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Week of 5.23.16 – On Vacation. For complete rundown of shows, visit Mark’s Friggin.

Week of 5.16.16

Show opens with Howard happy that the Kaleesi from Game of Thrones got naked last night. He hasn’t seen it yet, and he’s sure she’s caving to the pressure he’s been putting on her to get naked again. He’s wondering what he can make her do next? Jimmy Kimmel was in studio and they talked about his movie Windy City Heat. Howard said it was a great movie. Jimmy says he likes to watch it with an audience that hasn’t seen it before. The entire movie is goofing on one guy. Howard asked Jimmy if he watches himself on reruns of Win Ben Stein’s Money, and he said he doesn’t. Howard got an advanced copy of X-Men: Apocalypse. He said it was great.  He again said that if he doesn’t like a movie, he won’t tell people he saw it, but he’ll tell if he likes the movie. He wants the studios to keep sending his these advanced copies. He doesn’t want to turn off that spigot.

Howard got to see the advanced copy of the season finale of Banshee, and loved it. He still likes Outlander, 3rd season, or there was a question that maybe he was confused with HIghlander? And he liked Dr. Ken. He says Supergirl is starting to look like all the other shows on TV. He thinks it needs to be darker. Fred started Wednesday’s show with a clip from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Weird Al was in studio, and they talked about his movie that bombed at the box office, but is now a cult classic, UHF. On the Wrap-Up Show, they said they liked the movie. They talked about a great movie that has Anthony Perkins in it, where he plays a mass murderer. Adam Sandberg was in studio to plug his new movie, Popstar. Howard got to watch the first 25 minutes and then the tape died. He said what he saw was hysterically funny. Adam was also in Hot Rod that he claims no one saw, and in MacGruber, The Watch, which Howard said was good, cause they kept it going.

Steve Martin was in studio. Howard said his favorite scene of the movie The Jerk is the part when he’s suddenly got lots of money and is in a restaurant and complains that all they’re serving is old wine – “Don’t you have anything made this week?” Steve said it started out as an idea from his act that he was born a poor black child. He had remembered that it got bad reviews, but looking back, it did get some good reviews. Talked about his first film, a short called The Absent-Minded Waiter, which he won an Academy Award. He said he talked to John Belushi after John had made Continental Divide. John had been so proud of his acting in that one, and wanted to do more, and then he died soon after, within a few months. They talked about his other movies 3 Amigos, Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, Pennies From Heaven, L.A. Story, Shopgirl and Roxanne. Howard said they were all good movies.

Week of 5.9.16

Howard still hasn’t seen Batman vs. Superman. Robin says it’s really great. Howard says anyone not watching this season of Banshee is really missing out. Robin said she’s watching the Louis CK Horace and Pete and says it’s really good. She also said the new Captain America: Civil War is really great. Howard hasn’t seen that yet, either. Robin sings a song about her breasts from “Breast Side Story.” David Spade was in studio to plug his new NetFlix show Do-Over and his last one, Ridiculous 6.

Week of 5.2.16

Talking about Prince dying over the week Howard was off. Howard saying the greatest movie soundtracks were Purple Rain and 1989’s Michael Keaton’s Batman. He says movie and soundtrack just blew his mind, and that’s when he became a huge fan. The story goes that Tim Burton went to Prince and asked for one or two songs. Prince came back with the entire soundtrack, and he used sound bytes from the film in the songs, which was revolutionary at the time. Howard said he gets his news from TMZ-they have everyone on his payroll and within 5 minutes of Prince’s death, they knew all the details. Howard talked about the controversy on Live With Kelly and Michael and later talked about Ronnie’s guest appearance on Limitless.

Nicole Bass was in studio, so Fred played the sound effects from The Munsters and Young Frankenstein. Chyna also passed away while they were on vacation, and Howard talked about her making Illegal Aliens. It was a horrible science fiction movie, and he said that Chyna was the worst actress ever. Chyna had been in studio to plug the movie when it came out, and had claimed that Anna Nicole Smith come on to her during the filming. Howard said he likes the new Dice show, at least what he’s seen. He saw the first episode and thought it was pretty funny. Fred played Mission: Impossible music when hearing the story of Robin spilling coffee.

Rob Reiner was in studio. They talked about his films: The Sure Thing, which Howard said is one of the best movies ever, A Princess Bride, A Few Good Men, Spinal Tap, When Harry Met Sally, North, which got panned by the critics, and his new one coming out Being Charlie that his son co-wrote and stars in, and one he’s working on that’s now in post-production, LBJ. Also talked about his dad Carl and the Dick Van Dyke Show and The Jerk. Robert Downey, Jr. was in studio to plug the new Captain America: Civil War with Iron Man, which Howard is really excited to see. He says it’s on track to be the highest grossing super hero movie ever.

