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Week of 8.17.15

Robin says the series Tyrant is really good and talks about what’s happening in the Middle East. Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, Seth Meyers are coming in to plug their new series Documentary Now. Howard said he saw one about a fake punk rock band, and it was really funny, much like This is Spinal Tap. Talked again about the Chris Farley documentary I Am Chris Farley – how he was so great, but couldn’t write. He was so great, that everyone wanted to write for him. Bill, Seth and Fred say that no one in their years on SNL had that kind of energy, except maybe Keenan. Howard said that Trainwreck did so well, Bill Hader is considered a leading man now. Bill Hader did a voice in Inside Out. Howard said he hasn’t seen that yet, and Seth and Fred say it’s a great movie. Took 5 years to do because Pixar rewrites constantly. Howard played a guy impersonating the guy from The Fly singing a song for Robin, and Howard said Brindle Fly is his favorite character in a movie ever. Robin says Blunt Talk is really great.

JD tells Howard that Straight Out of Compton is really good. He says Sal’s afraid to go see it at a theater, and will wait to see it at home. Howard wonders if it makes JD think about when he was in school. Did he hope that someday he’d be able to fight back like in the movie?

Week of 8.10.15

Talking about meeting Orlando Bloom; Howard said he doesn’t know his movies. Robin said he was in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (Howard didn’t see) and Lord of the Rings (says he saw only one). Howard said he still hasn’t seen I am Kate. Howard said he can’t recommend The Strain enough. It is so good. Guillermo Del Torro does an amazing job. He also loves Ray Donovan with Jon Voight and Liev Schriever. He says Jon Voight is the best actor ever. He was amazing in Midnight Cowboy a million years ago and is still good. Robin says Falling Skies is also really good, if you don’t mind the guy with the rubber head. It’s almost a throwback to Lost In Space. Alien is so bad you feel like you can’t watch it anymore. They’d find a shoebox and turn it into a weapon. When it comes to the Von, it’s right off the set. Looks like something you find from Starbucks. They run out of money and everything is like McGuyver. Banshee is great, but the best is still the Bachelor. Howard nd Robin loves Justified with Michael Rappaport and he’s in 24 with Louis CK.

Week of 8.3.15  Vacation – Mammory Lane

Week of 7.27.15

Howard said he hates sitcoms. Robin said that Mom with Allison Janney is really funny. Gary loves The Big Bang Theory. Howard said Last Man on Earth is ok, but he’s not be able to finish it. Gary also likes Masters of Sex. Howard said Beth watches it, too. Gary says there’s nudity and fucking in each show. Robin likes Orange is the New Black, Howard doesn’t like it. Howard likes The Good Wife and Robin’s not seen it yet. Jeff Jarvis called in and said Unreal is great. Benjy’s in Sharknado 3, which Robin said is really bad. They had a discussion on how it could be better, and Howard said Robin obviously put more thought into the show than the producers. Elephant Boy was in studio and said he saw 3 Headed Shark Attack with Denny Terrio (did he mean Danny Trejo?). Howard saw the new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (they were wrong; the new one’s called Rogue Nation) and it’s really good. Robin loves the entire series and also Tom Cruise. Howard said they’re against The Syndicate; Get Smart was against KAOS, and 007 series is bringing back their nemesis Spectre. They played a reviewer who hated Pixels, which was #2 at the box office last weekend. Robin said Max Mad was awful. The new guy lost it. JD said that it was the same guy who did both movies. Ant-Man was #1 at the box office. Robin said she really liked it. She didn’t like the comics, but thought it was a great movie.

Alec Baldwin was in studio to plug Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. He got a role in a sequel to a successful series of movies in Spain, Torrente 5 but the one he was in tanked.  He got his start playing a doctor in a daytime soap opera to getting the role in Knotts Landing. Then he got the Jack Carter movie, Hunt for Red October, and they gave sequel to Harrison Ford. He met Kim Bassinger on the set of Marry Me. He did Mercury Rising as a favor to settle litigation. He was in Malice, Good Shepherd, Departed, Beetlejuice, Usual Suspects, Married to the Mob, and Concussion, which is coming out later this year. He wanted the part in Goodfellas, but Ray Liotta got it instead. He said that’s the only movie he sees that he didn’t get that he knows the guy who got the part did it better, and he told Ray Liotta that, and Ray agreed. He tried out for Batman and didn’t get it.

During Robin’s news, she reported on an escort who shot her client in the head. It was discovered later that this guy ad been a serial rapist. Howard said it was like a Quentin Terrintino movie, even better than Pretty Woman. In the movie it would be a great happy ending. They’re making of movie of the TV series Man From UNCLE, which Howard loved. Guy Ritchie is directing, and Howard thought he didn’t like him, but then Robin reminded him he’s done some good movies like Snatch and the Sherlock Holmes movies, so Howard was happy that it could be good.

Richard Christy rated the best Halloween movies

Week of 7.20.15

Caller said Ant Man was good. Howard said he’d tried to get rights for that movie from Marvel about 15 yrs ago.  He said he’d always loved that comic as a kid, though it was never popular. Later, Paul Rudd was in studio talking about the movie. Michael Douglas is in the movie, too, and he accidentally says Howard Stern instead of Howard Stark. They ended up re-shooting the scene, but Paul said he’d gotten a Baba Booey in the movie Wanderlust. He was in Halloween 6 and then had a chance for a part in Clueless. He said his agent knew he was a huge Daniel Day Lewis fan, so he told him that Daniel would have chosen Halloween 6 over Clueless. He read the script and didn’t know it was good, but he knew that he’d wanted to work with the director Amy Heckerling, who’d done Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He was also in 40-year old Virgin and Role Models. Paul said it was crazy working with Michael Douglas. He loved him in Falling Down. He was in a movie with Jack Nickelson playing his father. They’re making a sequel of a movie he made 15 years ago Wet Hot American Summer, where he played a high school kid and was too old then. He’s going to play the same age.

