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Batman-Dark Knight Series

Howard and his crew and Geektime loved all 3 of these movies. Christian Bale’s gravely voice as Batman was hard to understand in the first two movies. On GEEKTIME! the director of The Dark Knight Rises said he used an IMax camera and had the camera move to get all the effects.

There was a rumor at one time that Ashton Kirscher was going to play Batman.  Sean Penn was rumored to play the Joker.  Howard thought that was a terrible idea–it never happened, so he was right.  Said he could never compare to Jack Nicholson.  And then Heath Ledger blew Nicholson’s out of the water.  He talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger being a horrible actor, awful as Mr. Freeze, but he can sure play a robot in the Terminator movies.

Mutt says Dark Knight if the best Batman movie, Jason Kaplan says Dark Knight Rises is the best.

Batman Begins on IMDb   2005 – Howard and Robin really liked it

The Dark Knight on IMDb   2008 – The Dark Knight Heath Ledger was truly chilling as the Joker in the first movie.  Clearly getting into the role too much.

The Dark Knight Rises on IMDb   2012 – The Dark Knight Rises -This was the one where there was the theater shooting on opening night in Aurora, CO. There were many conversations about that, and if the shootings will have an effect on the total earnings for the weekend.

Batman talk:  There’s a rumor that Justin Beiber may be the next Robin?  People still made at the Ben Affleck announcement.  Howard reminded everyone that people were upset at Michael Keaton being picked for Batman years ago and he turned out great.

10.1.13  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in studio, and Howard  said the end of the Batman movie implies he is going to become either Robin or Batman, so Howard asked him if he was upset he wasn’t asked to play the new Batman.  He said no, that he had made a trilogy, and it’s over.

Ronnie gets the Batman mustache in 2013:

Image by Doctor Ivan
Image by Tom Adelsbagh

Image by Tom Adelsbach from

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan

Image by Doc Ivan




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