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Archives 2018



Week of 12.31.18 Vacation Mon & Tues Best of 2018 Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page. 1.2.19: Wednesday back live!

Howard talked about movies he watched during the winter break. He said he loved them all. Love, Simon about a guy who’s gay, Blame is about a psycho who falls for his drama teacher. He also really liked Sierra Burgess is a Loser which is about a fat girl doing the Cyrano de Bergerac thing, telling the cute girl what to say to a guy she likes.. He liked Midnight Sun about a girl with a skin disease and he loved Crazy Rich Asians, which Robin had told him he would like. He still says Life Itself was great even though it got bad reviews. Robin said The Haunting of Hill House was really great. Howard said Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable stand up special was really good. Howard again said that A Star Is Born (which he’d seen while it was in progress and finished) is really great.

Week of 12.24.18 Vacation Week Best of 2018 Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 12.17.18 Vacation Week Best of 2018 Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 12.10.18

Howard said he watched My Dinner with Herve. and it was really good. Robin liked it, too. Howard played a parody clip from Jingle All the Way 2. Robin said she finished Narcos, and said it was so good. She said it makes her wonder why Americans are such a huge market for all the world’s drugs. Howard was wondering how Robert De Niro is such a good actor, in his favorite movies Raging Bull and Godfather, but can’t read cue cards on SNL.

Week of 12.3.18

Talking about Michael Rappaport and his phone calls during Fantasy Football league threatening to butt-fuck his rivals, Howard says he should do a remake of Brokeback Mountain  with Michael and Peter Dinklage, who Robin says was also good in the movie about Herve Villechaize, My Dinner with Herve. Robin and Shuli love Michael’s new series, Atypical. Howard says both Narcos and the Titans are really good.

Week of 11.26.18 They’re Back Live!

Show opens with Sour Shoes doing a “Dirty Harry Booey”. Howard talking about the death of Ricky Jay, the magician. Robin hadn’t heard of him and he told her she has to see the documentary about him, Deceptive Practices. Talking about Gary and his chocolate intake, his hoarding candy from the break room, Robin said it’s like in Days of Wine and Roses. Robin said she saw Bohemian Rhapsody and it was really good.

Howard said he was watching The Walking Dead last night and somebody died but he couldn’t tell who or what happened. From Howard said he was watching The Walking Dead last night. He said they have a serious problem on that show. Robin said she felt bad after watching that show. Howard said he had to have Ronnie explain it to him. He said whoever the director is has to stop shooting the show in the pitch black. He said they do that because they have no faith in the zombies. He said they get away with a lot of shit by doing that. Howard said he asked Ronnie to explain it to him and he knew what was going on. He said he didn’t get it. He said he has a low IQ when he has to have him explain it to him. Howard said he doesn’t want to say what happened but one of the characters died. He said the scene was pitch black. He said that they also revealed a new group of people.

Ringo Starr was in studio, and Howard asked him about A Hard Day’s Night, Help! and Caveman, where he met his wife, Barbara Bach.

Week of 11.19.18 Thanksgiving Week Vacation Channel Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically by clicking on letters at the top of this page.

Week 11.12.18

Show starts with clips from Ed Wood. Howard and Robin said they loved the movie Entity with Barbara Hershey, which they said reminded them of the audio clips played of the homeless guy who had sex with a ghost. They said the guy looked like Mongo from Blazing Saddles. Richard loves Live PD but Howard doesn’t watch. Howard still loves Ray Donovan, tho Robin didn’t like the first episode of this new season. Howard said Robin needs to watch the Bodyguard, as it’s really good. Howard said Robin did a great job narrating part of Basketball, a Love Story. He said he tried to find something wrong with what she did, but couldn’t. Howard talked about the passing of Stan Lee and all the great Marvel comics he wrote and that inspired such great movies and characters. Hugh Jackman was in studio to plug his new movie, Front Runner.

From Howard got back to ”Overlord” and talked about what the movie is about. He said he loved the movie. He said he loves zombies and soldier movies. He said it was like everything he wanted combined into one. He said it was his ”Faaavorite.” And: Howard said his grandfather loved King Kong. He said his mother hated it but her father loved it. He said they went every weekend to see King Kong. Howard said he’d laugh like De Niro during Cape Fear.

