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2002 – Howard hates this movie, as well as any movies based on Broadway musical shows.  He said that the only thing that makes Catherine Zeta-Jones is the Zeta.  Without it, she’s just Catherine Jones.

In 2013,   Queen Latifah was in studio talked about getting the role in Chicago (Harvey Weinstein really fought for her to be in it, and no one else could see it) and Bringing Down the House, which she said her production company rewrote the script, especially the black dialogue.  Harvey Weinstein was in later that week and confirmed Queen Latifah’s story about fighting for her to get the role in Chicago.  He said it was originally going to be Madonna as Roxie and Nicole Kidman in the roles that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger eventually played.  Bette Midler was another name that was considered for one of those roles.

Chicago on IMDb

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