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Game of Thrones

2011 – This HBO TV series was a topic of conversation once Robin finally convinced Howard to watch it.  Howard loves the Khaleesi so much that he started calling Beth his Khaleesi to annoy her, since she wasn’t watching at that point.  He loves to watch her and her dragons, but once he gets to the 3rd season, Howard says he doesn’t understand it anymore.  It’s too complicated, they talk so softly he can’t understand what the fuck they’re saying.  If it wasn’t for the Khaleesi, he’d be getting the fuck out of there.

In June 2013, Howard said that there were 156 babies this year named Khalisi from Game of Thrones this year. Robin says death to the Starks. Howard doesn’t like the girl that’s lost in the woods.  Why can’t she get home already? Jon Hein says he knows what that girl with her face all fucked up in the dungeon is about because he read the book. Howard said that reading books ruins everything.

In April 2014 Howard says the Kaleesi on Game of Thrones doesn’t want to get naked anymore.  Howard says, “Honey, that’s all you’ve got going for you.  You’re not that great of an actress.  She’s good in the role, but she’s not that great of an actress.  I hate it when a actress who’s hired for a role decided they do what they’d agreed to do.”

Howard was upset about the New York Post’s spoiler about Game of Thrones.  He’s not going to get into it, as not every one has seen it yet, but it ruined a great moment for him by knowing what was going to happen.  Robin said she saw the article and knew it was going to be a spoiler, so she quickly turned the page.  Robin will watch it tonight before she hears what the spoiler is.  The next day she said she saw it and liked it.  Then Howard wondered where they are taking that boy in the woods that can’t walk?  He says he favorite character is that little guy “Teriyaki Sauce”  Robin’s hoping that girl will fall in love with him.  Howard’s done with the Kaleesi and she’s announced that she’s a serious actress and is not going to get naked anymore.  He says she needs to get Caesar Milano to train those dragons, because they’re getting out of control.  Howard said he was having trouble keeping up with this show last season, but this season has been really good so far.

In April, 2014, Jon Hein Tweeted:  Loved every ep thus far. RT @DanTown22 Thoughts on Game of Thrones so far this season?

In May, 2014, An Eric the Actor discussion of the cancellation of Legit  (with the accompanying Mars Attacks! music played by Fred).  Howard said the Twitter followers were harassing Eric, saying to keep him off Game of Thrones, as they don’t want that cancelled, but to put him on The View to get that off the air. Howard says he’s just about had it with the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones deciding that she’s not going to get naked anymore.  She had the perfect scene for her to get naked and have sex.  Howard said it was ridiculous for her to not take her clothes off for that scene.  Robin said he should blame the writers for that.  The guy got naked and then the camera cut away.  He said if he was a writer on that show, he’d have something happen to her so that she no longer looked like herself and then get another actress to play her part.  A called said they should have one of the dragons burn her face.  She’s also a brunette and has these big dark eyebrows and this bright blonde wig. Shouldn’t the makeup and hair guys figure that out?  Howard loves the big girl and the midget. Robin says they should get together. Howard thinks the kids would be awfully weird if that happened.  Howard thinks the girls that get naked are porn stars.

More complaining about Game of Thrones‘ Kaleesi not getting naked anymore. JD says his girlfriend has read the books and Kaleesi not only gets naked constantly, she’s having lesbian sex; having sex with anyone. She is going to be in the next Terminator movie. Howard says that’s probably why she’s not getting naked anymore because she thinks she’s a legitimate actress now, though Linda Hamilton showed her breasts in the original Terminator. Howard says maybe they should get Linda Hamilton to play the Kaleesi.

In May, 2016, the origin of the name Hodor is revealed. Howard wondered if George R.R. Martin knew that was the old racist joke Ho-de-door?

In March, 2017, Robin said she was watching The Bastard Executioner and saw Ed Shearan as a monk, which turns into a conversation about other rock stars who’ve tried acting, but usually aren’t any good, Mick Jaggar and David Bowie. Eddie Vetter was in Singles, Hawaii Five-0 and Breakint Point. Robin pointed out that Cher won an Academy Award for Moonstruck and Little Steven was great in Supranos and Lillyhammer. Howard said he heard Ed Sheeran was going to be in this last season of Game of Thrones, which is going to only be 6 episodes. Robin wonders how they’re going to tie up all those stories in only 6 episodes.

Game of Thrones on IMDb

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