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Bachelor/Bachelorette/In Paradise/Prince Charming, The (TV Series)

2003 –

This show drives Howard crazy, but he’s totally hooked. He and Beth watch it and Howard said he yells at the screen. He has to pause it to “educate” Beth about what douches these guys are being. He wants to know how these guys can afford to take a year off of work […]

Back By Midnight

2004 – Gilbert was in studio in 2012 saying this was a terrible movie, when Rodney was way past his prime when it came to movies.

Back By Midnight on IMDb

Back to School

1986 – Howard said this was Rodney as his best, and Sam has a great cameo. They play the sound byte of the scene with Sam as a guest speaker coming into Rodney’s classroom to talk about the Vietnam War. He asks the class what they know about the war. A sweet little girl raises […]

Back to the Future & Part II & III

1985 – Howard and Robin love this movie, and the sequel. Part II and III were filmed at the same time, and they said you can tell because Part 3 is terrible. Part I is one of GEEKTIME!!!!’s all-time favorite movies.

Elijah Wood was on GEEKTIME!!! and he said that his first movie acting role […]

Bad Grandpa

2013 – They’re having a contest for a listener to get their grandfather laid that is sponsored by Johnny Knoxville’s new movie Bad Grandpa. Howard said it’s always funny when Johnny dresses up like an old man wearing old man make-up and his balls are falling out of his shorts.

10.21.13 Howard was sent this […]

Bad Words

2014 – Jason Bateman was in to plug his new movie, Bad Words. Howard said it has one of the best trailers ever. It’s about an adult entering children’s spelling bees. but it’s not a kids’ movie. It’s rated R. Jason is a prick who screams and curses out children. He calls an Indian kid […]


1971 –

Howard was talking about this movie when talking about David Letterman’s new beard. Says it looks like Woody Allen’s beard in this movie. Sylvester Stallone talked about his big break in having a small part as a thug in this movie and working with Woody Allen.

Bananas on IMDb

Band of Brothers (TV Mini Series)

2001 – TV Mini series

In 2015, Howard said he finally saw Band of Brothers and says Robin needs to see it, it’s really, really good

Band of Brothers on IMDb

Bank Job, The

2008 – Steve Brandano tweeted that this “…is a fun movie that a lot of people missed.”

The Bank Job on IMDb

Banshee (TV Series)

2013 –

Robin says it’s great and Howard needs to see. Once Howard finally saw it, he said it’s great.

Tweet from Steve Brandano: When the Mayor bust out a gun three times his own size, you know you’re watching Banshee (side note the new guy fights with a sword)

Banshee on IMDb