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Beverly Hills Cop

1984 – Sylvester Stallone called into the show in 2008 and said he’d been offered the Eddie Murphy role in this movie.  He’d been playing a tough guy, and didn’t think he could get away with being a funny guy, telling gay jokes.  He took the script and re-wrote it for himself, and he said it ended up looking more like Training Day (2001).  The makers of the movie wanted to keep it a comedy, so he didn’t get the part.

1997 was the scandal that Eddie Murphy was busted picking up a transvestite to look at his feet.  Howard said that all the news stories cite this movie, as this was the Eddie Murphy at his genius, before he started taking himself too seriously.

Played Gilbert Gottfried was in studio talking about being on the set of Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy.  He’d worked with Eddie for a season on SNL, but when Eddie walked on the set, he looked at Gilbert and said, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Beverly Hills Cop on IMDb

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