Week of 11.5.18

Howard loved the movie Life Itself. He thought it was great. Robin doesn’t want to listen to him, because he’s told her a few times to watch movies that she didn’t like. He reminded her that she loved Last Action Hero and Hitch which he says were awful, but she still stands by her reviews of those movie. Talking about the new Freddie Mercury movie Bohemian Rhapsody that they haven’t seen yet, Robin said movies about singers don’t always do well, but Ray was the exception. Ben Stiller was in studio plugging his new show that he directed Escape at Dannemora. Robin said she binged-watched the entire thing last weekend at it’s really good. Howard said he’s halfway through the first episode and he’s hooked. Says it’s a crazy true story. They mention Zoolander and Tropic Thunder which Ben said couldn’t be made today. A caller said the new JJ Abrams movie Overlord looks great. Robin said there are too many zombie nazi movies, but couldn’t name any. Talking of good actors, Howard said one of the best is Michael Douglas. His acting in Falling Down is the best. Robin agreed it was a great movie. Playing a clip of Rambo, talking about how traumatized Howard was in high school and how he can’t get over it, like Rambo. Howard said they are making a sequel and Sylvester Stalone is still in this one, too. Robin said the last one was so funny. There were all these fit guys, but yet they always waited on grandpa to do anything. Howard said the new one is about old Rambo taking a shit.

Ralph Tweeted: Saw a GREAT 13 HOUR movie this wKND: @Daredevil s3/THE RETURN OF WILSON FISK. GREAT storyline that played out PERFECTLY, concluding with a GREAT FINALE *ENTIRE CAST was excellent esp @VincentDonofrio, (who should get an EMMY nom)

Ralph tweeted: HALLOWEEN (2018) In a lot of ways it was a bit of a STUMBLE. Some good moments, but a VERY weak story with A LOT implausible & ridiculous plot points that ruin it for anyone with common sense, and WORST OF ALL…NOT SCARY! HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! C- *Original H@ is 10x BETTER

Week of 10.29.18

Howard really liked Daredevil. Says Vincent D’Onofrio is the whole show. He’s really amazing as King Pen; all the others could be played by anybody. But he and Robin say that Daredevil shouldn’t get injured and should like their powers and like to wear the costume. Robin is disappointed that Luke Cage has been cancelled. She really liked it. Richard is talking about the movie themed haunted houses he saw that were based on Stranger Things, Halloween and other scary movies. The only one that wasn’t his favorite was the one based on Happy Death Day, and only because he hasn’t seen the movie yet. Howard’s watching Ray Donovan again. Robin didn’t realize the new season was on yet. Talking about how we all need our own armed guard and Howard said it will be like the old movie My Bodyguard. Talking about Sal doing so well at the Ronnie Roast, Robin said maybe it’s like Charly, and his super power of roasting will be gone some day. Howard said he’s really enjoying Jonah Hill’s new movie, Mid90’s.

Week of 10.22.18

Howard says there’s a big argument in the back about the new Halloween movie. Everyone thinks it’s terrible except Richard, who loves it. Talking about the picture of Ronnie’s head on Dean Cain’s body, Howard mentioned the movie the Thing With 2 Heads, and Fred plays the Perry Mason music. Talking about how New York taxes support many red states, a caller disagrees and Fred plays music from Deliverance. Jonah Hill was in studio to plug his new movie Mid90’s.

Week of 10.15.18

Ike Barinholtz was in studio to plug his latest film, Oath. He wants Howard to see this and his other film, Blockers. Howard said he saw the trailer to that and it looked pretty funny. Robin said that Howard needs to see Freakonomics. Howard likes the show FBI. Howard thinks Ronnie is like Donnie Brasco.  JD says it is weird listening to Michael Rappaport leave him phone messages, because he remembers thinking how great he used to be and seeing him years ago in Higher Learning. Howard and Robin both think the new A  Star Is Born is really good.

