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Friday the 13th (plus Sequels & Jason Movies)


1980 – A You Tube video was posted from this movie of Kevin Bacon, saying Kevin Bacon can’t dive nor run for shit.  Howard posted a picture of Kevin in his swim trunks and asked him what he’d put in is pants, as his dick looked huge and square.  Kevin couldn’t remember, but said it must have been a sock, because his dick isn’t that large.

In honor of Friday the 13th , Friday, Sept 13, 2013, Richard Christy tweeted an article he wrote for the Metal Insider listing his rankings of the Friday the 13th movies.  He ranked the original as the 4th best.  If you’re not up for reading about his favorites, here’s his rankings:

1st   Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter Part 4  1984

2nd   Jason Lives: Friday the 13th, Part VI: 1986

3rd   Friday the 13th, 3D  Part III  1982

4th   Friday the 13th on IMDb  1980

5th   Friday the 13th Part 2  1981

6th   Friday the 13th, Part 5: A New Beginning  1985

7th   Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood  1988

8th  Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan 1989

9th   Jason X; Friday the 13th,   2001

10th  Friday the 13th Remake 2009

11th  Freddy vs. Jason  2003

12th  Jason Goes to Hell, the Final Friday  1993

Image by Tom Adeslbach

Image by Tom Adeslbach



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