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2001: A Space Odyssey

1968 – Howard and Robin both hated it,said it was really horrible.  Howard said he saw it a 2nd time after some urging with a friend named Dave, who said he needed to see it on acid to appreciate it. So he dropped some acid with him and he still hated it, but when HAL the computer started talking to and ordering “Dave”around, they both were freaked out.  October of 2012, Robin did a story about list of the greatest robots.  Howard said Hal was the best, along, with the Robbie the Robot from The Forbidden Planet.  When Howard, Robin and Fred are goofing on Gary, Fred will play the music from this movie along with monkey sounds.  They do this a lot when they goof on Gary typing, and when they were goofing on him typing his book.

They again used the theme from this movie once again while they were goofing on Tom Chiusano.  They were talking about aliens coming to Earth and finding and probing Tom, thinking he’s the average humanoid.  They then report back to their planet that Earth is a planet of idiots which they can conquer easily.

Wendy the Retard called in and asked for some kind of Sirius gadget that could record lots of content.  Howard said to give it to her, but to make sure they had the TV cameras filming her trying to figure it out.  He said it would be like the first scene in 2001 when the monkeys are trying to figure out the monolith.

When Stanley Kubrick died, Howard said he now finally understands the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Howard said the monolith was sent to us by an advanced alien race, and when Keir Dullea dies in the end he’s going to be reborn as a golden child that will to return to earth.

Fred played the 2001 music with farts behind the list of those who’ve died in 2013. He’s used that music a lot for dramatic effect.  The theme opened the show when it first came to Sirius.

2001: A Space Odyssey on IMDb

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