Week of 4.25.16 – Vacation Week, and 20 Years of Sal on Howard 101 Sternthology.

Replay of David Spade and Tom Arnold interviews. Click Archives or search for movie titles. Also check Mark’s Friggin for this week’s complete rerun show content,

Week of 4.18.16

Howard still hasn’t seen Vinyl, even though Olivia Wilde has a nude scene in it. He’s still upset at the Kaleesi from Game of Thrones for not being naked. Howard said he saw the new movie Sing Street is really good. It’s like an old John Sayles movie. Howard and Anderson Cooper really like Peaky Blinders. Howard still loves Housewives of Beverly Hills-can’t get over the size of Lisa Rinna lips. Why would a beautiful woman look in the mirror and decide to make their top lip as big as the bottom one? A caller talked to Howard about how beautiful the girl Electra is in Daredevil. Says her name is Elodie or something like that. Only a beautiful girl could get away with a name like that.

Katherine Heigl was in studio. They talked about her movies My Father The Hero, Knocked Up, That Night (Howard said he’d never seen it, she told him to watch, and he didn’t say anything), Under Seige 2, Bride of Chuckie, Bug Buster with George Takei, 27 Dresses and her TV show Gray’s Anatomy. When she was 14, she was in My Father the Hero, which Howard said could never get made now. It’s about a girl who pretends her father is her boyfriend to make another guy jealous. She said she was sorry for bad mouthing Knocked Up, saying it was sexist while she should have been plugging it, and should apologize to Seth Rogen, but that it was too late. Howard said she should, even if he doesn’t accept the apology, because she’ll feel better.

Howard said he watched all 4 seasons of Girls and thought they were great. Both he and Robin thought the finale was kind of weird. Howard liked the last Fantastic 4 movie. Robin said Confirmation about the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill controversy was really good. Howard said he won’t watch it because it’s history.

On Twitter: Jason Kaplan tweeted in response to Jason Kaplan Fan Club about the show Flash revealing the identity of the Iron Mask: The. Best. Show. Can’t wait (I’m pretty confident with my pick, but we’ll see!)

Tweet from Steve Brandano: When the Mayor bust out a gun three times his own size, you know you’re watching Banshee (side note the new guy fights with a sword)

Week of 4.11.16 Announcing 30 Million Sirius Subscribers!

Show opened with a parody of the movie theme song Nine to Five “Ronnie’s 95”. Louis CK was in studio talking about all his shows he’s working on: one with Steve Buscemi that you can get on the internet  Horace and Pete;   Baskets, with Zach Galafanakis, a new one he’s working on with Albert Brooks, and one with Pamela Adlon and working with Doug Stanhope. He talked about his old show Louie. A caller asked Howard if he really thought Calista Flockhart on Supergirl was being filmed through a filtered lens. Said she looks to good, and the camera looks different. Howard said he’ll check it out, but he does think Callista is beautiful. Ronnie has filmed an episode of the TV version of the movie Limitless. He’s playing an FBI Agent. Benjy will be in Sharknado 4.

Howard still can’t believe Dirty Harry isn’t on NetFlix. Robin said maybe Clint Eastwood won’t release it, because he wrote and directed it. Howard said that no, he was just an actor in those. Howard got a recommendation from Shadow Stevens to watch Peaky Blinders. Robin said she’d told Howard about it awhile ago. Howard said it’s really good, like the Sopranos at the turn of the century and they’re killing everyone. Robin said the historical dramas like The Tudors and the Borgias are really good, and they’re killing everyone, too. Howard said he won’t watch them. Howard said Dice’s new show is pretty funny. He and Robin are looking forward to Suicide Squad.

Ice Cube from Straight Outta Compton and Barbershop is in studio to plug his new movie Barbershop: The Next Cut. Ice Cube is in 3 of the top grossing black films of all time. Robin guessed the films were Friday, 21 Jumpstreet, which Howard said wasn’t a black film. Gary said the other top grossing black films he was in were Barbershop 2 and Are We There Yet? He was in Boyz in the Hood and 3 Kings. Juliette Lewis was in studio. They talked about Cape Fear, Benny and Joon, Natural Born Killers, Husbands and Wives, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, The Othere Sister, Too Young to Die, The 3rd National Lampoon Vacation Movie, and now is the subject of a Michael Rappaport documentary, Hard Lovin’ Woman about her life. Michael also did the Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life.

