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Don Jon

2013 – Howard said he also watched Don Jon with  Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Actually, he’s in the middle, but so far he’s really into it.  Had to stop watching to throw a dinner party.  All this guy does is work out.  He loves chicks, but would rather jerk off to porn instead.  Tony Danza plays his dad, and he’s really funny.  Then he meets Scarlett Johansson and she really knows how to play it, she won’t fuck him.

In June, 2014, Ralph tweeted:  From Ralph:  Just watched @hitRECordJoe‘s DON JON (@netflix) VERY GOOD WRITING/DIRECTING/ACTING/CAST
Even small parts well cast/performed e.g. @TonyDanza

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in studio promoting Don John, which he stars, wrote and directed for only $ 3-4 million, which was half the budget of 500 days of Summer.  Howard said he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen, as it really shows how guys watch pornography. Joseph says it also shows that she watches as much romantic comedies as he watches porn, so that neither one can really connect with real people.  We’re all used to one way satisfaction and are addicted to TV.  He was in 50/50 which was rated R, and he wanted to make this an R movie so that they can talk how they really talk.  Howard says Tony Danza is amazing as his dad.  Joseph said he played his dad in 1993 in Angels in the Outfield.  Howard asked him about the rumor that Christian Bale told him during the filming of The Dark Knight Rises not to do his own movie – Joseph said that was not true – it was Christopher Nolan, the director of that movie and also Inception.  He didn’t tell him not to make it, just asked him if he was really sure he wanted to do it all: write, direct and star. He got real pumped up during this movie, like it was a part time job.  He used Channum Tattum’s trainer.  Gained 12 pounds of solid muscle.  He didn’t feel that great though.  He felt much better during the filming of a movie where he played a bicycle messenger.  He had to ride a bike every day and felt really healthy. He had known he wanted Scarlett to play the lead.  He went to see her while she was filming Avengers and wanted to talk to her about it before she read the script. The end of the Batman movie implies he is going to become either Robin or Batman, so Howard asked him if he was upset he wasn’t asked to play the new Batman.  He said no, that he had made a trilogy, and it’s over.  The new Batman will start another story.  When Howard asked what TV he watches, he said Louis CK makes brilliant half hour movies.  Joseph was in the TV show 3rd Rock From the Sun as a kid.  The final year of the show he decided to go to college and the producers were generous to let him out.  He went to Columbia College and got tons of  pussy because he was famous.  He has trouble thinking if he’s getting attention from girls due to being famous or do they like me? His inspirations were Hal Ashby movies Harold and Maude, Shampoo and Being There and Woody Allen movies.  The first role he had in a movie that broke was Mysterious Skin, Brick, Looper and the Lookout. He played Lincoln’s son and Howard asked him about the stories of Daniel Day-Lewis always staying in character and how weird it was.  Joseph said he’s not always Lincoln, just stays in the voice and the mood.  He received a handwritten note on old parchment paper by quill and ink from him – he’d studied the  Lincoln’s penmanship.  When Howard asked him about working with Spielberg, He says Spielberg worked with them to capture the actor’s energy on the film; he even called him Mr. President.  He was told that Daniel wanted him for the part.  Howard asked if he was going to play Dr. Strange and he said he’s not up for that.
In 2014,
Robin said she finally saw Don Jon that Howard liked so much.  She asked about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s quote that men don’t like eating pussy, and if they say they’re really into it, they’re lying.  Howard and Fred said that was mostly true, though it is fun to please a woman you’re into.  Then Howard said they should talk to Ronnie, as he’s the sex freak of the staff.  They talked about being with a girl who was smelly, and Fred played the Little Rascals’ sound effect.

Don Juan on IMDb

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