and Howard asked her about working with John Travolta in PhenomenonHoward asked her about John and Scientology, and she said she was young and curious about it and asked him-John never pushed it on her.  Kyra said he was really a great guy.  Robin said Phenomenon has one of the sexiest scenes on film ever.  Sal was in studio and Howard was talking about how he needs to stop bothering his guests, like the time he told Ben Stiller he wasn’t funny in Meet the Parents, and told Jon Stewart he wasn’t funny and needs to fire his writers.


Talking about Nicole Bass’ lawsuit, and Fred breaks into his Herman Munster impression.  Robin was seen out with Troy from CBS News seeing Hope Floats while she was seeing Mr. X.  During the Sal Planning to Sleepover at Howard’s House episode, the movies Misery, King of Comedy and Single White Female are referenced.  Howard says Sal needs to watch King of Comedy.  With Billy Joel in studio, he talked about the movie My Life, saying he loved that movie.  Howard and Robin both said they didn’t think that anyone would like that movie, but they really did love it.  Howard was talking to Smelly James the intern while he was acting a comedy he wrote that he’s acting out with Ralph, and Howard said the Diary of Anne Frank was funnier.  He also said that he was talking fast, and should be in Pulp Fiction, as that’s how they talk in those movies.  William Shatner from Star Trek was in studio, and Fred plays the music from Exodus when Howard asks him about being Jewish.  A fan is upset that Shatner doesn’t dress up as Captain Kirk all the time, and Howard says that the Lone Ranger and Superman did that, but they both went crazy later.


Richard talks about the movie Screwballs when talking to Scott the Engineer about his bowling on the WUS.


Richard Christy tweeted:  Just saw Worlds End, great drinking movie, reminds me of a cross between Halloween 3 & Strange Brew.


RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME) 2/13/14, 9:55 AM  Well, i did the UNTHINKABLE…I went to see @RoboCop    …Even worse, I LIKED IT!


Gorillas in the Mist


Image By Stern Facebook Superfan member  Tom Adelsbach


Richard Christy (@cwotd)  tweeted:   2/15/14, 6:22 PM  Coolest Movie Monster Ever. #thething  pic.twitter.com/F2oLAKv5tn      Richard Christy (@cwotd)   2/15/14, 5:08 PM     John Carpenters The Thing  the perfect movie to watch on a snowy day in NYC pic.twitter.com/nErgnGRkWc


Beth Tweeted:  Beth Ostrosky (@BethStern)2/16/14, 6:58 PM It’s my fave movie of the year! Rt @joannakrupa: Movie time w @romain_zago Can’t wait to see lone survivor..


JD Tweeted on 2.16.14:   I can’t think of a documentary that’s as crazy and disturbing as “The Act Of Killing“. Everyone should see it.






Week of 2.3.14


Talking about Friday’s Birthday Bash: Bryan Cranston’s Walter White from Breaking Bad, Lena Dunham in Girls, Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man and Sherlock, Dave Groh’s directorial debut in Sound City, and Rosie O’Donnell’s song parody from Grease.  There was talk about some of the Whack Packers not behaving themselves at the party. Howard suggested to Jeff the Drunk that he and some come dressed in Hannibal Lecter garb to any next event.


In Robin’s news on Tuesday, they talk about the Woody Allen scandal, and Howard, Robin and Gary say Blue Jasmine is really good.  Howard says Woody Allen just makes good movies, so Hollywood isn’t going to shun him for his behavior.  Jerry Seinfeld was on phone to plug Howard’s appearance in Comedians  in Cars Getting Coffee, (Howard’s episode airs Thurs) and talk about his Seinfeld bit during the Super Bowl.  Also talked about Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Howard said he was a great actor and felt really bad for the guy.


Week of 1.27.14


Started with Grammy’s from last night, and then talked about the Bachelor special, that doesn’t do well in ratings, which should be called The Loser, as none of these guys have jobs.  Howard said he saw The Butler last night.  He really liked it, as did Robin, though she thought Forest Whitaker’s makeup was distracting.  Howard said Oprah was really good.  It’s about a man coming up from the deep south and becoming a butler at the White House and working with all the different presidents. Robin Williams plays President Eisenhower.  Howard says somehow he got a preview from the studio of the new Jason Reitman movie  Labor Day is a really good romantic movie by Jason Reitman.  Josh Brolin and Kate Winslett.  Howard says it’s very good.  It’s a chick flick and girls will love it.  Howard loves romance.  Saw 60 Minutes with Jay Leno, who is either so evolved or a robot.  Robin watched Sound City, the Dave Grohl documentary, about how great the old musicians were.  Now these musicians just play with a computer and don’t necessarily have any musical talent.


Howard asked Richard about Event Horizon, and he said it was great. Says they go into a black hole and find hell is in there and it follows them around.  It’s got Sam Neil and Lawrence Fishburn.  Richard also said he didn’t love Blue Jasmine, but did love Dice in it.  Howard said it was because Richard must have seen it sober, as Richard says everything’s fun when he’s drunk.  He also drank and watched Breakfast Club Sunday morning and loved it.  Howard said that’s a great movie.  Eric the Actor called in, and Fred used his Mars Attacks! “ack ack” as well as a new song parody about Eric missing the “Time of Your Life” from Dirty Dancing about Eric missing the birthday show.


Howard and Robin were saying how good-looking Jared Leto is, and he’s trying to do the Johnny Depp weird thing by having a coffin in an interview.  They said he was really good in Dallas Buyer’s Club and played a really good looking woman. Howard said he was so pretty, that’s why after the movie he grew that beard.


Comedian Jeff Garlin was in studio from The Goldbergs and Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Howard says no one can believe he hasn’t seen Curb Your Enthusiasm yet.  Robin said she definitely can’t believe he hasn’t seen it yet as it’s so good.  Howard said he met Larry David once who told him he was a big fan of the show.  Jeff had a stroke during the first season of the show, and he says if you watch that season you’ll see him looking like Baron Von Stroke.  If it would have happened in the 3rd or later season, Larry would have been more confident, and they would have used his handicap as a joke on the show.  Now he’s doing yoga, meditating and not eating any sugar and is doing great.  He said he was woke up dizzy and communicating all of a sudden like Silent Running.  He’d had back surgery, and was on meds, but went to hospital and they confirmed he’d had a stroke.  His wife is the casting person for big movies like 40 Year Old Virgin and shows like The Office.    They talked to him about the Late Night Wars, as he used to be Conan O’Brien’s roommate and is still a good friend of his.  Robin called him the Zelig of show business, as he seems to know everybody.


