Die Hard

On GEEKTIME! Ralph said he went into this first movie with no expectations, and it was so great.  He said each movie’s title in the series gets goofier and goofier.

In May 2014, Ralph Tweeted:

DIE HARD bluray collection $32…After the first #4 is my fav, 5 was a HUGE LETDOWN! but this is still worth it amazon.com/gp/product/ref
From Ralph again in November, 2014:  HOLIDAY SEASON OFFICIALLY kicked off 2day with DIE HARD screening @nitehawkcinema w/@SBrandano  COOL 2C on BIG SCREEN AGAIN!  #PERFECTMOVIE

Die Hard on IMdb 1988

Die Hard 2 1990

Die Hard:  with a Vengeance 1995

Die Hard 4.0: Live Free or Die Hard 2007

A Good Day to Die Hard 2013


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