Week of 10.8.18 Vacation Week Beetlejuice Channel Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 10.1.18

Howard said he’s watching Van Helsing on the Netflix channel, and it’s awful, but he’s loving it. Robin started watching Z-Nation, a zombie series, and it’s awful, but she has to watch the whole thing. Howard reminded her that that Sci Fi is the network of Sharknado. Robin’s still loving Peaki Blinders; Howard stopped watching it because he can’t understand what the people are saying. Howard likes the Jack Ryan series, plus is really excited that Amazon Prime is releasing the 3rd season of Man in the High Castle. Gary and Fred watch it, too. Howard said it’s because Fred likes to think Nazis winning WW2 is real. Talking about JD’s lack of emotion, Robin says she thinks he’s like Dexter, a guy who’s trying to understand what it might be like to have emotion. Howard said that’s kind of like The Fly. Howard said Prince’s soundtrack of Batman (1989) is better than the soundtrack of Purple Rain. Howard said Gary Busey was a better Buddy Holly than Buddy Holly. Talking of Sal’s screwed up childhood, Howard said it’s like Nell or Cybil. Howard says he loves the old Japanese Godzilla movies. It’s Mean Girls Day which led to talking about Lindsey Lohan and Parent Trap. Talking about her trying to save a family on the street, Howard did his vampire voice which Fred played music from Dracula.

Week of 9.24.18

Talking of Richard Christy’s baby scratching him on the face, and Howard said he must have nails like Wolverine. Pete Davidson was in studio. He got his big break when he worked with Bill Hader in Trainwreck and he then recommended Pete to SNL. Robin recommends the Jane Fonda in Five Acts documentary on HBO. Tuesday’s show starts with a clip from Blue Velvet. Caller says Ronnie was acting like Frodo in the Godfather. Howard thought that the fact that one of the Tradio shows uses the Sanford and Son theme song, as they don’t seem like people who like black people much. Howard says the idea of the show The Connors is ridiculous. How can you have the Roseanne show without Roseanne? Howard and Robin say the new A Star is Born is really good. Adam Sandler is in studio plugging his new stand-up special on Netflix. He and Howard say how good Up In Smoke still is after 40 years.

Week of 9.17.18

Talking of growing beards in retirement, Howard said his looked more like the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. They did a bit with Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Mary Poppins. Talking about Julie Chen leaving the Talk, and her signing off of Big Brother as Julie Chen Moonves. Howard didn’t realize they had made Mama Mia 2, or that Cher was in it. Ronnie the Limo driver talk about his latest cameo in The Perfect Murder. From Howard said that the other thing about Clark Kent is that Lois Lane was in love with Superman but he can’t be with her until she loves him as Clark first. Howard said then he acts like the biggest douche. He said if he were Superman he’d like to think he would be neurosis free.

Week of 9.10.18

Burt Reynolds died over the last break. Howard loved him in Deliverance, but that really wasn’t his movie. He was just in it. The guy who got it in the butt-that guy (Ned Beatty)-it was HIS movie. Howard didn’t like his other movies, the Smokey and the Bandit ones. He said nobody in the Northeast watched them. Howard finally saw Black Panther and loved it. Said it’s so great. He wants a purple drink that will give him super powers like vibranium.  Robins said Split, the M. Knight Shamalan movie is really good and that Howard should see it. She thought it was a lot like his Unbreakable, which they both liked. Talking about Les and Julie Moonves, Howard said it must be like the War of the Roses, where there’s tape down the middle of the house. Richard Christy says that Halloween is not only his favorite movie, but that John Carpenter is his favorite musician because of the music in that movie. On the WUS talking about Bobo’s 911 stolen valor, and Gary talks about an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that deals with that. Norm MacDonald is in studio to plug his new series Norm Macdonald has a Show.

Week of 9.4.18 Labor Day Phony Phone Call Special

Back live on Tuesday. Robin said Howard needs to see the movies about Serena Williams‘ and Payton and Eli Mannings’ dad coaching them. It’s such a different story between father and son than Howard experienced. Robin also said he needs to see Crazy, Rich Asians. Said Howard would love it. It’s all these great weddings and parties and everyone will want a bigger celebration after seeing this movie. Paul McCartney was in studio and they talked about Help!, and how Paul was then offered the lead in Romeo and Juliett, which he turned down. Howard said that was smart.

Week of 8.27.18 Vacation Week. Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 8.20.18 Vacation Week. Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 8.13.18

Robin likes Fear the Walking Dead. Howard hasn’t seen it but he’s against it. And he’s really against the all the crying on Talking Dead-it’s just a TV show. Jon Hein talked about the movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas. Talk about Benjy screaming on Sharknado. Howard said they don’t even scream like that in Mothra vs Godzille. Stacy Dash is in the news again. Howard talks about how hot she is, but really crazy. JD said she gets naked in the movie Illegal in Blue. Talking about JD getting married, Sal gives a toast and takes the line about having a masculine child out of the Godfather. Ralph tweeted that he likes Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.

