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From Here to Eternity

In March, 2014, Howard was talking about the passing of David Brenner and about being on his old talk show, Nightlife.  He had wanted to see David’s girlfriend in a bikini and reenact a scene From Here To Eternity.  and he could be the Burt Lancaster to her Deborah Kerr in the famous scene where they’re lying on the beach in an embrace. Here’s the You Tube clip   She said she would, only if Howard got in a suit, too.  She and Howard change into their suits and lie on the beach in a parody of From Here To Eternity.  He said David sat on the edge of the scene spraying water on them, and pretending to be the water and the sun.  Howard was in a bathing suit with a full-on boner on national TV.  Howard originally says On the Waterfront, but David corrects him to From Here to Eternity.


From Here to Eternity on IMDb

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