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Behind the Candelabra, The Liberace Story (TV Movie)

2013 – Howard says he is so looking forward to seeing this one.  He says he can’t wait to see Matt Damon and Michael Douglas make out.  JD Harmeyer gives Behind the Candleabra 5 out of 5 Um’s.

Howard said he saw Behind the Candleabra, and it’s really good.  When he first started watching, he couldn’t get over looking at Michael Douglas in a wig.  He knew the movie would be skewed, as it was written by Scott Thorson, so it made him look like a good guy who would have loved Liberace even if he was broke.  Howard said it was really well done.  He said Michael Douglas looks like he’s really playing the piano, and he found out that they had put his head on a real piano player’s body, and that’s why it looks so real.

Gary said that Rob Lowe as the plastic surgeon is hysterical.  He’s high all the time, and when he’s operating on Boober he has to cock his head to keep his eyes open.  Howard wonders how they got all these big stars to be in the movie.  He understands how they got Michael Douglas, but Matt Damon?

Howard says he hated Behind the Candelabra , the Liberace movie.  He says it’s a hatchet job written by Boober making Liberace look like a vampire that fed on the blood of young boys.  Said it was a piece of shit.  Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe and Matt Damon were all great, but the movie was shit.  We don’t learn anything about why Matt Damon wouldn’t have just said “fuck no” when Liberace told him he wanted Boober to have plastic surgery to look like Liberace.  Howard said there was no back story explaining their relationship, it’s just about him being gay.

Howard said that the guy who wrote the movie, Boober, is now claiming he had a 6 year romance with Michael Jackson.  He says he can’t wait for that movie.  He says he’s had more rock stars through his asshole than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Robin tells Howard now that he’s right, the entire Liberace story is BS.  Howard thinks JD should get surgery to look like him.  When Scott Thorson was in studio he said Dan Akroyd was great, and the makeup alone on Debbie Reynolds should win awards.  Both he and Howard were impressed with how Matt Damon gave it to Michael Douglas.

In August, 2013, Howard asked Robin if he’d heard that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were divorcing.  He said he knew it would happen after the Liberace movie.

Behind the Candelabra on IMDb

MarksFriggin did a complete, very comprehensive rundown of the Scott Thorson in studio interview:

Howard said Scott Thorson is there. He said that Dennis Hof bailed him out of jail. Howard said Dennis hired him to work at the Bunny Ranch. Howard said that way he can keep an eye on him. Robin said she thought that Boober was bi-sexual. Howard said they’ll talk to Scott. Robin said just wait until he sees his face. She said it’s interesting. She said he sort of looks like Liberace. Howard said he’ll take a break and let him know what his problems are with the Liberace movie. Robin said it’s not a Liberace movie, it’s a Scott Thorson movie. Howard said whatever and went to break.

Scott Thorson Visits. 06/17/13. 7:00am
After the break we heard a Jack and Rod Show bit where Sal and Richard spoke to an author of an Al Pacino book and had him pretend to be Al Pacino. Fred also played Lady Gaga’s ”Poker Face” as they were coming back.

Howard came back and had Scott Thorson come in. Howard said that he does kind of look like Liberace. Howard said that the surgery really did work. Scott was a little dry so Howard had the guys bring in some water for him.

Howard asked where he got money to get his jewelry from. Scott said that his movie is a big hit on HBO. He said he owns a percentage of the film. He said that it’s a number one hit on HBO. He said he hasn’t gotten money yet. Gary said that Scott is afraid that he wont get his money. Howard said he may not. He asked what he’s getting a percentage of. Scott said that it was supposed to go to the theaters. He said that HBO took the gamble and put it on and it’s the number one movie on HBO. Howard said he had a problem with the movie. Scott said he did too.

Howard told Scott that he felt it was more the Scott Thorson story but it painted him as a guy whose life was destroyed by Liberace. He said that there was probably a different side to the story. He said that he felt it was kind of unfair to Liberace because it made him look like a complete scumbag.