Jeff did a movie with Julia Roberts called Full Frontal, and she was really rude to him.  When he asked what her problem was with him, another actor said she said when she saw him, she thought he’d be someone she’d see at dinner at not like, and he’s thinking “what the fuck does that mean?”  Then he had a scene with her where he made a joke that made her laugh, came up with the name Baron Von Bigcock, and she liked him after that, but he says it’s too late-he has no use for her.   She was making Mona Lisa Smiles and  doing press for it when he told this story and it made big news in The New York Daily News and The Enquirer.  Later, Julia was plugging Ocean’s 11, and was asked about Curb Your Enthusiasm. She said “There are only two types of people in the world, ones, who watch the show, and ones who don’t and the ones who don’t are idiots.” and then Jeff found out that George Clooney had said that, and she was just repeating what she’d heard.


Jeff started Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David after he’d done Seinfeld and Sour Grapes.  They were coming up with an idea for an HBO special, and Jeff’s idea was to make a show about the making of an HBO special, and that would be the special.  The HBO executive heard the pitch and said “How can I NOT do that?” and then it was turning out so well they made it into a series.  Then he did a Baywatch and played the evil disc jokey part that Howard had turned down. He was to kiss Pamela Anderson and she she said she’s not making out with this guy.  Then after they worked together awhile and he made her laugh, she said, “I’d totally make out with you!”  He told Howard that with Howard’s interest in photography, he needs to see his documentary Finding Vivian Maier about a brilliant photographer who no one knew about until after her death and they got into her storage and found all these amazing photographs.  He said he’s also in  Laggies, playing Keira Knightley’s father that comes out this year.  He was in Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy, who he says is brilliantly funny, and it kills him he doesn’t make funny movies or do stand up anymore.  He says it was so bad, when he had to do press, he would just say it was a good movie for kids.  Neither he or Eddie did the sequel.  He said he would have done it for $ 300,000 for three weeks’ work, but they wouldn’t go for it, which Howard said was nuts, as the first one made a ton of dough and cost nothing to make.  Jeff said he got his best reviews by NOT doing it, as the reviews of the sequel said that “Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin must have had something better to do.”   He did a voice in WALL-E,  and blew his voice with all the yelling in that movie.


Talking to JD about the date he won to the birthday bash. Ronnie says he should be taking control of this, as she’s now bringing a friend.  JD said he would just take it as it goes, “Que Sera, Sera” like The Man Who Knew Too Much.  Howard said the Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks is now sounding like a Stepford Wives from Disney, as he’s not nearly as animated as before. Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family was in studio.



On the Wrap Up Show, Ronnie said he loved Steven Seigal movies.  Under Seige was the best.  Says Seigal’s movies are horrible, but the action is great.  He also loves Jason Statham movies, and The Mechanic is his favorite of those.


Week of 1.20.14


Monday-off due to Martin Luther King’s Birthday.  A replay of Chris Robinson’s interview. He asked him about getting married by a Shaman to Kate Hudson, and Howard said it sounded like Dances With Wolves.  Howard asked him about her not liking her Almost Famous co-star Bijou Phillips. John Popper played Win Fred’s Money, and they asked him about Modern Times by Charley Chaplin and John Wayne’s last movie.  It was The Shootist, but Fred guessed Rooster Cogburn.  They played Billy West doing an Alzheimer’s Frank Sinatra talking about his movie The Man With the Golden Arm, and Howard says he rode bikes with Ralph and Ralph was all decked out with the shorts and no shirt, and that Howard rides a bike looking like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz


They’re back live Tues. Howard starts the show saying he likes Banshee and Justified.  Robin was off-mike talking about Lone Survivor, which Howard said was good.  Howard said he saw the new Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit movie with Chris Pine and it’s really good, it’s like a Mission Impossible.  He announced that the Professor from Gilligan’s Island died over the weekend.  The only surviving members left are Marianne and Ginger. Robin said they should have continued to film that show like Survivor, and now there would be only the girls left to fend on their own.  Howard said they’ve announced Batman vs Superman has been delayed until 2016, and wonders what he’s going to do?


Aaron Eckert was in studio to plug I, Frankenstein. Howard said this is the role of a lifetime, but Aaron he said he doesn’t believe it.  He’s been told that before and has never seen that yet, so doesn’t believe it.  He was in Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman, where they play a couple who lost their child.  He was so into character he went to a real support group and told the movie story as his own to this group of grieving parents.  Howard asked him if Nicole was with him.  He said no, she was probably on a beach somewhere.  He played Two-Face in Batman with Heath Ledger.  He said Heath raised the bar for all comic book movies.  He would be talking to himself in character hours before the shoot.  They were talking about other actors and Howard asked Aaron if he’s seen American Hustle yet.  He said no, and Howard said it was a good movie.  He said Bradley attaches himself to the best directors.  Aaron made The Pledge with Sean Penn and Jack Nicholson.  At one point he asked Sean how he should play a part, and Sean told him to pretend he’s in a theater watching the previews with a girl.  He said you need to make the girl want to fuck you.  Then he was shooting a scene where Benicio Del Toro blows his brains out, and he and Jack run into the room looking for shell casings.  Jack picks up what he thinks will be a casing, and turns out to be a tooth.  After the shoot, Aaron asked Jack what he was thinking while he was staring at the tooth, and Jack said he was counting to 10.  He was in Rum Diary with Amber Heard and Robin said there is the sexiest scene you’ll ever see on film in the water in that movie, and Howard asked him if he was aroused.  He said he was, and he stayed in the water after they called cut.  He said he did get excited in a scene where he had to make out with Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich.