Howard loves all the fighting on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He says Gotham is excellent-he loves Paul Reuben, who plays the Riddler’s father. He also says Paul Reuben’s new Pee Wee Herman Pee Wee’s Big Holiday show on Netflix is really funny.

Tweet from JD:  Finally finished “People vs OJ Simson” and agree with almost everyone else that it was the best thing on TV so far this year

People vs OJ Simson on IMDb

Week of 4.4.16

Howard loved the finale of The Walking Dead last night. Robin said it was good, but they didn’t need to take 1-1/2 hrs to get there; she said that they shouldn’t stretch it, but Howard did like the show, but wasn’t happy with the ending, either. He and Robin have been sick, so they’re binge-watching all their favorite shows:  The Good Wife, Daredevil. McCarthy is in studio to plug her new movie The Boss. Howard said she can call her own shots now since her shows Gilmore  Girls, Mike and Molly, her movies Spy, Tammy and Bridesmaids and the remake of Ghostbusters, which will be released in July. Howard is still upset at Game of Thrones Kaleesi not getting naked anymore after the first season. Gary said in the 2nd book, which would have been the 2nd season, her dress is described as having one breast hanging out.

Jon Cryer is in studio to plug his new book. He was in the TV show Two and a Half Men  with Charlie Sheen and also worked with him in Hot Shots. He was in Pretty in Pink. He was really excited when they cast him in Superman 4, but it turned out to be a bomb. He was going to be working with Gene Hackman and Christopher Reeve, but it was a different company making the movie and that was famous for making bad movies, and Jon said there was a reason they were known for that, because it was awful. He talked about being offered to read for a part in Reservoir Dogs. He said he read the script on a flight and just didn’t get it, because the script’s all over the place. Then later when he saw it with Steve Buscemi in the role, he said it was great and he was disappointed with himself for not getting how brilliant the script had been.

Week of 3.28.16 – They’re Back!

Howard talked about the death of Garry Shandling and how much he loved his work – how he got the “Hey, Now!” from his Larry Sanders Show, which Howard was honored to be asked to be on to play himself. Howard didn’t watch the old It’s Garry Shandling’s Show, but thought it must have been great. He played the theme song for that one. Garry played Senator Stern in the Iron Man movies, and Howard was told that was in homage to him. Howard would like to believe that. Howard finally saw Creed, and says it’s fantastic. He now understands why Michael Rappaport was so upset that Sylvester Stallone didn’t win the Oscar and got beat by the guy in the Bridge of Spies movie. He says everyone in it deserved an Oscar, even the fighter, but Robin says he was one of those black guys who didn’t get nominated.

Robin said Batman v Superman is really good. She says Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever. Howard said Ben said in an interview that his 4 year old son knows he’s Batman, but he thinks the Fed Ex guy is the Joker, so Ben paid him to be the Joker for his son. Howard said Batman v Superman is getting bad reviews, but Robin said she really liked it. She said Ben is the best Batman so far. Jason said he liked Ben Affleck in the role, but was really disappointed in the movie, saying it was long and the first two hours dragged. Robin said at least they didn’t go back and do the back story of Batman, and it made her really want to see the Justice League. Jason said he had gone really hoping to like the movie, but couldn’t. Howard thought it was because he ate all the way through the movie, and Jason said he started with the pretzels dunked in cheese during the previews, which he finished before the previews were over. Jason later tweeted: “I feel really bad for shitting on Batman v Superman. Don’t let that stop you from seeing it. So many cool scenes, worth seeing in theater.”

Howard and Beth went to the premier of Steve Martin’s Broadway musical Bright Star and said it was great. He loves Steve Martin, says he’s a genius. He says he loved his book Enter Standing, and his movies The Jerk, Roxanne and 3 Amigos and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.Howard said Daredevil is excellent. Said he binged-watched 5 episodes yesterday. He said he went to bed watching the show and woke up to turn it right back on. Robin said despite what Howard said about J-Lo, she really liked the show Shades of Blue. J-Lo has a bad wig, but she’s actually good, and Ray Liotta is great. Howard said it must be good, because it was renewed for a 2nd season. Robin said she also liked Downton Abbey. Robin said Walking Dead is also excellent. Howard agreed. Jason, Howard and Robin like Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow (Robin didn’t like this one as much as the others) and Supergirl. Howard really likes the show Girls. Benjy will be in the next Sharknado movie.