Week of 8.6.18

JD Tweeted: So new “Mission Impossible” is awesome, but the IMAX preview of “First Man” is so freaking intense. Loved it. He also tweeted: Had some time to kill so I went and saw Sorry 2 Bother You…I thought it was pretty good. And also has one of the craziest story turns I’ve ever seen in a movie. #Respect. Robin said she saw Mission Impossible and that it was great. She said she was watching it and realized she hadn’t breathed the entire time. Says it’s great.

Howard said he watched The Titan and it was really bad. Said he looked it up later and it had a bad rating, but he hadn’t known before that you could look up Netflix movie reviews. It sounded good: a bunch of military guys are genetically modified to live on Jupiter’s moons, but he says it’s awful. Howard said he can’t always trust Rotten Tomatoes, because he loved the movie that got the lowest ratings of any movie ever made, Kissing Booth. It had gotten a 16% rating, but Howard loved it. Howard said he actually bought the new Avengers: Infinity War movie, it’s so good. Robin really liked it, too.  Talking Les Moonves getting #MeToo outed, he said he was like Tony Soprano. Again they said how much they love Sasha Baron Cohen’s show Who Is America?  Gary really liked the Mohammed Ali documentary.

Week of 7.30.18  Vacation Week. Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 7.23.18

There’s a new JJ Abrams’ movie Howard’s excited to see with zombies and Nazis, Overlord. Robin’s had enough of those kinds of mash up movies. Howard said he still loves Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and wants to see it again. Talking about screwed up kids, Howard and Robin said they think of the kids in the movie Lorenzo’s Oil. They said that’s a great movie. Robin said she loves the new series Outcast; says it’s really scary. Howard said he won’t watch it. Howard’s upset that Six has been cancelled. Howard and Robin can’t get over how good Who Is America?, Sasha Baron Cohen’s new show is. Talking about a new movie that’s from the writer of Under Seige and Pretty Woman.

Week of 7.16.18

Talking about what a mess JD is, Howard said they should remake My Fair Lady with JD as the Eliza Doolittle character. Robin said she saw the new Death Wish and it’s really good. Scarlette Johansson dropped out of a movie playing a transgender woman after there was an uproar that the part should have gone to a true transgender. Howard and Robin said that many actors have played gay and transgender who aren’t, like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.  Howard and Gary loved the new Sacha Baron Cohen special, Who Is America?. Talking of the Bachelor and the vocal fry, says it sounds like Get Smart‘s Cone of Silence. Talking about sound bites, playing the Christian Bale one from Terminator: Salvation, where he yells at the lighting guy, “Good for you!” Robin said that movie was awful. Howard reminded her it was awful because of the lighting.

Week of 7.9.18 Vacation Week. Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 7.2.18 4th of July Holiday Vacation Week. Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Re ran his critique of FM, which he hated and says is the worst movie ever. And his love of the Punisher. Talking about Trump’s need to have these rallies to feed his ego long after the election, Howard says it reminds him of Sally Field in Soapdish, whenever she was down she would go to the mall to get recognized and feel better about herself.

Week of 6.25.18

Dave Matthews was in studio. He said his music was in Samurai Cop and says it’s the worst movie ever. Says the effects and acting are really bad. One scene the guy’s wig falls off and they keep shooting. Talking about Ronnie and his Nascar rally he was in, Howard said it sounds like Smokey and the Bandit shit.

Week of 6.18.18

Howard said he rewatched Star Trek Beyond and said it really good. Robin said she has liked all the new Star Trek reboots. She really likes Black Lightening. Howard said he stopped watching; Robin said she only watched the whole thing because Howard said he was watching it.

Week of 6.11.18

Howard said he and Beth watched Midnight Sun over the weekend and loved it. Said it was one of those horrible movies where they watched it and cried and was horrible and they loved it. Alec Baldwin was in studio to plug his new movie Mission Impossible: Fallout. They talked about their favorite movies that their young wives need to see. To Kill a Mockingbird, A Place In the Sun, Along the Waterfront, Godfather. Howard said Ace Ventura, Alec didn’t agree with that one. For comedies, he said WC Fields was the best.