Jonah Hill is in studio, and Robin and Howard said he was great in Wolf of Wall Street, and that the movie was great.  Even Ronnie loved it.  Fred was playing a Dave Grohl song when Jonah walked in and Jonah said the documentary on Dave Grohl is really good (was it this one): Foo Fighters: Back and Forth. and also  Sound City which was directed by Dave Grohl is also really good. After Super Bad, he was offered a lot of those kinds of funny movies, but Howard said it would have been like if Sean Penn would have stayed doing Spacoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High forever.  Jonah said that Sean was so good as Spicoli because he’s such a great actor.  Then he made Cyrus with John C Riley and Marissa Tomei. He got to play a different king of character, then he got Moneyball with Brad Pitt and then Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio, which he’s been nominated for awards.  Robin said Cyrus was a great part after Jonah said he knew he wanted to play Cyrus because he couldn’t put the script down.  He turned down Hangover and Transformers to do Cyrus, an indie movie that he got paid $2 for.  He said again that Cyrus was based on Benjy, especially the blank stares.  Howard said Dallas Buyer’s Club was really good.  They really liked This is the End, and he got an e-mail from Brad Pitt saying it was a great movie, too.  Martin Scorcese said he filmed Wolf of Wall Street like it was like it was the last of  a trilogy after Goodfellas and Casino.  John Berenthal from Walking Dead (who is also a boxer) has a scene where he has to punch Jonah in the face and Martin Scorcese didn’t think it looked real enough, so Martin asked Jonah if he could hit him for real.  He looked at Leonardo to see what he thought, and Leonardo looked away, and Jonah interpreted that as telling him that Martin knows what he needs and even Leonardo doesn’t question it, so he said ok. Said it didn’t hurt as bad as he thought, but hurt later for days.   Leonardo got a nomination, too, and Howard said he should, because his performance was great.  Jonah said he only made $60,000 for Wolf of Wall Street. He said that was the least amount they could legally pay him, but he would have sold his house and given Martin the money to have that part.  He told Leonardo that he wanted that role after reading the script and he would kill any other actor trying to play that part, so they might as well hire him.  Howard asked him if he’ll continue to make funny movies, and he said that he just finished making the sequel to 21 Jump Street, which Howard really liked.  He talked about having the most fun sitting at the Wolf of Wall Street table at the Golden Globes. Howard asked him what he thinks about Woody Allen refusing to go to the award shows, and Jonah said that we know Woody obviously makes some odd choices. He said Blue Jasmine was one of the best movies of the year.  Jonah talked about having to pull out a fake penis during the film, and he thought the best line at the Golden Globes was when Amy Pohler said “If I wanted to see Jonah Hill masturbate at a pool party, I’d go to one of his pool parties.”  After his Moneyball nomination where he lost to Christopher Plummer for Beginners, he said that Dustin Hoffman predicted he’d lose to him.  Howard said it really is for the body of work, not for an individual performance.  He’s nominated this year against the guy in Captain Phillips, which Jonah says is pretty fucking amazing, and is the favorite to win, Howard hasn’t seen it yet. Howard said he also recently saw the Great Gatsby and Leonardo was great in that.


He liked the new Superman, but it was the same story over and over again.  Exorcist music played during a news story about a mother stabbing her children trying to perform an exorcism.  “Try to think, but nothing happens” 3 Stooges quote from a failed birthday show ticket winner and later by Howard.  Caller said Michael Douglas was going to be in Ant-Man, and Howard said he was going to play the title role years ago when it was being directed by Stan Lee.


During the JD Dating Game, one of the contestants answered JD”s question about his favorite movie is the French movie Amelie.  Although JD didn’t agree, he was impressed she’d even heard of that movie.


Kevin Nealon was in studio talking about Weeds and SNL and a new movie he made with Drew Barrymore.  They were talking TV, and Kevin said there is almost too much good TV to watch.  Howard said Banshee is great.  Kevin said he’s watching Downton Abbey with his wife and it’s great. Howard says he won’t watch it’s, as it’s too pretentious – should be called Downtown Abbey, then Kevin said they should do an urban version and call it Downtown Abbey.  Howard said Homeland and Breaking Bad are great, too.


The Wrap -Up Show Gary referenced Young FrankensteinAndy Warhol’s Frankenstein, and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein that De Niro was in.  Then Sal came in to talk about the movie he wants to make “Bringing Back Boris” about a modern day scientist who has some disfigurement issues digging up the grave of Boris Karloff and making the body into the Frankenstein monster just like in the old movie.


Ralph tweeted: Just watched the 2 new eps of Continues to be one of the BEST shows on TV! GREAT ACTING, CASTING and WRITING!


Image from SternFacebookSuperfans

Image from SternFacebookSuperfans




Image by Tom Addeslton
Image by Tom Adelsbach


Stern Anthology:  George Carlin was in studio, and Howard told him, “I can’t lie to you, but I didn’t like the movie,” talking about Prince of Tides, but he thought George was good in it.  He asked him how he got the part of the gay neighbor, and George said he had to go to Barbra’s apartment to audition, and then after he read the part, he asked her for the part, staying in character.  Howard said he couldn’t do that, and that George was well enough known that he shouldn’t have to audition, and ask Barbra for a part.  Howard said George was better than Nick Nolte who mumbled his way through the entire movie. Howard wanted to see it with his wife, but Richard Simmons wanted to see it with him, so they went together. Then he wonders if Richard read for the part, too, but quickly says that Richard’s all man, though he loves Barbra.  Howard says Barbra’s supposed to be this therapist, she’s got these big nails, she’s crossing and uncrossing her legs and within 3 minutes Nick is banging her on the couch.  First he’s crying “This guy had sex with me” and then in 3 seconds he’s on the couch banging Barbra and he’s cured, and his wife takes him back.  Thought it was kind of silly.


Jon Hein (@jonhein)
1/24/14, 9:04 PM
Just finished watching #Philomena w/my better half. Sweet film, very well done. Dench & Coogan are great. Very compelling story.


Richard Christy (@cwotd)
1/24/14, 7:40 PM
Freaking out that I get to watch Spinal Tap with my wife tonight, she has no idea of the Heavy Metal brilliance of this movie.  Then wrote:  John Carpenters The Thing – Greatest Ending Of All Time. Unhappy Endings rule pic.twitter.com/llQWtQ8yiO


Ralph tweeted between fans:  @WicMets: why does batman returns get such a bad rap?”  (@MYGEEKTIME)Dunno, I LOVE IT! GREAT VILLAIN casting including the LEGENDARY CHRISTOPHER WALKEN! “  and then, “@gremlin401w: Walken had best line. Bruce Wayne, why are you dressed like Batman?  (@MYGEEKTIMEActually it was when he said “WAS BATMAN” and shot him






Week of 1.13.14


Howard talked about the Golden Globe awards and Blue Jasmine being such a great film, and that Woody Allen deserves his award, even though he’s a scum bag, he does have a great body of work.  Queen Latifah is in studio to plug her Queen Latifah Talk Show.  She talked about getting the role in Chicago (Harvey Weinstein really fought for her to be in it, and no one else could see it) and Bringing Down the House, which she said her production company rewrote the script, especially the black dialogue.  She was in Fresh Prince of Bel Air with Will Smith, and Living Single.  She was also in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, and said she was sick during the making of the movie.  Michael Ian Black was in studio and said he wasn’t allowed to direct Run, Fat Boy Run; says it was an ok movie.  Fred played WWZ preview with “Bobo’s not so stupid” clips.