Howard said he loves the shows Falling Skies and Transgender Kids, where there are 5 year old boys thinking they’re girls. Robin’s news talking about the opening of the American Embassy in Cuba, and Howard said everyone should show up wearing a big beard, like Woody Allen did in Bananas. Howard and JD say the movie Kung Fury is really funny, and you can watch in on line for free. Alex Rocco who play the Mo Green character in the Godfather died over the weekend. Howard said that’s his favorite movie of all time. Howard said when Francis Ford Coppola first saw Alex, who was Italian, he said, “I’ve got my Jew!” Alex said he didn’t want to play that part, but Francis said he’d be perfect in the role, so he took it and was great. His character got a bullet in the eye on a massage table.

Robin said Jurassic World is no good. She liked the parts when he eats people and the big fight in the end, but the rest is awful. Robin said there’s a great documentary on Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea. Jake Gyllenhaall was in studio. He’s in the new movie Southpaw, which Howard and Robin said is really good. It’s written by the same guy who wrote Sons of Anarchy. Howard said it’s a great fight movie, and he loves fight movies. Robin said that in the movies is the only place you can actually see a good fight. Jake got into real good shape for the role. His first role was as a kid in City Slickers with Billy Crystal, then Brokeback Mountain, October Sky, Donny Darko and Bubble Boy with Beetlejuice. Robin said her favorite movie of his and his best performance is in Nightcrawlers. His next movie is Everest. His parents wouldn’t let him be in Mighty Ducks after he got the role because he was just about to enter junior high, and he remembers crying at the kitchen counter.

Week of 7.13.15 Vacation Week – History of Howard Stern Special

Talk of Ryder, PI, Private Parts and Weekend at Bernie’s when talking about OJ. A clip of an interview with Warren Beatty talking about the first movie Howard saw of his, Bonnie and Clyde and Robin said the first time she knew of him was in Splendor in the Grass. The movie he was in to plug has Halle Barre. Talking the making of Private Parts. Howard said the director of Rocky and Joe, one of Howard’s all time favorite movies was going to be the director, but then that didn’t work out.

Sternthology – Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in to plug Don Juan and talked about his movies 50 Days of Summer, and another one Howard says was his favorite.

Week of 7.6.15 Vacation Week – History of Howard Stern Special

Talking about the Channel 9 Show; Howard going to the premiere of the horrible Sgt. Peppers


Jason Bateman interview played. Talking about Horrible Bosses, Arrested Development, Bad Words and Juno.

Week of 6.29.15

The show started with a clip from Serial Mom shouting at JD. Thinking of Nicole Bass fighting with her boyfriend, Robin said it made her think of seeing Jurassic World over the weekend, and the best part is the 2 huge dinosaurs fighting. Fred played the theme song from The Sting today because of a sting pulled on Bobo. Amy Schumer was in studio to plug Trainwreck, and thanked Howard for getting her on Judd’s radar. Howard said he saw Trainwreck and really enjoyed it. He wanted to know who dresses her. He said in the movie she shows lots of skin. She said the lady who dressed her for the movie really nailed her character. Her clothing always makes you feel uncomfortable thinking that she forgot her pants. Amy says she loves and watches the Bachelorette, too, and actually did a “Chat-lorette” podcast that she send to her friends.

Howard said he watched the new season the The Strain and says Guillermo Del Toro has a great take on vampires. He said every season has been great. He also saw Band of Brothers and says Robin needs to see it, it’s really, really good. Robin saw Jason Alexander on Broadway in Fish in the Dark, taking over Larry David’s role. Robin said he’s even better, but Howard says he won’t go back to see it again. Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills which is one of Howard’s favorite shows. He says he never misses it. He’s had Camille Grammer and Brandi Glanville in studio a few times and loves that their the antagonist for the show. Says every reality show needs an asshole, and their the ones who play that role. It’s like the human body-without an asshole, it dies. He says being a reality show star must really suck. This time a sting was pulled on High Pitch Eric, and as punishment, Howard took away his walk on role for Blue Bloods.

Howard says he asks all the bad acts on America’s Got Talent if they were in the Spice Girl movie, Spice World. He says he’s always goofing on Mel B during the taping of the show, and it’s always cut out. Robin said that Terminator Genisys is getting bad reviews. Howard said that doesn’t affect him; he’ll definitely go and see the movie. Robin said she will, too. Howard said when he meets women, it’s like Danny DeVito in Twins. While they’re talking about it, Fred plays clips from Rodan.

Week of 6.22.15

Talking about the Brian Williams’ Matt Lauer interview. Howard said he should be made to walk naked down Times Square with Robin behind him ringing that bell, like in Game of Thrones. Robin said he was going to turn into that crazy guy in Network. Howard said Seth MacFarlane will be in studio to plug Ted 2. Howard and Robin loved the first Ted with the Teddy Bear. Robin said she was surprised that his western, A Million Ways to Die in the West, didn’t do better, because it’s really funny. Howard said he never did see it. Talking about Jim Carry’s episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Howard said he and Jim were going to do a movie together someday, but now says he’ll never do another film, because he has no time. Robin said she will someday; she’ll take over the Robert Duvall role in The Judge where he’s so old he’s shitting his pants.

Seth MacFarlane was talking about his R-rated comedies with CGI. He said during that time he started, Old School and Knocked Up R-rated comedies were coming out to prove they could make money. Seth can also recite lines from all the Star Treks. He was inspired by The Simpsons, which Howard still says he’s never made it through an entire episode. He wanted to remake and modernize the Flinstones, but realized Family Guy was already doing that. The Ted sequel was going to be about running drugs, and then We’re The Millers came out with almost the same story. He had to rewrite the movie, which was great, because it turned out to be a better movie. Seth says he does love slapstick comedy; loves Jonathan Winters in the gas station scene from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad Mad World. He also used to date the Kaleesi from Game of Thrones.

Angelina Jolie’s talk about children’s suffering. Howard says she’s an actress, right? Wasn’t she in Tomb Raider? Act excited about it! Jurassic World is #1 in box office for 2 weeks in a row. Robin wonders why they didn’t think to dig up those dinosaurs again to make a movie. Bobo was on the phone talking about his calls from the Egyptians and his code names. Howard said it’s straight out of Dumb and Dumber To. Perez Hilton was in studio from Big Brother in the UK.

