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Archives 2012

Week of 12.31.12  New Year’s Eve was Music of Howard Stern on 101 and Howard 100 continued re-running the top moments of 2012.

Week of 12.24.12:  Countdown of 2012’s 40 best moments.  The Mark Walberg interview was played when he was in to plug Ted.  Howard said Gary had seen it and said it was really funny.  Seth Rogen‘s interview was played.  Sasha Baron Cohen’s interview was played when he was in to plug The Dictator.  Howard said all his fans should see this movie as it’s really funny.  They also talked about how funny Howard thought Bruno and Borat were.  Howard really admired how fearless Sasha was during the filming of these movies, as there were times he had been in real danger.  John Cusack’s interview also made the countdown when he was in to plug The Raven.  Howard said he liked this one.  Howard also asked him if his sister Joan was jealous of all his success, and John said he thought she was just as successful.  The phone call from Eric the Actor was played when Eric claims he’s still an actor even though he refuses to act.  He won’t play a Nazi, a gay man, a killer, a person with an English accent, or anything else they asked him to play.  A caller later claims his new name should be Eric the Eric, as that’s the only character he’s willing to play.  Howard asked him if he’d play a black man, like Robert Downey, Jr did in Tropic Thunder.  He didn’t think he could sound black, but said he could do a little kid voice for a Disney movie.

Week of 12.17.12:  Jon Hein’s TV Special Week with interviews of various TV series cast members.

Week of 12.10.12:  Not much talk of movies this week.  Had Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon and Sharon Osbourne all on on different days talking about America’s Got Talent.  On This Day in History, they were talking about Scott the Engineer’s fake hair,and Howard said it should be an episode on the Twilight Zone, as whoever wears the hair, turns into a sad sack with no luck, or turn evil.  It fell on a dog, and turned it into Cujo.  Eddie Murphy was in.  It was after 48 hrs, which Robin loved, but before Beverly Hills Cop.  Robin said she couldn’t wait to see it.

Week of 12.3.12:  George Takei is in studio this week.  Talk goes to men, and George asks Howard if he’s seen Magic Mike.  George tries to get Howard to say he’ll come to see his musical when it comes to New York, and Howard sings his own musical with music from Phantom of the Opera.  He did say he loved the new Spiderman, and again talked about how boring Lincoln was and this time Robin agreed, as she’d seen it over the weekend, though George said he loved it.  Howard asked George about his crush on Jason Ellis, and his beautiful cock, and Fred starts playing the theme from Gone With The Wind.  Howard’s talking with Robin about how he never liked zombie movies, but loves the series The Walking Dead.  Robin asks him didn’t he like Night of the Living Dead, and Howard said that was great.  Eric the Actor is on the phone, and compared his being picky about the parts that he plays to Eddie Murphy turning down the black role in Ghost Busters.  Howard says the new Brad Pitt movie Killing Them Softly isn’t doing well at the box office, and Robin says it’s because it’s one of those movies where nothing happens and there’s lots of talking.  Howard says there’s no vampires, spidermen or even Lincoln to make it exciting.  George says that Howard could play a good Nosferatu.  Howard is going to rent The Dark Knight Rises to watch on his iPad, and he can’t wait to watch it on the small screen. Quentin Tarantino was in studio to plug Django Unchained and his 8 movie box set.  He said one of the movies he loved last year was Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.  Howard and Robin loved that one, too, but say that Woody Allen’s movies are hit or miss.  He doesn’t think Owen Wilson is a good comedic actor, but he liked him in this movie.  Howard loves Quentin’s Inglorious Bastards and Pulp Fiction.  Quentin also wrote True Romance, which Robin said was brilliant & Natural Born Killers.  Howard said the photography in Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards was great – each frame could be a still, frame-able picture.  He loved the lighting and framing of the film.   Quentin talked about not wanting to make films when he’s so old that will ruin the perception of his body of work.  He said one bad movie ruins the perception of 4 good ones.  He wants a fan to be able to pick up any of his movies and see a great movie.  When asked for an example of a director who did that, he said Billy Wilder.  His last 4 films:  Avante  in 1971, was a legitimate film with some nudity—would have been a great one for him to retire on, but instead he made 3 more: Front Page, Fedora and Buddy, Buddy which he though were all god-fucking horrible! He brought John Travolta back into stardom, but says we can’t blame him for Michael, or Look Who’s Talking 3  (or Look Who’s Talking Now) 12.6  This Date in History Marlon Wayans was in studio, and brought up that he shows his butt in Requim for a Dream.  Robin said it was a great movie.  Marlon said he loves Beetlejuice, and wants him in Scary Movie 2, which he ended up putting him in.  Tommy Chong was in after being in jail for 9 months.  Howard said he was his hero, and he loved all his Cheech & Chong movies.  Said they were the highest grossing-est movies ever, as they only cost 2 million to make.  Tommy said his cellmate George was in Boiler Room for “financial things” In Robin’s news, a man who killed his family reported that he watched Natural Born Killers over and over again.  Howard said that would drive anyone crazy.  On the Shuffle, there were some little people on, and one of them said he had a part in Pulp Fiction.