Week of 6.4.18

Howard said he’s watched the first few episodes of Six about the Navy Seals and says he loves it. Howard and Robin both saw the movie Upgrade and loved it. It’s like the 6 Million Dollar Man gone wrong. A computer takes over this guy’s brain. Say it’s really great. Robin read a story about the Doctor  Strange star saving a citizen. Howard asked if she was in love with him, and she said yes. She said he was also in the new Avengers movie and there were a lot of unanswered questions, but she can’t talk about it since Howard hasn’t seen it yet.  Mandy Moore was in studio talking about This is Us, which Howard loves and says always makes him cry. Gary said he loves the show, too. he talked about working with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in Princess Diaries. She also worked with Robin Williams in License to Wed, and said he was great, but it was sad that it felt like he always had to be “on”.

Week of 5.28.18 Memorial Day Vacation Week  Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 5.21.18

Howard is watching Cobra Kai. He’s seen the first 3 episodes and really enjoying it. He loves all things Karate Kid. Howard says his favorite movies are Karate Kid, Rocky and Godfather, but when Richard says he’s watched Cheech and Chongs movies over a hundred times, Howard said he could never watch them that much, even though the Cheech and Chong movies Up in Smoke and Next Movie (which Richard said is better than the first) are still funny 40 years later. Said it was great that they had the real actor Stacy Keach playing the policeman in that movie. Again talk of  Sal’s cameo of Kevin Can Wait. Johnny Knoxville is in studio to plug his new movie. They talk Bad Grandpa and Jackass. Robin claims she’s the only one she knows that didn’t like Avengers: Infinity War. Author Phillip Roth died, and Howard and Robin talked about the movie based on his book Goodbye, Columbus. Gwenneth Paltrow was in studio. They talked about her Iron Man and Avenger movies.

Week of Week 5.14.18

Sal did a cameo on Kevin Can Wait. Howard said it was good, but then found out that the show has been cancelled, so had to goof on him. Gary got a preview of the You Tube Red Series Cobra Kai which is a reboot of the Karate Kid. Howard was pretty upset, because he loved those movies and would have wanted to see it. Gary thought the fact that it was the entire season, a total of 10 hours, he wouldn’t have wanted to see it. Robin and Howard are excited to see the sequel of Get Out which was just announced. Snoop Dogg was in studio and he and Howard were talking about Tupac and how good the movie Juice was. Robin said it was great, too. Andy Cohen was in studio talking Beverly Hills Housewives and his reboot of Love Connection.

Week of 5.7.18

Howard still says he loves the Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker  and Fifty Shades Freed movies. Howard’s not even sure which of the three he’s seen. Robin and Gary said they are totally unwatchable. Howard said the girl’s not even that hot. Robin said, but she’s naked, and that’s what he likes-he agreed. He says he loves those shitty fucking movies. Gives them 5 stars. Robin said the last one went straight to video. Then Howard reminded Robin that she like Last Action Hero, and Pitch Perfect  which were awful, so he can’t listen to her movie recommendations anymore. Robin still says those movies are still great. Tonya Harding got voted off Dancing with the Stars. Says America is not ready to forgive her even after the movie about her life and shitty childhood, I, Tanya. Next day, Robin said she was wrong-Tonya didn’t get voted off. She’s still in the competition, so maybe America has forgiven her. Howard still is loving the reboot of Lost in Space, though he’s been too busy to watch all of them. Robin loves it too, especially the robot. Says the whole show should be about the robot.

Complaining about being edited in his Hall of Fame speech inducting Bon Jovi, he says the David Letterman show has edited him as well. Howard still loves Gotham, and the guy who played the Riddler, Cory Michael Smith,  was in studio. Said he was also in a show with Frances McDormond, Olive Kitteridge, and Robin and Howard said that mini series was really good. Howard was talking about Alfred Hitchcock and how he would be in trouble in this “MeToo” times. Said he was obsessed with Tippi Hedren. They even made a TV movie about how he abused her, The Girl.