Channing Tatum is coming in to plug the new Magic Mike. Howard said he loved him in that wrestling movie, Foxcatcher. Said he should have gotten an Oscar nomination for that one, but Steve Carell did instead. Channing was in GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra, but says he says he “fucking hated that movie.” Howard liked it. says he doesn’t ask much from action movies, so didn’t mind that the plot was kind of thin.He loves over the top action movies. Channing said he’d been a huge GI Joe fan and didn’t want to play him-he wanted to play one of the other characters, but they wanted him as the main guy. Howard said that movie had been written for Mark Wahlberg, but then he was considered too old by the time it was made, so Channing got the part. He was advised against doing 21 Jump Street, as no one thought this was a good idea. The TV show really wasn’t good, and no one was looking for a movie about it, and he was too old to get away with being in high school. But Channing knew that was part of the joke, and had wanted to work with Jonah Hill.  Howard said he liked the show. Channing said he’d liked it too, and Friday the 13th was another show he liked as a kid. A lot of people had passed on the role, and Jonah told him that it was a terrible idea, but that he thought he’d be great in it. Channing said one of the ways he learned how to act was to audition for parts he knew he’d never get. He auditioned for No Country For Old Men. He knew he was 15 years too young for the part, but wanted to meet the Coen Brothers and it worked out, as he’ll get to work with them later. He got to be in Coach Carter and got good reviews, but Channing said it was because he was the token white kid.  And then he was in Dear John and then got to do The Dilemma with Ron Howard.

Arnold Schwartzenegger was in studio to plug Terminator Genisys. Howard and Ralph loved it. Howard says it’s fun and the 3d is great, not distracting. Ralph says Terminator 2 is the best one. Arnold got the part in Terminator by telling James Cameron how the part needed to be played-like Yul Brenner did in Westworld: A robot would be able to put a gun together without looking at his hands. Finally James told him he should play him. Arnold started in Pumping Iron, then Conan. Howard says Total Recall is his favorite Arnold movie. Kindergarten Cop was made, proving he could do comedies, and then Twins. He wanted to make that one. He sat with Ivan Reitman thinking of who would be the exact opposite of him, and they thought of Danny DeVito. He said they’re actually going to make a sequel, where they find out there was a third baby, and it’s going to be Eddie Murphy. Howard and especially Ralph were really excited to hear that. Howard said the Arnold zombie movie Maggie is great. Arnold said that was a tough one, being a parent and playing the part where he has to kill his daughter before she turns into a zombie.

Week of 6.15.15

Howard loves last night’s Game of Thrones. Said there was a ton of nudity. Robin said the people she wanted to see suffer did, and Howard said he was happy to see some people go. Then on Tuesday, they said it was released that the naked lady made to walk the streets with the bell was really a body double. Howard thought that was terrible. He wanted to see the actress, not a body double. They played a parody of Taken (Sal’s Cock). Jeffrey Ross was in studio plugging his new HBO stand-up special that was taped in a county jail. Howard says it’s brilliant. They were talking about Mexicans being short, and Howard said that Danny Trejo Machete guy is huge.

Judd Apatow in studio to plug Trainwreck, opening in July. He heard Amy Schumer on Howard’s show and knew he wanted to work with her. Howard loved his movies, especially Bridesmaids and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. They also talked about some of his other movies: Funny People, Pineapple Express, and Anchorman.

Week of 6.8.15

Talking musicals. Howard says at least the King and I had some great songs like Shall We Dance. Fred played sounds of growling from Ed Wood. David Spade was in studio talking about the sequel to Joe Dirt. They talked about Tommy Boy, Black Sheep and the SNL 40th Reunion Special. JD’s gripe of the week was the announcement that they’re remaking .

. He says if they’re going to do a remake, it better involve John Carpenter and not Dwayne Johnson. Howard played a clip of a director going on UTube complaining he couldn’t get enough money raised on Kick Starter to make Rampage 3. Howard said it’s a good thing he realized no one wants to see it. Colin Quinn was in studio and they talked about Remote Control and SNL.

Week of 6.1.15

Howard and Robin said Bloodline is great. It’s got the same guy that was in Friday Night Lights which he really liked, but Robin never saw. Melissa McCarthy was in studio to plug her new movie Spy with Jason Statham, who Robin says is her kind of guy: a guy who beats up other guys. They talked of Bridesmaids and The Heat. Robin said she’s really enjoying the Kurt Cobain documentary and she and Howard are looking forward to the Chris Farley that will be out in August. Robin loves the new series on Netflix with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie. Howard says it’s too over the top. Robin says she couldn’t get into the first few episodes either, but once she sat down and watched it, she had to watch the whole thing. She thinks Howard would like it if he gave it more of a chance. On the WUS, they had a guy that is in Hollywood Florida. Gary said it’s really good

Robert Duval was in studio to plug her new movie that he made with his wife. They talked about lots of his older movies: To Kill a Mockingbird – he’s the last living adult in the movie. He had a non-speaking role, but Robert said he did have one line, but it was cut.

Jason Alexander was in studio. He’s taking over the Larry David role on Broadway. He talked of getting the role on Seinfeld, his love of Star Trek and Network. He made a movie with Holly Hunter (The Burning), and ended up being her roommate. He was in Pretty Woman-Robin said that was the first time she saw him.

Jada Pinkett Smith was in studio. She’s in Gotham, which Howard loves. She was in Jason’s Lyric, which Robin says is a breakthrough film for black love. She will also be in Magic Mike sequel and was in The Matrix.

Week of 5.25.15 – Memorial Week Vacation

Week of 5.18.15

Robin says Pitch Perfect 2 was #1 at the box office last weekend. Howard said he’ll wait to watch it til it comes out on video. Robin agrees. It’s too embarrassing it’s so good. He doesn’t like musicals, but the original was so good, he couldn’t believe it. Robin said even men, straight men, are excited for the sequel to Magic Mike. She was with John Stamos and Jimmy Kimmel and they are both excited to see it. Howard can’t believe that. JD even says it’s a pretty good movie, but he’s not all that excited for the sequel. Howard said he’s been getting shit for saying 50 Shades of Gray is good. Howard said Mad Max has gotten rave reviews; Robin said it was ok and had a really slow start, but was only ok. She said there would have been a great part for Eric the Actor.

