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Dictator, The

2012 – Howard had Sasha Baron Cohen on as himself when he was on the rounds to push this film.  He said he doesn’t feel comfortable coming in as himself, but that he loves Howard so much, he was willing to do it.  He said he doesn’t feel that being himself talking about how he made the movie would sell more tickets to his movies, but that since Howard had a way to interview anyone and make them interesting, he thought he’d do it with Howard only.  Howard said that all of his fans should go to see this movie, as it’s very funny.  He asked Sasha about his being Jewish, and how many of his characters are blatantly anti-Jewish and say really horrible things.  Sasha said that his parents have had to deal with members of their church talking to his parents about things that are said in his movies, especially things that Sasha says, but Sasha thinks he’s making a statement in these movies, and hopes that people will get it eventually.  He says that all the anti-Jewish governments out there are telling their people that it’s the Jews fault there is so much poverty, all the while they’re living in luxury and bankrupting their countries.  He’s trying to make the point that the Jews are not the problem, it’s the greedy governments and corporations, and he feels his parodies are great at making that point.  Howard said that it was ridiculous to approach Sasha’s parents anyway about what their grown son is doing.

Jason Kaplan (@Siriusjay) Tweeted: 2/18/14, 1:23 PM  Quick reviews of movies I watched over the break: “The Dictator“: B+, “The Heat” B (too looooong), Drop Zone A++++++++ #Swoop

The Dictator on IMDb

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