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Frasier (TV Series)

1993 – 2004 Tim Allen from Home Improvement was in studio talking about his drug dealing past.  He said he used to like the show Frasier, but now he doesn’t like it.  Howard asked him if he hates Kelsey Grammer, but he says he doesn’t, but he doesn’t like that now his show is competing against his.  Robin says Frasier is light fare, just a pleasant show to watch, but not that great.

Kelsey Grammer used to come on the show with his wife Camille who had the irritable bowel syndrome and had also been a model and had a short scene in Private Parts.  Once he got his own show after it was spin-off from Cheers, and he was involved with all kinds of scandals after his divorce, Howard never saw him.



Frasier on IMDb

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