Week of 11.26.12:  They’re back from a week off, and Howard started talking about some of the movies he had seen.  He said he finally saw the new Spiderman.  He thought it was really good, but wanted them to move on with the story!  They’ve told that part already where Spiderman gets his powers in the last Spider-Man movies with Tobey McGuire.  He liked Emma Stone better in this one than Kirsten Dunst in the original.  Says he also saw The Sessions, and it is fantastic – says it deserves both best actress and actor.  Great performances and lots of nudity.  Helen Hunt looks great. and he says she’s a great actress.  He also saw Lincoln, and said he was just waking up from it.  Says it should have been a bio-pic about Lincoln’s whole life, rather than showing him making lots of speeches.  He was bored. Robin said she heard it was great, and he said for her to go ahead and waste 2-1/2 hours of her life.  He said it was a great performance, but the movie sucked.  It actually made him want to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.  Daniel Day-Lewis reportedly stays in character during entire filming of movies.  Said he would only talk to Sally Field in character, and addressed her as Mary Todd, and would only converse with Steven Speilberg in notes.  Howard says he’s a great actor, but a freak, and a bit of an asshole. Steve O was in studio.  Howard said that all three Jackass movies are great.  Artie used to describe the scene where the screen is filled with a ceiling fan, and then all of a sudden a head pops into the picture hits their head on the fan.  He said it’s hysterical.  They’re working some more on their Broadway musical.  They played Jason singing “Feed Me” a spoof of  “See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me” from Tommy, and Gary singing about the “a-pos-tro-phe!” in his name to “Take A Chance on Me” from Mamma Mia, JD sings If I Were a Snitch (Rich) Man from Fiddler on the Roof to Jason, and Jason sings Tonight (You Douche) from West Side Story to Scott DePace. David Arquette dropped by the studio.  Howard asked him if he’d heard the tapes of the kid on 2-1/2 Men, Angus T. Black, bad-mouthing the show and saying it was because he was into Jesus now.  David said he knew him, that he had made the movie See Spot Run with him, and that he was a great guy.  David is on his way to India to film Sold.  Howard and Robin warned him that India is a horrible, dangerous place.  David has been sober for quite a while, so Howard told him he’d feel more at home in India, as he’ll be puking his guts out just like in his old drunken days.  David also talked about filming a movie in Detroit. Said he had to swim around naked, and his penis was totally shriveled.  David said there was a big artist community in Detroit, and Howard said that wasn’t his recollection of that city.  David’s film The Cottage is now out on DVD.  Lots of sexy chicks, but no one’s topless.  He says he does show his butt in the film. On the Shuffle – Robert Blake is on to plug his TV movie about John List.  He said it’s a great story with a really good script.  Howard says Robert looks really scary in this one, though he really liked him when he was especially crazy in In Cold Blood.  Robert said he committed career suicide by going from that movie to the TV show Baretta.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was in studio with Ivan Reitman plugging Junior.  Howard said it was really good, loves that Arnold’s back with Danny DeVito, as he loved them together in Twins.  Also said Arnold’s True Lies was fantastic.  Also, Howard and Robin talked about The American – Howard said he loved it, but Robin said it was tedious.  Paul Giamatti was in, and they talked about Private Parts, though he was in to plug Barney’s Version.  Paul said it was a great movie, so Howard reminded him he had said the same thing about The Lady in the Water.

