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Dirty Work

1998 – Artie’s in this movie with Norm MacDonald.  Has the scene with Don Rickles calling him “you baby gorilla.”  This is the movie that Norm was plugging when he brought Artie in to meet Howard the first time, saying “This guy’s got some great stories!”  Norm also told the story of Bob Saget trying to direct Jack Warden, who was a veteran of all these great films.  After Bob would tell Jack something, it would be time to film again, and they’d ask Jack if he was ready.  He would say sarcastically, that he “didn’t want to forget my notes” of all the wisdom that Bob had just given him.  Artie also tells that Don Rickles went up to Bob Saget the first day of filming, saying “Bob, I told Martin Scorsese that you were directing this film, and he grabbed his chest!”

Bob Saget was in studio to plug this movie before it came out, and all Howard only asked him about his recent split with his wife.  Bob says that Howard must think he’s living a Blake Edwards’ movie every night, when really he’s pretty boring.  Howard doesn’t believe it.  Bob said he really is a director as he went to film school.  He was directing Dirty Work during his marital problems. He said it was great directing Norm, and that Frank Sebastiano wrote it with Norm. He says it’s about some guys being in the revenge business, and it has Artie Lange, Chevy Chase, Chris Farley.  Bob said when people see him do dirty stand up, they say oh yeah, that’s the video guy.  He does say he doesn’t goof on the twins in how shows.  Howard talked about Norm getting fired from SNL and said said Bob should advertise Dirty Work on NBC and thank Don Ohlmeyer for the extra publicity.

Artie tells the story of getting a massage with a happy ending in Toronto, then buying an eclair afterwards and walking around with a smile, like a happy retard.

Norm MacDonald was in studio.  They were talking about Dirty Work, and Artie said that was now a cult classic.

In 1998, A caller called in to say Dirty Work was awful and got awful reviews.  Howard says he loves Norm, but this movie looks like it tanks.

Dirty Work on IMDb

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