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127 Hours

2010 – Howard had said this movie would be a horrible movie to sit through.  James Franco was in studio in 2013, and Howard said he did great in that movie playing a fucking lunatic climbing a rock.  James said that he would never climb a rock like that; Howard said neither would he, and that’s why he’s got a tuckus full of cellulite.  James Franco was up for the Oscar that year for the movie, but was against Colin Firth from King’s Speech, and he knew he didn’t have a chance in winning.  He was asked to host the Oscars, and thought that since only one host has ever won an award while hosting in the history of the Oscar show, he might as well take himself out of the running by hosting.

December, 2013, Robin was doing a story about the guy in this movie getting arrested for beating his girlfriend.  Howard was amazed he could do that with his one good arm.

Inspired by the tale of JD lasting less than 24 hours camping with his girlfriend:

Image by David Glantz @DavidGlantz3

127 Hours on IMdb

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