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Cable Guy

1996 – David Spade was in studio, and he said that Chris Farley had originally been approached to do this movie for $3 million, but he was locked in a half-million two movie deal and was set to do Black Sheep.  He tried to get out of it, but couldn’t.

Sal was compared to The Cable Guy when they were talking about how obsessed he is with everything Howard.  A caller said he’s crazy compared to the Cable Guy, and he could be dangerous and should be fired.

In 2013, Jason Kaplan said that the Ben Stiller directed Cable Guy stands the test of time.

They played the segment when Judd Apetow was in studio.  Artie said Liar, Liar was a piece of Hollywood bullshit.  He and Howard both thought the Cable Guy was much better.  He and Howard say it’s a great black comedy about a stalker.

The Cable Guy on IMDb

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