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Week of 4.21.14  Reruns while Howard’s in LA for AGT auditions

Daryl Hall’s interview when he was plugging Live at Daryl’s House,  One of Henry Hill, writer of Goodfellas, calls into the show.  Doug’s taking his daughter’s picture in Howard’s chair, Howard wondered who was allowed to take pictures in William Shatner’s Star Trek chair?  They played Juliette Lewis’ call in to the show, and they talked about Natural Born Killers.  Howard says she’s great when she’s dancing around the diner-says she has those great psycho eyes, and she’s always been sexy in all of her movies.  He says Tommy Lee Jones should sue Oliver Stone because of the role he had him play.  Robin said that role was a caricature. Howard asked her what it was like to have Rodney Dangerfield squeeze her ass, and she said she didn’t like it.  Ike Turner was on the phone, and Howard referenced What’s Love Got To Do With It? by asking Ike if he hits his new wife with a shoe. They played a mash-up with Ed Wood‘s Bela Lugosi (“Fuck You! Karloff doesn’t deserve to smell my shit!”) as a guest on Inside the Actors’ Studio  Replay of Howard’s stay at Dominic’s house, and he described the scrubbers in the kitchen and the basement pool room being like something out of Tales from the Crypt.

WUS: Jon Favreau sat in and gave JD advice on how to guest direct an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He talked about starting out writing Swingers which opened the door for Elf, which then went on to the opportunity to do the Iron Man movies, and his new one Chef. JD says later that the scene in Swingers where he’s on the phone with a girl is one of the best in the movie.

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Image by Jasen Santiago

Image by Jasen Santiago

Week of 4.14.14

Bam was in studio plugging his new Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show, where Howard says people are going to die.  They talked of his history in the Jackass movies and the other movies the guys have done, like Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa.  Howard said he can’t understand people liking the Fast and the Furious movies.  He said the first one was ok, but the next six were crazy. They need to remove half your brain for you to sit through them.  Talking about the Movie awards show and the cast of the Hunger Games remembering Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Howard said he uses the same guitar that they used in the book the Heroine Diaries by Nikki Sixx.

Howard was upset about the New York Post’s spoiler about Game of Thrones.  He’s not going to get into it, as not every one has seen it yet, but it ruined a great moment for him by knowing what was going to happen.  Robin said she saw the article and knew it was going to be a spoiler, so she quickly turned the page.  Robin will watch it tonight before she hears what the spoiler is.  The next day she said she saw it and liked it.  Then Howard wondered where they are taking that boy in the woods that can’t walk?  He says he favorite character is that little guy “Teriyaki Sauce”  Robin’s hoping that girl will fall in love with him.  Howard’s done with the Kaleesi and she’s announced that she’s a serious actress and is not going to get naked anymore.  He says she needs to get Caesar Milano to train those dragons, because they’re getting out of control.  Howard said he was having trouble keeping up with this show last season, but this season has been really good so far.

Howard talked about Coming to America being James Earl Jones’ best role ever, even though he’s won Tony awards for his work on Broadway.  Howard says it’s such a great movie.  In it, he plays President Geoffrey Joffrey, the best role ever.  He said there are lots of actors who became really big, like all the stars of Private Parts.  A caller asked him if it was better than Harlem Nights, and Howard said it was much better.  Valerie Harper was in studio from Rhoda, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and is plugging her show Signed Sealed Delivered that will be on this weekend.

Random Staff Tweets:

Jon Hein Tweeted: “Saw the first two eps. Liked it a lot. 2nd ep is better than the 1st.” In reply to @JPalo asking “  Did you watch Fargo yet? Any thoughts?

Ralph Tweeted:

In preparation for #JACKisBACK I watched last season of @24fox…REALLY GREAT! @TheDavidFury
lotsa GREAT casting especially @kateesackhoff

Jason Tweeted:

Was privileged w/ an advanced copy of ‘Dinner W/ Friends W/ @brettgelman & Friends’ – It’s amazingly hilarious!

