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Day the Clown Cried, The

1972 – Robin played some clips of Jerry Lewis answering questions about his never released movie The Day the Clown Cried.  Jerry said it was never released because he didn’t think it was good enough.  Howard says it’s because he finally listened to people who told him it sucked, so he refused to release it. Before that, Jerry was all filled with himself thinking he’d made this important movie.  It was the story of a clown who led the Jewish kids into the ovens during the Holocaust, and Jerry thought it was going to be this great movie, but it was horrible.  When Life if Beautiful came out in 1997, Howard said Jerry was furious, as it was also a story about a funny guy during the Holocaust, and this one was considered a masterpiece, and Jerry’s was still totally ignored or goofed on.  That’s when Jerry started saying he would never release this movie.  Howard has put out a challenge to fans to try to find a copy of this movie, as he really wants to see this movie and be able to goof on it.

Harry Shearer was on the phone and claimed that he actually got to see this movie.  This was right after Jerry had been on the Larry King show and talked about a stalker, and he looked into the camera and said “I will find him and I will kill him.” This was after his daughter was born, he didn’t seem to care before.  Howard said he saw the stalker, and he could take Jerry out in 20 seconds.  Harry was surprised he’d seen a picture of the stalker.  Robin asked if Larry had smoked him out?

Harry said there is a rumor that this movie was funded by Iranian money.  Howard asked if there were any scenes he could describe, and he said nothing stood out, but just the impression of an all out crappy movie.  Howard said Jerry had trouble finding so many skinny kids.  They said that Jerry also yelled at the kids for looking into the camera.  He said, “There’s no Shirley Temple during the Holocaust.”  Howard asked if they used dummies to fill up the graves and then throw some real kids on top, and Harry said there were no corpses in the movie.  That “area is tenderly done, it’s just the dialogue that’s like, come on…”  Howard said he now has the script. He had been begging people for years to be able to see it.  He’s still begging people to get him a screening of the movie.  Gary said fans usually send them everything, but no one’s been able to get this.  Howard said they will, he’s got a good feeling about this, but then said said how he’s still unable to get his Channel 9 stuff, so maybe not.  A caller said that Jerry was on a telethon in France and tried to sell the movie and showed clips.  He said the clown suit is oversized, but Howard said it’s tough to find a good-fitting clown outfit.  Howard said if Jerry could only give him a financial prospectus, Howard would find the money to get the movie out there.  He said he’d offer Jerry 500 pairs of crutches, and Fred said to add a wheelchair.

In August of 2013, a reviewer at Roger Ebert’s site finally was able to see the movie and wrote this article:

The Day the Clown Cried on IMDb

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