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Bubble Boy

2001 – Howard says that Beetlejuice is in a lot of this movie, unlike Scary Movie 2 where he’s only in a few seconds.

Beetlejuice was in studio with Arden Myrin to plug  Bubble Boy. She was also in Deconstructing Harry and What Women Want.  She said that all the women on the set are warned about Beetle, not to get too close, that he might try to flash them . He didn’t do that, but he did touch their breasts.  He reached up to cop a feel, Beetle said he was picking her oranges.  She said the Wardrobe people couldn’t work Beetle.  They’d want to hold his jewelry all night and he wouldn’t let them.  He’d be wearing different clothes or a different medallion in the same scene, or his hair would be different.  He had someone off scene tell him his lines.  One time he was supposed to hump someone and forgot, so someone had to stand off to the side and shake his leg to remind him.  She said he was professional on the set. One scene had him fighting with Vern Troyer, Mini Me, and Beetle was worried he might hurt him because he’s bigger.  She said he really showed that he had a heart.

In 2015, Jake Gyllenhaal was in studio and they talked about him working in this film with Beetlejuice and the original Big Foot. Jake said he didn’t get to interact much with them because he was in that bubble. Howard said it was a good movie to be in a bubble.

Bubble Boy on IMDb

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