Week of 4.30.18

Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie , The Week Of, with Ronnie as pal bearer #5, premiered last week. Howard says Ronnie laughs like the guy from Cape Fear. Mini Me from Austin Powers , Verne Troyer died. Tom Arnold was in studio to plug his new series Viceland: The Hunt for Trump Tapes. He and Howard talked about his long lasting friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger after the making of True Lies. Jason saw  Avengers: Infinity War and said it was the best superhero movie ever. Said it was great, and that he saw it in a theater where they bring you your food right to your seat. But then Howard talked to him about all that he ate during the movie, and Howard said it turns out the experience was way better for Jason than the actual movie. Jason still claims he really loved the movie.

Week of 4.23.18. Vacation Week. Check out and then look up movies and shows mentioned alphabetically at the top of this page.

Week of 4.16.18

Fred starts off Monday’s show with a clip of R. Lee Erney yelling at his recruits from Full Metal Jacket. Later, on Robin’s news, she mentioned he had died. They talked about some other movies he was in, but Howard said this was his best. Howard said the new reboot of Lost In Space was really good. Howard again won Best Hair in America, so Howard and the Naked Boys Choir break out into song from West Side Story. Robin can’t believe Rampage was number 1 at the box office because the Rock can’t act. She hasn’t seen it yet, but in previews she sees he only moves his eyebrows. Howard said he’s got the greatest eyebrow moves ever. On the WUS, Gary and Jon compare Stephanie and Ronnie’s relationship in the movie The Hustler. Claire Dane was in studio from Homeland. They talked about her former series, My So Called Life and movies Little Women and Romeo and Juliet.

Robin said she’s never seen Michelle Williams in a comedy when Howard was doing the promo for I Feel Pretty. She said she watched All The Money In The World and said that Michelle Williams was amazing; she said she deserved to be nominated for an Academy Award. Said it’s really good. She said the movie is notable for two things: Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey and you don’t miss him at all, and this is the movie that when they were reshooting the scenes without Kevin Spaces, Michelle Williams got practically no money and Mark Wahlberg was paid tons. She says Michelle Williams carries the entire movie. But Howard said she needs to grow a penis to get the big paycheck.

Week of 4.9.18

Talking about the death of a radio guy, and Howard said he was in Heart is a Lonely Hunter, a movie that only he says only he saw. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in studio plugging his new movie Rampage. Howard loves him in Walking Dead. Howard also liked him in The Good Wife. Amy Schumer was in studio to plug her new movie I Feel Pretty. Gary said it was really funny. Richard had wanted to do a bit for the show that he got from the movie People Under the Stairs. The idea is that he would hide and then scare guests. Howard said no. Fred using Frankenstein noise clips from Ed Wood to play during tapes of evangelicals preaching.

Week of 4.2.18

Howard and Robin both said they watched the new Roseanne and really liked it. It got great ratings. Tracy Morgan was in studio plugging his new show, The Last O.G.  They also talked about 30 Rock and SNL. A caller asked Howard about Gotham and Howard said he really thinks it’s a great show and looks forward to watching it every week. He hasn’t seen the newest Black Lightening yet. Gary says the new movie Chappaquiddick is really good. Steven Speilberg’s new movie, Ready Player One is #1 at the box office. Robin says it looks really good from the previews. In Robin’s news, she announced that Producer Steven Bochco had died, who did Hill Street Blues, LA Law, Doogie Howser, MD and other shows. Talking about how good Allison Janey is in I, Tonya and the Robin says she’s great in the series Mom, but Howard says he doesn’t like sitcoms.

Wednesday’s show opens with JD not getting his full payout from the College Basketball pool. Fred plays the music from the Godfather as Howard talks to the guy who ran the pool. Fred also plays the “Act Like A Man!” and the clip from the wedding speech when JD doesn’t want Howard interfering to get him “justice.” Howard said he watched the first 15 minutes of Tracy Morgan’s new show The Last O.G.  and it was hilarious. Robin saw it too and liked it. King of All Blacks called in and said it fell apart in the end. Howard said he’ll watch the rest and make up his own mind.

Week of 3.19.18 Vacation Week Check out for show content, then look for movies by title across top of page.

Week 3.12.18

Talk of the latest OJ interview and the Naked Gun movies. Talk of Elon Musk saying we needed to colonize the moon in case of World War III. Robin said that wouldn’t work, remember the Martian movie that every time they had to go outside, their eyeballs would bulge out. Howard reminded her that there was a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was on Mars and everyone’s eyes bugged out when they went outside but his, so that it should be safe after all. Fred played a clip of a scowling Bella Lugosi from Ed Wood.

