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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (III)

2001 – Matthew Berry was in studio and talked about writing this movie.  This was 16 years after the 2nd movie.  Howard said he liked all the Crocodile Dundee movies, but Matthew said that the third one was pretty bad.  He was told he had to have his real life wife in it, so he and his writing partner decided to make it a family movie and to make it in Los Angeles since the second one was in New York City.  When he pitched that to Paul Hogan, he was excited and told him “You get me!”  so he got the job.  When the writing was done, Paul Hogan changed little things, like instead of meeting in a coffee shop they meet in a restaurant, with everything else was the same, but he wanted Matthew’s name off the script.  Paul had producer and acting credit.  He was in every scene of the movie.  There’s a ruling that a producer has to write at least 50% of the movie to also get writing credit, but Paul took it to a board to get full writing credit and was rejected.  He had to take the original script and his changes to a board of three members and they ruled against Paul.  He appealed it twice and was rejected both times, so he was angry that he didn’t get sole writing credit.  When the premiere came, Matthew and his partner were treated like shit.  Everyone had nice tables and they had a stand-up table in a corner.

Howard played an interview with Paul Hogan from 2001 talking about this.  When Paul was trying to explain how he should get writing credits, and cited some ruling as to why he didn’t, Howard said “That doesn’t make any sense!” and Howard said that now he understands why it didn’t make any sense, because Paul Hogan had been completely wrong.

On Howard Stern: The Satellite Years:  Howard was talking to Robin about how movies now have to make it on their first weekend out.  They aren’t given the chance to grow by word of mouth like years before.  Movies like Rocky, Crocodile Dundee, Napoleon Dynamite and Borat.  Maybe the last movie to grow like that was the Jazz Singer in the 30’s.  Robin disagrees, but Howard says he’s talked to an expert and movies don’t grow like that anymore.  Howard said that Hoosiers was a great movie, but then they made a Hoosiers light and it was horrible.  Saw 3 got awful reviews but made lots of money at the box office.  Howard said Artie should make his next movie a horror picture and it would do better at the box office than Beer League.

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles on IMDb  2001

1986 Crocodile Dundee (Original)

1988 Crocodile Dundee II

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