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Coming to America

1988 – Howard was talking about Mandela’s death, and said that he’s surprised so many Africans dress like Americans.  He was expecting them to all look like King Joffre Jeffers from Coming to America who dresses with a big lion head competing with his head and are wearing skins.  He wants to see the ladies dressed like in the movie and  with the neck rings and have everything look like the Lion King.

Howard thinks this is one of the worst movies ever, so he says it’s the best to watch.

Howard talked about Coming to America being James Earl Jones’ best role ever, even though he’s won Tony awards for his work on Broadway.  Howard says it’s such a great movie.  In it, he plays President Geoffrey Joffrey, the best role ever.  He said there are lots of actors who became really big, like all the stars of Private Parts.  A caller asked him if it was better than Harlem Nights, and Howard said it was much better.

Coming to America on IMDb

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