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1984 – Kevin Bacon has been in studio a few times.  He always talks about every time he goes to a wedding the DJ will always start playing the title song to this movie.  He even says he’ll offer the DJ money to lay off.  He says if he does get up and dance, a circle will form around him, and he feels that the stars of a wedding should be the bride and groom.  This usually only happens after the alcohol has been opened up. They asked him to be on the cover of People, but they wanted him to pose as if he were dancing.  He said no.  Then the photographer wanted him jumping on a trampoline, and again he refused.  They ended up hiring his dance double to do it, and then the story came out that Kevin hadn’t done any of his own dancing.  He said he wanted to get out of the dance movies after this, and the next one he did was a bicycle movie, Quicksilver, and they wrote a bicycle dance into the script. Benjy took the speech out of this movie and read it passionately at a town hall.  They played it for Kevin, and he thought it was pretty funny.

This movie also came up when Eric the Actor was on the phone talking about films they could remake with him in them.  Howard said they could remake this one as “Club-Fucking Footloose” for Eric.  Fred then played the title song with Eric’s sound bytes in time to the music-brilliant.

Rob Lowe was in studio in 2014 and said he auditioned for Footloose, and killed his knees during the dance.  He says he is not a dancer.

Footloose on IMDb

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