More complaining about Game of Thrones‘ Kaleesi not getting naked anymore. JD says his girlfriend has read the books and Kaleesi not only gets naked constantly, she’s having lesbian sex; having sex with anyone. She is going to be in the next Terminator movie. Howard says that’s probably why she’s not getting naked anymore because she thinks she’s a legitimate actress now, though Linda Hamilton showed her breasts in the original Terminator. Howard says maybe they should get Linda Hamilton to play the Kaleesi. They still say Game of Thrones is great whenever Peter Dinklage is on screen. Howard said he loved him in the train movie and Robin wasn’t sure which movie Howard was talking about. Stern Facebook Superfan Delisa Johnson Hardage said it was The Station Agent. Robin didn’t like the rape scene in the show last week-said she’s tired of this woman always playing a victim. Howard disagrees and says that’s her character. Robin wasn’t as pleased as she would have liked to be with the Avengers: Age of Ultron. Jason really liked it. Robin said she liked Avengers better than Mad Max. Howard said he didn’t like Mad Max: Road Warrior. Howard said he watched CPO Sharkey again, and Don Rickles is still great.

David Crosby was in studio. He talked about losing his girlfriend tragically when she was  only 21 a long time ago and how he never really recovered. He said he was recently watching the Fisher King and totally lost it during the scene where Robin Williams asks “Is it ok to miss her now?” He took the time to apologize to Neil Young and Daryl Hannah about the mean things he said about them getting together. He said she was great in Blade Runner and Splash and then felt bad, because who was he to criticize her? He’s been to prison! David’s father was the Oscar-winning cinematographer on High Noon. David had wanted to be an actor and got to work with Steven Speilberg in the movie Hook.

Jim Brewer was in studio talking about the 40th Anniversary of SNL. He said he was really excited to see Leonardo DiCaprio, who he’s been a big fan of way before Titanic. Said he was great in This Boy’s Room with Robert De Niro, and Howard and Robin agreed. They also mentioned What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and The Basketball Diaries as being great movies that Leonardo was really good in, too. Robin said she loved the first few seasons of Mad Men, but that it limped to its ending. On the WUS, Jon said he loved Mad Men.

Week of 5.11.15

Jimmy Kimmel was in studio for the entire show on Monday. Howard asked him if he’d ever slept with a black woman, and he said no, but said he was in love with the Kaleesi’s maid on Game of Thrones. Alex Trebek, host of Jeopardy, was in studio. Ex Machina, Avengers and Hot Pursuit all did well at the box office last weekend. Howard tried to get Ralph to see Avengers with him on Sunday, but Ralph was too busy with his 3 I-Watches. James Taylor was in studio and talked about his movie Two-Lane Blacktop. He said it was too painful for him to watch-not that it’s not a good movie, just how bad he was. He was definitely a non-actor in that. Howard said he will have to watch that again, and James he won’t join him in that. Sternthology played the clip from Ed Wood: Karloff? Karloff doesn’t deserve to smell my shit!

Howard finally saw Fifty Shades of Gray and loved it. Said he loves Dakota Johnson and the guy was pretty good, too. Howard said she was supposed to bite her lip from the book, but Robin said she was terrible-looked like she bit her lip only when she was reminded to. Robin said again it was terrible, and Howard said you have to remember that she liked Last Action Hero, so he can’t listen to her movie reviews any more. Robin said she still thinks that movie is good.  MMA fighter Rhonda Rousey was in studio. She was in The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone, who she said was really nice to her. She’s also been in F5. She said her mother was a Judo master and would jump out at her to keep her on her toes, like Kato in the Pink Panther movies. Howard wanted to know about her personal Mr. Miagi (from Karate Kid). The new Pitch Perfect movie sequel is opening this weekend, and the staff is all excited to see it. Robin said it was so bad, but she cried in the theater at the end. Howard said he cried, too, but he had the decency to do it at home. Howard tells Benjy to “Act like a man!” from Godfather.

Week of 5.4.15

Sofia Vergara was in studio. She’s in Modern Family and in the plug Hot Pursuit with Reese Witherspoon. Sofia says if it does well, it’ll will be like Fast and Furious and they’ll make 8 of them. Howard talked to Vinnie about the Late Night With David Letterman special that will be on tonight. Howard’s going to watch the documentary on HBO Montage of Heck about Kurt Cobain.

Week of 4.27.15

Goofing on Gary who went to the Washington Correspondents’ Dinner and asked Bradley Cooper if he’d say “hello to his table”. Robin asked if he also asked him to do a scene from Elephant Man or American Sniper? Howard said he hasn’t watched the Kardashian show, but will watch Bruce Jenner’s reality show. Avengers got rave reviews. Robin says something’s got to take Fast and Furious down as it’s been #1 forever. Howard says Gotham is one of the best shows ever, along with Dancing With the Stars because of Rumor Willis. Says they interviewed Bruce Willis and Howard says he now thinks he’s the guy in the Die Hard movie because of his affect.

Robert Downey, Jr. is in studio. They talked about Kingpin, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man, Daredevil, The Judge, Sherlock Holmes. Jason says the new Avengers is awesome. They all say Vincent D’Onforo is great in the Daredevil and will be in the remake of Magnificent 7. Ryan Phippe is in studio. He’s in Secrets and Lies series one season only. Beth says she loves the show but will stop watching after Ryan leaves. Ryan put a Baba Booey shout out in his movie Catch Hell. He says he feels old, as now they’re remaking some of his older movies. They’re releasing a Director’s Cut of 54, and Ryan says it’s really so much better than the original cut of the movie.