Scott said that they put him through a lot in the 80s. He said they paid his brother $20,000 to testify against him. He said they put him through hell.

Howard asked Scott how many years he did in jail. Scott said it wasn’t years. He did 99 days for credit card fraud. He said that his friend got him in trouble just for being with him when he found a wallet. Scott said that he did do some jail time for drugs too.

Scott said that he had anal cancer and he was on a bunch of drugs for that and that triggered his addiction. He said he had a lot of things going on and he got back on drugs because of that. He said he got on coke again and that got him out of bed. Howard asked where he is with the cancer. Scott said he hopes he’s not dying. He said they gave him an 80 percent chance. He said that he’s going to go back out to Nevada to get checked out.

Howard asked Scott if he took anal at all. Scott said he’s never done it at all. He quickly changed the subject and talked about Matt Damon and Michael Douglas playing gay in the movie. Howard said that Scott is upset about some things in the movie. Scott said that he never even met Matt Damon. He said he called Jerry Weintraub and they told him that he couldn’t have anything to do with the film. Scott said that Jerry has a big ego but he loves the guy because he’s a good producer.

Howard asked Scott about how amazing it was to get Michael Douglas and Matt Damon to be in the movie. Scott said Debbie Reynolds was good too. Scott said he hasn’t heard from any of them in the movie.

Howard asked if Scott would still be in jail if Dennis Hof didn’t bail him out. Scott said that Jerry was supposed to bail him out but they backed out of it. He said the bail was $15,000 cash and it’s refundable. He said that Dennis has been helping and he’s paid for his legal defence. Howard asked why he thinks that Dennis did that. Howard said it seems like it might be for publicity. Scott said that he’s the hottest thing in the business right now so maybe that’s it. Scott said he’s going to drop the bomb on everyone with his second book. He said that will be called ”Beyond the Candelabra.”

Howard asked Scott why so many celebrities were trying to have sex with him. Scott said he has about 9 inches of cock. Howard asked if that’s what sealed the deal for Liberace. Scott laughed and said it did. He said he was only 16 when he met Liberace. He said if this happened today then he would have gone to jail. Scott said they thought he was a prostitute and that just wasn’t the case. He said that he sued Liberace for palimony for throwing him out of the house. He said that he was with him from 16 to 32. Howard said he thinks that he would owe him something for that. Howard said he took a naive boy and turned him into his lover. Howard said that’s not right to just throw him out.

Howard said that Scott was a young stud and he didn’t have to prepare for anything because guys just wanted to be with him for his looks. Scott said he would walk down the street and have 50 cars pulling over for him. He said now he walks out on the street and everyone knows who he is. Howard said that it must be hard for him. Scott said he has no problems.

Howard asked Scott if he’s still fucking guys. Scott said that they’re getting ready to sign a deal for a reality show of him working at the Bunny Ranch. He said he’s going to be the pink bunny boy.

Howard asked Scot about what he’s said about Michael Jackson. Scott said that Lee (Liberace) introduced him to Michael. He said he and Michael got to be good friends. Howard said that the sadness about his life is that he was gay and wasn’t able to come out of the closet. Howard said that’s the toughest thing. Scott said Liberace was like that too. He said Rock Hudson is another. Howard said that it’s amazing that Liberace sued a newspaper for saying he was gay and he won. Howard said that women believed that he was straight.

Scott said that Lee asked him once if he thought people thought he was gay. Scott said he told him that no one else comes out with so many pink flamingo feathers on stage so they all knew he was gay. He said he loved Lee and he was a great showman. He said he blames a lot of this on the management.

Howard asked if he was there when Liberace was dying. Scott said he was there at his bed side. Scott said that it was a great love story. He said that Lee loved him and he was told that he never loved anyone like he loved him.