George Lopez was in studio to plug his new show Lopez. Howard asked him about his first show, George and then the show George Lopez. George says he’s not a good actor, so he always plays himself. Robert Duval called in, talking about the Lonesome Dove reunion. Robert said that was his favorite role ever. They talked about other movies. He said he liked Dallas Buyers Club and Straight Outta Compton. Howard said he didn’t like it, Robin liked it and Robert said it had some good things, but he didn’t understand it. Howard asked him if he knew what the letters NWA stood for. When he explained the “N” word, Robert said he didn’t like some of the Tarrentino movies that use that word all the time (DJango Unchained, which Robin also didn’t like), but did like the Nazi one (Inglorius Bastards). Howard said that Brad Pitt was his best in the vampire movie (Interview with the Vampire). Robert said he liked Brad Pitt in the movie Snatch where he played the gypsy. Said that was fantastic. He also liked the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild, and he’s trying to find an actress like the girl in that movie for his next project. He liked the Daniel Day Lewis movie The Boxer.

Deadpool is the highest grossing R rated movie, passing Matrix Reloaded. It needs another million in box office in North America to beat American Sniper. Patty Duke died, and Howard thought her greatest achievement was being married to Gomez from the Addams Family. Howard said that was the greatest character ever on TV. She played Helen Keller in the Miracle Worker, then later played Anne Sullivan in the remake. Howard loved her in the Patty Duke Show, where she played identical cousins.

JD Tweeted: This past episode of “Girls” called Panic In Central Park….one of the best stand alone episodes of the entire series.

Image by David Glantz

Image by David Glantz

Week of 3.21.16 Vacation Week – Check Archives for past shows

Talked about Avengers: Age of Ultron Reran interview with Jeff Bridges.

Tweet from JD: This was awesome. @NorahJones killed “He Needs Me”. Forgot how great this movie is. pic.twitter.com/vnrdSFMDkg  Punch-Drunk Love

Also from JD:  Louie Anderson as the mom in “Baskets” is one of the best things on TV

Week of 3.14.16

Show opened Monday with a clip from Blue Velvet. Howard says he tried to get those old Dirty Harry movies on Netflix. Says he loves those old movies, but couldn’t find them. Robin said the latest Walking Dead was really good. They both said they love House of Cards. A fan called in to ask Howard if the hole in Robin Wright’s neck on that show was distracting from her beauty. Howard said no. On Tuesday, Howard said he had a great night Monday watching Arrow, Walking Dead and the Bachelor. He says the vocal fry the woman has on the show is so irritating. He says Donny Wahlberg came out of the closet as a Bachelor fan, too. Robin said she saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and loved it. Howard said he’s not watching the People Vs. OJ – he lived through it and is over it. Everyone knows OJ’s guilty, and Howard’s just glad he’s in prison, even though it’s for another crime.

Sally Field was in studio. Sally’s mother was an actress that guest starred on lots of TV shows and had a role in Man From Planet X. Howard said he and Beth saw Sally’s latest movie Hello, My Name is Doris and really liked it. He says the trailer for the movie is awful, because it doesn’t look like it would be any good, but they loved it. Howard said Gary liked it, too. He talked about her first TV Show Gidget when she was just 17, then took the role in Flying Nun because her stepfather thought she should take it. He says you don’t know if you’ll ever work again, so take this job. She said she didn’t even read the scripts ahead of time, because she didn’t want to be doing that. It was the late 60′s when all her contemporaries were protesting the war and marching, and she was in this awful TV show and no one respected her. It was the same for Spider-Man. She didn’t need to read the script because it was a one dimensional role for Aunt Mae just like the Flying Nun. She didn’t like the movie, but says she doesn’t like those kind of movies anyway. She took it for a friend who was doing her last movie. She got her first movie role after her TV roles was in Stay Hungry. She said she really had to right for that role, coming out of TV comedy. Then Sybil was after that.  She won her first Oscar for Norma Rae and then a 2nd one for Places in the Heart. They talked about Lincoln , Forrest Gump, Mrs. Doubtfire and Soapdish, which later on the WUS Gary said was one of his favorite movies. When she was filming Murphy’s Romance she said she had the best kiss ever with James Garner. She said her worst experience with a costar was with Tommy Lee Jones during Back Roads. She likes him now, as they worked together again on Lincoln.

Olivia Wilde was in studio to plug her show Vinyl, which Gary says is really good. She was in Cowboys and Aliens, which didn’t do well at the box office, which Howard says just goes to show you never know. It should have done well: it had Hans Solo and James Bond and was produced by the Iron Man director plus was produced by Speilberg. She was also in Tron with Jeff Bridges, who she says really is the Dude from Big Lebowski. Again, it should have done well at the box office, but it also tanked. She was in Skin, which she says was the worst show ever. She did In Time with Justin Timberlake where she played his mother in his first movie. She was in The O.C., playing a lesbian. She was turned down from a role in Wolf of Wall Street because they said she was too old.

