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Godfather, The: Parts I & II

Godfather: Parts I & II are considered classics by the entire crew.  Artie can pretty much recite entire movie scenes.  Howard said that one day he wanted to rent out a theater and have Artie do his Godfather monologues.  Howard said this is the greatest movie ever, and it has all of the great Hollywood actors.  Gilbert Gottfreid said that his favorite line from any movie is “This is the business we’ve chosen.”  Fred plays the soundtrack from this movie often under family stories people are telling, or while they are betting.  Music was played during betting for Scott the Engineer’s pushup contest,

Howard said that a handwritten note by Francis Ford Coppola was found that he had been considering Sir Laurence Olivier as an alternate for the Marlon Brando role, Martin Sheen for the Al Pacino role, and Peter Falk as an alternate for James Caan.  Howard and Robin both said Sir Olivier would have been an ok choice, but thought that Martin Short and Peter Falk would have been awful.

In 2013, Howard was talking about Ralph and his demands, always starting with “Excuse me, ummmmm…!” and Fred played the Godfather music behind Howard’s impersonation of Ralph, his best friend and council.  Howard said that the “um” means he’s thinking, and it’s very passive agressive.

Robin’s news has a story about a new Godfather video game where most of the stars came back to lend their voice talents, and you play a character and work your way up to the top.

They had been talking about the Godfather movies, and then the John Cazale movies, that he’d only been in 5 before he died, but that they were all great movies, and best picture nominees: Dog Day Afternoon, The Conversation, Godfathers 1 & 2, and and the Deer Hunter.  He died at 42 of brain cancer, and his girlfriend at the time was Meryl Streep.  That’s how she got the role in the Deer Hunter.

Robin’s video from her trip to Guatemala is where they get that music for her news.  It’s from a religious kids’ parade done weekly down the main streets.  Robin said it’s the same music and parade they use in Godfather Part II where Robert DeNiro kills someone in the middle of a parade.

As Robin news starts, Howard talks about the parade music from Guatemala being close to the parade music from Godfather 2.  Gary says it’s Godfather 1.  It’s the parade after the wedding in Italy where he marries the girl with the great tits.

James Caan was in studio and Howard talked to him about the Godfather series and how he turned down the Harrison Ford role in Star Wars, and that George Lucas decided to go with the no acting format and that’s how Harrison Ford got the job. James Caan doesn’t like Harrison Ford.   Howard asked him if he’d fucked Barbra Streisand during the making of .Funny Lady..  He said no, that he respected her too much.  Howard asked if he worried about his singing, having to sing with her, and he said no, he just sang.  He knows he’s not a singer, but says he got a gold album for that.  He really liked working with her, she’s not a diva at all.  Howard asked him about Misery which he thinks is one of the best movies ever, and probably James Caan’s best performance. James didn’t think so  Howard asked him about Jack Nicholson turning down the role.  James said it was right after The Shining.Howard also said he heard he’d turned it down because Kathy Bates was the real star of the movie.  James said that Warren Beatty turned it down, saying they needed more of a man to play that part.  Howard asked him if he was upset that Kathy won an Oscar and he didn’t.  He said she should have won and he wasn’t upset.  He said they had a great time making that movie.  Howard asked him what he did to scream like that when he got his feet beaten, and he said he just screamed. He said they took out all of the violence that was in the Stephen King book and put it all in the viewer’s head, which was much scarier.   He said he turned down One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest   4 times.  He thought it wasn’t visual enough for a movie as it took place inside 4 walls.  He thought it was a nice stage play, but wouldn’t be a good movie.  He’s not upset now that he didn’t do it.  Talking about the Godfather movies, Howard asked about getting the role of Sonny.  James said originally Francis cast him, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall and Al Pacino.  They got together, put a bowl over their heads and cut their hair and then they sat around doing improv.  He said Francis knew exactly who he wanted for each role, wanted them all to look Italian, and Sonny to look more American.  The studio didn’t like Al Pacino as Michael, said he wasn’t nailing it, so they asked James to read for the part.  When word got out that the role of Sonny was available, every actor in Hollywood did a screen test.  Burt Reynolds (James said not true) and Robert De Niro read for it but they said he didn’t have the humor (again, James said not true). He said he knew the company of people he was working with was great, but wasn’t sure if the movie was going to be great.  Howard played a clip of Johnny Russo on his show saying that James had broken his ribs during the filming of a fight scene, that he’d drop kicked him in the ribs.

Howard said Joel Grey won the Oscar that year for Cabaret because all 3 of the stars from Godfather were up and the vote was split.  Howard said that was bullshit.

2008 –   They were talking having the “sex talk” with your kids, and Gary was talking about watching Wanted with his sons, and there’s a scene with Angelina Jolie bent forward over a desk and she’s getting banged, and it was just really awkward in the room.  Said the same thing when watching The Godfather when she takes her shirt off.


The Godfather: Part I  1972

The Godfather: Part II  1974


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