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1995 -Howard and Robin loved this movie.  Howard loves Don Rickles, and thinks he was great in this movie, too.  Artie loved this one, too

After opening weekend of Bad Grandpa, it was #1 at the box office, making close to what the studio predicted by their tracking.  Made Howard wonder how a studio would react if they were presented with a movie like Casino, a well-crafted story with good acting.  It wouldn’t track well if they asked audiences if they’d go to see a movie about gangsters running a casino, because now all movies are all action.   Crazy that a studio says they know how much money a movie’s going to make before it’s ever released.  A caller, Claire, said that he thought the movie wasn’t that funny.  He saw it in a theater, and he thought the bystanders’ reactions to some of the stunts looked staged.  He said the audience he went with really wanted to laugh, but didn’t.  Howard agreed, but still says it’s a funny movie.

Casino on IMDb

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