Week of 11.19.12:  Thanksgiving Week’s Mastertape Theater Marathon Talked about the remake of Rear Window with Christopher Reeve, saying there is a scene where he’s gasping for breath, and they really took his oxygen away to make it real.  Michael Moore was on the phone, and Robin said that his documentary Roger and Me was the best documentary ever.  Jason Alexander is going to play Boris Badenov in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Howard said he (Howard) should play Natasha.  They played an interview with Meryl Streep who was plugging Dancing at Lughnasa and having to have an Irish accent for the part.  Howard listened, and then said that she sounds like no fun.  Brad Pitt was on Oprah plugging Meet Joe Black.  They’re talking about how dumb he is, and Sal said that if they thought Brad was dumb, they should meet his brother, Stu.  Brad told Oprah that if he wasn’t an actor, he’d either be an architect or a landscaper.  Robin said more like a landscape laborer, maybe.  Howard said Oprah shook Brad’s head and it sounded like morocco’s.  Robin likes Brad anyway. There was a rumor at one time that Ashton Kirscher was going to play Batman and Sean Penn was rumored to play the Joker.  Howard thought that was a terrible idea–it never happened, so he was right.  Said he could never compare to Jack Nicholson.  He talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger being a horrible actor, but he can sure play a good robot in the Terminator movies.   Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all supplying voices for the animated Sinbad, Legend of 7 Seas.  Artie said Catherine Zeta-Jones was in Liz Taylor territory, a hot woman who gets fat.  They said that How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was terrible. Fred played the clips “Me so horny” and “Me love you long time” from Full Metal Jacket.  Ice Cube was in, and they were talking about his movies.  Anaconda, where he’s the only one not eaten by a snake.  His last words in the movie are “Die bitch, die!” when he kills the snake. Howard says he loved that, as well as thought Boyz in the Hood was great, as was Friday.  Heidi Fleiss is on and she said that Tom Sizemore beat her up after she had said she didn’t like Black Hawk Down.  She said that she’d just gotten out of prison and didn’t want to watch any more violence, so that all she had said was that she would have preferred watching  Bambi instead, but she got beaten up anyway.  Tom Sizemore called in and denied beating her. Mel Gibson’s movie, The Passion of the Christ has just been released, and Howard calls it “The Jew Hating Movie,” Rated R for racist, with Daniel Carver of the KKK gives it 3 burning crosses.  Howard said every Jew portrayed is truly evil and has a huge hook nose that is always shown at the worst possible angle for effect on the big screen.  He was then working on his own Passion of the Stern:His parents are in the movie, with his mother telling him “What’s wrong with you-now look what you’ve done!” about his troubles with the FCC.  The motto is “See it with a Jew, and make him pay!”  Allison Norris threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Fred, and Artie didn’t go, due to his working on Beer League.  Howard said if he missed this party because of his movie, it better be a masterpiece like The Godfather. In studio were 2 special effects guys, who had done Pulp Fiction.  They talked about making a breast plate for Uma Thurman in the scene where they inject her in the chest to get her heart to resume beating.  Howard said that was a great scene, as after she sits up, the needle is still in her chest.  They had also done Spawn.  Howard said the special effects were great, but the movie sucked.