Week of 4.20.15

Howard and Beth loved Ex Machina. Robin saw Monday night and agrees with Howard-says it’s great. Ronnie loves all the Fast and Furious movies, though he hasn’t seen the latest one yet. Howard doesn’t get those movies-he’s seen 2 of them. Howard loves this guy’s other movies like Riddick.  Talking about Liza Minelli being famous for being Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz‘s daughter. Howard said she was also really good in Arthur, Cabaret and The Sterile Cukoo. Howard loves the Daredevil series and Fantastic 4 – even the bad one. Rumor Willis was in studio, and Howard told her how much he loved her parents’ movies, talking about Ghost, Fifth Element, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard (all of them) Howard likes the show Last Man on Earth.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  OK, @Daredevil OFFICIALLY just CATAPULTED from,  REALLY GOOD to REALLY GREAT in 1 ep!  “SPEAK of the DEVIL”  GREAT spot to UNBINGE & ABSORB

Week of 4.13.15

Howard wants to see Daredevil. Steve Brandano says it’s really good. Robin says Lucy is ok, but Howard really likes it. He’s also all caught up with House of Cards and Good wife and they’re really good. He hasn’t seen the new Game of Thrones yet, but he will. Robin said it wasn’t that good, but was a setup show for the season. Robin says Howard should see Divergent. Howard says the HBO documentary Getting Clear is really good and funny. Louie CK in studio talking Poontang and his show Louie.

Tweets from Ralph:  “@JustifiedFX: Boon. @jonathanmtucker #JustifiedFX series finale red carpet event. pic.twitter.com/uSL8t32cmX

GREAT addition to the cast!  Bummed @JustifiedFX ends tonight!
My favorite drama…after SOPRANOS.

Just hope I like this finale as much
…and RAYLAN doesn’t die!

From JD:  This was excellent and makes me want to read every issue of “National Lampoon” pic.twitter.com/rC0ZCzbo3e   and  “Batman V Superman” trailer officially released. Officially looks awesome. youtube.com/watch?v=IwfUnk…

Week of 4.6.15 Best of 2015 (So Far)

Replayed interviews with Madonna talking Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy.  Gwenneth Paltrow talked about Shallow Hal, Iron Man, Cool as Ice, Boogie Nights and Mordecai. Larry David in studio talking about  Full Metal JacketRain Man  Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Tweet from JD:  Of course. Long time ago. Loved it. RT @SarahThyre: have you seen “My Best Fiend?”

Week of 3.30.15

Howard hated Interstellar, thought it was deadly. Robin loved the movie. Howard said it was a waste of time. Robin loves It Follows-says it’s much scarier than any Freddie Kruger movie. Richard said he’s seen thousands of horror movies and this one creeps him out. Howard won’t see it because he was scared after he saw the Exorcist and thought he was possessed for a long time after he saw it. Taylor Swift was in Once Upon a Time; Fred says that Taylor Swift looks like Peter Pan. Howard still hates Birdman. Band of Brothers was really good. Howard said the movie Fall Out with Michael Douglas arriving after breakfast is so great.

Week of 3.23.15

George Takei is in studio.  Talk of Star Trek and George’s documentary To Be Takei. Ben Stiller was in studio. They talked about Night at the Museum, Meet the Folkers, Tropic Thunder and Zoolander.

Random Staff Tweets:

From JD:  This trailer for new “Mission Impossible”: *thumbs up emoji* youtu.be/gOW_azQbOjw

From Ralph:  “TOMORROWLAND” Trailer #2   REALLY looking forward to this…-CLOONEY-LINDELOF-BRAD BIRD-NUFF SAID! flip.it/wfNIk

Week of 3.16.15  Happy Ba-Ba Birthday, Gary!!

Playing the Movie Game with Ronnie, Ronnie gave clues with his one line plot lines for  Forrest Gump, The Graduate, Shawshank Redemption, Avatar, Pretty Woman, There’s Something About Mary and Godfather.  Jesse Ventura was on the phone.  They talked about the movie he made with Arnold Schwartzenegger, and wondered why he wasn’t as big a star as Arnold.  They talked about American Sniper, and how Jesse had to sue the family of the guy because he lied in his book about hitting Jesse.  Jesse said this guy is not a hero, he was just doing his job, and he’s a liar, and a person can’t have honor if they’re a liar.

Howard says Walking Dead is still the best show on TV.  He said this last week was one of the best episodes.  Hanzi said Banshee was great as well, and Howard agreed, but still says Walking Dead is the best.  They played a trailor with fake Arnold in the Predator where he fucks the maid.  Howard and Robin said they both loved the movie Dracula Untold, though Howard said they were the only two people who saw it.  It tells the story of Vlad the Impaler.  A guy was on the phone that fucked dolphins, and Fred played a Flipper parody.

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Random Staff Tweets: 

From Ralph:  VERY COOL! #BestMobMovieEVER! ‘GOODFELLAS’ Reunion to Close Tribeca Film Festival hollywoodreporter.com/news/goodfella…

From Richard:  WOW just saw @itfollowsfilm @nitehawkcinema SO SCARY! Amazing soundtrack by @Disasterpeace Horror fans MUST see this film! @DRobMitchell

Week of 3.9.15 – Back Live!

Adam Carolla was in to talk about his new movie Road Hard.  Robin and Fred saw it and said it was really good.  Howie Mandel’s in it, playing himself, and they remember he was a good actor and had been in St. Elsewhere on TV.  The last time Adam called in was to plug The Hammer, which Howard liked.  Adam said this one’s a little bit better.  Cedric the Entertainer was in studio.  Howard talked about him in the movie Kings of Comedy.  He was also in Barbershop.

Robin saw the movie Chappie and loved it.  Said if you want to see a good movie about artificial intelligence and death, that’s the movie to see.  They played a preview for Whiplash starring Gary called “Liplash”.  Howard played a clip of a sportscaster also bashing Birdman, saying it was an awful movie.  Talking about podcasts, a caller said they might as well be in their basement like Robert De Niro in King of Comedy.  Robin’s going to be hosting a Turner Classic Movie Night.  Howard asked her which movies she’s picking:  A Place in the Sun, Philadelphia Story and Born Yesterday.  Howard confused Philadelphia Story with Philadelphia and wondered why she’d pick that depressing movie, and she explained the Philadelphia Story is a comedy.  She said these are movies she watches over and over.