Harvey Weinstein was in to plug August: Osage County and Philomena. He said he was wanting to get the word out about August: Osage County, because some of the critics are upset the ending is different than the play. He says it’s how the play was supposed to end, but the in the production of the play, they were unable to get a car on the stage for the character to drive off in. He said Howard and Robin should go see it and tell their audience truthfully what they think, because he knows they will love the movie about a crazy family and end up sending all their fans.  Said it’s for all men to see.  He said Philomena is a true story about an 80-year old woman who had gotten pregnant as a teenager. Her father had sent her away to a convent, and the nuns ended up stealing the baby and selling it to the highest bidder while telling the woman that her baby had died.  She hires a reporter to track the child down.  Harvey says it’s not a sad story, he says it’s really great.  He said he wanted to make Lord of the Rings but couldn’t get funding.  Howard said his movies Kill Bill 1 & 2 are his favorite movies.  He said Quentin Tarantino didn’t see it as two movies, but Harvey told him to shoot the entire script, and it would come to him where the ending of the first should be, and it did.  He asked him if he ever did a bad movie, and he said Playing for Keeps and Killshot, that has Mickey Rourke, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dianne Lane in it.  He said great cast, he just got everything wrong.  He said Crossing Over with Harrison Ford was another awful one.  He saw it once it was all edited together and knew it was awful.  He called Quentin Tarantino to watch it and help him save it, and Quentin called him back and said the patient is dead- he couldn’t help fix it.  He confirmed Queen Latifah’s story about fighting for her to get the role in Chicago.  He said it was originally going to be Madonna as Roxie and Nicole Kidman in the roles that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger eventually played.  Bette Midler was another name that was considered for one of those roles.  Harvey told the story of the meeting he went to about producing the Goodwill Hunting script.  He said he had talked to Kevin Smith who did Clerks about how great the script was, and when they went into this meeting with all the studio executives all the executives agreed how great it was.  Then Harvey said he was curious as to why the blow job on page 60, how that fit in with the rest of the movie, and no one knew what he was talking about.  Turns out that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote that part just to test to see if these idiots actually ever read any script at all.


They talked about other movies he made that Howard loved.  Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, which Harvey said originally cast Anne Hathaway. He said he had a hard time getting funding for The Artist.  It was a hard sell making a black and white silent film.  He also made The King’s Speech, which Howard said is great, but would be a hard sell, because it doesn’t sound like it would be easy to push to make a film about a king who stuttered.  Harvey talked about working with the director of Shakespeare in Love.


On the news, Robin said Sea World is still making tons of money, even after all the killer whale attacks, and the movie Blackfish, that exposes the hell these creatures live in captivity.


Elephant Boy was in studio for the Whack Pack Birthday Bash tickets.  During the Sternthology segment, they played his first appearance, when Howard said he sounded like the Elephant Man, and Robin said like the guy from Goonies.  They played an older segment Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein’s appearance together from years ago plugging Jackie Brown.  He played an Elvis Impersonator on a segment of Golden Girls.  Quentin first writing credit was True Romance, then wrote and directed Reservoir Dogs.  He had written Natural Born Killers, but Oliver Stone got to direct, and he didn’t like the changes he made to the script.  Said the only things that were the same was the names of the main characters.  Howard said he didn’t get that movie, either.  Pulp Fiction was next and made him a superstar.  Howard hated Batman with Uma Thurman, though Harvey said she was the best thing about the movie.  Howard said she was the worst thing about the movie, but he blames the director, Schumaker.  Harvey said he’s a great director, as he did Flatliners, St Elmo’s Fire, so Howard said those movies were ok.  Quentin said that Schumaker also wrote Car Wash, which he says is one of the defining movies of the 70′s.  Robin saw Amistad and Donald Trump had come in with a date for a make out movie and this wasn’t for that so they left.  Quentin said it was like the Seinfeld episode when they made out during Schindler’s List.


Oscar talk on the Wrap Up Show, Jon Hein was surprised that Robert Redford wasn’t nominated for All is Lost.  Gary & JD are disappointed that their favorite song from Inside Llewyn Davis wasn’t nominated.  JD thinks that Jonah Hill deserves the nomination, and some people are saying he doesn’t.  Bad Grandpa is nominated for best hair and make-up, and Gary wants everyone in the academy to vote for that movie so the Johnny Knoxville can get an Oscar.


JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  1/16/14, 12:26 AM    “Wolf Of Wall Street” is so f’ng good. The “cerebral palsy” segment is one of the best things ever filmed.


Tweets from RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME1/19/14, 7:45 PM  YES, EXCELLENT CHANCE it will win a RALPHIE for BEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE of 2014 RT @Fingers5Scott: just watched Iron Man 3, what a great movie  RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME) 1/19/14, 8:11 PM  See #GRAVITY is in theaters again…DEF going (for the 4th TIME), HIGHLY RECOMMEND u do the same and see it on the BIGGEST 3D SCREEN U can!RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME1/19/14, 8:25 PMI couldn’t get through it, I’ll TRY to watch again and let u know “@bfnmac17: going American Hustle tomorrow, on a rare day off. Thoughts?   NICE! U do RAYLAN? “@f_francavilla: great ep. of @JustifiedFX last night, had to draw our favorite bad boy BOYD. :) francavillarts.tumblr.com/post/734218204…”  RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME)1/18/14, 12:04 AMJust watched the 2 new eps of @JustifiedFX  Continues to be one of the BEST shows on TV!GREAT ACTING, CASTING and WRITING! #TRIPLETHREAT


Richard Christy Tweeted (@cwotd)
Nebraska is pretty much one of the greatest movies ever, saw it for the 2nd time tonite, reminds me of a lot of people I knew back in Kansas


Week of 1.6.14 They’re Back LIVE!


Howard talked about his Holiday vacation with Jennifer Anniston’s  boyfriend, the guy who wrote Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder.


