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Black Hawk Down

2001 – Heidi Fleiss is on and she said that Tom Sizemore beat her up after she had said she didn’t like Black Hawk Down.  She said that she’d just gotten out of prison and didn’t want violence, so all she said was that she would have preferred watching  Bambi instead, but she got beaten up anyway.  Tom Sizemore called in and denied beating her.

During the news, Robin played Josh Hartnett’s 2002 interview when he was hitting the circuit to plug 40 Days and 40 Nights.  Howard and Artie are goofing on how boring and self important he sounds. He’s got what they later called vocal fry.  Artie said he sounds like a witless Steven Wright.  Josh is talking about how he tries to find the balance in his life and figure things out.  Artie says he’s only 23 and already trying to figure things out.  Howard says he flew to India to feed the children with his ear wax.  Artie said he was filming Black Hawk Down while working on the AIDS vaccine.  Robin still really likes Josh Hartnett.  Then Robin played a Hilary Swank interview, and Howard and Artie do the Josh Hartnett show with Hilary as his guest, and they both say things like, “I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, just trying to find a life that’s full.”  Then Howard says in a Josh Hartnett voice, “Why do they call them ice cubes, why not ice triangles?”

Black Hawk Down on IMDb

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