Madonna was in studio.  They talked with David Arquette before she came in and asked him if he’d met her, since his sister did Desperately Seeking Susan with her.  David said he was only 14, but he did get to dance with Madonna at a club during that time.  Howard and Robin said that movie’s awesome.  Howard said Madonna was great in Evita, but never got the credit here.  She wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar, though she won the Golden Globes and other awards for her performance.  Madonna agreed that performance was overlooked.  Robin asked her about working with Antonio Bandaras, and Madonna said she had a crush on him, but Melanie Griffith was with him the entire time.  On the WUS, Jon said Madonna was really good in Dick Tracy, too.  Ralph said that David Arquette’s game show, Celebrity Name Game is really good.

Sternthology:  Jason Alexander was in studio to play Butt Billionaire and to plug his directorial debut  Just Looking.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Richard Christy:  Just watched the Decker season 2 premier FANTASTIC! Jean Claude Van WHO? Decker RULES! @timheidecker @greggturkington youtu.be/h0SgQeEHRCw  and another, Great 2 see @TellEmSteveDave on the big screen @nitehawkcinema in @ThatKevinSmith classic Mallrats today for brunch! pic.twitter.com/tuLfW0DcPP

From JD:  Tonight’s “It’s Always Sunny….” has the gang on a game show and it is hilarious. Thanks to @MattShakman for letting me watch him work.    and then…:  “Night Will Fall” has the most horrifying images of the Nazi Concentration Camps I have ever seen. Everyone needs to see it. On HBO GO now.  Another from JD: This Kurt Cobain doc “Montage of Heck” looks very, very good: rollingstone.com/music/videos/w…

Random SternFacebookSuperfan Movie posters:

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 3.2.15 – Vacation

Reruns of interviews with Robert Downey, Jr. talking about Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes movies, Chaplin and Jonah Hill plugging 21 Jump Street.

Random SternFacebookSuperfan Movie posters:

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Week of 2.23.15

Night after the Oscars.  Howard said he wasn’t surprised that Birman won-Hollywood loves movies about quirky, eccentric actors, even though Howard said it’s been done many time, and so much better.  Howard said he wouldn’t watch Still Alice because it was too depressing, and said it was easier watching someone play a sick person rather than a retarded one.  Gary said Julianne Moore really was good in Still Alice, but it was exactly as Howard said, you’re watching a vibrant person disintegrate into nothing.  Howard saw the Larry David play and now is going to start to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, which Robin has always told him it was great.  Mr. Skin was in studio for his annual Anatomy Awards.

Random Staff Tweets:

From JD:  “I like to say: if you see me, you’re having the worst day of your life.” – “Nightcrawler” Perfect line.  He later said Gyllenhaal was great in the movie.  Then he tweeted:  I can’t be the only guy wiping tears away from watching “The Fault In Our Stars” as I wait for this Boxing match on HBO to start….Right?    And then:  The wonderful @robcorddry let me interview him for my Directors Special. It’s only right that I say go see “Hot TubTime Machine 2″ ASAP

Richard Christy Tweeted:  Seein the fight scene n John Carpenters They Live w a crowd @BAMcinematek is like watchin the best sportin event ever

Week of 2.16.15 – Monday Vacation – back Live Tuesday

The Stern Show released this  Fifty Shades of Grey parody movie preview,  Fifty Shades of GARY.  Robin said she saw the movie and when Howard asked her if she liked it, she said she ended up looking at her phone part-way through.  Howard said Beth read the book and said she hated it, but wouldn’t put it down.  Robin said it’s like all the great series books lately; they have a guaranteed built-in audience because so many love the books, like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games.  Because of that, they don’t spend the money to hire people who can actually act.  The actress is the daughter of Melanie Griffin and Don Johnson, which they all say you can see both parents in her face.  Robin said she tries to act like a virgin and naive by talking real slow.  Ronnie came in and said he wanted to hit the guy, because he’s such a jackass.  He didn’t believe he had all this power-he couldn’t close the deal with this girl.  Ronnie gave it 2 bush hairs out of 5.

Robin said watching Banshee was crazy because these people are living now and pretend there’s no electricity.  Howard said it’s a great show.  You can tell 50 Shades of Grey was written by a woman, but you know Banshee was written by a man!  Robin thinks Walking Dead has turned into a soap opera.  She said there’s no time for feelings during an apocalypse. She said it took one guy an hour to die.  Howard said it’s still great. They play a preview of JD as The Bachelor.  Still not sure if Benjy’s going to be in Sharknado 3 being filmed in Orlando.

Dan Akroyd was in studio, talking Ghostbusters, The Couch Trip, Saturday Night Live, Driving Miss Daisy, Trading Places,  Spies Like Us.  Howard brought in Dan’s wife, Donna Dixon, who was in Bosom Buddies and he met while filming Doctor Detroit.

Random Staff Tweets:

Steve Brandano Tweeted:  “The Guest” extremely enjoyable. Dan Stevens is all, “watch your back Gosling!

Random SternFan Facebooks movie posters:

Image by TomAdelsbach

Image by TomAdelsbach

Week of 2.9.15 – Mammary Lane

They played the Lilly Tomlin meltdown during the filming of I Heart Huckabees.  Played bit when Howard made fun of Gary playing the video game Prince of Persia based on the movie, which Gary said wasn’t any good.

Random Staff Tweets:

3 From JD:  Trailer for @amyschumer‘s movie is out. Looks good:  Trainwreck  and then:  DVR or watch Adult Swim live tonight at 12:30 am: “Dinner With Family with Brett Gelman…” It’s crazy funny. Highly recommend; and then:  “Boyhood” is beautiful. Fucking Linklater man. He’s awesome. One of the best filmmakers to ever exist

From Richard Christy:  Saw my 3 favorite films – John Carpenter’s Halloween, The Thing & The Fog @BAMcinematek this weekend. Life is Good.

