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Batman Forever

1995 – Howard didn’t like this version.  Said it didn’t look like they gave Jim Carrey much direction.

In 2014, Jim Carrey was in studio.  Howard asked Jim about not getting along with Tommy Lee Jones on the set of Batman Forever, and he said when he met him, Tommy hugged him while telling him he hated him, saying “I can’t sanction your buffoonery.”  He wonders if it was because Ace Ventura came out the same time as The Ty Cobb Story and made a ton more money.  Maybe Tommy resented him for that.

Batman talk:  There’s a rumor that Justin Beiber may be the next Robin?  People still made at the Ben Affleck announcement.  Howard reminded everyone that people were upset at Michael Keaton being picked for Batman years ago and he turned out great.

Ronnie gets the Batman mustache in 2013:

Image by Doctor Ivan

Batman Forever on IMDb


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