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Bricklberry, TV Series

2012 –

Howard started Wednesday’s show playing clips of Riley Martin during his show, when a caller told Riley that Yucko the Clown’s show Brickelberry made a reference to the Biavian language.  Riley threatened to sue. Howard said that proves even Riley doesn’t believe his bullshit, because he can’t trademark a real language.  Robin said it was like if she said something in Spanish and then thought she could sue if someone else said the same thing.

Yucko the Clown was on plugging his show Brickleberry on Comedy Central. He was supposed to be on Fox following The Simpsons, but they put on Jonah Hill’s short-lived cartoon Allen Gregory.

Yucko the Clown was on the phone plugging his cartoon on Comedy Central Bricklberry.  He does a husky woman’s voice that Howard thought was really funny.  Benjy, Sal, Richard all have done voices for the show.  Eric the Actor did a voice, but it never aired-it was a disaster.  Benjy’s character is a test driving instructor that sits in the backseat and has sex with the guy driving.  Howard thinks that sounds really funny.

Brickleberry on IMDb

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