Conjuring, The

The Conjuring on IMDb 2013

The Conjuring 2 on IMDb 2016

2013 – Robin says this movie was really scary.  She said Howard shouldn’t see it, as he wouldn’t be able to take it.  It was #2 at the box office the weekend of 7.22.13.  Howard asked her if it had an evil doll, as he saw the old Twilight Zone about the Talking Tina doll that kills people, and it freaked him the fuck out.  She said there was an evil doll in this movie.

Ralph Tweeted: RALPH CIRELLA (@MYGEEKTIME)  1/4/14, 10:58 PM  Based on @richardroeper ‘s B+ just checked out THE CONJURING…not surprisingly he was CORRECT!  VERY GOOD

In 2016, Robin said The Conjuring sequel was #1 at the box office, and told Howard that he wouldn’t want to see it, as it’s one of those scary ones. Howard said she was right, that he hates those movies.


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