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1958 – In March, 2014, Howard was talking about his father calling him Miss American and “Schoofer” or “Shuter” from an old German monster movie Frankenstein rip off that he’d watch with Howard.  Howard said the monster was horrible, all hunched over, and his father would call him Shuter to make fun on him.  And when he’d walk in a room his father would say, “There he is, Miss America” which he says were both humiliating and emasculating- wondering who could ever say that to your son?  I couldn’t find the movie anywhere, so thanks to‘s fans Brandon Stanley for remembering the movie, Jim Young for posting the trailer, clips and photoshop, and for Thomas Brady who posted the question (again)-but this time got the answer!  plays the German butler Shuter. Thanks to Jason Kaplan for making sure I saw this!

Frankenstein 1970 on IMDb

Clip where Boris Karloff yells at Shuter

Trailer for the Frankenstein 1970

Jim YoungShuter in the middle wearing the scarf.

Jim Young's photo.

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