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2014 –  In June, 2014,  Tweet from JD: Trailer for “Birdman”…new film from director of “Amores Perros”…looks awesome

In December, 2014 Ralph says Howard needs to see Birdman.  He loved it. Steve Brandano said it’s great, too.  Says it’s the best fucking movie.  Robin said she wasn’t a fan.

In January, 2015, Howard agreed with Robin that he didn’t like the movie.  Said it’s a story that’s been done before and better, like All That Jazz or Chorus Line.  It’s marketed as something it’s not, so you go expecting a different kind of movie.  Howard again bashes Birdman-saying it’s shit, but Hollywood loves movies about movies so it’s going to win all kinds of awards–but the general public doesn’t give a shit.  JD came in to try and defend the movie, saying it was really good.  Howard yelled at him, again saying it’s shit, and don’t argue with the boss.

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Image by Tom Adelsbach

Birdman on IMDb


1 comment to Birdman

  • Kate

    I don’t understand the over-rating of this movie. Technically beautiful, great cinematography, yes….. BUT the story is over dramatic and self-important. In the end – content is king.
    Storyline: Boy has career – boy loses career – boy might be able to redeem himself with one last hurrah.
    Written by Writer(s) Too Close to Hollywood: It’s obvious the writer(s) think the average movie goer could not possibly understand the angst and complex nature of the film/play industry. No reference can be to narrow, no dot can be too close.
    Unfortunate Result: A beautifully technical and well acted film got lost in it’s own self-importance.
    Note to writers: If you are going to write about your industry, bring outside influences in so they can keep track of your ego…..

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