Week of 3.5.18

Oscar talk. Mr. Skin in studio for his Anatomy Awards. Go to and for links to scenes of movies discussed. Talking about how good Get Out is, especially one scene where he’s hypnotized. Howard like the Justice League, but didn’t think it was as good as the Avengers.

Image by David Glantz @DavidGlantz3

Week of 2.26.18

Monday’s show opened with an audio clip from The King of Comedy. Howard said Red Sparrow is Fucking Awesome. It reminds him of the great movie Klute with Jane Fonda. There was a discussion of Black Panther versus other super heroes. Tuesday’s show opened with the clip of Lilly Tomlin breaking down during the shooting of I Heart Huckabees. Fred talking about Lurch from the Addams Family. Stephen Colbert is in studio talking about The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Our Cartoon President. Howard and Robin liked the season premier of Walking Dead. He’s watching and still enjoying the Bachelor.

Robin said one of Jon Voight’s Ray Donovan costars wished he would tone down his political rhetoric, so Robin played some of Jon Voight’s right-wing ramblings. Howard said he’s a great actor; was great in Midnight Cowboy, too, but now he’s a nut talking to Sean Hannity.  Jennifer Lawrence was in studio to plug Red Sparrow which Howard loved. They talked about Winter’s Bone, Silver Linings Playbook and Hunger Games. Jennifer said the only role she was sad she didn’t get was the role in Alice in Wonderland.

Talking of JD going out to dinner and eating antelope and other assorted endangered species:

Image by David Glantz

Week of 2.19.18 Vacation Week Check out for show content, then look for movies by title across top of page.

Responding to a replay of JD’s failed camping trip:

Image by David Glantz


Week of 2.12.18 Vacation Week Check out for show content, then look for movies by title across top of page.

Week 2.5.18

Talking about the Super Bowl commercials, Howard says he knows he wants to see the new Red Sparrow. He said it look really good, and all the girls weight just over 15 pounds. Robin said all the girls that are fighting really should be looking like Rhonda Rousey. Talking about the Andy Griffith Show and Bobo sniffing like Barney Fife when he’s about to say something he thinks is important.  And Joe Pesci from Goodfellows calling his friends you “little prick.” Howard thinks that Robert Downy Jr playing the Iron Man is the ultimate male hero. Richard shaved his eyebrows and they say it looks like the guy in The Hills have Eyes.  Howard played a clip from a Christian radio show host that said the movie The Shape of Water was about the devil. In response to Memet saying he’s the I, Tonya Tonya Harding of the show:

Image by David Glantz @DavidGlantz3

Talking of Richard Christy’s lack of eyebrows:

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Week of 1.29.18

Talking about last night’s Grammy’s and one guy answering questions with one word like Lurch from the Addams Family. Howard again says how good I, Tonya is. Says it’s called a comedy, but he doesn’t see it that way. The mother is so mean, but there are a few funny parts. Howard watched The Legend of Tarzan and said it sucked. Howard’s talking about his limo having a boat radio, Fred plays the music from Titanic. Howard said to look up YouTube videos of Martin Short-he’s great. Discussion about a competition between Jason Bourne and John Wick. Robin said Bourne is smarter than Wick. One movie had Bourne stitching up his own wound, where Wick had to get stitched up by a vet. Ralph says Counterpart on Stars is really good. Howard says Jamie Lee Curtis was at her hottest in True Lies. Lesbian caller says Grace and Frankie is great. Howard likes the shows Jean-Claude Van Johsnon, Brave, The Bachelor, SEAL Team. Talking about the movie Indecent Proposal and if people on the staff would take money for sex.

Week of 1.22.18

Lots of superhero movie talk. Howard says the DC movies aren’t as much fun as the Marvel ones. He’s not sure why. The only exception to that was Wonder Woman. Howard really liked Phantom ThreadThree Billboards and I, Tonya. Howard’s talking about the Academy Awards nominations. He’s seen all the movies but The Post and Dunkirk. He says all the movies nominated, The Shape of Water, I, Tonya, Call Me By Your Name. and Phantom Thread are really great, but he says if he has to choose, it’s Three Billboards. JD says that Howard shouldn’t watch Dunkirk on his iPhone; he needs to see it on the big screen. Ronnie said he read the book Donnie Brasco and has seen the movie about 10 times.

