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Week of 3.20.17 Vacation Week

JD Tweeted two thumbs up for Train to Busan.

Week of 3.13.17

Howard watched Edge of Seventeen over the weekend with Beth and really liked it. It had the girl that was in the remake of True Grit. He said it was like an old John Hughes movie about a girl who is furious at a friend for dating her brother. Robin said she was watching The Bastard Executioner and saw singer Ed Shearan as a monk, which turns into a conversation about other rock stars who’ve tried acting, but usually aren’t any good, Mick Jaggar and David Bowie. Eddie Vetter was in Singles, Hawaii Five-0 and Breakint Point. Robin pointed out that Cher won an Academy Award for Moonstruck and Little Steven was great in Supranos and Lillyhammer. Howard said he heard Ed Sheeran was going to be in this last season of Game of Thrones, which is going to only be 6 episodes. Robin said she watched the Roger Ebert documentary, Life Itself, and said it was really good. She said it was an amazing love story. Howard had seen that before and he agreed that it was a great movie about Roger. Talking about Richard drinking, and said he was in the back of the theater mixing coctails during the showing of Big Lebowski.

A caller asked if Howard was watching Legion. He said he thought it was too much work. He doesn’t like shows where the people don’t know they have superpowers, and the guy can’t fuck his girlfriend. The caller said the last episode was great, but Howard said he won’t watch it, even though he usually watches most Marvel Comics shows. Again, Gary denies watching The Bachelor, but everyone says he’s lying. Robin’s news, talking about top movies at the box office, and Howard again said he liked Fences, Moonlight and LaLa Land. Robin said she Moonlight was so depressing, but Howard said it was a good coming of age story. Howard and Robin still want to see Get Out; Gary says it’s really good. It’s a horror story with racial overtones. Howard and Robin haven’t seen Logan yet, but have heard it’s good.

A fan wrote to tell Howard he would like Lego Batman. He said the writers must be a fan, because there are a few show references. Howard said he might give it a try. He didn’t like the TV show Batman because they didn’t take the comic seriously, and he thought the Lego Batman was the same, but now he’ll try it. Adam Levine was in studio. He co-wrote a song for the movie Sing Street. Howard said he loved that movie. Adam said he did, too. Adam’s version of a song written by the guy who used to be in the Young Radicals for the movie Begin Again was nominated for an Oscar. Robin again told Adam how good he was in that movie.

Week of 3.6.17

Playing a retrospective of Wendy, the Slow Adult, and her love of Freddie Kruger movies, especially Nightmare on Elm Street. Howard finally saw Hacksaw Ridge, even though he hates Mel Gibson. He wanted to see it, because he’s been reading a lot about WW2, and he hates the fact that he loved the movie, but it was good. Gary said he liked it too. Robin watched Doctor Strange because of Howard’s recommendation, and she really liked it.  Howard was asked if he saw the documentary on Magnus Carlson, the chess player, said he hasn’t, but talked about playing him online once and loosing badly. Robin said she tried to watch it, but didn’t get far. Talking of Eric the Actor’s birthday, Fred plays the music clip from Mars Attacks! On the WUS, they had an actress from Netflix’s Love.

Talking with Memet Monday morning about his dating, and his offer from a man to pay to watch him have sex:


Image by @DavidGlantz3

Week of 2.27.17 They’re Back Live.

Oscars were last night. Howard said he watched Fences and Moonlight yesterday, and was so depressed. He said Lion, Fences and LaLa Land were both better movies than Moonlight. Moonlight is good, but the other films were better. He said Denzel should have won best actor. He did a really good job in the role. Nicole Kidman was better than Viola Davis in Lion.  But both movies reminded him of high school. It was an all black cast, and they were both about kids who are bullied and treated badly. He said it was so depressing. He said Viola Davis was also great in Fences. Howard said LaLa Land was good for a musical. Robin said she didn’t want to watch it, because Emma Stone can’t sing. Robin says Split is really good. They talked to MrSkin.com about his anatomy awards. On the WUS, Gary and Jon said they liked Captain Fantastic. John Melloncamp was in studio and he said he directed and starred in the movie Falling From Grace.

Week 2.13.17 and 2.20.17 President’s Day Vacation Weeks Go To MarksFriggin.com for a complete rundown of shows, and then look up movies by letter here across top of page.

Rob Reiner’s interview was rerun. Talked of A Few Good Men, Princess Bride, Stand By Me, Spinal Tap Misery , The Sure Thing, Being Charlie and When Harry Met Sally.

Week 2.6.17

Talking about yesterday’s Super Bowl, Howard said it was like Friday Night Lights-things like that are only supposed to happen in the movies. Lena Dunham was in studio. Talk of Tiny Furniture and Girls. Howard and Robin both saw HBO’s Becoming Warren Buffett and thought it was really good. Howard liked the new 24 show, but thought they were a little loose with the time frame. He said he couldn’t watch Riverdale, but is watching the History Channel’s Six about the Navy Seals. Robin thinks that one is too violent.  Says Howard would love the Vikings. Howard’s anxious to watch the Legion on FX. He doesn’t like Legions of Tomorrow-doesn’t like time travel shows.

Talking 2001, a Space Odyssey  when Robin talked about a Siri who said “no” to its owner’s orders. Wendy the Slow Adult has no teeth, so she swallows and throws up to eat. Howard said she has the same eating habits as Brindle Fly. Howard said the kids from Stranger Things were being interviewed, and they were really weird, tall sounding like JD.