Week of 11.12.12:  Howard was talking about Veteran’s Day, and said he saw the new Red Dawn over the weekend.  He said he loved the movie and that watching it made him so proud of the American servicemen who stood up to the Korean invasion.  Robin had to tell him that that was just a movie, it didn’t really happen; the Koreans had not invaded our country.  Then there was the story of the girl who had the entire Twilight cast tatooed on her back, which, Howard points out, when she’s  over that obsession, will be a constant reminder how idiotic that was.  Roger Moore was a guest in studio.  He said that Sean Connery had always been his favorite Bond until he saw the new Skyfall, and now says Daniel Craig is the best Bond. Howard thought It Might Get Loud was only good when Jimmy Page was on screen, otherwise it was boring.   Howard told the story of trying to go to the preview of Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper.  Trying to get into the movie was a disaster, so he left before the movie began.  Beth had been excited to go to the premier, as this movie was directed by David O. Russell who also directed her in the movie Flirting With Disaster.  He hadn’t wanted to go, as it’s a work night.  He was miserable and ended the evening at home in bed watching TV, very happy, though felt bad about disappointing Beth.  Howard got a copy of the movie and watched it at home next night, and when Bradley Cooper was in studio the morning after, he told him it was fantastic.  He said Jennifer Lawrence, his co-star, was beautiful.  She had been in Hunger Games, which he’d thought was horrible and stupid.  Robin agreed. He started the movie hating Bradley’s character, but fell in love with him by the end.  They talked of Chris Tucker’s supporting role, both said that it should have been bigger.  Bradley said Chris hadn’t made movies in awhile as he’d been working on his standup.  Howard and Robin said they loved Chris in Dead Presidents and Jackie Brown, though Howard didn’t like the Rush Hour movies.  He again wondered why The Words hadn’t done better, as he liked the movie, but congratulated Bradley on nailing his co-star of that movie, Zoe Saldana, and Robin said again how good Limitless had been. Howard tried to get Bradley to do a dueling Elephant Man, but Bradley refused. Sandra Bernhard was in studio, and Howard told her again that she should have been nominated for her supporting role in King of Comedy.  Kid Rock was in studio talking of hunting with Ted Nugent, and Howard said if he went hunting with those two, he’d end up as the Ned Beatty character in Deliverance.  Fred was right there with the sound effects. On the Shuffle, Gary’s book is discussed, and Fred plays monkey sounds and the soundtrack from 2001: A Space Odyssey while goofing on Gary typing his book.  In 2001, the crew was also talking about children’s movies.  Howard said that Harry Potter movie had the best opening weekend of any movie ever.  He said the problem of those movies is that every adult now will be writing a horrible children’s book.  He said he hated Shrek, which Stuttering John liked.  He did like Toy Story.  Then they started talking about sequels.  Stuttering John said that Toy Story 2 was good, Howard hadn’t seen that.  He said he loved Rocky 3, and Rambo 2 was better than the first.  And he thought Rambo 3 sucked, and Rambo 4 would pit Rambo against Osama bin Laden.  On Wed, they played an old Norm MacDonald interview, and he and Artie were talking about making the film Dirty Work.  Norm then talked about making the movie Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler.  He said that he’d made Billy Madison with Adam Sandler, and that he’d done so well, 15 years later, Adam Sandler wanted to work with him again.