JD Tweeted about 3 movies he saw at Tribeca:

Zombeavers is funny as hell. Nice job @jordanrubin #TribecaFilmFestival

& Emory Cohen as Casper in “Beneath The Harvest Sky” is a must see performance. Great movie. #TribecaFilmFestival &

“Manos Sucias” – highly recommend if you get a chance to see it. Colombia, drugs, Spike Lee produced. I liked it a lot #TribecaFilmFestival

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Image by Doc Ivan

Image from doctorivan.com


Week of 4.7.14

Howard talking the beginning of AGT tapping.  He says Howie Mandel takes over the Snapple Room with his antics, and he looks like the dad from Leave it to Beaver with her head in a newspaper while everything’s going on.  He says it’s like Howie’s (Pee-wee’s) Playhouse.  Carol Leifer was in studio. She used to be the writer for Seinfeld and SNL.  Talking to Benjy about Sharknado 2. Robin’s News, Mickey Rooney died.  Howard said he was busy watching the Frankenstein Shooter movies on Saturdays rather than Rooney’s Andy Hardy movies.  Talking about Goonies. Howard said wasn’t that a shitty movie? and Robin said it was a cute movie and she loved it.  She said Howard’s thinking of Gremlins.  She said they haven’t decided if they were making a sequel and have some of the old cast in cameos, or pick up the story with these characters now older.  Captain America: Winter Soldier opened last weekend and was top grossing-est movie ever.  Set the record.  Robin saw and says it’s really good.

Image from doctorivan.com

Image from doctorivan.com


A caller asked Howard if he’s heard about the prequel to Walking Dead they’re making.  Howard said the prequel would be Walking Alive-he’d rather see what happened before the virus hit in flashbacks that are in the show.  Howard said he feels the same way about the prequel to Breaking Bad, Go Ask Saul.  He’s not that interested to see Saul’s story, but he knows he’ll watch it, because he liked that character.  Robin read a story that Ben Affleck was quitting Batman and a black actor was to play Batman-turns out it was an old April Fool’s joke on the internet that Robin fell for. Howard said he didn’t care which color Batman or Superman was, but he wondered if they would change the story somehow-would he be adopted?  Covering Oscar Pestorius’ testimony during his trial Howard thought he sounded like Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies.  Eric the Actor says he’s going to be in Legit on SFX (and Fred plays the Mars Attacks! music). Howard says the Kaleesi on Game of Thrones doesn’t want to get naked anymore.  Howard says, “Honey, that’s all you’ve got going for you.  You’re not that great of an actress.  She’s good in the role, but she’s not that great of an actress.  I hate it when a actress who’s hired for a role decides they won’t do what they’d agreed to do.”

Danny Trejo from Machete was in studio.  Howard loves saying the title of the movie and says it’s got to be a great movie with a title like that.  It’s like a Mexican James Bond, where he’s killing everyone and has all the hottest girls.  He’s now plugging Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses with Danny Glover on DVD.  He talked about being on the set of Runaway Train to help keep a friend of his, who was a PA on the film, sober because there was blow everywhere.  As he was there, one of the guys asked him if he wanted to be an extra and he asked “Extra what?” When he went to change his shirt for the scene, one of the guys recognized his tattoo and knew who he was and tapped him to teach Eric Roberts how to box. Then he ended up boxing with him in the movie.  His friend, Eddie Bunker wrote the robbery scene from Straight Time with Dustin Hoffman, and you can make good money writing robbery scenes.   Jon Favreau is now making a movie Chef.about a guy who lost his restaurant.

Rob Lowe was in studio.  He’s been in West Wing. He had grown up with Charlie Sheen as a friend, so Martin Sheen was always the crazy dad. Says he walked around on Halloween with a baseball bat. Rob said he was probably in some kind of  Apocalypse Now  flashback. After Liza Minelli had won the Oscar and was touring in Cabaret , Rob was only 12 and he got backstage and hung with her and the Wizard of Oz‘s Tim Man’s son. It was in Columbus and he was in Cincinatti at the time, and just figured he wanted to meet her.  It never occurred to him that was weird, and she let him right in.  When Rob went to the Playboy mansion, he said there was an area that was out of  Indiana Jones and the Grotto.  It was so smokey he couldn’t see and each girl was more beautiful than the last.  He auditioned for  The Outsiders with all these great actors that were so young at the time.  He is still great friends with all the guys in that film. He said Tom Cruise knows who he is, and didn’t take a part when he couldn’t feel it.  When Howard asked him if he feels bad for Ralph Macchio as he never made it big like the other guys from the film, and Rob says he’s probably the happiest of all of them with a good balance of work and family.  Howard asked him about Diane Lane, and Robe said she wouldn’t look at any of the guys in the movie.  Matt Dillon was the guy who could always close the deal, and he couldn’t get Diane Lane. Rob said he ended up taking 3 other movies with her just to try and get her.  He auditioned for Footloose, and killed his knees during the dance.  He says he is not a dancer.  Robin and Howard said he was so great in the Liberace movie.  Rob said he based that on every guy he used to see at the Laker’s games.  A caller asked if Howard had seen Rob Lowe’s movie The Specials about older superheros. Says it’s really good.  Neither Robin or Howard had ever heard of that one.

