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Ed Wood

1994 – Howard and Robin think this is a great movie about the making of the terrible horror B-movies of the 50’s with the crappy special effects and worse acting.  Fred plays the clips of Martin Landau’s Bela Lugosi’s character screaming “Fuck You!” “Bull Shit!” and “Side Kick? Karloff doesn’t deserve to smell my shit!”  Someone made the “Fuck You!” into a great Blue Moon song parody.  Sal and Richard have used it in a phony phone call to a wife of a man named Carl.  Howard and Robin had a long conversation about this movie, while Fred played the sound bytes.  Howard said Martin Landau should book a theater and play Bela Lugosi every night–he’d pack the house.  Here’s a YouTube video of Martin Landau vs Bela Lugosi  Martin Landau did win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this one, and Howard thinks that is well deserved.

When they were playing Gary’s “I Want You Back” tape, Howard said it was like a cross between the John Travolta character in Saturday Night Fever, with the bad filming of Ed Wood.

Howard’s in LA for AGT, so it’s Sport’s Week.  After Martin Landau won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Ed Wood, Howard commented on his young girlfriend, Gretchen Becker, who later came in to meet him and challenge him to a tennis match, which Howard lost after being spotted 16 points.

Howard’s talking AGT and saying how they shoot him, and that he’s like Dracula, he should not be shot in daylight.

Howard said he loved Ed Wood, it was the best.  He wondered how they got that made.  Tim said they made him a combination of a ventriloquist dummy and a young Ronald Reagan. He started out as a Disney artist, but his style didn’t fit in.  He was to draw foxes, and his looked like they’d been hit by a car.  Pee Wee Herman gave him his first big break.  Howard asked him if he knew Martin Landau was capable of that performance?  Tim said that Martin had worked with Hitchcock, and was a guest on Gilligan’s Island in the Harlem Globetrotters episode, so he really knew the ups and downs of show business.

Ed Wood on IMDb

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