Howard asked if he really was attracted to Liberace. Scott said that he was attracted to Liberace. He said he wasn’t able to get hard the first time he was with him. Howard asked if he blew him the first time. Scott said he did. He said he wasn’t very good at doing it though. He said Liberace couldn’t deep throat. Scott said he didn’t have a very attractive penis. He said he had it pumped up with silicone and it was uncircumcised. Howard asked if he was small. Scott said he guesses so. Howard asked if it’s true that he used a penis pump. Scott said that’s true. Howard said Flip Wilson had one of those things installed in his penis. Scott said that Liberace did have some kind of bag that he would pump.

Scott said he got pissed at Liberace for flushing his coke down the toilet. He said he flushed an ounce of it down so he was chasing him around the house because of that. Scott said he ended up ripping his wig of his head. Howard asked if he was completely bald. Scott said he didn’t have much hair other than on the sides.

Howard asked about the Michael Jackson thing again and Scott told him that he got close to Michael in 1982 after he broke up with Liberace. He said that he did mess around with Michael before that. He said when he was still with Liberace he was with Michael. Scott said he and Michael were the same age. Howard asked how Michael’s penis was. Scott sad that it was like 6-7 inches. Howard said that’s not that small. Scott said that it was pretty small compared to him. Howard said he’s doomed if that’s small.

Howard asked Scott if he blew Michael Jackson. Scott said yes. He said that he was the great kid. He said it’s very sad what happened to him. Scott said that he and Michael got along very well. Howard asked if Michael’s face was fucked up at that point. Scott said that it wasn’t back then. He said that he was the one who started that. He said that all three of them got surgery at the same time. He said that they were all bandaged up and driving around together. He said that they were all very tight. Scott said that Michael was a great kid. Howard asked if Michael ever did Liberace. Scott said no to that.

Howard asked if it’s true that he had sex with young boys. Scott said he thinks that’s untrue. Howard asked how he kept that whole thing a secret. Scott said that his people thought it would be best if they didn’t do that. Scott said he had to take lie detector tests back then and he passed. He said Michael refused to take the test.

Howard asked why he betrayed Michael and told the world. Scott said it’s his life story. He said he was putting his book together and that was the truth. Howard asked if he ever saw Michael record. Scott said he was there in the studio with him for some song recordings. He said he was a good friend. He said he had a lot of problems. He said he wasn’t in love with him. Howard asked if it was because he was a kook. Scott said you can’t top Liberace.

Howard asked who was good in bed. Scott said Michael was boring in bed. Howard asked if he ever role played as Peter Pan or anything. Scott said he didn’t. He said the first night he was with Liberace he was in full stage make up. He said that he wanted to look pretty for him. He said he was a great guy though.

Howard asked Scott about how Liberace looked naked. Scott said that it was all good other than that cock. He said that Michael had a very thin body. Howard said he seems like a guy who would want to dress like a woman. Scott said Michael used to be so good looking.

Scott said that he was with Michael for 6 years. He said he was in prison when he died. Scott said that Michael was a fun and loving guy. He said they were outside of Buckingham Palace once and they dared one of the guards to move for $10,000 and the guy ended up taking the money.

Howard asked Scott if he fucked Michael. Scott said he didn’t. He said they just blew each other. Howard said it seems like a do nothing kind of sex life. Scott said he was very shy and a great kid. He said he was so sick of the whole thing though. Howard asked why he didn’t want him to put it in his backside. Scott said he was too big. Howard asked how long it took him to put it in Liberace’s ass. Scott said after the first time Lee said that he wasn’t used to it and he was a bit sore. He said that he was doing amil nitrate at the time too. Howard asked if there was any turds in there. Scott said he made him douche before doing it.

Scott said that Liberace was a kick in the ass and they had a great time together. Howard said this is fascinating. Howard said that his next book is going to be coming out eventually. Scott said they’ll call it either ”Shattering the Candelabra” or ”Beyond the Candelabra.”

