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1931 – This is the original Dracula movie with Bela Lugosi.  Gilbert Gottfried does the best Bela Lugosi Dracula, which Howard said he wanted to take to Broadway as “An Evening with Dracula Gottfried.”  Gilbert has memorized whole passages of the script, one of which starts: “Home? I have no home…”   Here’s a YouTube video of Martin Landau vs Bela Lugosi  Martin Landau did win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this one, and Howard thinks that is well deserved.

Fred uses a great musical sound byte from the movie when the camera looks into Dracula’s eyes.  He’ll play it when they would talk about hypnotizing someone or someone with special powers over someone else.

In 2013, Howard’s talking AGT and saying how they shoot him, and that he’s like Dracula, he should not be shot in daylight.

Dracula on IMDb

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