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Bad Grandpa

2013 –  They’re having a contest for a listener to get their grandfather laid that is sponsored by Johnny Knoxville’s new movie Bad Grandpa.  Howard said it’s always funny when Johnny dresses up like an old man wearing old man make-up and his balls are falling out of his shorts.

10.21.13  Howard was sent this movie to preview because Johnny Knoxville is going to be in studio tomorrow.  Instead of a DVD, they sent him this big contraption to set up and then once he hooked it up,  there was no movie.  Gary said it is really funny, and he’ll give Howard his copy.

Sal tweeted:  Bad Grandpa was hilarious! Laughed my pouch off!

After opening weekend of Bad Grandpa, it was #1 at the box office, making close to what the studio predicted by their tracking.  Made Howard wonder how a studio would react if they were presented with a movie like Casino, a well-crafted story with good acting.  It wouldn’t track well if they asked audiences if they’d go to see a movie about gangsters running a casino, because now all movies are all action.   Crazy that a studio says they know how much money a movie’s going to make before it’s ever released.  A caller, Claire, said that he thought the movie wasn’t that funny.  He saw it in a theater, and he thought the bystanders’ reactions to some of the stunts looked kind of staged and seemed flat.  Howard agreed.  He said the audience he went with really wanted to laugh, but didn’t.

Howard said he only got to see the first 20 minutes of Bad Grandpa, but it was really funny.  He said Beth was laughing too, and she kept saying “I love Johnny!”  Gary said his wife said that, too, and they were wondering what it is with Johnny and the girls.  Why do they all love him?  Then Howard talks about how much money the Jackass movies made, especially compared to what they cost to make.  Howard said, yeah, he’s good-looking, but he has a catheter in his cock.

Robin said there were some great belly laughs in Bad Grandpa.  She loved the farting scene and the male dancers. She said Magic Mike has nothing on this one.  Howard said it was really funny, too.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa on IMDb

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