Week of 3.7.16

Howard played Ronnie’s proposal with a song parody from Jerry McGuire. Then a commercial for Bettlejuice as James Bond. Howard said he and Beth like to watch romantic movies – not the comedies. He said he’s seen some really bad ones, but can’t remember the names of them. Talked about Michael Rappaport maybe was over acting his upset over Sylvester Stallone not getting the Oscar for Creed. Michael was on the WUS and totally denied that. He said the old Rocky movie was his Jimmy Hendrix. Michael said he got to work with Stallone in Cop Land. Gary said he wishes more people would see that movie, because it’s so good.

John Goodman was in studio. Howard says the new John Goodman movie 10 Cloverfield Lane is really good, and John Goodman is fantastic. Howard said he doesn’t want to talk about it, because it’s a thriller, and you don’t know if he’s a good guy or not. John is sober now, and said he was drunk during most of the filming of The Big Lebowski and toward the end of Rosanne. He was also in Revenge of the Nerds and Monuments Men. He said he didn’t hang with George Clooney and all his guys during that filming, but did ride bicycles all around with Bill Murray. George Clooney had bought everyone on the film bikes. John just got back from Vietnam, filming a new Godzilla movie with the girl from The Room. He said that was so good that he told his wife while he was watching the movie that if he ever meets the guy in that movie, he’ll kill him. He was also in Monsters, Inc. Howard asked him about being in the worst movie ever, The Wrong Guys. John said you needed to blame Belzer for that one.

Howard talked about the movie that he couldn’t remember the name starring Jennifer Connelly and Ellen Burstyn and was directed by Darren Aronofsky that he and Gary really liked. I looked it up and it was Requiem for a Dream. He says he really likes the stuff Darren Aronofsky does. Howard says he misses the show Boardwalk Empire.

Sasha Baron Cohen was in studio plugging The Brothers Grimsby. Howard says he loved it, and didn’t want to give away too many of the gags, so they didn’t talk about specifics. Other than the special effects for the elephant vagina and finding that McDonald’s Special Sauce was the best liquid to use for elephant semen, and they used tons of it. Howard has loved all his movies, Bruno and the Kazakhstan movie and his old Ali G interviews, that Howard said reminds him of the old days when he’d get nervous doing those live goofy interviews that could go horribly wrong. Sasha said Howard was his inspiration.

Week of 2.29.16

Howard said that the new Sasha Baron Cohen movie, The Brothers Grimsby is really funny and really stupid. Totally ridiculous, and is his kind of movie. Howard still says Gotham is great, so is Walking Dead and Dead Pool. Ronnie says Billions is great, but Howard and Robin haven’t seen it yet. Howard and Robin hated Mad Max, Fury Road. Howard said it was like Fast and Furious set in the Desert. They can’t believe it won all those awards.  Howard says he’s seen cartoons with more vision. Jon Hein disagrees, that the setting and cinematography were amazing. Yes, Jon said that maybe the story was the same as before, but you go wanting an action movie, not a great story. Gary said he needs to finish watching it won all the awards. He didn’t think it was any good, either, just over an hour of a car chase. Howard said he couldn’t get through half of Joy; thought it was terrible. Robin liked it.

Tina Fey was in studio talking about her new movie Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Tina said this was based on a real woman’s story. She was single and decided to take a chance and go to the Middle East and become a reporter. She said that any woman who’s a 4 over here becomes at least a 7 over there because all women are covered. Howard said he’d never do that. Tina said she wouldn’t either. Howard again said how much he liked Mean Girls, and how bad the sequel was because Tina didn’t write it or wasn’t in it. Tina wouldn’t say it was bad, but didn’t say she liked it, either. She said they had asked her if she wanted to be in it, and she was busy at the time. Howard said that Sisters had been really successful.

George Kennedy died, who Howard said was in the Airplane! movies, and another one that everyone should see, Cool Hand Luke. He said George Kennedy was the best example of the advice his father gave him: to not go to school to go into show business. This guy started out as a consultant on the Phil Silvers Show just because he was in the service. Howard said he could just image what Laurence Olivier, who studied Shakespeare, was thinking when this guy won the Oscar. Peter Frampton was in studio and they talked about his rush to fame and some of his bad decisions. Howard didn’t bring it up by name, but on the WUS, Gary and Jon talked about him doing the movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band was one of the decisions that kind of killed his career for a time.

JD Tweeted:  “Amy” is good….but “Look of Silence” was robbed for Documentary feature #Oscars


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