Howard asked Scott about what prison was like. Scott said he had a great time in prison. He said that he had $50,000 in a trust and he ended up buying drugs and cell phones and tobacco while he was in there. He said that the guards in the corrections facilities are the most corrupt. He said that it was easy to get all of that stuff. He said that he was close to Charles Manson in prison too. He said that he got to talk to him while he was in there. He said he had a great time there. He said everyone wanted him. Howard said he was like the hot girl in prison.

Howard asked if he had sex in prison. Scott said he got his cock sucked a few times. He said he didn’t do that to anyone else though.

Howard said that Scott was given up to adoption at 6 years old. Scott said that his mother was manic depressant and she had to give him up.

Howard asked how the food was in prison. Scott said it was horrible. He said that he was able to get Burger Barn and he was watching movies and eating popcorn in there too. He said it wasn’t so bad.

Howard took a call from Wood Yi (Audio clips) who was asking Scott if he could suck his cock. Scott was laughing at some of the things he was saying. Scott asked to see Howard’s penis. Howard said he would laugh at him.

Howard took a call from Ralph who said he thought the Liberace movie was great. He said that Scott was doing good until he got into the drugs. Scot said that it was Liberace who got him into that. Ralph asked how he convinced him to get plastic surgery. Scott said that he did it for Liberace. He said he was only 18 when he did it.

Howard asked Ralph how big his cock is. Ralph said that he’s like 8 inches. Howard asked if that’s true. Ralph said no. The guys showed a picture of Ralph and Scott seemed to like what he was seeing.

Howard said that he read that Liberace knowingly gave a few young men AIDS. Scott said that he did. He said that he was lying to people about what his problem was and saying that he had some kind of anemia. Scott said that he went to their doctor and he outright lied to him about what it was. He said that Liberace came to him and told him what he had.

Howard said it is amazing how much he looks like Liberace. Scott asked if that’s true. Howard said it really is. He said it’s amazing what they can do.

Howard said Dennis Hof is a good guy. He got Scott out of jail. Scott said that he’s a great guy. He said they’re doing great and Dennis is happy with what he’s doing. He said that he’s not even asking for the money back that he’s spending. Scott said he’s not a bad guy.

Robin asked if Michael’s penis was really discolored. Scott said that he had a skin disease and it was discolored. He said that he had that vitiligo disease.

Scott said he wrote that book (”Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace”) back in 1988 and he didn’t get a lot of money from it. He said that he ended up selling drugs for the drug cartel. He said he was selling meth and they cracked down on them. He said he did 4 years for selling meth. Howard said that’s a lot of time. Scott said it wasn’t so bad for 5 pounds of meth.

Howard said that he’d watch this reality show that he’s talking about doing with Dennis Hof. Howard said that he’s shot out of a cannon this morning. He wished him luck with his anal cancer. Howard said that Dennis is known for bailing people out and then asking them to get plastic surgery to look like him. Scott got a laugh out of that. Howard went over some of the stuff they learned today and said they learned a lot. Howard asked if he ever had a day where he and Michael blew each other multiple times. Scott said they did it twice in one day once. He said they had just come back from Paul McCartney’s place.

Scott said that he got a blow job from Liberace in Lincoln’s bedroom at the White House. Howard asked if Michael spit or swallowed. Scott said he spit but then he said that Michael didn’t let him finish in his mouth. He said he must not like that. Scott said he doesn’t like that either. Gary came in and said that he read that Michael and Scott had an hour long love making session. He asked what they did. Scott said it was a lot of kissing and hugging.

Howard asked Scott if Michael ever sang to him. Scott said he didn’t. He said that they did go to the recording studio and he sang there. Scott said that they had girls who would come up to Michael and when they saw him they would shit their pants. He said they would literally shit their pants.

Howard started to wrap up with Scott. They were still talking about the sex stuff and Howard said he’s exhausted from this. Howard said that it’s exciting to have a movie made about their lives. Scott said not that many people can say that.

Scott said that Beyond the Candelabra was picked up all across Europe. He said that it’s huge. Howard gave Scott a plug for his new book and said you can check out as well. They went to break a short time later.

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