JD had Tweeted about this movie last week, and mentioned it on Tuesday’s show, but called it The Untouchables by mistake.  He meant “The Intouchables“. He said Jon Hein recommended, and he really loved it.  Howard loved ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ & ‘Blue Jasmine’. He said Beth drug him to see Saving Mr. Banks. He thought he’d hate it, but it was great.  Said Tom Hanks was so great, and Emma Thompson deserves an Oscar, but then said Cate Blanchette also deserved it for Blue Jasmine.  He said both these performances are great, and these woman can act their asses off.


Howard loved ‘Gravity’ but Robin did not. Robin said she was irritated by Sandra Bullock.  Wanted to tell her to shut up and grab something.  She wondered how they let someone that unstable into space?  Says she looks great in her space suite, floating around.  And then Robin told a big SPOILER ALERT that won’t be repeated here.  Robin asked Howard if he’s seen Orphan Black  Howard said he hated it. Robin said she liked it, but wasn’t sure if Howard would.  They both didn’t like the ending, said it sucked.  Fred played the new Sound of Music commercial with Howard playing and singing every part.  Robin said it was a great idea-why put somebody in who can already sing-why not be challenged?


They were talking about Wolf of Wall Street.  Howard said it was really good, but was too long.  Robin said the Leonardo DiCaprio performance was incredible, and he could win an Oscar for that.  Jon and Gary had Sal in the Wrap Up Show to compare this movie with his dealing when he worked on Wall Street.  He said it was really good, reminiscent of Goodfellas.  Howard said the Rolling Stones concert video of their Hyde Park Sweet Summer Fun performance was so good. Says Mick Jagger’s hair is great.  The only one not fun to watch was the drummer. Robin said she saw the movie Don Jon and wondered if the guys agreed with the character saying men didn’t like to give oral sex? Howard and Fred said that was mostly true, though it is fun to please a woman you’re into.  Then Howard said they should talk to Ronnie, as he’s the sex freak of the staff.  They talked about being with a girl who was smelly, and Fred played the Little Rascals’ sound effect.


Robin said she watched The Godfather on NYE with her nephew.  Zach Quinto from Star Trek and American Horror Story was in studio plugging his production Banshee Chapter about a guy who disappears after taking drugs.  Howard said he watched a Rolling Stones show.  It wasn’t Gimme Shelter or Shine a Light (it was Return to Hyde Park).  He says it was great.  Says those guys still put on a great show.  The only one boring is the drummer.  Fred replays the trailer for There Will Be Blood 2 about Robin’s heavy cycle.


Wrap Up, Jason hasn’t seen Wolf of Wall Street and said all he knows about stocks is from the movie Boiler Room.  Gary said he saw Alaska the Last Frontier about Jewel’s family and it’s great.  He said when he thinks of Mateus that Ronnie drinks, he thinks of the Donald Sutherland character in Animal House. Gary thinks Benjy’s girlfriend sounds like the fast-talking Barbra Streisand character in What’s up Doc?


Jay Thomas said he loved Beasts the Southern Wild .  Said it was shot around his hometown and he can’t believe the people they used and the settings.  Said it’s a great movie.


Ralph Tweeted(@MYGEEKTIME)  1/4/14, 10:58 PM  Based on @richardroeper ‘s B+ just checked out THE CONJURING…not surprisingly he was CORRECT!  VERY GOOD.


JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)1/10/14, 7:11 PM  FYI: If you’ve seen “Her“, or about to see it, Kristen Wiig is the girl Joaquin Phoenix has phone sex with. (news via @JimmyKimmelLive )  Jeff Vennard (@JeffVennard)
1/10/14, 10:09 PM  @jdharm And the dude pretending to be a chick he hangs up on a moment earlier is Bill Hader.

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Week of 12.30.13 – Best of 2013

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Replay of Michael J Fox was in studio plugging his new TV show. He said Eric Stoltz was supposed to be in Back to the Future, but he must not have been cheesy enough or rolled his eyes, so he got the part.  He had been making Family Ties, and they didn’t want to let him off to do the picture, but the 2nd time they asked, they let him go.  He’d been making Teen Wolf, which Michael says was a low-budget metaphor for puberty.  It was a hit because it was released after Back to the Future.  Afterwards, he felt he owed the producers of the show, so he stayed on the show.  Howard said it was crazy to watch this big movie star in this TV show.  Michael said if he was smart, he wouldn’t have been on TV telling Mallory to get off the phone.  Then at 29, he was told he had Parkinson’s, and had only 10 years left to work, so he took any job he could.

Get My Grandpa Laid contest sponsored by Bad Grandpa.  Whoopi Goldberg was in studio talking about the Color Purple and Ghost.  Paul McCartney was in studio and Howard asked him about writing the theme song for Live and Let Die.  He said he was asked to write it only, but Paul said no way, he wanted to write and then record it with Wings.  He read the book on Saturday, then wrote the song on Sunday.  Robin Thicke was in studio and said his wife is in the new 2 Guns and it was her idea to do a scene topless. He also wrote the closing song in Despicable Me.  Derek the Actor called in, and Fred plays the music from Mars Attacks!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in studio promoting Don John, which he stars, wrote and directed for only $ 3-4 million, which was half the budget of 500 days of Summer.  Howard said he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen, as it really shows how guys watch pornography. Joseph says it also shows that she watches as much romantic comedies as he watches porn, so that neither one can really connect with real people.  We’re all used to one way satisfaction and are addicted to TV.  He was in 50/50 which was rated R, and he wanted to make this an R movie so that they can talk how they really talk.  Howard says Tony Danza is amazing as his dad.  Joseph said he played his dad in 1993 in Angels in the Outfield.  Howard asked him about the rumor that Christian Bale told him during the filming of The Dark Knight Rises not to do his own movie – Joseph said that was not true – it was Christopher Nolan, the director of that movie and also Inception.  He didn’t tell him not to make it, just asked him if he was really sure he wanted to do it all: write, direct and star. He got real pumped up during this movie, like it was a part time job.  He used Channum Tattum’s trainer.  Gained 12 pounds of solid muscle.  He didn’t feel that great though.  He felt much better during the filming of a movie where he played a bicycle messenger.  He had to ride a bike every day and felt really healthy. He had known he wanted Scarlett to play the lead.  He went to see her while she was filming Avengers and wanted to talk to her about it before she read the script. The end of the Batman movie implies he is going to become either Robin or Batman, so Howard asked him if he was upset he wasn’t asked to play the new Batman.  He said no, that he had made a trilogy, and it’s over.  The new Batman will start another story.  When Howard asked what TV he watches, he said Louis CK makes brilliant half hour movies.  Joseph was in the TV show 3rd Rock From the Sun as a kid.  The final year of the show he decided to go to college and the producers were generous to let him out.  He went to Columbia College and got tons of  pussy because he was famous.  He has trouble thinking if he’s getting attention from girls due to being famous or do they like me? His inspirations were Hal Ashby movies Harold and Maude, Shampoo and Being There and Woody Allen movies.  The first role he had in a movie that broke was Mysterious Skin, Brick, Looper and the Lookout. He played Lincoln’s son and Howard asked him about the stories of Daniel Day-Lewis always staying in character and how weird it was.  Joseph said he’s not always Lincoln, just stays in the voice and the mood.  He received a handwritten note on old parchment paper by quill and ink from him – he’d studied the  Lincoln’s penmanship.  When Howard asked him about working with Spielberg, He says Spielberg worked with them to capture the actor’s energy on the film; he even called him Mr. President.  He was told that Daniel wanted him for the part.  Howard asked if he was going to play Dr. Strange and he said he’s not up for that.