Week of 1.30.17

Movies discussed: Searching for Bobbie Fisher (Robin loves), Elephant Man (Howard loves), The Shallows, which Howard doesn’t really want to see, but has heard that Blake Lively is in a bikini through the movie, Split, which they say is about time M Night had another hit movie and The Town. Howard was glad Stranger Things won the SAG award for best ensemble acting, even beating out Game of Thrones. Talking about Charlie Sheen and 2-1/2 Men. Robin and JD say the documentary on National Lampoon, Drunk, Stoned Brilliant Dead is really good. Howard talking about Johnny Depp going broke, and all the bad movies he’ll have to do now: Pirates of the Caribbean 14, Sharknado 7, Mighty Ducks 12… Talking of Memet’s locking himself away, Howard said he would be like Lon Chaney in the Wolf Man chaining himself to his chair overnight. Ralph and Robin both really liked Sully. They said it was really good, but agreed with a pilot that was on the phone that he wasn’t a hero for what he did; all pilots are trained to handle that situation, and he was just doing his job. Howard is still watching Flash, Gotham and Super Girl.

Week of 1.23.17

Bachelor talk and vocal fry.

Week of 1.16.17

Himie the Robot died from Get Smart, which Howard and Robin loved as kids. Howard and Robin both said the Rolling Stones in Brazille (Rolling Stones, Ole Ole Ole!) documentary is awful. It’s all about how great he and his fans are. Really boring. He says it’s the worst documentary ever. Matthew Mcconaughey  was in studio. They talked about getting his first role in Dazed and Confused, and A Time to Kill, and Dallas Buyers’ Club. A fan called in to correct Howard about the guy’s name in The Fly was Brindle Fly.

Week of 1.9.17

Howard was talking about the Golden Globes the night before, and he can’t imagine how Mel Gibson was sitting in audience and no one said anything about how awful he is. Howard and Robin said they loved him in Braveheart, but this guy’s a monster. Howard said Casey Affleck’s movie Manchester By the Sea is depressing, and Robin shouldn’t watch. Howard said La La Land is the only movie Robin is allowed to watch. Robin is watching Sense8, Howard is watching Westworld and the Bachelor. Robin said Funny People is really good. Ronnie liked Manchester by the Sea and Fences. Howard hated Arrival; said it was boring. Talked about Ronnie’s guest starring role in Limitless and how the character in Dexter was always able to find evidence. Howard liked Sing Street; Robin couldn’t get through it. Neil Patrick Harris was in studio and they talked about his first role in Clara’s Heart.

Week of 1.3.17 Monday NY Holiday, Back Live on Tuesday

Robin said she liked Rogue One. Howard asked Robin what the most romantic movie ever, and she said When Harry Met Sally. He said, no, it was Pretty Woman. It has all the seduction scenes and it’s great. Robin said it’s a good movie, but it’s so unrealistic. It’s not what real hookers look like. Real hookers look like Benjy or Sumner Redstone, not Julia Roberts. Robin said businessmen don’t look like Richard Gere, either; they look like either Benjy or Sumner Redstone, too. Howard said they should remake the movie with Benjy playing both the male and female roles. Howard said the girls on the new Bachelor all have that vocal fry. “Jessie Ventura” took over Gary’s office and said that Laurence Fishburn has been giving us messages through Matrix and Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

JD Tweeted: Tough movie to watch, but Morgan Saylor in “White Girl” gives on of the best performances from this past year

Week of 12.26.16 Best of Satellite Years

Week of 12.19.16 Best of 2016

Jason Kaplan Tweeted:  Best part of Rogue One is Vader. Worst part is name-checking “Rogue One” in the movie. Overall decent, not great.

Week of 12.12.16 Christmas Spectacular Specials

Week of 12.5.16

George Takei is in studio. Talking about Star Trek, Pat Morita in Karate Kid. Howard said the movie Lion is really good.

Week of 11.26.16 Back from Vacation

Howard was ranting about how bad things were for poor women before abortion was made legal. Robin said if you want to know how bad it was, watch the movie Vera Drake. Howard said he can’t watch that. He said women of means have always had a way to get an abortion, but poor women had no choice but to go to somewhere where they risked their lives to get one, and it’s crazy that they’re trying to make abortion illegal again. Howard said he was interviewed for a documentary made about Dr. John Sarno called All The Rage. He said that everyone needs to see it because America is in a epidemic of pain. Howard again talked about watching the entire The Sopranos again and Beth found him laughing like a lunatic like Robert DeNiro in Cape Fear.

The guy from Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was on. He was also in The Good Wife, Gray’s Anatomy, Watchman, Magic City, Supernatural, PS I Love you. Howard likes Amazon’s Man in the High Castle, XMen Days of Future Past. He said Jeff the Drunk was like the guy from District 9 with the bad arm.

JD Tweeted: Just watched a movie called “Fort Tilden” and really liked it and think @brideylee was really great in it and so I recommend it.

Week of 11.21.16 Thanksgiving Vacation Week (All Request Tapes)

JD Tweeted: Kinda weird to say it but “Arrival” is a beautiful Alien movie. Complete opposite of “Independence Day“. Highly recommend it.

Week of 11.14.16

Howard still hasn’t seen Doctor Strange, but has heard a lot of good things about it and he has always loved the comic. Talking about Ronnie the Limo Driver’s only security training was watching The Bodyguard. Kathy Griffin was in studio. She was in the series Suddenly Susan. Robin’s news talk of Celine Dion and Titanic. Talk of Ronnie the Robot led to talk of Robocop.

Week of 11.7.16 Election Week

Robin said she saw The Man Who Knew Infinity and said it was really good. She said it was about a guy who came up with a bunch of mathematical equations in the 30’s and they are still being proved today. Howard said he’s not interested in seeing it. JD said he saw the movie Commando over the weekend after recommending it to Howard and said it was still great, though a little cheesy.

Ralph Tweeted: Just watched an EXCELLENT & INSPIRING doc on @DuffMcKagan   Seems like a good dude, Glad he survived! “It’s So Easy and Other Lies” @Netflix


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