Week of 11.5.12:  This is the aftermath of Tropical Storm Sandy and Election Week, so they didn’t talk movies much.  Howard’s parents and his sister are staying with him, another story, so he said he sat his parents in front of the TV  to watch The Iron Lady, and mainly to keep them occupied while he and Beth worked on their Christmas card photograph.    They also are continuing their recording for Howard Stern, the Musical, and played a duet with Shuli and Scott DePace “Tonight” from West Side Story.  There was a rap contest between Jon Lieberman and Sal the Stockbroker, and it was compared to the movie 8 Mile with Eminem in a contest, except that was a good contest with talented rappers.  Howard said he saw a preview of the new Wreck-It Ralph, with Sarah Silverman voicing one of the characters.  He said she was good, and the movie looked really funny.  He also mentioned a new movie that is being made now called Last Vegas with Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas and Kevin Kline and Mary Steenburgen.  He says these are the oldest men around making movies, and there will have to be lots of intermissions as the actors and the audience will need plenty of potty breaks due to their enlarged prostates. Howard said he saw Kevin Bacon and was reminded of how great his portrayal of the villain in XMen: First Class was.  JD said that his acting was “fine.”  Later, Howard announced that Kevin Bacon had sarcastically tweeted how pleased he was to be considered an “fine” actor by JD Harmeyer.  But JD had also described Ryan Phillippe’s house as “OK.” Later, on the Shuffle, Ted Nugent was on, and they started talking about This is Spinal Tap.  Ted said that the filmmakers followed him around to get a feel of the crazy rock-star lifestyle.  An old interview with Robert Downey, Jr. was played. and Howard talked about how much he’d loved all of his movies, and he mentioned Chaplin, Firstborn,where he met and had a long-term relationship with Sarah Jessica Parker, the movie Putney Swope, which was written and directed by his father, and the Jody Foster-directed movie where he played a gay man – a “bottom” – to Sam Slovick, Home for the Holidays.  In another Shuffle segment, Howard was talking about how much he hated high school.  He was talking about sitting being a loser and sitting home every Saturday night to watch the Carol Burnett Show, or he’d go to a fellow loser friend’s house to play cards.  They’d sit around and smoke cigars, talking about different hot girls, and what they’d do to them–like they’d ever get the chance.  He compared those years to the movie Can’t Buy Me Love.

Week of 10.29.12:  This is the week that Tropical Storm Sandy was to hit the East Coast.  Howard goofed on Gary who couldn’t say that Howard could depend on him to come in tomorrow, because he had to stay home and protect his house.  Gary claimed Howard had options, but he didn’t, and he loved his family more than his job.  Howard, Robin, Fred and Shuli all talked in the Gary voice about the winds, and to watch for the Wicked Witch of the West cycling by the window, and then Howard said, on Booey voice, that “I didn’t go home, and Mary ended up in Oz.”  Fred played the title song from The Titanic while they talked of Gary’s selfless acts to save his family by giving his teeth so that Mary and the kids,  the dog and cat could float to safety.  Fred also said that Gary thought he was Mad Max, Road Warrior, as he thought he could fight a storm to keep his family and house safe.  The next day, Howard also referenced The Wizard of Oz, saying he had been watching a documentary on the storm the night before, and there was a house that had been blown away, and there was Ronnie the Limo Driver in this different land holding a large lolly pop, singing “The Lolly Pop Guild”.  They have also started work on the Howard Stern, the Musical, with the crew recording their songs.  Lisa G. sings “See My Chest” aka “Be My Guest” from Beauty and the Beast, and Tim sings a “Tomorrow” parody from Annie about his shitting all over the wall. On the Shuffle, Chris Rock was on, and they asked him about the movie that he’d made with Jackie, Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen (couldn’t find on IMDb).  They were saying that all the comedians in the movie went on to movies and fame, and Jackie was still waiting for his.  On this week’s Mastertape Theater, Paul Rodriguez was on, talking about what a fan he was of Howard’s.  He couldn’t get on the show, and he found himself at an event with Howard.  He said he felt like a  stalker, aka Rupert Pupkin in the King of Comedy.  He was there when Elayne Boosler’s boyfriend tried to punch Howard, and he threw himself at him to save Howard.  Howard pushed him away, telling him to get the hell away.  He was sure that was why he hadn’t been on the show, but Howard didn’t remember seeing him.