Seth Rogen is in studio, and Howard tells him that This Is The End is really good.  It’s about Seth Rogen and James Franco with a bunch of other empty-headed Hollywood people at James’ house when the world ends.  Howard says James Franco plays a guy who is constantly ready to suck Seth Rogen’s dick, as Seth’s the writer who gets James all his jobs.  Howard asked if their real life relationship was like that, and Seth said it goes both ways.  Howard asked Seth about the story that Barbra Streisand’s son was jealous of her relationship with Seth during the filming of The Guilt Trip. Seth said that James Franco really drank piss, like Divine ate shit in Pink Flamingos, which Howard saw when he was high at a midnight showing and it was too much for him and freaked him out.  Emma Watson from Harry Potter movies is in Seth’s movie and he says she’s really small and very pretty, though he realized she was going to be hot in the first Harry Potter movie.  Seth called that the pervy moment for the world when everyone realized she was going to be hot.  Seth said she was great in the Perks of Being a Wallflower.   Howard asked Seth if he was worried that he might get an X rating for this movie, and Seth said they’d heard that Team America got their sex scenes by the censors by filming it much more graphic than they wanted, knowing the censors would tell them to tone it down to what they wanted originally.  Seth said there is a scene where the devil is fucking Jonah Hill and they show his penis, so they decided to make it very large and veiny, and the censors let it pass.  Howard guesses the reason is that it was a monster dick, not a real one. Howard watched it on his iPad.  Seth said his movie is coming out the same weekend as the new Superman Man of Steel movie, and they talk about how ridiculous it is that they’re telling the same Superman story of him growing up with the same farmer father to instill values and the same villain.  Howard says he hated Behind the Candelabra , the Liberace movie.  He says it’s a hatchet job written by Boober making Liberace look like a vampire that fed on the blood of young boys.  Said it was a piece of shit.  Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe and Matt Damon were all great, but the movie was shit.  We don’t learn anything about why Matt Damon wouldn’t have just said “fuck no” when Liberace told him he wanted Boober to have plastic surgery to look like Liberace.  Howard said there was no back story explaining their relationship, it’s just about him being gay. The movie Super 8 is the movie that gave him the bad rep with the movie studios because the advance copy they sent him never got back to the studio, and now he can’t get another advanced copy.  Jason Kaplan said the movie Pineapple Express is the first movie that spoke to him.

Katie Couric was in studio.  Howard was asking her about dating after her husband had died, and wondered if she’d need to do a Jack Nicholson Something’s Gotta Give by going and seeing all her old boyfriends and apologizing.  He also asked her if her husband made a tape for their daughters before he died, and she said that they’d seen My Life with Michael Keaton where he does that long before they knew her husband was ill, and it destroyed her.  During his illness, they always had hope, and she said whenever they got more bad news, she always said to him they would beat it, and never would have asked him to make a tape.  That would have been admitting he was dying.

James Franco was in studio to plug Spring Breakers.  He says he thought Spring Breakers would change cinema the way Tree of Life  did years before. Howard said it looks pretty fucking hard core and is looking forward to seeing it.  He talked about hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway the year he was up for 127 Hours.   Said Colin Firth won that year for The King’s Speech.   He was going to do a bit dressed as Cher in Burlesque, but it was cut.  He talked about losing the lead roles in Spider-Man and  Seabiscuit both to Tobey Maguire.  Sam Rami asked him to take the role of Spider-Man’s friend.  He had to think about it, as the only other good and successful superhero movie up to that point had been Tim Burton’s Batman.  So the news was reported that he was thinking about taking the role, and he heard Howard and Robin talking about it on the air, calling him an asshole and saying “James Franco has to think about taking the friend role in Spider-Man.  Yeah, right!  What’s he got going on?”  Howard said that probably James Franco was too good looking to play Peter Parker.  Again, Howard said he loved Your HIghness.  James said he went to school with Danny McBride and they used to sit around and make up names for movies, and they came up with that one.  James talked about James Brolin in  Goonies, being a good bad guy with his severe face.  He talked about getting his big break in Freaks and Geeks,  and then his role in  Pineapple Express,  which Robin said was a great movie.  James didn’t like his movies Tristan + Isolde, Annapolis, Flyboys, and Whatever It Takes,  He said he got the role in Milk  after Sean Penn saw him in James Dean,  He started smoking and wouldn’t speak to his family for 3 months while becoming James Dean.  Said it was weird in Milk having to kiss Sean Penn, but it really was just kissing like another human being, just the beard felt weird.  He said they went all out with tongues and everything.  Howard asked if he always stays in character like Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln and then Howard told the story of the time he’d been on The Larry Sanders Show,  and Garry Shandling had to talk to the staff to see if his character would eat yogurt.  Howard wanted to scream, just eat the fucking yogurt.  James said he’s still friends with Tobey Maguire, who’s making  The Great Gatsby,  now.  They talked about the director of American Beauty.  that he was in Detroit for 6 months filming  Oz the Great and Powerful, and that the dad on Your Highness  is also the dad on  Game of Thrones,   Howard told him the guy who wrote  Pretty Woman was also going to write Fartman at one time.  James Franco was in Freaks and Geeks with Robert Davi, who was in Goonies  and The Profiler  Says he’s a great bad guy, has a severe face, which Robin called acne.  That’s where he met Judd Apatow.  Howard asked if he stayed in character like Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln.  He said he does if he needs to learn an accent.

