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2014 –  When Bryan Cranston was in studio talking about Breaking Bad and how great that was, Bryan said his next move was to play LBJ on Broadway.  Howard said that was crazy, he should try to cash in on his success on the show and do something that will make a ton of money, not something on Broadway that nobody will see.  Then Bryan said he also made Godzilla, so Howard said ok.

On the WUS, JD said we should all go see Godzilla in 3D.  And then Sal Tweeted:  Godzilla! Wow! Great movie.

Richard revealed that Sal’s ringtone for his wife is now the theme from Godzilla.  And then Fred played the theme during Robin’s news when talking about if Howard were to announce he was coming back to terrestial radio, and when other radio shows wouldn’t even get enough ratings to get a number, just an asterisk in the book. for A caller said Godzilla wasn’t good-the monster’s hardly in it.  JD said in IMax 3D and said it was awesome.  He saw it with Richard who got really drunk. The theater bathroom was full, so Richard peed into the bathroom sink.  Richard said the movie was great, too.  He agreed there should have been more of the monster, but the other creatures were great.  It was like the old Mothra and Rodan monster movies.  When Godzilla first screams and breathes fire-Richard was so excited he spilled the wine that they snuck into the theater.  Both Richard and JD said the story was pretty weak, but Howard said the story was always weak.  Howard didn’t get a chance to see Godzilla yet, but says the previews look really cool. The box office was over 90 million, way better than expected.

Bryan Cranston wasn’t sure he should take the role in this movie because Breaking Bad was so good, and the writing was so great, but his agent told him to read the script, and he did and decided to do it. He went to the writers to tell them they kill of his character too soon, but too much of the movie had already been done, so it was too late. He thought he should have been just ready to re-bond with his son and then kill him off so it’s a more emotional response from the audience. He spoke Japanese in that film phonetically only.

Tweeted From Jon Hein:  Saw Godzilla. Fun summer flick (not exactly Citizen Kane). History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men. #BOC

Image by Chico Perro

Image by Chico Perro of Stern Facebook Superfans

Godzilla on IMDb

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