From Ralph:  “DRIVE”   The BEST MOVIE 2011.   Shoulda at least been nominated.   & @AlbertBrooks for BEST SUP. ACTOR.     And, in response to @tunacancrew: how great is Banshee this season?”   s1 was GREAT!
s2 was uneven, uninspired and disappointing.   s3 just saw 2, OK, we’ll see

From Jason Kaplan on Twitter:  Finally saw The Interview and really enjoyed it (I had heard bad things). Reminded me of #SpiesLikeUs #MovieReview     And then, he responded to @baylorjoyce that’s what people told me but I chuckled my way through the entire thing,      and then:  The #KrollShow has been on an insanely great run this season. So sad it’s ending cc.com/video-clips/yp… @nickkroll

From Jason on Facebook:   Two Movie Reviews (yup, I watched two whole movies this weekend).

#1 The Interview – people told me it was horrible but I really enjoyed it. Funny, fast paced (though too long of course) and best of all streaming on Netflix. Kind of reminded me of ‪#‎SpiesLikeUs‬. Grab a smoke or a drink (or both) and have a party.

#2 Gone Girl – movie looks great, flows, the acting is good, but the ending (I haven’t read the book) was so dumb it made me not like the rest of the movie. Still, worth a watch if you’re curious.

Now, I have no actual no credentials to review movies except for the facts that have eyes, good taste and a ton of opinions. At least two of those things anyway (I hope…

Random Stern Facebook Superfan movie posters:

image by Tom Adelsbach

image by Tom Adelsbach



Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 2.2.15

Howard and Robin both loved the old movie Pitch Perfect.  Robin says she even cried during the competition at the end.  They both said there is nothing to like in this movie, but they love it.  Gary said that all the guys in the back loved the movie, too.  They’re going to make Pitch Perfect 2, so there must have been a lot of people who liked it.  Howard said the first Terminator movie was fantastic.  Now Arnold is going to be in the sequel and Howard wonders how the script will explain an aging robot?  JB Smoove was in studio from Curb Your Enthusiasm and SNL.

Howard and Robin can’t believe how stupid the girls on the Bachelor, and the Bachelor is.  He says the microphone is smarter.  One of the girls was in New Mexico and thought she was out of the country-was expecting everyone to be wearing sombreros.  Steve Carell called in to tell Howard he will thank him if he wins the Oscar for Foxcatcher.  Howard couldn’t get him to agree that Birdman was shit.  Howard says the winner has to be either him or Bradley Cooper for American Sniper.

Random Staff Tweets:

From JD:  “The Equalizer” with Denzel Washington is pretty awesome.  Nice vigilante flick.  Totally recommend.

From Ralph:  WATCH 9pm!  PT 2 @NBCBlacklist ep.   PT 1 re-airs 8pm   *GREAT/easy to follow ep. even if U don’t watch show,   Directed by THE GREYt @carnojoe!    And… “@leah_marsh: ALRIGHT.
can’t stop watching #JUSTIFIED now  …REALLY REALLY good”   NICE!   …and it gets better & BETTER!   2nd only to SOPRANOS

Random Fan Movie Posters:


Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 1.26.15

Howard said the Banshee & Justified shows are really good.  Talk about High Pitch Eric’s diet, and Howard said they need to follow him like Gorillas of the Mist and document everything he eats.  A caller says the Miss Universe costumes were like from out of the Hunger Games.  Howard again bashes Birdman-saying it’s shit, but Hollywood loves movies about movies–but the general public doesn’t give a shit.   He won’t see Selma because it’s too depressing.  Robin said that’s ridiculous-he still hasn’t seen Schindler’s List.  Howard said he doesn’t want to watch a horrible, sad movie even if it’s a great movie.  Robin wonders how he knows it’s good, and Howard said he’s been told it’s good.  He asked Robin why she hasn’t seen Selma yet and she laughed.  Howard said “Exactly!”  Robin said Foxcatcher is depressing, and Howard said it’s got wresting, so it’s a feel-good movie.

Caller Jim asked Howard what the scariest movies he’s ever seen.  He says the 3 scariest movies he’s seen are The Exorcist, Jaws (now he’s afraid to swim in the ocean, and even in a pond) and the first Freddy Kruger movie, Nightmare on Elm Street.  JK Simmons was in studio from Whiplash, Oz and Spiderman.  Robin liked Grand Budapest Hotel, says it’s very funny, but doesn’t think Howard would like it.

Random Staff Tweets:  

From JD:  The documentary about Roger Ebert called “Life Itself” is wonderful. Highly recommend. Airs on CNN Sunday at 8pm Watch or DVR       and then:  “A Most Violent Year” needs to be seen by more people. Really good. Oscar Isaac & Jessica Chastain & Albert Brooks: Excellent acting

A response from Ralph to a fan:  “@GeneJ2: I cant believe you dont watch Big bang theory!”  Seen a few eps, had a few laughs but it’s the same jokes, theme, beats #OVERRATED

Another from Ralph:  “@Trevor3683: what were your thoughts on snowpiercer? I am loving it so far.”  REALLY GOOD! & I think it’s still streaming on @netflix

From Robin’s Tweet Account-was she hacked?  Watching House of Lies and OMG, there’s Mary McCormack on one of my favorite shows. Bitches rule.

Random Fan Movie Posters:

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Week of 1.19.25

Howard says American Sniper is so great, and it had the best January opening weekend of any movie ever.  He says it’s not a pro- or anti- war movie, it just shows what these guys do.  Howard says the Bachelor with an appearance by Jimmy Kimmel was really good.  Robin said Jimmy Kimmel was only part she could watch.  The TV movie about Whitney Houston aired.  Robin said she learned that Bobby Brown was a great guy before he met Whitney-that he’d never tried drugs before he met her.  Robin said the movie should be retitled “How Whitney Houston Ruined Bobby Brown’s Life.”

Fred uses the Austin Powers’ sound byte of “Scott!” when Scott comes in to look at all the wires under Howard’s desk.  Fall Out Boy was in studio, and Howard asked him about them using Munsters’ music on their album.  The album was named after the movies American Psycho and American Beauty.

Week of 1.12.15  on Howard’s 61st Birthday!