David Spade was in studio.  He talked about working with Chris Farley in Tommy Boy and Black Sheep.  He said that Chris Farley had been offered Jim Carey role in Cable Guy, but had signed a 2 picture deal so couldn’t do it.  He said Grown Ups was the highest grossing film, so now they made the sequel.  David said that Chris’ movie career hadn’t been going well, as Almost Heroes with Matthew Perry didn’t do very well at the box office.  David also talked about Eddie Murphy being pissed for years about his SNL’s Hollywood Minute joke he did about Eddie Murphy after the movie Harlem Nights bombed, “Look, kids, here’s a falling star!”  He also got booed when he joked about Jim Carey over-acting on Ace Venture, as everyone loved Jim Carey and that movie.  David said that he doesn’t like watching Joe Dirt when it’s on, as it’s not a good one.

Mike Tyson was in studio, and when Ratso, his biographer came in with a beard, they jokingly called him The Bad Seed.  The movie of his one-man show, Undisputed Truth, will be on HBO on Saturday night.  Bobo called in scared because of some medical tests, and Robin said he sounds like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and they play the “you can act like a man!” from Godfather.  Bill Hader of SNL was in studio.  When Howard asked him about his audition, he asked him if he’d seen A Chorus Line – it depicts the worst audition process. It’s a cold room, the ones you’re auditioning for have seen all the greats and no one laughs.  Bill said he makes good money from voice-overs, and Howard said Shrek‘s Eddie Murphy does the donkey in his basement and makes millions of dollars.  He’s going to be in  The Skeleton Twins with Luke Wilson.  He’s also going to be in The To Do List. Gary brought up My Favorite Year when he was talking about how awkward it is when the writers have to talk to someone else to to relay a message.  Jimmy Kimmel was in studio and said he’d seen the new Star Trek Into Darkness  movie and it’s great.    Eric the Actor’s call was once again underscored by the Mars Attacks! soundtrack.

Jon Hein Tweeted:      Jon Hein (@jonhein)  1/1/14, 11:00 PM   Saw Wolf of Wall Street w/my better half. It’s long, but well worth seeing. And I thought WE were a crazy couple from Long Island.

Ralph Tweeted:  RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME)  12/30/13, 12:44 AM   NO, but I’m in the middle of LONE RANGER and it’s surprisingly good “@KStock98: Ralphie Cakes! Did you see 47 Ronin? It sucked.”

And then from also from JD:  I’ve always liked the show “Eagleheart”, but this third season has been fantastic. Crazy and hilarious.

During the Shuffle, talking about Gary’s audio book.  Fred played 2001 music when talking about Gary’s typing. Talking about his list of what he’d want to listen to on a desert island, Howard wanted to know where he would play the records?  Fred said he’d invent a coconut turntable, and then Robin wondered if they would use the bird’s beak as the needle, like in the Flinstones.

Richard Christy (@cwotd)
1/3/14, 7:56 AM
“@eljefekenney: @cwotd theyre showing the Thing at my local theater in PA tomorrow @colonialtheatre” Lucky! My fav film 2 watch in the snow

1/3/14, 12:10 AM
Just caught up on THE GREAT @FrankDarabont ‘s #MOBCITY REALLY GOOD, better and better every ep. and of course GREAT WORK by @jonnybernthal!  & RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME)
1/3/14, 12:03 AM
NOT GR8 on ANY LEVEL #aBITofaSTUMBLE “@Robnite1972: @RobMichaels420 last Thor wasn’t gr8, but in Marvel Universe it’s a gr8 add on…”

JD Tweeted:  JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  1/4/14, 1:55 PM  Thank you to @jonhein for pushing me to watch the French movie “The Intouchables“. I loved it. Highly recommend.

Week of 12.23.13 – Best of 2013

Thanks for Mark’sFriggin.com ‘s complete rundowns of every show.

Replay of Jerry Seinfeld’s interview when he came in to plug his new series.  Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  He’s been in the Bee Movie and the series Seinfield, . Howard said that his favorite Seinfeld episodes are when Kramer gets the Merv Griffin set for his living room, when George takes off his bathing suit and reveals his small penis and the masturbation episode. Howard asked if Rosie O’donnell had auditioned for the Elaine part, and Jerry couldn’t remember as there had been so many people that auditioned.  Larry David had left before the final 2 seasons, and Jerry said he probably could have continued the show longer if Larry had stayed, but that it worked out great.  He says he has a great sense of timing with his comedy and life and knew it was time.  He was grateful that Larry left when he did because it gave him the chance to run the entire show by himself for 2 years.  It was crazy but he did it. Howard said it was great that Jerry hired Michael Richards for Kramer, because he had been this crazy comic who was great on the Fridays show, but no one knew how to put that comic genius to work and use his talent correctly.  Jerry said that Michael took that character to the limit and he was great. Howard said another comic who hasn’t had that kind of chance to show his genius in TV or movies is Martin Short, and Jerry said he could have done the Kramer part well, too, but Michael was brilliant.  He talks about making it big, and he enjoys the Shawshank Redemption slog of stand-up.

Robin revealed her battle with cancer, and said she had been unable to watch Breaking Bad during his chemo treatments, as she was going through the same.

Yucko the Clown was on plugging his show Brickleberry on Comedy Central. He was supposed to be on Fox following The Simpsons, but they put on Jonah Hill’s short-lived cartoon Allen Gregory.

William Shatner was in studio, and they talked about Star Trek.  Howard said James Spader is great in The Blacklist, and William said he was always great in Boston Legal and could memorize the lines instantly.

Metallica was in Studio talking about their 3D movie Metallica: Through the Never.

Howard said that his favorite Seinfeld episodes are when Kramer gets the Merv Griffin set for his living room, when George takes off his bathing suit and reveals his small penis and the masturbation episode. Howard asked if Rosie O’Donnell had auditioned for the Elaine part, and Jerry couldn’t remember as there had been so many people that auditioned.  Larry David had left before the final 2 seasons, and Jerry said he probably could have continued the show longer if Larry had stayed, but that it worked out great.  He says he has a great sense of timing with his comedy and life and knew it was time.  He was grateful that Larry left when he did because it gave him the chance to run the entire show by himself for 2 years.  It was crazy but he did it. Howard said it was great that Jerry hired Michael Richards for Kramer, because he had been this crazy comic who was great on the Fridays show, but no one knew how to put that comic genius to work and use his talent correctly.  Jerry said that Michael took that character to the limit and he was great. Howard said another comic who hasn’t had that kind of chance to show his genius in TV or movies is Martin Short, and Jerry said he could have done the Kramer part well, too, but Michael was brilliant.

