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2014 –   Howard said Foxcatcher is a great movie.  It’s the story of John du Pont who was an heir to a fortune who decided to use his money to train Olympic wrestlers.  He was a patriot who thought it was unfair that Russia and other countries finance their Olympic athletes and decided to finance American wrestlers.  The guy who plays him and the wrestler are fantastic.  Robin said the wrestler was Channing Tatum.  Howard said he’d only seen him in comedies, but he’s great in this.  Robin said he’s been in lots of dramatic movies, like The Notebook.  Steve Carrell played John du Pont and Howard said he should get an award.  Howard said he had no idea it was him with all that makeup.

Steve Carell was in studio talking about Foxcatcher.  Since this was his first dramatic role, he ended up taking not much more than scale, although he makes a ton of dough doing comedies.  Howard loved this movie.  Says it’s such a sad story, and it could have been an awful movie.  Steve said they couldn’t tell while it was being made if it was going to be good or not, though the script was great.  The guy who did it also did Capote and Moneyball, so he had a history of great movies.

Foxcatcher on IMDb

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