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1972 – Fred loves to play the clip of Ned Beatty getting raped by the backwoodsmen, and they’re making him squeal like a pig. Fred plays that, or the dueling banjos music clip as background whenever they’re talking to someone with a strong southern accent.  Ned Beatty was a guest, and he didn’t seem to think that sound byte was funny.  Howard referenced this movie when talking to Kid Rock about going hunting with him and Ted Nugent, how he (Howard) would end up like the Ned Beatty character.  Fred played the pig sound when discussing Gary’s first pitch at the Met’s game.  Fred played both the Gone With the Wind love theme and the raping pig sound from Deliverance while Bernard Hopkins was in studio telling his prison stories.  Grillo was in studio talking turkey hunting, and again Fred inserted the pig sound.

Howard talking about Steve Martin and his banjo playing and said the only time a banjo playing was appropriate was doing a male on male rape scene in a movie, like in Deliverance.

Deliverance of IMDb

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