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Graduate, The

1967 A great comedy classic. When Dustin Hoffman called into the show, winning the “get the most famous caller” contest for a friend of his, Howard kissed his ass about all his movies.  When Kathleen Turner played the Anne Bancroft role of Mrs. Robinson on Broadway, they would play clips of her deep voice and goof on her, saying that she didn’t age well. posted this animated video about Robin swimming with an homage to The Graduate.

Jason Biggs is in studio plugging his Broadway play of The Graduate.  He’s known for the American Pie movies.  There have been 2, and there’s rumors of a third one.  Howard and Artie start ripping into his Graduate co-star, Kathleen Turner, as she used to be quite a beauty and now is quite large.  Howard says that Anne Bancroft was a gorgeous woman, and Artie said, “and she’s a broad!”  Artie does his Kat-a-leen Turner voice saying to Jason, “I played the sheriff in Smokey and the Bandit. but I used to have great chemistry with Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone.”   “I used to look like Kate Moss, now I look like peat moss.”

The Graduate on IMDb

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