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Dog Day Afternoon

1975 One of Al Pacino’s best. Artie says the best scene is Al Pacino asking John Cazale: What country would you like to live in?”  “Fuck the snow, go to a warm climate.”  And Cazale’s response “Wyoming.”  Al Pacino says Wyoming isn’t a country, and John says, “Well, I like Wyoming.”

They had been talking about the Godfather movies, and then the John Cazale movies, that he’d only been in 5 before he died, but that they were all great movies, and best picture nominees: Dog Day Afternoon, The Conversation, Godfathers 1 & 2, and and the Deer Hunter.  He died at 42 of brain cancer, and his girlfriend at the time was Meryl Streep.  That’s how she got the role in the Deer Hunter.

Stern Fan @TonyBalbone tweeted what he thought the best line in the movie was Sonny dictating his will, “To my darling wife Leon…”

Dog Day Afternoon on IMDb

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