Blazing Saddles

1974 – Mel Brooks has been booked, but has never done the show, much to Howard’s disappointment.   Great classic comedy movie and sound bytes.  Fred likes to play the clip of Cleavon Little saying “Where the White Women at?”

When Howard’s friend Marco Battaglia smashed Howard’s thumb while they were working out together (Howard had been adding weights to Marco’s bench press) Artie said Marco was like the this movie’s Mongo, but Robin said he was more like the guy in Unbreakable.

A caller says Blazing Saddles  couldn’t be made today. Howard said look at Django Unchained. The caller said that the language was used as a way to illustrate how people really were back then. Robin said that Mel Brooks could say the same thing about Blazing Saddles, he just used humor.

Blazing Saddles on IMDb

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