Fifty Shades Darker

2017 –

Howard says this movie is great-as good as the first one. He says even though the girl isn’t that hot, he loves it. Howard’s not sure if he’s seen all 3 movies, but has seen 2. He doesn’t know which ones he saw. Gary said it sounds like he’s watched the first and third. Robins said she’s very hot, and she’s naked, which Howard loves. He said he loves these shitty fucking movies. Robin and Gary both don’t see how Howard can watch these movies-they’re unwatchable. But Howard says they’re great, and he will never listen to Robin about movies since she liked Last Action Hero, and Pitch Perfect¬† which were awful. Robin still says those movies are great.

Fifty Shades Darker on IMDb  2017

Fifty Shades Freed on IMDb 2018

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