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Full Frontal

2002 –

Jeff Garlin was in studio in 2014, and he talked doing a movie with Julia Roberts called Full Frontal, and she was really rude to him.  When he asked what her problem was with him, another actor said she said when she saw him, she thought he’d be someone she’d see at dinner at not like, and he’s thinking “what the fuck does that mean?”  Then he had a scene with her where he made a joke that made her laugh, they were ad libbing porn names and he came up with Baron Von Hugecock,  and she liked him after that, but he says it’s too late-he has no use for her.   She was making Mona Lisa Smiles and  doing press for it when he told this story and it made big news in The New York Daily News and The Enquirer.  Later, Julia was plugging Ocean’s 11, and was asked about Curb Your Enthusiasm. She said “There are only two types of people in the world, ones, who watch the show, and ones who don’t and the ones who don’t are idiots.” and then Jeff found out that George Clooney had said that, and she was just repeating what she’d heard.

Full Frontal on IMDb

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