Robin said that documentary about the Dave Clark 5 is amazing and has some great old footage from the 60′s.  It has them working with Freddie Mercury and lots of other stars that is amazing to watch.  A caller asked Howard if he’d seen Cryptid the Swamp Beast on the History Channel.  Said he’s in it and it’s really good.  Howard said he’d look for it.  Robin said she finished watching Being Human and didn’t realize she was watching the season finale until it was over.  Talking about Chasing Maria Menounos and Robin said they’re lying in bed talking about listening to Howard in the morning.

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Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach


Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach


    Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan – Howard as Kramer? Switched at birth?


Week 3.31.14


Talking to Sal and Richard about their yearly XMas shopping together, Richard said it’s like Pretty Woman.  Richard used the quote from Full Metal Jacket “Me love you long time” in discussing their relationship.  On the Wrap Up Show, Gary said it reminded him of that scene in Brokeback Mountain, and a caller thought it was odd that Gary knew that scene so well.  On Robin’s news, she said Noah was the number # at the Box Office, and said they need to use Maria Menousous’s sound byte “Noooo-ah” for that movie.  2nd at the Box Office was Divergent, and Muppets Most Wanted was #3.  Howard said he loved last night’s season finale of Walking Dead. Robin said she hasn’t seen it yet, so they didn’t talk about it.


Pitbull was in studio and says the only TV he watches is House of Cards and that Kevin Spacey is great in that, and Bloomberg News.  Howard said the Dice Clay made him audition for a part in the movie Ford Fairlane and it was the most degrading experience.  Howard didn’t tell his agent, who later couldn’t understand why he’d put himself through that for a movie that was obviously going to be bad, but Howard said he wanted to experience everything.  He said the director, Renny Harlin was a real dick to him.  Wouldn’t even look up or at him at all while he was reading.  He had gone into a hotel room to meet with him.  Said it was awful.

Amy Schumer was in studio. She has been in Girls, and loves Lena Dunham-says she’s a genius. Howard says he loves the way she walks around naked.  Her show Inside Amy Schumer has its 2nd season premier tonight.  It was the top rated show on Comedy Central last season, but she says she still doesn’t make any money at it.  She says Comedy Central says they can’t know if the show is really a hit, you must wait til the 2nd show, then when the 2nd is good, they say you must wait til the 3rd show, and now they’re saying til the 2nd season.

Howard played a clip of Michael Jackson doing the vocal tracks for all the musical and vocal parts of Beat It, showing what a musical genius he was, even though he couldn’t read music or play any instrument.  Robin said they show that really well in the movie of his practices for the concert that never happened in This is It.  It shows him doing all harmonies, even all the strings and horns.  Howie Mandel was in studio and mentioned a movie he did with Ted Danson called A Fine Mess.


Talking TV on Wrap Up, Ronnie saying he watched Once Upon a Time because of his girlfriend Stephanie. wives,  but he really enjoyed Cinderella on Broadway.  Gary can’t see going to the musical Rocky, though.


He says the show Arrow is starting to annoy him,  but it’s alright.  They still can’t call him the Green Arrow-and he’s the Green Arrow!  Robin said she’s realized that Justified has spend the entire season on trying to get one shipment of heroine.  Howard says it’s like Sons of Anarchy, where they’re the Bad News Gang and can’t do anything right.  Howard says Walking Dead is brilliant.  Howard hated the old Batman TV series that was a campy version of Batman.  He wanted it to be taken seriously.  Robin said she watched it because of the great actors they got to play villains. Jon Hein interviewed Adam West one time and he got pissed when asked about the campiness of the show, as he considers that great acting.  He said he still loves the old Superman TV series, and he still watches it.  It was great in the 2nd season when Superman had a gut.


After all the Sal & Richard talk,  a tweet for SternFan These guys are the greatest. Drawing of Sal and Richard in Brokeback Mountain


Image by  Adam Kap @adrockKAP

Image by Adam Kap

Random Staff Tweets:


Richard Christy Tweeted:  Celebrating my bday Eve w amazing lasagna thx to my awesome wife & my 4th favorite movie of all time:  Halloween III, Season of the Witch


JD Tweeted:  If that helps people watch “Inside Amy Schumer” tonight, so be it. Amy’s awesome. 10:30 tonight on Comedy Central;  and he tweeted it was a “Bummer” that David Letterman is retiring.


From Jon Hein:  Really liked the @FargoFX pilot. Moody, dark & Billy Bob does what he does best. Tough to bring a flick like that to the small screen. Kudos


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