Jason Bateman was in studio to plug Identity Thief.  Howard hasn’t seen it yet.  They talked about his role in Juno, which he said he had turned it down before his kids talked him into doing it.  They talked about The Switch with Jennifer Aniston. Howard and Robin said that was a funny movie, and Hancock, which Howard said didn’t do well, but Robin said it had done well at the box office.  He asked Jason what it was like kissing Charlize Theron, but he said he was so nervous he couldn’t remember, though when pressed, he did say that he was sure he didn’t have a boner.

Louis CK was in studio, and he talked about auditioning for a Woody Allen movie coming out soon Blue Jasmine.  Howard said he’s a weird guy and talked about Mia Farrow finishing her last movie with him even after they broke up, Husbands and Wives.  Louis said he didn’t get the part he auditioned for, Dice got it.

Quentin Tarantino was on the Shuffle plugging Jackie Brown  He said he had to have Pam Grier for this part. He brought her back from obscurity.  She was the woman he thought of because, growing up, she was cool and hot, in charge and poised.  She’s in her 40′s but looks in her 30′s, which is how he pictured this character.  She has the ability to play it cool. He said that the fact that the money only cost $12 million to make, so there’s no way it’s going to bomb.  He’s off the success of Pulp Fiction  When asked about the use of the “N” word in his movies, he said he went to a movie by a black director, and the dialogue had a white man saying “I’m going to get this African American actor for this part” and he said people don’t talk like that.  He writes like people speak.  Howard asked him about Spike Lee’s criticism of him, and he said that Spike Lee can write the Johnny Cash story, that’s fine.  He’ll watch it and either like it or not; he doesn’t need to go around bad mouthing it.  He said that Spike Lee is also screaming about Amistad; he’s just an angry guy. Howard told him he heard that Donald Trump went into Amistad with a girl hoping for a makeout movie, and after 20 minutes came running out.  Quentin said it was like that Seinfelt episode where they made out during Schindler’s List.  In another segment, Howard said he’s fixated on the Coolio song, Gangster’s Paradise, like the guy in Dangerous Mind.

Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong from Revenge of the Nerds were in studio.  Howard asked them if they’d seen Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a recent nerd movie.  Howard said them acting in that movie was like Sean Penn doing Fast Times at Ridgemont High, their agents must have told them it would be a horrible movie for them to make if they were serious actors, but for each of them it turned out great.  Curtis Armstrong had also been in Risky Business, which he said was a good movie, and Howard said it was a great movie.  Robert Carradine’s father was John Carradine, who was in some of the greatest movies ever made.  Howard asked him to name some, and he said Stagecoach, Grapes of Wrath and Captains Courageous.  They said Anthony Edwards stopped them from making Revenge of the Nerds III, as he turned it down to do the TV series ER.  Robert Carradine likened his brother David’s death to the movie Argo, the fact that it won’t be solved.  Howard said David’s suicide never made sense, as his career was just revitalized and was taking off after his role in Kill Bill & Kill Bill: Vol 2, so agreed it must have been a homicide.  Howard has made fun of his death for years, as he was found bound like he had been masturbating and practicing auto-erotic asphyxiation.  Robert said there was no way he could have bound himself like that, and there were footprints around his body, so he knows someone else strangled him trying to make it looks like a self-inflicted accident. Lena Dunham was on the phone, and said that Judd Apatow had seen Tiny Furniture, and that’s how she got the job in her TV series Girls.

Alec Baldwin was in studio to plug Blue Jasmine.  He and Howard made fun of Sharknado and the Lone Ranger; said he would have liked to continue 30 Rock, but after Tina’s 2nd baby, she wanted to stop the long hours.  Alec had also worked with Woody in .Alice and To Rome With Love.  Alec says Cate Blanchette was one of the best actresses now.  Howard said he had worked with  Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated, Howard said he liked that movie, but Alec says that was just a romantic comedy.   Alec says Howard’s house is a combination of Xanadu and the opening sequence of Citizen Kane with all the animals. Alec worked with director Adam Shankman on Hairspray and Rock of Ages, but then Howard mentioned The Shadow, and how much he liked that movie, but it tanked.  Alec said he really admired Daniel Day-Lewis with his performances in Lincoln, My Left Foot and The Age of Innocence, and how he handles his personal life.

Mark Wahlberg was in studio to plug his new movie directed by Michael Bay, Pain & Gain.  He’s going to work with him in The Transformers next.  He said he only comes in to plug movies he really believes in.  Last time he was there was for Ted which was so successful they’re working on a sequel now. Says he’s also in Broken City.  Mark said he played a father in Lovely Bones and Howard and Robin said that was a great movie.  Howard was talking about Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thornton, and said When We Were Kings, the story of the Mohammed Ali/George Foreman, was an amazing story.  Mark said he had an agent that was like the one in Broadway Danny Rose and he had asked him to do something a charity that Jerry Sandusky was on the board charity, so now Mark researches everything before he associates himself with it.    Howard said Mia Farrow finished filming Husbands and Wives with Woody Allen after the scandal broke between her daughter and Woody.

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm) Tweeted:  12/23/13, 4:16 PM  “American Hustle” is David O. Russell’s best film yet. My dad even stayed awake through whole thing. No higher praise than that.

Jon Hein (@jonhein) Tweeted:  12/23/13, 3:03 PM  My Top ’13 TV-10 Rectify 9 Veep 8 Justified 7 HouseofCards 6 OrphanBlack 5 GoodWife 4 MadMen 3 BoardwalkEmpire 2 GameofThrones 1 BreakingBad


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RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME) Tweeted:  12/25/13, 3:58 PM  Watching another of my #favXMASflicks, THE REF…GREAT and HIGHLY UNDERRATED @KevinSpacey MOVIE


Jon Hein (@jonhein) Tweeted:  12/23/13, 3:03 PM   My Top ’13 TV-10 Rectify 9 Veep 8 Justified 7 HouseofCards 6 OrphanBlack 5 GoodWife 4 MadMen 3 BoardwalkEmpire 2 GameofThrones 1 BreakingBad

JD Harmeyer (@jdharm)  Tweeted:  12/23/1