Week of 10.22.12:  Howard was talking about the Rob Schneider movies, Deuce Bigalow, and Big Stan.  Howard said these were great movies.  During Stern Show Shuffle, Fred the Elephant Boy’s first visit was played.  They compared his voice to that of one of the characters in The Goonies and The Elephant Man.  Fred also played the sound byte of Jack Nicholson yelling at Anne-Margret from Carnal Knowledge.  On Wednesday, Fred opened the show with a song parody using clips from the movie Ed Wood.  The Counting Crows were in studio, and said that one of their songs, Round Here, was in remade and featured in a movie called Something Borrowed, which was written by Adam Duritz’s friend Emily Giffin.  She used the song without asking permission, but she became one of his good friends, so he doesn’t hold a grudge.  One of the band members said he was sitting in a hotel room watching this pretty bad movie, when he heard a familiar song, and took him a minute to realize it was one of their songs. Robin’s news had a story about a list of the best robots, so Howard said that the best robots in movies are Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Robbie the Robot from Forbidden PlanetWALL-E also made the list, but Howard didn’t think it was that good. Saturday’s GEEKTIME! had Frank Oz on as a guest, and they talked to him about the new DVD re-release of Little Shop of Horrors that he directed, this time with the original dark ending that audiences didn’t like, What About Bob and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and his voicing of Yoda in Star Wars: Episode V -The Empire Strikes Back.

Week of 10.15.12:  Gilbert Gottfried was in studio.  He said his favorite movie quote is from the Gofather “This is the business we’ve chosen.”  He said that the movie Ladybugs was the beginning of the end for Rodney Dangerfield.  He said that he made 2 movies with Rodney, Back By Midnight and Meet Wally Sparks, both terrible movies, and made at a point WAY past Rodney’s prime. Victoria Jackson was in studio, and Howard mentioned the movie she did with Andrew Dice Clay, Casual Sex?.  He and Robin said it was a great movie.  Victoria was in to plug her new movie, Marriage Material due out in 2013. Victoria says it’s going to be really, really good.  D.L. Hughley was in studio next, and he mentioned the movie Carlito’s Way, quoting that he hadn’t “rehabilitated, he just ran out of wind.” Howard and Fred were talking about movies they saw the weekend past, and which movies had the biggest box office records.  Howard & Robin really liked Ted, which did great in DVD sales and rentals,  and The Hangover, which has the record for the highest grossing original comedy.  Gone With the Wind has the record for highest grossing ever when it’s adjusted for inflation. Robin said last year she’d finally tried to watch it and couldn’t get through it.  Talked about Snow White and the Huntsman, saying it wasn’t that good. On the Black on Black show, Big Black and Angry Black both said that the Wesley Snipes movie New Jack City  was a great movie. GEEKTIME! said all the Die Hard movies are so great; each one’s title more silly than the last.  Ralph said he went into the first one with no expectations and loved it.  Steve and Jon loved Argo.  They said everyone will love the closing scene, and that the movie opens with the old 1979 Warner Brothers logo, saying Ben Affleck thought all the details through with this movie. Stern Show Shuffle replayed an interview with Seth Rogan when he was in to plug Pineapple Express.  Howard and Robin loved the movie–said it was really funny.  Howard said he laughed his ass off.  Conversation went to Knocked Up and Superbad.  At the time of the interview, he was getting in shape to start filming The Green Hornet (which they didn’t like when it came out). On GEEKTIME! Ralph said he loved 2012 – said it was completely ridiculous.  Jason said he didn’t like it.  They both said The Day After Tomorrow was ok. Fred played the sound byte from First Blood “It’s over Johnny…  IT’S OVER!!!”  And then Howard played a clip from a QVD show where one of the announcers passed out and the co-anchor kept the show going like nothing had happened.  He said that the announcer was like one of those robots in Prometheus.  He then told Robin he’d watched Prometheus on his small screen iPad over the weekend.  He said it’s a great special effects movie to watch on a small screen.  Robin said it was a great movie, but needed to be seen in the theater. On Stern Show Shuffle on Tuesday, a Stuttering John interview with Carl Yastrzemski was played, who got very irritated with John.  Howard said he was like the Randy Quaid in the movie Everybody’s All-American. Later they played Hugh Jackman’s interview when he was in studio to plug the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Howard said he liked the movie, though weeks later, he said he was disappointed in the movie.