Week of 1.15.18 First Time Live on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.

Caller agreed with Howard that The Darkest Hour was a great movie. Churchill was great. He stood up while the rest of Europe was taking it in the ass from Hitler. Howard said he finally saw Get Out. He said he hadn’t wanted to see a scary movie, but watched it and it was terrific. Robin really liked it, too. Fred uses Little Rascals’ sound bite for smells. Howard really liked Lady Bird, and both Howard and Robin loved the Shape of Water. Howard really liked Call Me By Your Name. Howard says the shows SEAL TEAM and The Brave should be examples to Ronnie on how to behave in the office.

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are coming in from Grace and Frankie. Both Robin and Fred really like the show. They talked about the great movies Jane had done: 9 to 5; On Golden Pond, Klute, Barbarella, Coming Home. Julia, China Syndrome. She said she’d been in bad movies, too, but didn’t say which ones she thought they were.

Tuesday’s show starts off with a clip from Ed Wood. Howard talks about his love of the Three Stooges and how Mo Howard was not a fun guy when he got old and would appear on talk shows-like Gilber’s impression of Old Groucho. Talking deodorant, Fred plays the Little Rascals sound byte. Trump screened The Darkest Hour and talked through the whole thing. Ralph says that’s so annoying. Ralph says I, Tonya is great. Howard and Robin agreed, but say it’s not a movie that anyone will see. You don’t go to a movie wanting to learn about Tonya Harding, but they say it’s great. Allison Janney is great as the mom; Ralph says she’s like a Darth Vader. Ralph also says that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the best-it’s as good as the first three movies.

Howard liked Black Lightening. Says it’s pretty cool. Robin wonders why they don’t call the other superhero movies White Superman? She asks if the lightening is black. Howard says it’s pretty cool, there are black bad people that cops can’t seem to do anything about, so Black Lightening takes care of everything. He also likes the other black superhero show, Luke Cage. Ralph says the Netflix show Bright with Will Smith is good, too, even though it’s gotten pretty bad reviews. Talking about All The Money In the World re-shooting to take Kevin Spacey out of the movie and that Mark Wahlberg got much more money than Michelle Willams, but Howard said that Mark had written a no re-shoot clause into his contract, so they had to pay him more. Fred used the Robert De Niro laugh sound byte from Cape Fear.

Week of 1.8.18

Howard is still talking about The Darkest Hour, saying how great it was. Also, talking about Barbra Streisand as the only woman winning best director at the Golden Globes, he said her movie Yentl was really good. Jason says Runaways on Netflix is really good. He says it’s different than the books, but really good. Howard really liked Wonder Woman, though Jason thought she should be for the world, not just one man. Howard and Robin both said Logan was really good, as was Spider-Man: Homecoming. Robin says she thinks the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the best movie of 2017.

Week of 1.2.18 Back from Vacation. Happy 2018!

Howard has his list of movies he watched over the break that he’s recommending. He said both Ladybird and Call Me By Your Name were both really good. They were both coming of age films, and excellent. He and Robin had a discussion about Call Me By Your Name about if the guy was truly gay. Howard’s favorite movie he saw over the break was the Darkest Hour, the Winston Churchill one. He says Gary Oldman was great and the makeup to make him look the part wasn’t distracting. He said Churchill was a true patriot, and we need that kind of fucker now. He liked the documentary about the MMA wrestler Conner McGregor. He seems like just a great guy, happy go lucky, always smiling. Robin thought he was kind of creepy. Jason and Robin really liked the new Star Wars, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Said it was as good as the original ones in the 70’s. Ralph didn’t like it, and Robin said it was because this movie took the characters to a different place.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is in a series where he’s Jean-Claude Van Johnson and Howard said it’s really good. He’s looking forward to more shows, as he’s going to be time traveling. Robins said it sounds like a porn show. Robin said the new Dave Chappel specials are really good.  Howard and JD really liked Phantom Thread. Howard said it’s a slow moving movie, but then, holy shit, you’re caught up in it. He again said Novitiate is an excellent movie about a woman becoming a nun. He said it’s like a doctor going through hell internships to become a doctor, and then making sure the young guys coming up have to go through the same hell. It’s just crazy what this woman goes through. Howard says Annette Bening in The Grifters was really hot. Talking of Benjy living in a dorm, Howard said it was like Van Wilder.