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Days of Wine and Roses, The

1962 -Tracy Morgan was in studio in 2013, and was talking about how, as a comic, he watched movies and studied people to get good at his craft.  He said he loved Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, and that Jack Lemmon had raised him.

They played the clip after Stuttering John’s wedding when Jackie and Nancy got drunk and Jackie passed out in the bathroom and everyone was banging the door into his hear.  They said it was like Weekend at Bernie’s and Days of Wine and Roses.

They were talking to Richard about his drinking and his marriage, and Robin said it was like The Days of Wine and Roses.

In 2018, they were talking about Gary’s chocolate addiction and the way he hoards office candy, and Robin said it was like a scene from Days of Wine and Roses.

The Days of Wine and Roses on IMDb

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