Field of Dreams

1989 –  They’re goofing on Scott the Engineer bowling, and Howard says it’s like the movie Field of Dreams, “Bowl and they will come!”  They were playing a clip about gay athletes, and there was this music in the background, and Howard said it sounds like out of this movie.  Then they kept playing the music when talking about Stuttering John’s kids not given a skiing lesson because they didn’t like that he was on the Stern Show.  Fred was doing his Stuttering John,  saying he was going to contact his lawyer to fight the situation, as he needed to get his kids private lessons.  Fred (as John) said “I’m going to litiga, uh, liti, uh, liti, uh, liti, uh liti – sue!”

In 2014, said the actress in  Crystal Fairy , Laura Haddica, won best Monster Muff for 2013.  She was the little girl in Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams on IMDb

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