Daredevil (TV Series)

2015 – ?

Howard says he loves this show. Just started watching it, but it’s great. A caller talked to Howard about how beautiful the girl Electra is in Daredevil. Says her name is Elodie or something like that. Only a beautiful girl could get away with a name like that.

Howard really liked Daredevil. Says Vincent D’Onofrio is the whole show. He’s really amazing as King Pen; all the others could be played by anybody. But he and Robin say that Daredevil shouldn’t get injured and should like their powers and like to wear the costume.

In November 2018 Ralph Tweeted: Saw a GREAT 13 HOUR movie this wKND: @Daredevil s3/THE RETURN OF WILSON FISK. GREAT storyline that played out PERFECTLY, concluding with a GREAT FINALE *ENTIRE CAST was excellent esp @VincentDonofrio, (who should get an EMMY nom)

Daredevil on IMDb

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