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Django Unchained

2012 – Director Quentin Tarantino was in studio to plug this movie before it was released.  Said that Will Smith turned down the Jamie Foxx role.  He’d always sent all his scripts to Leonardo DiCaprio for his approval, and finally got him to be in this one.  He thinks Jonah Hill is a great comedy and dramatic actor, and Christoph Waltz is fantastic.  Like Quentin Tarantino’s bringing back John Travolta from obscurity in Pulp Fiction,  in this movie he gave Franco Nero, from the original Django movie, a cameo role.

Gary said he saw this movie and really liked it.  Robin saw it and didn’t like it.  She said Quentin should have consulted her before he made this movie.  She didn’t think think it portrayed the way slaves were treated realistically.  Howard hasn’t seen it yet.  Tracey Morgan was in studio, and said he loved the movie, and didn’t judge Tarantino as an artist.  Tracey said Tarantino made the movie he wanted to make.  He also wouldn’t comment on Catt Williams and Spike Lee both coming out against the movie because of the gratuitous use of the N-word.  He said it was just their tastes.

In 2014, they were asking JD about working in Hollywood “punching up” scripts once Howard’s off the air, something he’s said he’d like to do in the next phase of his career.  Robin asked if there was a movie he liked that he thinks he could have made it better.  JD said Django Unchained.  He would have made the movie shorter and cut out the Australian guy.

In the beginning of 2013, Howard said this movie was the most pirated movie of the past weekend.  In Feb 2013, Howard made the announcement that he’d just seen this movie, and this movie, and Quentin’s last movie Inglorious Bastards, prove that he’s a fucking genius.  He’s beyond anyone, and this movie is brilliant.  Howard can’t believe the nut jobs that are being critical of the use of violence and the N-word.  He says for those in this country who think we are holier than though need to see this movie to remember that this country was built on based on brutal and barbarian practices. Howard said this should win the Oscar for Best Picture.  Robin says it should be Argo.

Howard then played a clip from when Quentin was in the green room with Tim.  Tim asked him who wrote his scripts, and seemed surprised when Quentin said he did.  Howard said it would be like someone coming up to him and asking if he did radio.

A commercial for the video release of Django Unchained was played, and Howard says the CD has an extra with 20 bonus n words.  Howard says it’s one of the best movies of all time.

Lisa Lampanelli was in studio and said she had just seen Django Unchained and 42 in one week. She spent the next week apologizing to every black man, and if she wasn’t married, would have blown them.

A caller says Blazing Saddles  couldn’t be made today. Howard said look at Django Unchained. The caller said that the language was used as a way to illustrate how people really were back then. Robin said that Mel Brooks could say the same thing about Blazing Saddles, he just used humor.

Django Unchained on IMDb

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