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1995 – Probably Howard’s favorite chick flick that also has a transformation-another one of his favorite themes. He said Alicia Silverstone looked her best ever in this film, which was way before she got fat and ate her baby’s placenta. Brittany Murphy was interviewed by Gary Garver at a event to honor Liza Minelli, asking her why Liza was so important, and then asking her how she (Brittany) had saved the world.  She gave very long winded, self-important answers, and then Gary asked her why everyone in Hollywood thinks she’s crazy–she stepped away surprised, telling him, have a wonderful life. Amy Heckerling’s German nanny called in and has made the “Best of” show with her complaint of Gilbert Gottfried making Holocaust jokes at the Heckerling’s dinner table.  The nanny’s parents had been in a Concentration Camp, and Gilbert asked her about their weight loss plan, among other things, and also made lewd comments about Amy’s 14 year old daughter.  She thought Gilbert was a horrible person.   She had had to pick him up to take him to Amy’s house because he was too cheap to pay for a cab.  She has a German accent, and Gilbert asked where she was from, and after she told him she was a German Jew and her parents had been in a Concentration Camp, he spent the rest of the night making horrible Holocaust jokes.  Howard said this was a really great director.  She has made Clueless and Fast Times and Ridgemont High.  When Gilbert said he met her when he did Look Who’s Talking, Too, Howard said that he’d thought she was a good director.  He didn’t realize she’d made this one.  The nanny said the movie was good except where Gilbert was in it.  She says she still has nightmares about this night, and it was 5 years ago.

Clueless on

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