Golden Globes were last night.  Howard said he would never have been able to vote for best actress, because these women were all great in great shows.  Ruth Wilson won for The Affair and she was up against Viola Davis for How to Get Away With Murder, Claire Danes for Homeland, Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife and Robin Wright for House of Cards. Ronnie saw American Sniper and says it’s fantastic.  Kirstey Alley from Cheers and the Star Trek movie was in studio and said she’s obsessed with the movie Whiplash.  Howard and Robin agree; said it was fantastic.  Robin said The Imitation Game is really good – and anyone who thinks gays are the devil should step away from the computer now, because we wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for gay people.  Talking about John Williams stealing his Star Wars and Jaws theme songs from old music.

Howard loved the movie Boyhood.  Robin didn’t like it at all.  Howard and Robin didn’t like Birdman.  Robin said the Steven Hawkins movie Theory of Everything was terrific.  Howard said the actor was great-he’s never seen typing that convincing.  Howard and Robin said Bill Murray was great in St. Vincent.  Tom Arnold was in studio.  Howard loved him in True Lies.  Tom said after that he signed a deal with Fox movies to be the side-kick, and that killed his career, as most of those movies turned out to be really bad.  Said he loves Julianne Moore and was in Nine Months with her, and she liked him more than her co-star Hugh Grant.  Says she’s great in the new Still Alice.

Howard said he loved the latest Girls show.  He re-winded and watched the ass-eating scene 3 times.  Robin said it was really strong.  The girl is Brian Williams’ daughter and Howard wonders what it was like for him being the proud father at the premiere watching his daughter get her ass eaten.  Howard said the Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim with Jimmy Fallon as a guest was hysterical.  Howard hates My Husband’s Not Gay.  Another way religion is ruining peoples’ lives.  Gwenneth Paltrow is in studio.  Talked about Shallow Hal and Shakespeare in Love and Iron Man.

Gwenneth Paltrow was in studio.  Talking about movies she’s turned down:  Cool as Ice with Ice Cube. She said her father forbid it.  She turned down Boogie Nights because she didn’t want her grandfather seeing her naked and giving blow jobs on the big screen.  She said it worked out great for Heather Graham, who she thought was perfect in the movie.  Talked about all the ad-libbing in Iron Man with Robert Downey, Jr. and She’s in the new Mordacai with Johnny because she wanted to work with him-thinks he’s a genius.  Howard says he loved her in Shallow Hal.

Random Staff Tweets:

From Ralph:  If @FargoFX didn’t WIN I would have turned off the show.#GREATGREATSHOW #GoldenGlobes     And then, in response to “@Machinist_X: fargo had ONE good character (billy bob) that was it”  You have ZERO TASTE DUMMY, it’s the BEST 10 hours of television EVER!   In response to “@dasmikemeyers: Monuments men was underrated. I don’t know why people trash it.RIGHT…it was good and reality based   And then, REALLY hope @MichaelKeaton & #TeamBirdman @foxsearchlight rack up the @goldenglobes!  it’s such a GREAT MOVIE on so many levels  #BESTBATMAN   And then:   NOW!@Cinemax and MAXGO app.
@BansheeTvShow  GREAT first season!  Second was all over the place and similar finale.  Hope were back on track!  More from Ralph:  GREAT 2C @MichaelKeaton & #BIRDMAN tie for most noms! #WELLDESERVED!  And then:  “@schnecky91: Did you watch Ascension on SyFy? Did you like it?” LOVED first ep. but went a little downhill for me after…how bout U?

From JD:  Remember when people were complaining you couldn’t hear dialogue sometimes in “Interstellar”? It was nominated for Sound Mixing #OscarNom  … and then:  Reminder: Tonight at 10pm, FXX Network, “It’s Always Sunny….” returns. PS: Next week’s episode is the episode I worked on a bit.

Week of 1.5.15  Back Live at the New 7am time!

Howard said the Steven Hawkins’ movie Theory of Everything is phenomenal.  Howard said American Sniper is fantastic, too, as is A Walk Among the Tombstones.  Howard and Robin says it’s amazing that Liam Neeson didn’t become an action guy til he was after 50, but it’s been the best thing he’s ever done.  He’s amazing as an action guy.  Howard likes The Good Wife, Robin started watching Sons of Anarchy and it’s really good.  The new cracking code movie with Benedict Cumberbatch The Imitation Game is really good.  Robin said Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new show The Honourable Woman is really good.  It’s a cross between Homeland and House of CardsGotham starts back up tonight, as does The Bachelor, and Howard’s excited, tho he doesn’t like the Bachelor guy this time.  Robin played a Lord of the Rings drinking game over the holidays with her nephew and ended up passing out.

Bradley Cooper was in studio talking about American Sniper.  Gary came in to say A Place Among the Pines is really good, too.  They talked about the other actors he’d be up against for the Academy Award and the other great movies out now: Whiplash, (Bradley said he was in Words with JK Simmons who played his dad, and he was great then as well) Theory of Everything, Foxcatcher.  Howard asked him about the fact that he got President Obama to do a Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.  They talk about his racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy,(Bradley said he made more for doing that voice than he made for American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook together) his roles in American Hustle and The Hangover, Silver Linings Playbook.  Howard and Bradley did dueling Elephant Men.

Larry David was in studio.  Talking about him trying to get out of the reserves during the Vietnam Was, they both said it was like Full Metal Jacket, and he had to try and act like Rain Man when he got himself declared insane to get out.  Larry talked about writing for Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, SNL, and being in two Woody Allen movies.Howard complains about his staff being The Walking Dead when he tries to get them to answer him when he needs help with Siri trying to identify Robin’s music.

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Random Staff Tweets:

Jason Kaplan Tweeted: Wow, @AgentCarterTV was excellent. Was not expecting that. Season pass set!  And, after being asked how many Man Boobs he’s rate it:  @JasonKapFanClub @truemeathead @AgentCarterTV 4 man boobs. We’ll see how it holds up but hard to have a more perfect pilot

JD Tweeted:  Documentary “Supermensch”, about Shep Gordon, is really entertaining. Highly recommend,  and then   So many quality films and TV shows I need to watch…..yet I won’t turn off “Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift”.



Image by https://twitter.com/Lincolns_Finger

Image by https://twitter.com/Lincolns_Finger

Images by Tom Adelsbach

Images by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach


Image from doctorivan.com

Image from doctorivan.com


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