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Breaking Bad (TV Series)

2008 – 2012

Robin told Howard to watch this one, saying it was amazing.  When Howard finally started watching, he agreed.  Bryan Cranston was in studio talking about how this was the role of a lifetime.  Everyone knew him as the goofy nice dad Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.  He had worked with the developers of this movie before; that’s how they thought of him for this part that gets so dark and violent.  He won’t give any clues as to how the series is going to end.  Howard said it’s almost hard to look at him in the studio, as he’s so scary in the show.  Howard asked him if it was true he cried for 15 minutes after shooting the scene where he watches Jesse’s girlfriend die.  He said it was true.  The actress was so convincing-even the noises when she was off screen.  He said all he could think of was what if this was his daughter or someone else he loved.  He said the rumors weren’t true that he was considered for the Lex Luther role in Superman.  He said it’s just because he was bald in the series.  He said when he shaved his head, he didn’t let his TV wife see it until they were shooting the scene after he’d shaved his head.  He wanted a real reaction from her.

Robin revealed her battle with cancer, and said she had been unable to watch Breaking Bad during his chemo treatments, as she was going through the same.

Howard said last night’s Breaking Bad episode was best series ending ever.  It had over 10.3 million viewers. Jon Hein gave it a 9 out of 10, saying The Shield had even the better ending. He said even the Newhart ending was better. Howard then said Gilligan’s Island actually was the best.  He said the creators of Lost should watch this and learn how to end a show. said that in Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston was wearing the tighty whiteys and you see a ball fumble where his balls come out. He said that if a private part comes out they have to do their job and tell people about that.

Howard said he doesn’t like the idea of the prequel to Breaking Bad, Go Ask Saul.  He’s not that interested to see Saul’s story, but he knows he’ll watch it, because he liked that character.

image by  Anthony Chirico

image by
Anthony Chirico

Breaking Bad on IMDb

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