Week of 10.8.12:  Hulk Hogan was a guest on the show. He said he was sorry he’d turned down what ended up being the Mickey Rourke role on The Wrestler. He also said he’d turned down roles in No Holds Barred, which has become a cult classic, and the role of Little John in Robin Hood, Men in Tights.  He said he felt he couldn’t take the time away from his wresting to make these movies. Bryan Cranston was in the studio to plug Argo. Howard said he loved it, was excellent and a great suspense movie. He goofed on Director Ben Affleck for his terrible movie he made with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, Gigli, thinking that Ben had asked Bryan to audition. Howard said that after “Breaking Bad,” Bryan shouldn’t ever have to audition again, and who’s Ben Affleck, director of the worst film ever, Gigli, to ask him to audition?  But Bryan said he had just met with Ben to talk about how Bryan would play the role. Bryan was also in a movie with Julia Roberts and had to pretend to make love to her. Julia was in full sweats for the filming, but he only had a cock sock on. I’d thought they were talking about the movie The Mexican, but I couldn’t find Bryan’s name on the IMDb sight. Henry Winkler was also on the show to plug Here Comes the Boom.  Henry said it’s great, you’ll cry  a little, laugh a lot and cheer at the end–he guaranteed it.  He said Eat, Pray, Love was a horrible movie. Howard said that Beth loved it, and when he saw it, he’d cried. But then he said it was a bit of a bore.  Henry confirmed the story that he’d been fired as director from Turner & Hooch.  Gary brought in the story that Henry hated Tom Hanks, and Howard thought that Tom must have been the reason he got fired. Henry said he didn’t hate Tom Hanks, but that he did love the dog, Hooch. When Howard asked him to swear to God that he didn’t hate Tom Hanks, Henry just smiled. He did say that he got Angela Bassett her first film role in that movie. Howard said he loved Henry in Heroes – a great soundtrack, and he’s not playing the Fonzie. I don’t see him listed in the cast.  Henry said he turned down the John Travolta role in Grease, saying if he knew then what he knows now he would have done the movie, and they could have dubbed in his singing voice. On This Week In Howard History, Howard was talking with Steve Gurillo, and likened him to Steve Martin’s movie “The Man With Two Brains” because he’d taken an IQ test, and one side of his brain had tested 107 and the other side had tested 84, which the test-givers then average out to a score of 98. He told him he had two different brains, one slightly retarded. On GEEKTIME!, Jon said he that Taken 2 wasn’t very good. He had wanted to see Liam kick ass again, and this time, they let his daughter do a lot of the fighting instead. Steve and Ralph both saw Snow White and the Huntsman and they didn’t like it.  Said previews were best part of the movie. Jason said it was OK-maybe a B. They also talked about Revenge of the Nerds, saying it wouldn’t work now, because nerds now have power.

Week of 10.1.12:  Howard mentions Starship Troopers – 1997 – first time Howard notices Denise Richards, who has a hot, naked shower scene with lots of other naked women. The movie also has battle scenes with bugs, or some kind of alien spiders, which Howard thought was pretty cool. What’s Love Got To Do With It?  This was mentioned during the Shuffle. This is the life story of Tina Turner. Jackie was saying how hysterical this movie is, as Ike is shown beating Tina mercilessly, then holds her down while taking off his shoe so that he can continue beating her with it. On GEEKTIME! Scott said the 2nd XMen was the best superhero movie ever.  Jason’s top 3 were The Avengers, The Original Spider-Man with Toby McGuire, and Iron Man.  Steve Brandano said that Iron Man 2 and XMen 2 were the best superhero movies.  Cary Elwes was a guest, and they talked of his movies that they loved, Kiss the Girls with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd and  Twister, saying that it still holds up now. But he was on to plug The Princess Bride‘s 25th anniversary and the release of a special edition of the DVD. The entire GEEKTIME! crew loved that movie.