Arrow (TV Series)

Robin and Howard both love Arrow.  Howard says the love interest is really annoying and a sour puss.  He says, “Honey, have some fun.” The sister is annoying also and the assistant should take off those glasses.

In April, 2014, Howard says the show Arrow is starting to annoy him,  but it’s alright.  They still can’t call him the Green Arrow-he’s the Green Arrow already!

In 2016, Howard loves The Flash, Supergirl and the Green Arrow. But Howard says Flash is the best. He says all these shows are by the same company, so they need to be careful. They all have the same look and vibe. He says the same of Legends of Tomorrow, which he says is just “ok,” but has the same look. Robin hasn’t seen that one yet. The girl in Supergirl is really hot, and Howard says the show is getting good again.

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